The newspaper carried a very shocking news today. Governor of Punjab was assassinated by his guard in Islamabad for his stand against Blasphemy Law. Salman Tasser, the governer, was a liberal advocate of religious freedom and had to sacrifice his life for this ‘crime’.

The genesis of this murder lies in the very formation of modern Quran 20 years after death of Muhammad (many Muslims allege that he was murdered by his wives Aisha and Hafsa). It started with brutal murders and chopping of hands of a large number of people alleged to be promoting different versions of Quran. Muhammad himself never compiled Quran in form of a book. He did not even give it the exclusive name of Quran and referred to it merely as a collection of good thoughts. However, after the new Quran was created mixing original thoughts of Muhammad opulently with the fanatic views of his followers, the Caliph who compiled the new Quran was also murdered while he was reading it, by other Muslims. To further ‘fanatize’ the Quran, additional stories called Hadiths were concocted that alleged to detail sayings and deeds of Muhammad that could not be covered in Quran.

You can read about how Muslim leaders kept murdering each other in And thus a diabolical Islam was created that had nothing to do with original thoughts of Muhammad. Coming back to our times, few decades ago, Jinnah – an Englishman in practice – used this fanatic Islamic mindset to carve out Pakistan from India. However, since bulk of Muslims in Pakistan belonged to Hindu ancestors (Jinnah himself was a Muslim for 2 generations only!), the concept of blasphemy could not appeal to them. After all, the chords of culture are stronger than threads of religion. Thus, despite its anti-India bias and illiteracy prevalent among masses, Pakistan still remained a relatively liberal country. But then came the era of Zai-Ul-Haq, the dictator who used Islamic fanaticism for his political gains in seventies and early eighties. He encouraged promotion of terrorist ideology and designed to use terrorism as a tool against India and his own rivals. Unfortunately, the Frankenstein that he created killed him like the Bhasmasur. But by then the damage was done. This butcher enacted several fanatic laws like Blasphemy Laws and Hudood Ordinance.

The Hudood Ordinance was a disgrace to women rights and led to justification of rapes and gangrapes in name of Islam! You can search out more details yourself. The Blasphemy Laws in Pakistan’s Criminal Code allowed even death sentence for anyone uttering even a word against Quran or Muhammad. In November 2010, a poor Christian lady Asia Bibi was sentenced to be hanged till death under these laws for insulting Muhammad during a verbal fight with some Muslims when they refused to drink water touched by a Christian. Salman Tasser, the governor of Punjab defended Asia Bibi and called for repeal of Blasphemy Laws. And hence he was sent to Hell yesterday by a Ghazi!

Blasphemy Laws are nothing new. They have existed since dawn of Semitic religion.The concept was first popularized by Christians who found death to be only answer against any rational question put to them. Islam, that rose in protest against brutal Christianity of medieval ages, had to be even more brutal to combat it. Thus Islamic fundamentalists took the concept of blasphemy to another level. Hinduism – with all its offshoots – is the ONLY religion to have no concept of blasphemy.

Even today, many Christian and Islamic countries have Blasphemy Laws. Islamic countries justify death as punishment, and Christian ones are forced to settle with imprisonment due to growing population of liberals. It would be interesting to know that despite their much hyped brand of being liberal and human-rightists, many European countries and even Australia still has the archaic blasphemy laws applicable even today! It existed in Britain till 2008.

India has been the ONLY major country to have no concept of blasphemy in its traditions. The blasphemy laws were introduced by Muslims but were repealed by British in 1860. Though they did it for their own agenda of promoting Christianity, this enabled books like Satyarth Prakash to be popularized that ripped apart illogical beliefs in rational manner.But then the law was reenacted but not in a fanatic form.

What has been even more shocking than the assassination incident is that many intellectual Muslims, those who are educated, are also justifying the murder. For example, please review the comment on Agniveer itself:

Also review to see how more than 500 clerics of Pakistan have hailed the murderer as a Ghazi – an Islamic warrior.They have openly threatened others who follow the stand taken by the governor!

The logic is that no Muslim can tolerate insult of Muhammad. Hence all people who demean Muhammad should be killed. A liberal Muslim went a step ahead and stated that all those who insult any revered figures should be killed.

Here are some questions to this fanatic logic.

1. Who will create the list of people and books against whom blasphemy will result in death? What will be the criteria? How will the list be updated?

2. If one says that popularity should be the criteria, then perhaps you justify those people who condemned Muhammad when he had only a few supporters and had to flee Mecca.

3. How do you define religion? What if I say that Agniveer is also a religion.

4. How you define blasphemy? If it means insulting any faith, then Quran itself condemns Jews, Christians, idol worshippers and openly states that these people would go to Hell. Does it mean that all who swear by Quran should also be tried under blasphemy laws?

5. And if Quran is not blasphemous by stating that all Jews, Christians and Idol Worshippers will go to Hell, in that case if someone says that ‘Muhammad will go to Hell’ then he is also not being blasphemous, right?

