Based on statements and threats of beef-lovers we came across.

Beef lover: Beef ban is against constitution and anti-democratic

1. I think you read constitution of Pakistan instead of India.
2. Beef ban came through a democratic process of voting, debate, elections and law formulation.

Beef lover: Poor tigers in Bombay zoo are forced to eat chicken because beef has been banned.


1. Since when did you start loving tigers so much? And what crime has cow committed to earn your hatred?

2. Why not offer your own meat to tigers if you love them so much? Why suggest killing of my mother? Human meat is most tasty for tigers!

3. What do tigers eat in zoos of those cities where beef is banned since last 60 years?

4. If you indeed love tigers so much, then instead of having pity for their chicken food, start demand for their freedom from captivity. Start movement to get them back to their natural environment. Tamed animals like you can be replacement for the cages emptied. One, you can enjoy free chicken! Two, you would indeed attract much more crowd and hence generate revenue for economy. And this revenue can be used to feed those who have become unemployed because government disallowed them from killing cattle. Win win for everyone.

Beef-lover: Whole world is becoming liberal. And you are taking a step backwards. 


1. Then why not talk of liberation of cows and bulls as well? Why all notions of liberty must circle around you? Are you center of universe?

2. Why does your notion of liberty imply that others must be your slaves that you can kill anytime?

3. If killing cow is liberty in your definition, then why you have problem with human flesh? Because as per you, more intelligent an animal you kill, more liberal you are! And since you claim to be most intellectual, you must be killed first to make world liberal.

Beef-lover: How will we encourage foreign investments in country with such regressive laws? What will foreigners eat?


1. Would you or any of your beef-headed group refuse to go to USA or Switzerland because you don’t get Vada Paav there? Would you refuse to explore opportunities abroad because you can’t find lungi to wear?

2. I never heard any sane foreigner refusing to travel because of food and culture. In fact majority of them ( those who matter) are sensitive to cultural diversity and respect local customs. On contrary they enjoy the same. No one will die because beef is not available. No sensible foreigner will refuse to invest because beef (the most unhealthy form of meat) is unavailable in India! Even in developed countries, there is increasing trend to replace beef with other forms of healthy alternatives since beef is considered worst form of meat and triggers cancer.

3. Rest of India continues to attract foreign investors and people despite non-availability of beef. Middle-east continues to attract foreigners despite non-availability of pork. Gujarat continues to be leading investment hub. I never heard anyone preferring a state because of food habit.

Beef-lover: My life, my choice


Yes, My life, my choice. And my choice is to protect my cattle. My choice is to thrash those who attempt to kill my cattle. My choice is to show zero tolerance to those who don’t respect the constitution and sentiments of our freedom fighters. My choice is to be ferocious guard of my mother – Mother India, Mother Cow, Mother Culture, Mother Language, Mother Vedas, Mother Earth. And it is my choice to consider these as Mother. And it can be my choice to kill those who attempt to kill my mother.

Moral of story: Restrict your choice of moving your hand till it does not touch my nose.

Beef-lover: So many people in beef industry will get unemployed. Who will feed their families?


1. Why don’t you start feeding them? Charity begins at home.

2. Then also demand for legalization of narcotics trading, terrorism, human trafficking. They also feed millions of families.

3. Refer first point. Get yourself in zoos. That will generate a lot of fund to feed these families.

4. Agniveer suggests that these families be put in alternate professions. Why not dairy and agriculture? Let the hands that killed cow till yesterday become humane and serve the same cow.

Beef-lover: It is Hindus who sell off their old cows for beef industry. It is Hindus who own most cattle slaughterhouses. Blame them. 


1. Yes, we blame them. Does it change the fact that cow is mother for majority of Indians?

2. If you are so concerned about old cows, please donate to Agniveer. We are working actively for protection and shelter of old cows. We use their urine and cow dung to generate electricity.

Beef-lover: Who are you to dictate what I eat?


1. Who are you to dictate whom I must consider mother?

2. I don’t care what you eat. But I do care if you kill my mother. And to best of my capacity, I will stop you from dictating me my sentiments.

Beef-lover: Tomorrow I will say I worship potato. Then will you ban potato?

0. Good luck. First make sure you have never eaten your Potato God in your life-time. In case you have just discovered that potato is your God, make sure you never eat it in future irrespective of whether it is banned or not.

