Original Name: Bija Mandal or Bijaya Mandir dedicated to a Hindu goddess

Location: Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh

Renamed as a symbol of Islamic atrocities: Bijamandal Mosque

Vidisha is a city in the state of Madhya Pradesh, around 60km from the capital city of Bhopal. Vidisha is famous for its Bijamandal Masjid and its interesting history.

In India, many rich and marvelous Hindu temples were destroyed and converted into mosques during Islamic rule. The Bija Mandal Mosque is another example of the Hindu temples that were robbed, plundered, demolished, destroyed and converted into mosques using the same raw materials from the demolished temples.

Today, Bijamandal having lost all its ancient grandeur stands still through the passage of time as a bitter, painful and sad reminder of the invasions and brutality of Mughals and Islamic invaders.

Bijamandal mosque was constructed using the raw materials of a demolished Hindu temple, dedicated to honor Goddess Charchika, was built by the erstwhile Paramar Kings.

One of the pillars at the site bears an inscription which suggests that the original temple was dedicated to the presiding deity Vijaya, the goddess, and granter of victory, and was built by King Naravarman of Malwa. This is clearly mentioned by ASI at the site.

The etymology of the word Bija or Bijaya is a distortion of the original name of the Goddess Vijaya Rani. Bija Mandal or Bijaya Mandir was a temple dedicated to a Hindu goddess.

Aurangzeb looted, plundered and demolished the temple in 1658-1707 AD. He buried all the treasured idols at the northern side of the temple and converted it into a mosque.

For around 300 years, the now protected ASI monument was used as a central prayer hall and mosque for celebrations and large gatherings, especially during Eid.

On a stormy monsoon night in 1991, the wall on the northern border of the Bijamandal mosque collapsed due to heavy rains.  The broken and capsized wall exposed and brought to light more than 300 years old buried treasures of the Bijaya Rani temple. A number of sculptures, exquisite treasures and statues were excavated, retrieved and approved by the ASI (Archeological Survey of India).

These are available for public viewing and can be seen at the site along with proofs and carvings of Hindu epics like the Ramayana and Mahabharata with Sanskrit inscriptions on the walls and pillars of the Bijamandal mosque.

Muslims must realise how their Hindu forefathers – Kafirs – and their cultural heritage – Hindu Structures – were forcefully converted to Islam. And they must unite with Hindus to intensify the movement of reclaiming their cultural heritage back.

This article is authored by Prerna Thiruvaipati ji.


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