6. What would constitute an insult? Some Muslims say that Ahmadiyas are also insulting to Muhammad and hence blasphemous. Others say that Shias are insulting because they consider Ali to be at par with Muhammad.

7. Further, would Prophet Muhammad himself would have endorsed killing of those who differ from him? Did he ever do so? If yes, please cite with evidence. If not, why try to surpass the Prophet?

In brief, this entire concept is full of blatant loopholes and does not fit into scheme of any rational mind.

The Vedic or Hindu view:

In Vedic view, source of miseries is ignorance. Any belief without a rational or intuitive backing will result in miseries. In other words, blind belief is recipe for doom. Further, in Vedic view, knowledge does not come in one go. One has to strive, struggle, constantly learn, fail and rise continuously to achieve truth. All living beings represent different stages in this journey and hence have to be treated with tolerance and compassion. Hence blasphemy law is out of question as per Vedic view of things. Even if you condemn Vedas, death is not recommended for you. Because blind belief or forced belief in Vedas itself is against Vedas. The Vedic approach would be to spread the right knowledge and counter the false condemnation instead.

However, any hate speech inciting people to violence against innocents or causing them troubles deserves punishment. This is not restricted to religion specifically but in general regarding anything. There should be no religious colors to it and the punishment should be proportionate to crime committed.

Thus while we condemn MF Hussain paintings or cartoons of Muhammad depicting revered figures in vulgar manner, we do not support ‘killing’ of their creators or their supporters in name of blasphemy.

If indeed the fanatics believe that insult of Muhammad is gravest sin, then they should take up the challenge to convince the culprit for a change of heart through purely intellectual and honest efforts (After all religion stands for honesty) and kill the hatred/ foolishness inside her that made her insult Muhammad. And if that does not work out, leave her to be punished by Allah himself instead of you taking up His responsibility and killing every other person who is against blasphemy.

Salman Tasser may have been a vile man in his personal life as many allege. And Asia Bibi may be a repugnant lady. But does that suffice to kill them?

It is only when intellectual potentials turn feeble that killings and their justifications take the front seat. It causes us great pain to see adherents of various faiths indulging into abuses and hatred to demean each other. And then the more fanatic ones resort to killing taking sanction from their so-called religious books. Vedas suggest that the only way out of this quagmire is knowledge. Agniveer has taken up the challenge of cleaning out this mess to extent possible through spread of knowledge alone. Instead of killing those who hate, we intend to kill the source of hatred aka ignorance. May Ishwar grant us strength for this mission so that we do not hear the news of yet another Salman Tasser being murdered or Asia Bibi hanged.

Om Shantih Shantih Shantih

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Disclaimer:  We believe in "Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam" (entire humanity is my own family). "Love all, hate none" is one of our slogans. Striving for world peace is one of our objectives. For us, entire humanity is one single family without any artificial discrimination on basis of caste, gender, region and religion. By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. Please read Full Disclaimer.
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  • Blasphemy is not only associated with Islam. It has become the norm , a style, to misinterpret the scriptures of other religions. Is that not blasphemy?. A bill should be passed in the parliament making it a crime to misinterpret scriptures of another religion. I am sure a handful of idiots will be lingering in the prison for sometime. The poison of these satanic forces have caught their people’s mind like wildfire, an epidemic .
    Meanwhile, why cannot a group of people file a criminal suit in an appropriate court of law seeking legal and specific relief against the massive mud slinging and misinterpretation of the Vedas and other religious scriptures of the Hindus, which is being circulated in the form of U.TUBE, books, banners, speeches, websites and what not. I think some steps are necessary to curb such ignorance being promoted and marketed by some satanic forces.

  • Khemchandra, did you ever think why Arabs, Turks, Persians, Mongols etc before Islam never invaded distant lands, brutalize the locals, unleash waves of genocides, capture slaves, sell them as booty, destroy the non-Jewish, non-Pagan, non-Zorastrian, non-Coptic places of worship? Well Islam brutalized these very same Arabs, Persians and Turks and then they started brutalizing all others. Extremism is rooted in Islam. The Islamic Shariah is an amalgamated cookbook to Islamize lands and terrorism is a key component of the strategy. US centric Islamic terrorism is only a couple of decades old. Please read Indian history from neutral sources & if anthing Archoelogical Survey of India has been withholding many key evidences of Islamic barbarism & also please read Islamic invasions to India through Arab/Turkic historical sources and you will smell blood and hear cries of women and children in your sleep, as a nightmare. Fareed Zakaria is a chameleon. Whatever he states on CNN is all rehashed versions of other authors and please do not get misled by his yankee accent. His reaction to Islamic center @ Ground Zero in NYC shows where his priorities lie.