1. Go and try enforcing such a ban. People will put you in mental hospital (and not jail!)

2. If millions of people believe so for thousands of generation, yes, you can try for ban.

3. When insane people like you announced the “massive” rally against beef-ban in Mumbai, no one bothered to even attend except a few people from erstwhile industry. No single representation from the likes of Rishi Kapoors and Farhan Akhtars who wept so much for being denied the right to kill my mother.

Beef-lover: You are spreading Hindu fundamentalism


1. If considering cow as mother is Hindu fundamentalism, then shamelessly suggesting to eat my mother is communal hatred against religious sentiments of majority or Hindus. So you are spreading communal hatred.

2. Why you never dared to call the Indian constitution as “Hindu fundamentalist” for last 68 years? This source of this “Hindu fundamentalism” lies in Directive Principles of constitution of India. Thus by accusing cow-lovers and threatening to eat beef, you are being communal and anti-national at same time.

Beef-lover: A lot of Hindus also eat beef.

1. A lot of Indians rape, murder and loot. So what?
2. A lot of Muslims eat pork. A lot of Christians indulge in seven sins. So what?
3. Law is not for Hindus or Muslims. It is for Indians. And as Indian, if you directly or indirectly kill cattle where it is illegal, you will land in jail.

Beef-lover: Even Hinduism endorses beef-eating. Rig Veda has verses recommending beef-eating. Beef was served in Yajna. Swami Vivekanand also ate beef.

1. OMG. So much of love for Hinduism. For one beef-ban you did so much research. It inspires for more bans in future!

2. Cite one single verse in entire Vedas that endorses beef-eating. Its an open challenge from Agniveer that remains unchallenged even after years. Prove Agniveer wrong and Agniveer will eat beef with you.

3. I can show verses that suggest that such people should be severely thrashed. Do we now go ahead with it given that you claim to love both Hinduism and beef so much?

4. Were you personal cook of Vivekanand?

Beef-lover: Verse X, Y, Z of Rig Veda recommend beef-eating.

1. Can you even decipher a single letter of Rig Veda? You are just copy-pasting from illiterates like Dr Naik and Dr Jha perhaps.
2. Agniveer has refuted this nonsense long ago. Ask your doctors to come with more credible proofs!
3. Why should we follow Hinduism based on claims of perverts like you whose love for Hinduism also emerges out of pervert fetish on tongue?

Beef-lover: This country belongs not only to Hindus but also to Muslims. 

1. How is beef-ban against Islam? Cite one single verse in Quran that states that eating beef is central to Islamic religion.

2. There are several Hadiths which state that while milk of cow is beneficial, meat of cow is harmful for health. This proves that beef-ban is pro-Hindu as well as pro-Islamic.

3. Huge number of Muslims don’t touch beef. Do you mean people like Dr APJ Abdul Kalam are anti-Islamic?

Beef-lover: But most people in beef trade are Muslims. Why are you against Muslims? 

1. One minute ago, you were claiming that Hindus are involved in beef business. Now you start putting that blame on Muslims!

2. Reality is that beef-trade has nothing to do with Hinduism or Islam. It is an illegal trade that promotes pollution, disease and poverty. And insults Hinduism as well as Islam. Hence ban is most welcome.

Beef-lover: Beef is cheapest source of meat and staple diet of poor. Why are you inhumane to them? 

1. Shit is even more cheap and also contains fibers and proteins. Start eating it if other food seems expensive to you. You can also rummage through waste bins outside restaurants to save cost.
2. If beef is such staple diet, why is it not the most popular form of meat in India? Why it gets exported when so many meat-eaters stay hungry?
3. Beef is neither cheapest source of protein nor staple diet of poor. It is a harmful unhygienic food habit that causes cancer. Why do you hate poor so much that you want to feed them with cancer?

Beef-lover: India is largest exporter of beef. Beef ban hurts economy.


1. Prostitution is more lucrative than beef export. Would you start with your family members to help Indian economy? Would you feel nice if I start seeing economic potential in flesh-trade of your mother? Then why judge flesh of my mother cow in monetary terms?

2. Replace beef-trade with grain-trade and you will feed more hungry and export much more.

3. Raise issue against opium farming if economy be concern. After all narcotics fetch much more money in international market than beef. Raise movement against restriction on narcotic drug farming.

