Babri Mosque is a “Homosexual Pedophilia Mosque”. This was first highlighted by Agniveer in 2010. It is unfortunate that no one brought this before it, and hence caused so much confusion and violence. With this fact, nothing else matter. Read to know more.

Muslims must thank the heroes who demolished Babri Mosque in 1992. These heroes pulled down the vestige of a terrorist far worse than Osama Bin Laden, Ajmal Kasab, Baghdadi or any other name you would have ever heard.

But more than that, they also did a great service to the ‘peaceful’ religion of Islam that considers homosexuality to be insult to Allah.

Because Babri Mosque was built in name of Babri – the homosexual child partner of Babri. 

Babur was not just homosexual, he was a pervert who would force young boys to satisfy his sexual fetishes. He would consume narcotics and then indulge in sexual experiments with young children, often in group.

Babur was a disgrace in name of Islam. He would long have been stoned to death if he were to live today in any Muslim country!

Let us review the autobiography of Babur – Baburnama – which is available in all prominent languages.

For purpose of this article, we shall refer to the English translation by Annette Susannah Beveridge published in 1922. This translation was done directly from whatever portions of original Turkish manuscript were available. These suffice to establish the true character of Babur. You can download a scanned copy from

Babur – the homosexual drug-addict pedophile

The autobiography clearly establishes Babur as a compulsive homosexual child molester. So those defending Babri Masjid should first clearly explain if Islam justifies homosexuality and pedophilia. If not, Babur was a disgrace in name of Islam and hence any structure constructed by him is also a disgrace in name of Islam. More so, when it is named after his gay sex-partner.

1. In Page 120-121 of the biography he says that he was not much interested in his wife but was infatuated with a boy named Babri. He confesses that he had not loved anyone like he was mad for this boy. He used to compose verses in love of the boy.

For example: “There has been no lover except me who is so sad, passionate and insulted. And there is no one more cruel and wretched than my lover!”

2. He says that Babri used to come ‘intimate‘ with him and that used to make Babur so excited that he could not even utter a word. Because of being intoxicated, he could not even thank Babri for his intimacy.

3. Once Babur was roaming with his friends when Babri came in front of him in a lane. Babur had loss of speech and could not even look at him due to excitement.

He narrated:”I get wet and embarrassed looking at my lover. My friends leer at me and I leer someone else.”

It is clear that Babur had a gang of perverts who used to indulge in multi-partner pedophilia experiments. Babri was the hottest of the child-victims in whose name Babri Mosque is built.

4. He admits that in passion and desire of Babri, he got mad and used to roam around naked head and naked foot without even looking at anything else.

5. He writes for Babri”I would get the hots in lust and passion. I could not think that lovers have to face this. I could not go away from you, nor can I stay with you due to high level of arousal. You have made me completely mad, O my (male) love!”

Now this proves beyond doubt that:

A. Babur and his gang were homosexual and child molesters. They used to indulge in group-sex. Male, female, child – they exploited every opportunity to tickle their sex-organs. Punishment for these, as per Islamic Shariat, is death by stoning. This is prevalent in Islamic countries even today.

ISIS and other terrorists organizations who threaten India for destroying Babri Mosque themselves have killed so many homosexuals. Irony of highest order!

B. Babri Masjid is nothing but a memoir in name of Babur’s sex-partner who was named Babri.

Does Islam consider monuments created by or named after such sexual perverts to be mosques or symbols of shame?

And if indeed some perverts assert that Babur was still a Muslim as per their definition of Islam, then there can be nothing more disgusting than that definition of Islam.

C. Muslims should stop associating themselves with perverted misdeeds of these looters and terrorists who were anything but followers of Islam. They should stop calling these criminals Muslims and their noble ancestors. Instead they should associate with our true noble ancestors like Ram and Krishna which most common Muslims actually do.

D. Muslims must start a movement to dissociate name of Babur from Islam in all text books. They must demand change of name of Roads, Monuments, and places named after Babur. Just as you would not allow Mumbai CST to be named Ajmal Kasab Mosque, we cannot allow a Babri Mosque.

E. Muslims must proactively work to build Ram Temple in Ayodhya to eliminate all remains of a rascal terrorist who insulted Islam.

F. Muslims must celebrate 6 December 1992 along with Ram Bhakts as “Pride Day” or “Victory Day”. The day of destruction of a memorial of homosexual slavery by a pervert terrorist. Since it also coincides with insult of greatest hero of India – Lord Ramachandra, it should be celebrated as Communal Harmony Day.

Next Steps:

One, Mathura and Kashi must be next targets. Hindus and Muslims must collectively destroy the mosques of lust built over Hindu temples by terrorists who were disgrace to Islam.

Two, Stop wasting time and energy over Ayodhya dispute on non-issues. This homosexual child-molestation angle must be basis of the case. It does not matter what archaeology says and what anyone else proves. What matters is that Islam does not allow mosque endorsing homosexual child-molestation. On contrary, it recommends death for homosexuals. So good that “Homosexual Child-Molestation Mosque” is destroyed. Now lets build a grand Ram Temple.

Note: This “Homosexual Child-Molestation Mosque” angle was first highlighted by Agniveer in 2010. It is unfortunate that no one brought this before it, and hence caused so much confusion and violence. With this fact, nothing else matters in the case. 

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