  • Islamic extremism was not fundamentally rooted in Islam, nor could it be claimed a reaction to American foreign policy. It had its roots in the stagnation and dysfunctions of the Arab world. Decades of failure under tyrannical regimes, all claiming to be Western-style secular modernizers, had produced an opposition that was anti-Western, religious, violent, and increasingly globalized. Since the mosque was a place where people could gather and Islam an institution that was outside the reach of censorship, they both provided a context for the growth of the political opposition. An inter-generational effort to create more open and dynamic societies in Arab countries, and thereby helping Islam enter the modern world is admissible.-Padmabhusan Dr.Fareed Zakaria B.A., Yale University,Ph.D., Harvard University Born Mumbai, India an Indian-American journalist and author. From 2000, he was a columnist for Newsweek and editor of Newsweek International, until moving to Editor-At-Large of Time in 2010. He is also the host of CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS, and a frequent commentator and author about issues related to international relations, trade and American foreign policy[After the 9/11 attacks, in a Newsweek cover essay]

  • Dear All

    On 15/1/2011 at saket, new delhi i have received a pamplet from ahmadiyya muslim community. they are claiming to be most peaceful community of muslim who never supprot jihad or terrorism, further they accept jesus, krishna, buddha also as prophets. their website is Hope it will be good movement among muslims.

    • About time…I’d say. Sooner they and other practitioners of the “religion of peace” get over their belief in the exclusive veracity of a badly written war manual (Quran) the better.

  • I was going through some websites and surprisingly I come to know many similarities between Vedic religion (Hinduism) and Islam. Some of them are here. Please share them if you have more such similarities.

    It seems Islam is originated from Vedic background

    1) if you see the dress of a hajj muslims wearing white clothes, actually this is vedic style of priests.Hindu priests wear white or saffron clothes in this style and I have never seen any muslim in my life till now wearing clothes in this style when they are not in hajj tour.

    2) muslims shave their hair during hajj which is also a vedic ritual …as hindus shave their hairs during pilgrimage

    3) muslims circumambulate 7 times around kaba..nowhere in the world you see about muslims performing this circumambulation ritual around anything..while hindus or vedic ppl use to circumambulate 7 times in every temple the only difference is muslims circumambulate in anti clockwise direction while hindus in clockwise. Although this can be understood from one hadith which says “prophet mohammad asked muslims to trim their moustaches and to grow beard because that time infidels(according to qoran) used to grow moustaches and while trimming their beard….so it was kinda of opposite behaviour accepted by prophet mohammad.

    4) i read on google 786 in islam doesnt have any significance even muslim scholars say not use 786 but bismillah..but i read somewhere 786 in arabic is mirror image of symbol OM. But now muslims have some different meaning to it.

    5) black stone in kaba is called Hajre-Aswad while in sanskrit it’s original name was “shanghey aswhet ” means non white stone. many words in arabic are derived from sanskrit for example arabistan in sanskrit it was arva+shtan “land of horses” ..Here is a sampling of some:

    Sanskrit, Arabic, English: Sagwan, Saj, Teakwood/ Vish, Besh, Poison/Anusari, Ansari, Follower/ Shishya, Sheikh, Disciple/ Mrityu, Mout, Mortal/ Pra-Ga-ambar, Paigambar, One from heaven/ Maleen, Malaun, Dirty, soiled.MALevolent/ Aapati, Aafat, Unfortunate, Karpas, Kaifas, Cotton/ Karpur, Kafur, Camphor/ Pramukh, Barmak, Prominent Chief/Naranga, Aranja, Orange.

    6) pre islamic arabia was influenced by vedic culture so its possible that kaba might be a vedic temple before prophet mohammad. few facts support it for example. poem was written by Labi-Bin-E- Akhtab-Bin-E-Turfa who lived in Arabia around 1850 B.C. That was 2300 years before Mohammed!!! This verse can be found in Sair- Ul-Okul which is an anthology of ancient Arabic poetry. This talks about Vedas.

    “Aya muwarekal araj yushaiya noha minar HIND-e Wa aradakallaha manyonaifail jikaratun” “Oh the divine land of HIND (India) (how) very blessed art thou! Because thou art the chosen of God blessed with knowledge” “Wahalatijali Yatun ainana sahabi akha-atun jikra Wahajayhi yonajjalur -rasu minal HINDATUN ” .”That celestial knowledge which like four lighthouses shone in such brilliance – through the (utterances of) Indian sages in fourfold abundance”. “Yakuloonallaha ya ahal araf alameen kullahum Fattabe-u jikaratul VEDA bukkun malam yonajjaylatun” “God enjoins on all humans, follow with hands down The path the Vedas with his divine precept lay down.” “Wahowa alamus SAMA wal YAJUR minallahay Tanajeelan Fa-e-noma ya akhigo mutiabay-an Yobassheriyona jatun” “Bursting with (Divine) knowledge are SAM & YAJUR bestowed on creation. Hence brothers respect and follow the Vedas, guides to salvation” .”Wa-isa nain huma RIG ATHAR nasayhin Ka-a-Khuwatun Wa asant Ala-udan wabowa masha -e-ratun” “Two others, the Rig and Athar teach us fraternity, Sheltering under their lustre dispels darkness till eternity”.
    This poem was written by Labi-Bin-E- Akhtab-Bin-E-Turfa who lived in Arabia around 1850 B.C. That was 2300 years before Mohammed!!! This verse can be found in Sair- Ul-Okul which is an anthology of ancient Arabic poetry. It was compiled in 1742 AD under order of the Turkish Sultan Salim.