Beef-lover: What about other animals? Why only cow? Why be so inhuman to other animals? 


1. Are you a beef lover or animal-rights activist? Or are you an opportunist who changes colors like chameleon?

2. You mean to say that we must either ban all form of meat eating or allow beef as well. In that case, we must allow human killing as well unless even slap is punished. We must allow murders because we cannot prevent ISIS from killing innocents. Let us start from you. Why don’t you give your life to raise this demand?

3. Ban on beef is a first nice step in right direction. Nothing like it if entire world shuns meat. That would be a boon to environment and economy. If you indeed are concerned about other animals, stop this howling over beef-ban and instead become an animal-rights activist.

Beef-lover: Even milk of cow must be banned. You hurt cow in process. 


Why this sudden surge of love for cows? Whatever be the reason, if you indeed believe so, you can go vegan. Many in world are doing so. And if you are so compassionate, you must be first person to welcome beef-ban.

Beef-lover: So many cows are being killed across the world. Why don’t you stop them? Are they not your mother? 

1. A lot of people urinate in public toilets. Why don’t you then open your home for public relief as well?
2. So many innocents are being murdered by ISIS in Syria. So many heads are chopped off in Saudi Arabia. Does that mean we lift ban on murder in India?
3. Let people in other countries follow their culture. In my country, culture of my people will be followed.

Beef-lover: But this is not just your country. There are crores of people with diverse customs and traditions. 


1. This is not just your country as well. There are crores of people with diverse customs and traditions who do not die for beef.

2. That is why I don’t impose every personal whim of mine on public. I go with views of majority so far they are not damaging and detrimental to anyone. Ban on beef does not hurt anyone’s sentiments. It only hurts selfish fetish of few perverts and money-generation cartel of some more. In return it damages environment and causes poverty.

Beef-lover: You are sounding so jingoistic and arrogant. 


Did you expect Aarti after suggesting that you want to enjoy eating my mother?

Beef-lover: If cow is your mother, who is your father!


1. This is the difference between true sons of mother and rascals. We consider everyone who nurtured us as mother. We respect each female as mother. We consider earth, nation, rivers, cow, culture and language as mother because they gave us so much selflessly. We live as humans because of their care. But rascals keep a dirty eye on every female, every giver. These pimps will no hesitate to sell flesh of those who gave selfless care. They make dirty joke on motherhood. They can’t respect womanhood. Shame!

2. Even your own mother is mother for us. Now think yourself how your shameless question insults her. Shame on you!

Beef-lover: I am a beef eating Hindu. Does that mean I am less God fearing then a non eater? Think!! (Rishi Kapoor)


Why should I think for you? Is it that years of indulgence in vices has stolen your capacity to think? BTW, we thought, we acted and we got the beef banned 🙂

Beef-lover:  So now in Maharashtra you can have a beef with someone, but you can’t have beef with someone. (Farhan Akhtar)


Very true. Good that reality is dawning on you. Beware that you don’t have beef with Agniveer over beef. You may end up being beef yourself. 

Beef-lover: Everyone in media and bollywood is against beef-ban. 

1. That explains the mental bankruptcy evident in silly arguments of beef lovers!

2. So what? How many of them are putting a few crores each to rehabilitate people from erstwhile beef-industry into legal professions? 

Beef-lover: I enjoy taste of beef. You must also try. You will also enjoy. 


I enjoy thrashing people like you. You must also volunteer once. You will enjoy the thrashing. 

Beef-lover: I will keep eating beef. Do what you can do. 


I will keep thrashing people like you wherever I can and as much I can. Do what you can do. 

Beef-lover: Growth of Agniveer is a worrying trend. I see a future Bal Thackeray in you. 

Be prepared.
“This article is factual…sorry, fiction. We do mean….sorry, do not mean what we have written. All resemblances with real persons, events or things are purely deliberate…sorry coincidental. We apologize for the truths…sorry, mistakes in the disclaimer. Hence we humbly accept them, display them and correct them.”

