Excerpt: “Kejriwal is guilty of the crime of emboldening the terrorists to shout anti-India slogans in heart of capital city despite being CM of the city.
The day some petty politicians made hero out of a traitor like Kanhaiya Kumar, the roadmap to Uri attack and Kashmir unrest was charted.”

I am a Kejriwal lover. But I love you too dude….😊. U r doing a great job. Keep it up.
My only one small request to u is that if u r happy with Kapil Mishra exposing Mehbooba & if Kapil Mishra is an ardent supporter of Kejriwal, then u should at least stop criticising him for petty reasons & instead appreciate his works which were never done in history before.

The day some petty politicians made hero out of a traitor like Kanhaiya Kumar, the roadmap to Uri attack and Kashmir unrest was charted. Until these politicians show courage to speak loudly that this was greatest blunder of their lives,
I cannot take chances by trusting them.

This is not at all a petty issue for me.
Corruption, Lok Pal, Environment, Pollution are far far more petty issues than Kashmir, terrorism and insult of Jawans who die for nation.

Kejriwal is guilty of the crime of emboldening the terrorists to shout anti-India slogans in heart of capital city despite being CM of the city.
Kapil Mishra has been following Agniveer since 2009 and knows me since 2006. He was bound to get allergic to anti-India rant one day. But he must show some more courage than restrict to political opportunism.

As for me, nation is above any politics.
I would take to task anyone who takes national interest for granted.

I respect your love. But my motherland loves me even more.
She will always be my first and only priority.

Please talk to Kejriwal and let know of my stance.
Let Kejriwal appreciate me for work done never before in history and opening his eyes (if they open).
I promise to reciprocate with much more appreciation.

Vande Mataram

Questioner: Thanks for making it clear why you do not support Arvind Kejriwal. It seems from your reply that u made this stand recently only after the Kanhaiya Kumar issue which may imply that before this issue, in your opinion, Kejriwal is not guilty of any other similar crime. But tell me one thing dear, why the same video which you made viral was not used by Delhi police to catch other culprits whose faces were clear? Why till date no action has happened against any of the real non-communists anti-India slogan shouters? Kejriwal supported Kanhaiya momentarily for the only reason that the Delhi police did not catch any of those Kashmiri traitors who were clearly visible in the video shouting anti-India slogans & instead caught Kanhaiya whose a single video of shouting anti-national slogans is not available? Also, you must have observed that it’s been long time now Kejriwal has not spoken anything about Kanhaiya or supported his ideology. Nobody will like Kanhaiya to be in AAP & hence, Kejriwal will not let it happen. I feel this JNU incident is a conspiracy created to divert some more important issues which in my opinion, should be analysed to identify the real traitors & speak loud & clear against them. Thanks once again. Luv u & will keep supporting your ideology.

This would become a long discussion. But some pointers:
1. Kanhaiya has openly supported Umar and other rascals [supporting Kashmiri separatism and Jihadis]. He appears in at least 2 videos and has not condemned those who shouted slogans.

2. Kejriwal never condemned Kanhaiya. He attended his rally in Jantar Mantar in February.

3. AAP had approached me before elections to join hands. I denied because of Prashant Bhushan. It took 3 years for Kejriwal to throw out pro-separatist Bhushan from party only when personal issues arose.

4. Let Kejriwal bravely announce that Kanhaiya is a rascal, and so is every one who shouted anti-India, pro-Yakub, pro Afzal slogans ever. I will fully support him.
I did not spare Modi govt when they showed signs of compromise on national issue.
I have same standards for everyone.

Vande Mataram.

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  • I don;t buy this line of argument that questioning what the Govt is doing is being anti national ? You claim to be a Nationalist, so does all TABKA of RSS & even BJP too , So does that makes all rest of Non BJP, Non RSS population “anti national”?

  • There is no surprise. Do not be so harsh on Kejriwal. Afterall, he is enjoying lot of money from islamic group then how come country can be so dear to him. Afterall, he is really loyal to those people who are funding him. So give him credit for this 🙂
    Kejriwal type of people have double face – one to show anti-corruption face to exploit the people so that he becomes unique and can win votes (afterall there should be a unique agenda right). Another hidden ugly face – one word Traitor is enough