    7) another poem praising a hindu king is also shows the influence of vedic culture in pre islamic arabia.

    Vedic culture was very much alive just before the birth of Muhammad.let’s refer to the Sair-Ul-Okul. The following poem was written by Jirrham Bintoi who lived 165 years before the prophet Muhammed. It is in praise of India’s great King Vikramaditya who had lived 500 years before Bintoi.

    “Itrasshaphai Santul Bikramatul phehalameen Karimun Bihillahaya Samiminela Motakabbenaran Bihillaha Yubee qaid min howa Yaphakharu phajgal asari nahans Osirim Bayjayholeen Yaha sabdunya Kanateph natephi bijihalin Atadari Bilala masaurateen phakef Tasabahu. Kaunni eja majakaralhada walhada Achimiman, burukan, Kad, Toluho watastaru Bihillaha yakajibainana baleykulle amarena Phaheya jaunabil amaray Bikramatoon” – (Sair-ul-Okul, Page 315).

    “Fortunate are those who were born during King Vikram’s reign, he was a noble generous, dutiful ruler devoted to the welfare of his subjects. But at that time, We Arabs oblivious of divinity were lost in sensual pleasures. Plotting & torture were rampant. The darkness of ignorance had enveloped our country.

    8) Kaaba is a Hindu Temple and black stone is Shivalinga.

    9) The word “Hindu” was much before Islam of 7th century

    More details

    Agniveer ji, request if you can throw some lights on this history


    • This is the link for 4th point above

  • TRUTH CANNOT BE HIDDEN that is clearly proven in SALMAN TASEER CASE his death exposed that ISLAM IS NOT PEACEFUL RELIGION. THE CUSTODIANS OF ISLAM HAS ISSUED WAJIBUL KATAL against Salman Taseer and Sherry Rehman because they were speaking for HINDUS AND CHRISTIANS.




    • SALMAN TASEER killing has exposed the lie that average Pakistani is moderate as claimed by many Bollywood fools like Anupam Kher and Mahesh Bhatt. for their business interest in pakistan. Pakistani Muslims are Fanatic to the core and love the blood shed in India. If you see their debate in Pakistani Media you feel that Pakistani Society is cannibal society who loves blood and gore of innocent people.

    • Ravi, I fully agree with you. Deepak, you are only partly true–pls understand that not only Pakistani muslims, rather all muslims of all the country are fanatic. They cannot be trusted at all as long as they are muslims. Islam itself is such a wicked form of terrorism, lies, deception, barbarism, satanic and inhumane practice in the disguise of religion that any good and logical person would never continue to remain a muslim-he/she would convert to any other religion asap.

      Pls note that blasphemy law exists in every corner of the world. This means if any one in any part of the world criticizes muhammad, allah, kuran,sharia, hadith, etc then he/she will be killed or his/her limbs will be cut by muslims (remember cutting the hand of Prof Josef of Kerla), or he/she will be prosecuted and jailed by the secular govt on the charges of hurting the religious sentiments of muslims.

      The above form of blasphemy law for islam exists every where in this world and it is well supported by 100% muslims and 99% non-muslims in the name of secularism. This is the root cause of islamic terrorism and other problems created by muslims all over the world. They are able to continue misdeeds, barbarism and wild practices of islam due to the protection (ban on criticism of islam) given to them under such blasphemy laws or rules.

      There must be complete freedom to criticize (using descent language, logic and proof) any religious or social or political practices, books, prophets, leaders, etc. If this is allowed, then the satanic and wild face of islam will be exposed to all those common people who are ignorant of the reality of islam and under the illusion that it is just a religion like Vedic, Christianity, Sikhism, etc. If common muslims are educated against islam and given freedom to convert to other religion, then a large number of muslims (especially ladies) would start leaving islam. At present, such muslims cannot leave islam due to ignorance, fear of death punishment or severe torture.

      Secular non-muslim people of the world are the most dangerous culprit to give protection to islam and unknowingly act as the patrons of islamic misdeeds and terrorism, otherwise islamic terrorism would soon become a dark history because 1.6 billions of muslims alone won’t be able to resist for long and would be badly defeated if non-muslims retaliate firmly against their satanic misdeeds, evil sharia practices and jihad(terrorism) in the name of islam.

      • HOW RUSSIANS MUSLIMS BETRAYED THEIR OWN COUNTRY RUSSIA OR USSR. When Russians soldiers were fighting American and Pakistan trained Mujaheddin in Afghanistan the Russians hoped that Russian trained Mujaheddin from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan etc which were at that time in USSR will crush American and Pakistan trained Mujaheddin but instead American and Pakistan Mujaheddin brainwashed the Russians trained Mujaheddin to keep their Religion before their country. Russian Mujaheddin betrayed their country and USSR spilt into independent CIS countries. The same tactic is used by Pakistan to split India with Indian Muslims help, but at present there only some sections of the Indian muslims who are giving support to pakistan but who knows when their population increase to 25% to 30% they openly support Pakistan and rebel against India and try to split it.