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Vishal Patel
Dear All, I strongly oppose those all hidus, muslims and aal those eating any type of non veg specially beef & drinking any type of vine. Also hurt, kill or blame wrongly to each other or quarrel. The Pavitra Vedas says that, “Mitrasya Chakshusha Pashyamahe”. -All Those thing which are… Read more »
mayank sharma

rocking agniveer…. man u were fab… u just fad dia sab kch…

Agniveer, why don’t people scared to take legal path to punish beef eaters instead of inciting violence by themselves? Instead of letting law enforcement agencies to treat such matters why is it necessary to gather a mob and kill alone person who is suspected for beef eating? Is it not… Read more »

all the cows and cow lovers will be be headed and converted to beef and eaten one day!

It appears Agniveer and Radha Rajan were correct in warning in a certain Hindu Food article about pseudo-scholarship on beef by a clique of “scholars” and how anti-hindu people will use it against us. Radha Rajan ji, not sure if you’re reading, but your principled stand on intellectually arrogant but… Read more »
COW SHOULD BE PROTECTED BECAUSE ITS PART OF OUR VILLAGE CULTURE BUT calling it mother and trying to find out theurpatic value in cow urine is simply shit because you don’t purchase mother from market and milk is criteria for being criteria for being mother then buffalo and goats are… Read more »



Dear [email protected]

This will help

@ Naren – This is exactly what Hinduism ‘actually’ is if you go into the roots of Vedas, that asks a person to not be a Hindu but a Human, “ManurBhava” it says. “‘Sarve’ Bhavantu sukhinaha” is the mantra- “May ‘all’ be blessed!”, and not just Hindus, Vasudaiv Kutumbakam- “Entire… Read more »
Dear Arjun, Have responded to you sectarian philosopy in my earlier comment. With ref to your comment on the ban, m sure not a single person voted for this party so that a ban can be enforced on bullock slaughter. Hope you do not reveal your ignorance again in not… Read more »
@ Naren * You may think for yourself that why is this fact hard to digest for you that I am blind follower of none. No one’s personal philosophical word/ concept of Supreme/ Universe is final authority for me. But still am a believer in concept of Universal Humanism, will… Read more »
Dear Arjun, M glad to hear from you… you said “am a believer in concept of Universal Humanism”… was hoping you won’t say that since “humanism” by its very definition is atheistic in nature and is based on human reasoning alone. So, please clarify whether you have atheistic pre-suppositions. Humanism… Read more »
(Cont)…you’re ranting because you dont come in that part of demacracy which demanded this very situation. Get it? * Try as hard as you want, you are the ignorant arrogant school kid here when you say milk= blood. Equating of egg and excreta was done because of the conditions of… Read more »
Dear Arjun, I tend to assume that if I articulate “a,b,d,f”, then you can surely figure out “c, e”… that’s a sign of genius… but looks like my expectations were high. Anycase, let me break it down you for you. “Secular” by its definition means “Doesn’t endorse any religion as… Read more »
Dear Arjun, Thank your for your response. I had asked a clear question to let me know as to which interpretation of Hindusim you refer to. You didn’t provide any scripture reference to the nomadic words you quoted above. From what “pluralism” socalled “inclusive” writeup u gave above and a… Read more »
Hi Naren, Read your exchange with the horny teenager. You seem very, very erudite with your responses. I would like to understand, though, what you mean by ‘ Would you like me to quote the vitriolic sectarian points in Dayanand Saraswati’s writings or unveil the not so secret hypocrisy of… Read more »
Dear Karmegh, On Vivekananda, CONTINUED FROM EARLIER… Buddhism a Rebel Child, Christianity a Patchy Imitation of Hinduism: In the Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, Volume 3, the work before us: Delivered at the Triplicane Literary Society, Madras, Swami Vivekananda said: “Ours is the religion of which Buddhism with all its… Read more »
Dear Karmegh, Thank you for your kind words… m enjoying this with the “horny teenager” going in circles. Did Swami Vivekananda Believe that All Religions are True? Sometimes Yes, Sometime No. In the following quotes excerpted from the writings of Swami Vivekananda, one would note that at Swami Vivekananda spoke… Read more »
Profoundly stupid article. Humans and cows are fundamentally different. Cows are animals–humans are sentient beings. Violence toward humans is not comparable on any level with violence towards animals. A ban on beef *is* undemocratic in the sense that it does damage to the fundamental rights of the few, while being… Read more »

and also if someone tries to kill my mother,I would first kill him before attempting to do so…. AND NOTE THAT THIS IS MY FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT…!

