Q. What are the big problems in India which have been easily forgotten by the people?

A. The biggest problem is terrorism that has inflicted bloody history of India for 1300 years, made us partition away significant parts of our country, and continues unabated. Instead of dealing firmly, our politics of appeasement is just strengthening the fangs of ISIS type snakes.

The second big problem is caste system. We shamelessly use word like Dalit, create politics around it but have not guts to reject it totally and work for casteless society like Savarkar and Ambedkar suggested. Instead of condemning caste system, we start abusing Hinduism. And try to find semblance in caste discrimination and minority-rights. making joke of Ambedkar in process!

The third big problem is rise of pacifist mindset that keeps our youth busy in films, nautanki, romance, career, comforts, ipl blah blah, but keeps them bereft of any courage that was hallmark of Shivaji, Pratap, Guru Gobind Singh. It is scary to think of a nation that has seen bloodiest history of world in last 1300 years, has faced major partitions and genocide just few decades ago, and yet finds amusement in sensuality instead of valor. Like the Uttar Prince of Mahabharat who ejected and got wet seeing the army. We are hopelessly unprepared to fight the challenges that face us and demand valor. The youth is busy finding his own personal jugaad than think of nation. That is why while Mangal Pandey died for cow, we stand for beef eating. And when someone demands same liberalism in standing against Jihadis, we freak out. Recall Shani temple and Haji Ali case!

The fourth big problem is that we are copycats and not innovators. No worthwhile innovation comes from nation today that taught the world how to count! Our startups are business unviabilities like flipkart and myntra that showcase how our selfishness precedes nation. Our make in India is all about assembling chinese stuff in India on designs developed outside India. We neither have ecosystem nor mindset to create innovations. Think – largest IT giants of country like TCS, Wipro, Infosys could not create a single programming language or contribute to any IT framework. Their innovation, hailed by their visionary founders, was how they innovated to create 24*7 work schedule to serve their clients on silly coding jobs and earn on man hours on products developed by Oracle and Sun! And they have campuses of size that would shame any university of world!

Fifth problem is that we do not care about our roots, our foundations of culture and stand for it. At least stand to know it. We find our intellectuality in reading silly books by some western writers and concluding how ancient culture was shit or stupid. Think of a silly place like JNU in hub of capital of country, dominated by anti-nationals of poor IQ bragging useless PhDs.

More are there. But instead of counting problems, let us count a few pluses that we have.

First is our foundation of culture based on Vedas – a scientific rational holistic foundation that has no comparison. While Bible and Quran of world want to enforce blind faith on some God or Prophet, Vedas stand up to ask you to question everything. While others say women is inferior, Vedas call it mother of civilization.

Second is our legacy of heroes who fought despite all odds for a mission that was driven neither by blind faith nor selfishness. While others were busy raping captured women, Shivaji’s and Pratap’s would send the women respectfully to enemy camp calling them mother! There is no such example in world.

Third, we have a philosophical foundation that connects life after and before death in a manner that has no scope for either blind faith in some heaven with virgins, nor a garden of lambs with God sitting on chair. The concept of Moksha itself is a gift of Indian heritage that has no equal.

Indeed India is lighthouse of world. Problems are temporary. Philosophy of India is timeless – was always relevant, will always be relevant. Destined to dazzle the world once again after an unfortunate gap.

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