        Even the pseudosecularist parties like congress never believes in Muslim that is why ordered a Muslim head count in Indian Army, so anyone who believes in Muslims are fools.

      • I will tend to differ. Plz read the stories of Brigadier Muhammad Usman Ali, CQMH Abdul Hamid, Capt. Hanifuddin, Hakim Khan Sur, Bagh Hazarika (Ismail Siddique), Hassan Khan Mewati, Ibrahim Khan Gardi, etc, (and, of course, the story of Asfaqullah Khan). While I will agree that these people are few and far between, but shouldn’t ignore them and their contributions.

      • These people fought honestly for their country, but who knows when they would be misguided by other muslims, or when their own religious emotion would drive him to act fanatically or dishonestly.

        A muslim cannot be trusted at all. Even if a muslim behaves and acts good today, he/she may later turn fanatic. Moreover, his/her children would become muslims and live among muslims. There is no guarantee that they would act as good person as their parents did. They might become fanatic under the influence of masques, madarsa, islamic teachings, islamic text/video/websites/lectures, etc.

        In addition to the above, pls note that muslims you mentioned above acted good in some part of their lives. That is, when they were assigned some job, they performed it with dedication and perfection. But, still such people continued following the evil practices of sharia, kuran, hadith, etc in other parts of their lives. Most people have weakness to get badly impressed by some of the good works of muslims and they award them certificate of goodness. But, pls mind that these so called good muslims also support sharia, kuran, giving donations to mosque/madarsa that teaches terrorism, hatred and fanatism—Such so called good muslims also support polygamy, instant and unilateral talaq by muslim men, wife beating, demanding 4 eye-witnesses to prove rape, no birth control for muslims, etc.

        So, a person may be dedicated soldier, employee, officer, politician, etc–but at the same time he/she would continue supporting evil islamic practices under his/her religious emotions—This makes him/her a dangerous person. We don’t need a brave soldier, expert player, wonderful actor, good-behaved person and a well perming employee who are very good as an individual or a professional, but has the religious emotions (weakness) to support actively or passively the evil sharia/kuranic/mohammadian practices in the name of islam.

        So, pls take care while being impressed by any muslim. A muslim is a muslim and must not be trusted at all regardless of his/her apparent goodness. In this context, I reject the films like Mr and Mrs Iyyer that tries to convince people that muslims can also be good beings and be treated like other religion people. A muslim helped someone in need doesn’t mean that he doesn’t support the evils of sharia, kuran, etc. Believing in sharia, kuran, etc and supporting them makes him/her a bad person despite all his/her goodness and professional efficiency/dedication/skills.

        A muslim must leave islam (convert to other religion or declare publicly to become an atheist) in order to be trusted, otherwise one must beware of him/her despite all his/her goodness, honesty, politeness, and professional efficiency, dedication to job, etc.

  • Dear friend,

    When I wrote “those who understand truth” I was just too casual. I have not yet learned vedas, but i have got an opportunity to hear some portions from bhaghavath geetha. If that can give me such a state of happiness and mind satisfaction, just think of the knowledge level of those persons who have learned vedas correctly. We all are trying to learn and give away our ignorance and finally reach the state of salvation. I have learned that God is above all thoughts, above all debates and above all imaginations and is above mind. the problem with some of us is that some of us consider books as the final word of spirituality, But books are only the starting stones of our journey. We have our intelligence, our logic with us.Please don’t get stuck with any books.

    Regarding Blasphemy, those persons who agree with this law are actually afraid of others.If you are completely sure about your religion and your way, why other religions/opinions upset you..? The panic arises when one starts questioning themselves and others are coming with even good opinions. Then they want to defend their religion and then comes laws like this which are shame for the humanity,
    About the comment of Abdullah: A famous dialogue from a malayalam movie: is coming in my mind ” Foolishness is not a shame. But wearing it in your body as garments and showing it to others is truly a shame”

  • The most amusing part regarding this blasphemy law in Pakistan is that when the government hinted very slightly that there could be some amendments regarding the law, all the Pakistani people left their homes and conducted a 24 hour strike nationwide!

    I mean, after so much corruption, poor handling of flood victims, terrorism against religious minorities (including Muslim Shiites), cricket scandals etc etc there were never any mass demonstrations or nationwide strikes to protest against these atrocities!

    But, if you mess with Islam…No…Then the whole country wakes up. However, in a way, I kind of respect that. Pakistan was built or founded with one mission: To be an Islamic state. Obviously, it has been one since 1947…Look where that has taken them.

  • Brother Jayadev,

    I appreciate & I agree with you what you said is right. I may be wrong and I don’t emphasize what I said is all true or truth.