So let terrorists be allowed to kill human as it is their culture and it should also be one’s fundamental right.So lets start with u And ur family. Is it right according to u..?If someone kills ur mother,what would u do..?U will say then that as it was his culture… Read more »
Was this article written by a horny teenager? The articles on this site were of a better level than this. This is simply a rant. It is like a child clapping its hands gleefully on the announcement of the beef ban. There is no logic, just a petty sense of… Read more »
@ Karmegh I am certain that my repulsion of ‘concept of organized religions’ is way higher than yours. But buddy seriously, will you eat your dog ? !! ? I mean, if it’s well cooked and everything.. And since banning is something we must not do to ANY thing in… Read more »
Dear Agniveer, In response to your comment ” will you eat your dog ?”… m not sure whether you are aware, in many countries, they do… so, the question is more of “whose dog”… hope you are able to discern between an emotional connect and a dietary choice… you are… Read more »
1. I am not the Admin, but an inspired visitor. Secondly, if you consider Hinduism to be just another sectarian division, I am anything but a Hindu. But if you see it as it rightly is,- a liberation from sectarianism, endeavoring to see all beings without any discrimination on basis… Read more »
Dear Agniveer, Thank you for your response. I am shocked that you refer to Hinduism as “a liberation from sectarianism, endeavoring to see all beings without any discrimination on basis of caste, gender, region or religion; as one family, ” seriously man… what is the color of the sky in… Read more »
सनातन धर्म मे बहुदेव पुजा का गलत ट्रेन्ड सदियोसे चला आरहाहे / लेकिन सनातन धर्म (आज के हिन्दु जिसको कहते हे ) मे बहुदेव बाद का जिक्र नही हे शास्त्र एक हि परमात्मा का हवाला देता हे “एको ब्रह्म दुतियो नास्ती” . जिस तरह कुरान कहता हे कि “कुल्हु अल्लाह… Read more »
Dear Agniveer, As a followup to my earlier comment… if your article was only and only for “cow meat” ban, then your above socalled responses to comments made by “Beef lovers” is meaningless since they were ALL made AFTER the “appeasement” ban of slaughter of bullocks and buffaloes and not… Read more »
Dear Agniveer, I just read on your article. My thoughts.. firstly you seem to have well read but I am surprised that you are chanting the same political jingoism used by politicians to get votes. You seem to atleast make some show for logic and “definitions”… lemme ask you… what… Read more »
Agniveer Agni
Dear Brother Please correct your facts. The current beef ban in question has brought 2 changes. First, it included oxen and calves in ban. Second, it increased punishment for killing of cows, oxen and calves. The earlier punishment for killing cows was too petty to be taken seriously. There is… Read more »

Only fools can shout like this. Think logically and come to conclusion.
Sananthan dharma cannot be destroyed. If it was so, hundreds of years,the foreign invasions could have done that.
Still this Dhrma shines day by day.

