Big problems of India and solutions

1.     Caste based Job reservation:

Caste based reservation is not correct by any logic and it is incorrect in many ways. A person with lesser skill and interest should not be opted for a job instead of another person with more skill and interest. Poor people must undoubtedly be supported economically irrespective of the caste, to get equal opportunities as the rich and to lead a good life. Unfortunately, most of the Indians who are getting benefit from this reservation system do not seem to like ending of the reservation system and so complete closure of the reservation is not practicable in the current times in democratic India. There are some fields like scientific research, engineering, etc where placement of less skilled people in the jobs because of reservation leads India to lose edge in the fields of innovation and development (this is happening). While even a slight margin of lacking in these fields puts a nation behind in the race, placement of unskilled people makes it worse. So, the designations ‘Scientist’, ‘Engineer’, ‘Professor’, ‘Research Scholar’, ‘Doctorate’, etc must be made reservation free like in Indian Military. These designations comprise of just about 2% of the total government jobs and so should not be a problem. The designations like ‘Doctor’, ‘IAS’, ‘IPS’, ‘IFS’, ‘Manager’ also must be made reservation free in the second phase.

2.     Export of minerals:

India is exporting majority of the mined iron ore to foreign countries. Iron reserves in India will last for just 25-35 more years due to export. India will have to buy iron from other countries at very high costs and India will lose strategic edge due to dependency on other countries for iron, if India is out of iron reserves. Iron is very important natural resource to be possessed by any country. Iron exports have to be stopped immediately to save the future of India. It is better if India completely bans the export of all minerals (raw/processed). Copper, Manganese, Aluminium, etc are other important minerals being exported by India.

3.     Pollution Control:

Government should encourage public transport, car pooling, electric cars and electric bikes. Make advertisements about how to use fewer plastic bags in shopping, how to reuse plastic bags and how to use other kinds of bags. The Ideal goal should be to stop pollution completely.

4.     School Education System:

Elementary school students are seen carrying heavy bags with books like ‘General Knowledge’, ‘Hindi (3rd language in non Hindi speaking states)’, etc. The knowledge gained from day to day life activities (other than school education) is called general knowledge. How can a forced knowledge be called general knowledge? Do school going kids really need and understand this unnecessary burden? What is the need for 3 language subjects (State language, Hindi, English) in the elementary school syllabus? Government must ban any general knowledge books at all levels of schooling, ban 3rd language up to grade 5, ban home work. Kids won’t get any benefit by filling too many pages at home. They are supposed to learn anything at school, not at home. An assignment to write a paragraph 10 times at home does not benefit most of the kids. Children who have the nature of focusing on only one thing at any time never learn by writing something repeatedly. They focus only on writing, without learning anything. It is better if the subjects on social studies are mandated to be taught only in Indian languages (State languages). Learning in a foreign language (English) is difficult and less fruitful. Only Science and Mathematics may be taught in English, if the parents of the school children want English medium. Education with Indian languages as medium must be encouraged. Beating school kids should be considered as an offence. Some school teachers beat kids to make their own job easy, not really because it is necessary. Kids get stressed when they are prone to be beaten.

5.     Law:

If a criminal does not get punishment or does not get it fast or if he is not afraid of the punishment, it means there is wrong law in the country. If a criminal loses a case in a lower court and moves to an upper court, there should be extra punishment for the added delay by the criminal if he is proven guilty again. Punishments overall should be made stronger.

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