    I am a great apostle of Swami Vivekananda, he was first to introduce Vedic Knowledge to USA and Europe and then I am thankful to Swami Paramhamsa Yogananda.

    I bow my head down to these personalities that West today knows YOGA/Meditation is because of above Indian’s monks.

    I extremely make sorry my brother- Jayadev , for if any thing left unexplained by me in regard with Truth. I love every body not only Hindus even Muslims.

    I am an incomplete man trying to be good.

    Truth is Satya and Satya is Brahman, Allah, God, Ishwara or Narayana as Neuter Gender.

    If Truth is understood that means God is understood, if God is understood that means, God can be explained in human words. If God is explained in human words that means that is not God.

    Truth is experienced in the same manner, God is experienced and realized only only only can not be explained and can not be understood.

    Even after one has experienced Ishwara/Allah/God in awakful state in current life, can not be told, tested, expressed. He can not make one understand how He is, except he can say I have realized and experience the reality.

    Truth alone can be experienced by an individual man, can not be understood in words.

    So even I or You or Any body else, can not understand the SATYA- TRUTH-BRAHMAN-ALLAH-GOD.

    So, here you are 100% right, I can not understand the Truth if I still remain in difference of Hindu and Muslims.

    Jai Sri Ram! – Jai Sri Krsna!

  • “A true religious person should be able respect other religions , should treat other religion persons with respect and diginity but should keep his/her individuality. If one considers that only I am right and others are false , it shows poor spiritual ignorance in that person. If any religion says only this way is right and all others are wrong, it is either that religion is not follwed properly or is a false religion” Oh my dear friend, if you are trying to prove that only I am on the right path and all others are false, I feel petty on you…Because you have not understood the truth. ”

    I have heard this in one of the recorded speeches of Swami vivekanda. See how true.

  • Brother- Agniveer Jee
    Brother-Vishal Kumar
    Brother- Pradeep
    Brother-Kalhan Pandit & all other Premi of VEDIC DHARMA on Agniveer Site.

    I love all of you.

    May Ishwara give strength to us to re-establish “AKHUNDA BHARATA” in future!

    Jai Sri Ram! Jai Sri Krsna!

  • Namaste Agniveer,

    Agniveerr ji I think it is our good luck that we have borne in the country which is liberal and having roots of Sanatan Religion. And we have liberty to condemn even our religion books as we are condemning Puran etc. which do not suite for truth. If we were Muslim and live in the country like Pakistan, it would be compulsory for us to believe in Koran blindly, support the killing of innocent people just for the cause of not believing in the ideology of a person ( Muhammad). Sometimes I think how can a person ideal for the people who had married with six years old girl in the name of achieving of political aim, allowed the rape of woman by his soldier . We have ancestors like Ram, Krishna, Hanuman etc. who fought for truth, protect innocent people not for establishing their ideology.

  • Dear Jay Ji

    I bow down to your father. He is a great great personality. So, that he taught his child such a beautiful lesson. You are diamond of desert.

    These muslims are like frog of a well. Know only there religion and ultimately die in that mud.

  • So, all the parents of Muslims should learn Vedic Dharma so that they can teach their children not to hate extremely any one in the world as the same God lives in every one’s heart.

    Any way, after permission from my father, I chose Islamiate as a subject and I took papers accordingly and I cleared it also.

    While, we sit at home, the Voice of Azaan we hear, my father, mother and even my grand mother always instruct us not to increase the volume of TV or Tape Recorder while Azaan is in progress. Better turn it off for a while until Azaan finishes. I asked my father, why?

    He said, the Voice of Azaan is a Voice of Ishwara and they are calling for Ibaadat in the same manner we do Pooja to our Ishwar, so there is no difference in God’s real nature but the difference in names, forms and Ideologies. I made a crossed question to my father, but we are Hindus, why should we take care of others while they pray?
    Because, Muslims never take care of me while I am with them in school. My question to my father was a sign of my ignorant which I didn’t know what self reality is. Because, I studied Islamaita initially where only Muslims are right, rest are all garbage and good for nothing. They every time made me feel a separate race.

    My father then said to me, according to Vedas, every thing what we see, hear, touch, smell, feel and even a stones that all non conscious beings are relative to one another as one relation like your brothers and sisters so all they are one as one Allah or Ishwar. Even this chair is your sister, even the stone is lying on the floor sometime ago was your brother. I raised a question to my father, How is it possible that this stone was a brother to me some times ago. My question to my father was because of I learnt Islamiate initially during school life which also made me fanatic like Muslims.

    Being Hindu, on initial ground, I neither tried to learn Vedic Dharma from my father nor my father forced me to stick with our Vedic Dharma or Hinduism.
    It all incidentally happened to me which made me know where reality exists. I asked my father, why are people rich and the poor, ugly and beautiful, Muslims and Hindus.

    He then said to me, LAW OF KARMA – A Universal Karmic Reaction that balances and harmonizes every thing in every aspect of lives in the Universe.
    Eshwar does not do any thing in the daily affairs of human lives yet He is within you, yet He is near to you, Yet He is all-knowing. Yet He is all pervasive.