truth always prevails
truth always prevails
I have read all the NDE stories given by you. But, this is not a new thing for me. 2-3 years ago, I was also searching true purpose of life. I had encountered with so many NDE stories, philosophies of past birth, solipsism, Butter fly effect, holographic theory of human… Read more »
truth always prevails
truth always prevails
Part2- Vasudev pandey story is close to Hindu belief. 4)-Lee from China had NDE and seen Buddha in his experience. He related different story according to Buddhism. 5)-Rabbi Alon experienced NDE according to his Jews belief You can watch all videos on YouTube by typing their name. Now, you tell… Read more »
There is no edit option 🙂 Sorry, I was doing multitasking , there are few typos in my previous comment. Here is the revised portion: In USA, USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) has asked Americans to seriously think about the environmental impact of the food they eat. USDA has… Read more »
In USA, USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) has asked Americans to seriously think about the environmental impact of teh food we eat. USDA has strongly recommended to stop eating red meat especially cutting beef as much as possible. USDA recommendations are quite powerful in USA. The guidelines are used… Read more »
Abdu Rasul
@Truth Always Prevails There are a lot of NDE stories in which unconscious patients explained accurately what was doctors doing & talking in operation room, what was happening in other room of hospital, how was their family members reacting. All these information proved true. Many of them said they were… Read more »
Abdu Rasul
@Truth Always Prevails ____________-don’t you think there a lot of differences in year of death and birth don’t you think there a lot of differences in year of death and birth_________________ I think, It is at least very less from the day of judgment. ____________Whenever, you open a site, you… Read more »
truth always prevails
truth always prevails
Part 2 … appears that hungarian model Zsuzsanna underwent hypnotic regression in 2005 during which she confirmed her past life as Marilyn Monroe. The story was told in her biography but Zsuzsanna’s website, on which an English translation appeared, is no longer accessible. 28-year-old Englishman, shop assistant Chris Vicens, is… Read more »
truth always prevails
truth always prevails
You are talking about Adrian Finkelstein. He is a classical past life regetession therapist. The boy about which you are telling is a bundle of lies rumoured by some people just like Finkelstein. If you want more information on why Finkelstein therapy and other who are involved in this are… Read more »
truth always prevails
truth always prevails
@Abdu Rasul….psychiatrist Adrian Finkelstein describes a boy named Robin Hull who often spoke in a language his mother couldn’t understand. … There are lot of scientific evidences which claims that past life regression therapy is nothing but a bundle of lies. This therapy is more in vogue in India because… Read more »
Abdu Rasul
@Truth Always Prevails __________________________- suppose I did bad deeds in previous birth by killing cows and god made me a Lion or tiger in this life, how can I be again born as human, because as a lion I am still killing cows. In this condition god is no more… Read more »
truth always prevails
truth always prevails
Plants have more developed senses than animals. I am talking about only those people who consider ‘Adharma’ for killing a cow for food then they must follow ultra vegetarianism means feeding on leaves and fruits only. Because plants have life too. Plants have possessed all the scientific qualities to say… Read more »
I am a plant scientist. Plants are grouped in separate kingdom than animals because they are very much different than animals. They do no have digestive, circulatory, nervous system etc. They are totally different species. Plants have life but they do not have any neuron or sensory systems to sense… Read more »
Mohammad Room

First, you should give a proof from Botanical books that Plant does not feel pain.
Modern science has already proved that Plants can feel pain and even they cry.
So, I will call you Pseudo Scientist and do not make fool to anyone.
Animal worshiping cannot be accepted in any manner.


simple plnts dnt hv central nervous system like us which cn identify pain. can u prove otherwise?
we adore animals like cow

truth always prevails
truth always prevails
Mr. Abdu Rasul( by whatever name you are called). I think yours view are atheistic a little bit which are induced by some people who are still confused. You are giving link of Ali sina, I know him well but not by his pseudonym name but by his way of… Read more »
Abdu Rasul
@Truth Always Truimps _____________So, it can be result of brain hallucination. Still I am not negating NDE__________________ You are suggesting that these people did not actually experience anything real but only dreamed and hallucinated. That is quite a presumptuous statement. Let us leave it at that. I only want you… Read more »
truth always prevails
truth always prevails
@Abdu Rasul…you always picked darker side of my comment. You should read my full comment, I am saying that I am not negating NDE nor propagating it. Becuase , I have got bipolar statements from both side some negating it and some accepting it. So, without first hand experience, I… Read more »
Abdu Rasul
@Truth Always Prevails How could a 2 years old boy tell about “Natoma “aircraft carrier of Americans in 2nd world war? How could a 2 years old boy explain about American fighter Aircraft “Corsair” in 2nd world war? How could a 2 years old boy know about Second World War… Read more »
Abdu Rasul
@Abdu Rasul ___________________Rabies virus has no cure. Should we kill all dogs which are infected? If yes , then we should kill all HIV+ humans. If no, then why you are not killing these these infected animals. Although, you justifies killing of all mosquitoes,_________________ Firstly, We should try to abstain… Read more »
truth always prevails
I am really agreed to Mr. Agniveer. Cow slaughter must be banned not even in India but all over the world. And why even cows , mosquitoes, house flies, cockroaches, rats and every living creatures which are continually becoming victims of human. So, before banning we should take extra measures… Read more »
Abdu Rasul
@Truth Always Prevails Dear Bro, Do you think killing of person like Jesus, Mother Teresa and people like ISI Fighter, a mass murderer same? Do you think killing of a rapist of your’s woman and protector of your’s woman equal? Why not rapist of your’s sister be awarded and protector… Read more »
truth always prevails
Abdu Rasul…Perhaps, you have understood only literal meaning of my comment. Try to get between the line meaning. My mean is to say there are so many organism who are more useful than cows I.e. sheep, buffallow, goat etc. Then, do not you consider killing them is a crime too.… Read more »
Abdu Rasul
@Truth Always Prevails ———-there are so many organism who are more useful than cows I.e. sheep, buffallow, goat etc. Then, do not you consider killing them is a crime too———————– Yes, if they are beneficial for humanity, universe or any how they should be protected and avoid killing of them.… Read more »
Abdu Rasul
@Truth Always Prevails ___________In cropping we cut whole plants for foods like pulse, rice and wheat. Fate of the whole crop destroyed in one seasonal cropping. __________________ Over all eating plants is a better way than eating animals as it causes less harm to the planet and definitely less cruel.… Read more »
truth always prevails
truth always prevails
1)-In cropping we cut whole plants for foods like pulse, rice and wheat. Fate of the whole crop destroyed in one seasonal cropping. 2)- AIDS is the only disease which spreaded out by unnatural sex but Swine flu, Ebola , and RH factors, REO viruses are not the result ofsex.… Read more »

