If you are referring to problems regarding philosophy and direction of life, YES. I would say, Gita has no parallels in any religion of world. There are no miracle stories or blind faith emphasis. Very logical, persuasive, enlightening and strengthening. But I would also say that almost all Hindi and English translations I read for Gita are misleading. Gita was a message of one warrior to another. Perhaps, saints and intellectuals are not right people to interpret it. If you read Gita in original Sanskrit, it is super awesome. There is nothing that equals it.

There are other wonderful texts in Hinduism as well – Vedas, Upanishads, Yog Darshan etc. But Gita is less technical, simpler. Like a hacker’s guide to success and direction.

I intend to bring out an honest practical translation of Gita that is less jargon and more substance.

Sanjeev Newar

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