    I told my father, I have learnt from Islamic books where Quran says, “All Muslims are Brothers to one another and only Muslims have right to go to Eternal Heaven (Janat)
    And rest of people if they don’t accept Islam will go to eternal Hell.

    My father replied, Allah or Ishwar has no Darbar like a king of this World possesses and that king can only justify with people for the sake of saving his ownKingdom.

    God never justifies with people according to Him but as per individual’s Karams. So what you do is measured by God or your Heaven or Hell or liberation.

    As I grew older, I was married & started working on jobs. As time passed on, I concluded the experiences from my school life till my office jobs.

    I used to think why there is difference in the thinking of Muslims, why every time says to me you must adopt Islam else at the doom’s day I will be put eternally into Hell that is everlasting burning place and no one could save me from that.

    Finally, I asked my father, please give me the scriptures that you have for our Vedic Dharma I need to study them.

    He told me, I knew one day you will yourself come to me to demand this, because you are my son, I know better than any body else.

    After reading Bhagwat Geeta and going through different Vedic Scriptures, I remembered the name of German Philosopher- Schopenhauer whom I studied some times ago in one of libraries while I was a student of college. Arthur Schopenhauer had Metaphysical Doctrine of Will. The Same philosophy I saw in Vedic Dharma, later I came to know, Schopenhauer was inspired by Bhagwat Geet /Vedic Knowledge which helped him write the book “The World as Will”.

    My father never taught me Hatred with Muslims, But Muslims taught me hatred in Pakistan.

    I realized the differences in the ideology of Quran and Vedas as soon as I kept me on reading Vedas & Upanishads.

    I understood, Hindus are not Idol Worshipper, but a freedom provided by Vedas the way you call and the way you believe is an expression of Vedas like believing in
    One Paramatama/Ishwar/Allah/God into Many and Many into One is not sin as Muslims deliberately highlight it by means of demolishing Vedic Practices so as to people should rush to the version of Islam.

    Despite this, I was astonished and I told my father, “How true God can be understood, whether One Who is with Muslims or One Who is with Hindus”.

    My father told me, “The One Who is within YOU”. That is Vedic Dharma which is every one’s heart- Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists and Jews.

    I told my father, If God lives with me every time as you said within me, then why I can’t see Him. My father happily explained me by an example.

    You can see your self in front of Clean Mirror which is dust free but you can’t see your self in the mirror which is full of dust. You need to clean it first.

    I ask my father, “It is an example you said” but how can I turn it into reality what you say in example?

    My father told me, you have to clean your body first, as think your body is a mirror which is covered with your extreme material desires.

    See, once you clean it, it will be dust free like clear mirror of which you can see your self, similarly, Brahman/God within you can be realized and experienced if one looks into him with pure meditative devotion.

    I said, How? He simply said, Sit in Mediation daily and practice as per Vedas. As my father taught me how I have to mediate to clean my inner self.

    You believe me or not, I got peace and I am trying my self to be good each day to every one like my enlightened father treat others.

  • There is no match of your statement with the subject of blasphemy relating with all God’s natural destructions.

    Please don’t compare Human act of desires to kill some one with the eternal change on manifestation of Supreme Being. Destruction is not only the destruction but a starting of a new creation also.

    This is very scientific based logic hidden behind Earthquakes, storms, tsunamis, floods which don’t only destroy but actually create new path of resources which scientists or human can not bring change in natural manifestation of God’s work.

    As per Pakistani Medias, they went for poll and found the ratio that 98% people of Pakistan even educated Muslims voted and supported
    that culprit Mumtaz Ghazi(Guard of Salmaan Taseer) is right to what he did to late Salmaan Taseer. This is really a shame on all of Muslims of the World.

    Now listen, while I was a teen age boy, I chose optional subject of Islamiate during school life for my Matric exams.

    Being a son, I asked my father, should I select Islamic subject for taking papers, my father told me, “of course, it is your choice, you have to take papers, why should I force you to take this and take that”. These were words of my father. How liberal he is because of Vedic Dharma.

    Parents are your first Guru to guide you in the World after you open your eyes. This is what our Vedas teach us.

    2nd your school Guru

    3rd is your Atamic Guru one who leads you to the path of enlightenment and liberation.

  • Dear Agniveer Jee,

    I am from Pakistan and since I joined you, I have learnt much Vedic Knowledge from your site-

    Heads off to you and I salute you for the services you are doing for the Vedic Dharma.

    I am very fortunate that I was born in Hindu family, I am lucky, I have a Vedic Dharma.

    Dear Brother Abdullah,

    I was astonished to see your comments as below:

    Muslims are far more better at least they are killing for reason.

    Please note as you said above, Muslims are far better. Tell me frankly, Muslims are Humans or not, I think all Muslims are humans, right!

    To compare all natural disastrous such as Earth quakes, Storms, Tsunamis is work of God what we Hindus believe which I think you don’t believe that’s why you mentioned like that.