i’m with you agniveer i read everything about the beef ban cow is like a mother to us. i will not entertain whatsoever *cow killing


Agniveer Agni
Sacred Text is not a good website to understand Hinduism. They have translations from western scholars that are misleading at many places. We would recommend that you focus on spiritual aspects instead of rituals and history. The foundation of Dharma is “Knowledge is within”. So step 1 must be to… Read more »
srinivas kumar

Are you Shiv sainik ?


agni0fire-light and wisdom
veer-bolt-brave to face challenges,’
but the problem is e cant argue or fight an intellectual battle of debate with ignorant abd arrogant fools. many anti hindu websitess r running on this basis.
well let the readrs decide.

Agniveer Agni

Agniveer is not affiliated with any political party.The replies in this article are our responses to comments that have been made on us by beef-lovers.


have u seen/ read riddle of Hinduism by b r ambedkar?only weak,and sick persons use to abuse or calling name to his opponent-pl be humane and a good citizen.u r very learned person would u please inform me. the root of Hindu and its meaning.?

Agniveer Agni
1. Yes we have read Riddles of Hinduism. It showcases ignorance of BR Ambedkar regarding Hinduism. He himself admits that he does not know Sanskrit and relies on translations of western people for understanding foundations of Hinduism. It was frustration with existing malpractices in society that shaped his views. It… Read more »
somesh Shukla
(Dr) Faizan Mustafa is the Vice – Chancellor of NALSAR University of Law, and an utter fool.he says -“Beef-eating was common in the Vedic and subsequent times even among Brahmins. It was probably for this reason only that the Vajpayee government’s draft Bill on cow slaughter justified the enactment of… Read more »
Agniveer Agni
1. It is nonsense. But even if it is not, it does not even matter if something was common in some time. Riding on donkey was common 1000 years ago in Middle east. What matter are: A. The present B. The foundations C. The relevance Coming to beef: A. Today… Read more »

i dont know brother, but people often quote some jha’s “myth of holy cow”. says that beef eating was common vedic practice, how can i counter it the next time the same nonsense comes?

Shuja Khan
Dear agniveer, 1. First of all i congratulate your for your tredding on the path of truth and seeking it on the same time. 2. I am a muslim and strongly advocate of voluntary giving up of beef eating by Indian muslims to appreciate our hindu brother’s emotions. 3.Now i… Read more »
Agniveer Agni
Irrespective of differences in viewpoints, it is important that those voices among Muslims be brought in limelight that are proud of Vande Mataram and also proud of Indianism that gives full rights to practice of religion. It is necessary because currently such liberal voices are subdued by voice of terror-mongers… Read more »
Agniveer Agni

@Shuja Khan: We normally avoid giving such long replies. But regardless of difference in viewpoints, we felt a genuineness in your comments and hence were compelled to share our heart. Best wishes.

