Few days after a media goon called Rajdeep Sardesai mocked Kairana Hindus and a Hindu martyr Prashatnth Poojary, its now another goon named Barkha Dutt that has taken the charge of threatening and mocking Kashmiri Hindus.

She apparently tried to call ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Hindus a joke. She even shared pics on her social media account on how Kashmiri Muslims are best in hospitality and how Hindus still living in tents of Jammu and Delhi are lying. Here is the conversation between her and Agniveer

Barkha : Look, I got a picture of Hindu family happily living with a Muslim family in valley. Clearly, Hindus are safe with Muslims in Kashmir. There was love and trust all around. It was so refreshing to see it.

Agniveer : And I got a painting of a carnivore playing happily with a deer. A bright sunny day, greenery all around and long silky hair of animals are making our eyes rejoice. Look

Lion deer

Barkha : What? What is your point?

Agniveer : Exactly. What was yours?

Barkha : I just wanted to say that Kashmiri Hindus are safe with Kashmiri Muslims.

Agniveer : And we just wanted to establish that deer are safe with lions.

Barkha : Haha, you right wing idiot Internet Hindu! How can one painting change the fact that carnivores hunt others?

Agniveer : And, you, left wing moron, how can a photoshopped picture of yours at some unknown place change the fact that Jihadis killed, raped and drove 3.5 Lakh Kashmiri Hindus out of valley?

Barkha : So you don’t want unity between Hindus and Muslims in valley?

Agniveer : 1 + 0 =?

Barkha : You fool! What is point adding 0 to anyone? Result will still be unaffected?

Agniveer : But we want unity of 1 and 0. Why don’t you simply add it?

Barkha : Oh idiot! Answer will still be 1! What is the point of adding 0 to anything?

Agniveer : And what is the point in uniting 66,00,000 Muslims with 1200 Hindus? There must be two parties before you unite them. Right now, one party has been made extinct by the other. And we are talking about bringing in first party into picture, making the other party apologize for their gruesome acts of past and then talking about unity.

Barkha : Its all political. People want to bridge gaps. But political people don’t want that.

Agniveer : Which party exactly? Be specific. Is it one that demands separate homeland for Hindus or the one that opposes it? And which side you are on?

Barkha : You hate Kashmiri Muslims. Shame on you. Look at that Muslim family in picture. Do you still feel Hindus are unsafe in Kashmir valley?

Agniveer :

1. Now you have exposed yourself. So your point is, since a Hindu family is found living in a Muslim’s home, Hindus don’t need separate homeland as demanded by them since decades. Very cleverly, you are pushing the agenda of pigs like Yasin Malik, Gilani and other separatists, which is to deny Hindus any land where they can live peacefully without being dragged out of their homes and getting raped again.

2. You want Kashmiri Hindus to believe that living with Muslims is safe just because you got a picture. And when half a million displaced Hindus tell you how every single mosque in valley was declaring- rape Hindu women, kill men, Kashmir banega Pakistan etc, you shamelessly say- but terror has no religion? Why does one pic of yours carry more weight than those half a million voice? Are they liars? Are they all haters? And you alone are epitome of Ma ki Mamta and trustworthy like Ambar Saria?

Barkha : Who are you?

Agniveer : I am Agniveer. I am protector of Kashmiri Hindus. I am death for separatists. I am death for anti-nationals. I drag traitors on streets. I break bones of haters who threaten Kashmiri Hindus with sword or pen. Everybody should be careful.

Vashi Sharma is a globally renowned energy scientist. He is a doctorate from IIT Bombay and a scientist with Ministry of New & Renewable Energy. Vashi is the greatest expert on Islamic terrorism and deradicalization today.

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