To revive the true essence of Geeta and make you warrior like Arjun and Yogi like Krishna.


Why this project         

Almost all Hindi and English translations of Geeta available are misleading. Gita was a message of one warrior to another. Perhaps, saints and intellectuals are not right people to interpret it. If you read Gita in original Sanskrit, it is super awesome. There is nothing that equals it.

But over the period of time, like many other Hindu texts (except Vedas) Geeta also been adulterated.

As a result, Hindus forgot the true essence of Geeta – A song of war – and instead of activating the true warrior within themselves, they simply became helpless victims of Jihad aggression since last 1300 years.

This project is aim to make them warrior like Arjun and Yogi like Krishna.

What is different about this translation of Geeta

This is not a literal translation of Gita. A literal translation of Gita would always be misleading because no other language can substitute the essence of original language of Gita. This is a spiritual and meditative translation of Gita. It aims to convey the core essence of each verse in simple and accessible language that is relevant for contemporary population. It is intended to be practical and immediately usable.

 Why Geeta

  • Geeta has solution of all the problems regarding philosophy and direction of life.
  • Gita has no parallels in any religion of world.
  • There are no miracle stories or blind faith emphasis in Geeta.
  • Geeta is very logical, persuasive, enlightening and strengthening.
  • Geeta is pinnacle of intellectual and practical thinking. Irrespective of who spoke it or wrote it and when and how and where, Geeta is the best text available to humanity for the purpose of making life meaningful and successful.
  • Compare to other wonderful texts in Hinduism like Vedas, Upanishads, Yog Darshan etc. Gita is less technical, simpler.
  • Geeta is like a hacker’s guide to success and direction.

Project Aim

  • To bring out an honest practical translation of Gita that is less jargon and more substance
  • Create Hindi and English audio version of Geeta
  • Teach youth the real warrior Yog of Geeta
  • Make the legends out of ordinary individual through Geeta Yog

Let’s live Geeta and ignite the winning warrior within.



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