Shuja Khan
Dear Agniveer, I did read your reply on 14th April itself. I knew that to reply to such beautiful assertions I would indeed need hours. I have tried my best to take out time (given my civil services examinations, my NGO, my MBA assignments and study) for this and i… Read more »
Agniveer Agni
Dear Shuja 1. Thanks for your kind words. There is a leader among all of us – who guides us away from wrong and towards right. He is the true leader – Ganapati, Ishwar, Allah, God, self-conscience – whatever you may call him. Our goal is to awaken that leader… Read more »
Shuja Khan
When Mother teresa gave the call for destitute and poor she ripped apart the very cruel and ignorant world by sending message of selfless love, care and sacrifice. This is just to throw more light on what ripping apart would mean to a humble truth seeker. Truth rips apart falsehood,… Read more »
Shuja Khan

Please bear with me to be sending my response/offerings to your arguments very soon.

Shuja Khan
contd…and false ones. It is given this realisation a humble soul is ever ready to listen to the other viewpoints of differing parties without any bias and being value neutral in a hope that the opposite party might be the one closer to truth than me. A truth seeker cannot… Read more »
Agniveer Agni
belief system on others. Believe what you want to. But respect right of others to differ. Don’t throw them in Hell just because they differ from you. Case of cow is different. Unlike God, heaven, hell, prophet, angels which are all unseen, cow is a living creature that can think,… Read more »
Agniveer Agni
@Shuja, We appreciate your sentiments for humanity and nation. And are proud to have truth-seekers like you. Here are our brief replies: a. Ban on cow slaughter is not a new demand. It has been in constitution since inception. And no community in India has any philosophical objections to it.… Read more »
Plurality ? Appeasement ? Next ull say to keep democracy alive we should have a party that shld represent offensive jihadi terrorism. after all criminals also have rights and they should have a right to equality and free speech just like the others. water tulsi everyday & EARN some intellect… Read more »
Shuja Khan
continuing “History tells that societies based on adoration of persons fall prey to mental thraldom which leads to moral, intellectual as well as spiritual emasculation.” A truth seeker is not a slave to person, beliefs, religon or ideoology but is a slave to truth. 4. You have put your words… Read more »
Shuja Khan
Dear shray, I completely believe in vedic philosophies like: 1. walk together in the path of truth without bias, injustice and intolerance 2. Oja – Bravery in following truth 3.Vaak – To speak sweetly for propagation of truth Your reply has shown that there is an absence of a wish… Read more »
About the celebrities what said by Praful is very correct. The problem is our people are much addicted to such nonsensical movies. All those think about the realities would try to bring our folks on the right way. It may take years, but our people will understand if we take… Read more »
praful kedia
the problem is that majority of indians are copying west which will only lead to destruction. The goal of these west people is sense-enjoyment and all the miseries of this earth is due to this one misunderstanding that ” sense enjoyment is the goal of life”. The true goal of… Read more »
jyothish vijay
@Praful I disagree……I don’t think that much people are following these celebrities And by no stretch of imagination are we “followiing” the west…….maybe some are…..If u ask me most people don’t even know whats been followed in the west…….let alone copying them I didn’t know bollywood celebrities do drugs…….I don’t… Read more »
agniveer, I am non veg but I eat it less frequently than I do vegetarian dishes. however, after reading this article I assure you, I am NEVER going to touch beef. and if I do encounter any beef eater out there and if they ask me why I do not… Read more »
Great reply Agniveer! Why India gives so much importance to these Bollywood people. Majority of these people have no character and no integrity. They are not even that much educated and of course majority of them have no rational and logical thinking. They are just puppets. And almost all of… Read more »
Arun Hiremath

Excellent conversations and great response AgniVeer…. Your work is absolutely commendable and I respect the way you have been courageously replying to the Nuts of Media and Bollywood… Thank you


Great reply to beef lovers, Agniveerji…

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu:

sandeep bansal

Great work Agniveer.
Pls write this article in hindi also

deepak purohit
Dear Agniveer, Best wishes of ALL Gau bhakts to you for being great warrior to PROTECT the dignity of our mother.These Stupid questions have been raised just to dilute such a serious matter and YOU HAVE ANSWERED THEM WITH SUCH A VIGOUR that I hope out MEDIA also gets point… Read more »
well sickulars opposition to beef ban emerges from their hatred against hindus bcoz same people at some point of time has raised their voices against killing of roosters or other animals by their activation in glamourous organisations like peta.secularism is in hindus blood bcoz we have sriramchandra ji’s blood in… Read more »