    So how come you relate far better killing human on reason with the work of God as natural disastrous. This is totally IGNORANCE- Abdullah Brother.

  • Dear All,

    You will never able to answer to my question > why Eaaswar sending Disasters and killing many innocent people. Bcas you don’t know why? bcas your Vedas did not mention about this. Try again and Search in Vedas. Your own reasoning won’t be enough to convince others.

    Abdullah Reddy

    • As we said, it has been explained in the site, as well as in vedas. We call it Law of Karma. But this would take elevated intellect to understand.

      But perhaps the answer you are seeking is that Allah is sending all this to kill those who could not be gunned down by psychopaths who kill innocents to earn title of Ghazi!

      It is such a great shame that despite so many comment exchanges, you still refuse to clearly condemn the killer and instead try to justify it by citing earthquakes and disasters as examples! We are beginning to understand the mindset of terrorists.

      Tell us, do you also justify gunning down of Agniveer and all those visitors who support its ideology and condemn blasphemy laws?

      • Agniveer,

        You don’t know the Law of Karma actually. I keep on asking you why Eaaswar sending disasters, only for you to realize that Eaaswar or Allah are same. The Earth quakes or Tsunami are nothing but Punishments of GOD. Qur’an mentions many punishments which GOD sent to the people who reject him.

        Even if you believe or reject yet it is the truth.

        I already told Blasphemy against Prophet is grave sin, and penalty is death only. Anyone who supports the blasphemer is also committing the same sin. Since the Governor knows that blasphemy law is there, instead fighting against the law he should have asked that Christian woman to say sorry in public, that might have end to this problem. But instead of doing this, he want to fight with whole Pakistan people, which is stupidity. And he paid penalty for that.

        Blasphemy law is applicable to both Muslims and Non Muslims, that is the reason Muslims like Salman Rusdie and Taslima Nasreen run away from their countries and living in other countries. I am sure they will be killed one day.

        Blaspheming Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W) is a capital crime and it should have a capital punishment. All other things do have a relaxation but not this..

        For eg. If you allow today MF Hussain to draw the naked images of Hindu GODs, tomorrow some more people will dare to draw more images and hurt the feelings of millions of Hindus and ultimately it will lead hatred between Muslims and Hindus. That is the reason why the death penalty should be given to that particular person to avoid major consequences in future.

        We don’t know what exactly happen in Pakistan, we only know through media. If the Pakistan people falsely or intentionally done this, then they will be definitely questioned on the Day of Judgement. If they found guilt and they will be thrown into HELL.

        Even you hate or reject the laws of Islam will never change. It will be there till the end of this world.

        Brother you have so sympathy for Pakistan people. Why don’t you have sympathy on India Muslims who have been killed brutally by Hindu terrorists in Gujarat. They did not spare women and children and raped our sisters and mothers.

        If you are really a peace keeper, start spreading peace from your own people. Can you write articles on these topics.




        Then I too believe that you are really peace keeper.

        You don’t know how much you are hurting Muslims by writing different articles against Islam. If you have some thing come up openly and have a friendly talk with Muslims scholars and clear your doubts, but you don’t want to do this, you want to spread only hatred.

        if you really want to establish Vedic Dharam it is the not the right attitude, Explain the Vedic dharam to all people and invite them with love and affection. But the kind of attitude you have leads nothing but Harted.

        Arrange programs like what Zakir Naik did. Come up openly in Public and teach the people Vedic Dharam. Then only you will be able to establish Vedic Dharam in India.

        May God show us the right path.

        Abdullah Reddy

      • Look at the hypocracy of this idiot – he wants us to explain vedic dharam thru love and affection but himself would kill anybody who doesn’t follow his brand of faith.

        This is Islam at its best !

        @Agniveer Admins

        Pls don’t reply to this terrorist mind. These people should not be debated but thrashed in Public ! Period.

      • Agreed. What can be said about those who justify killing of people who refuse to agree to their viewpoints.

        Because we condemn ideology of hatred, we should be hated! Nice to know insights of terrorist mind.

        As for three specific issues, let Agniveer be clear:

        Gujarat riots – We strongly condemn it, without mincing words. Those who killed innocents or raped women or killed children or are not patriotic to nation or believe only their religion should exist are all inhuman. Period. Same goes for Godhra carnage. Same for Kashmir. Same for everyone and everywhere regardless of religion. In Gujarat riots itself, Hindus and Muslims both killed and both were killed. It triggered due to Godhra carnage. We strongly condemn everything. Had people been following Vedas, such nuisance would not have happened.

        RSS: There is nothing illegal about RSS. There has been no evidence of RSS being involved in any anti-social or terrorist activity. The day we get conclusive evidence, we shall reject it. But to best we know, it is into social work, rehabilitation of victims of natural calamities, runs free schools and into many other humanitarian activities. We have to appreciate all this. And they dont force you to convert to avail their facilities.

        IDOL WORSHIP – It is as right or wrong as bowing down to Kaba or compulsion to include name of Muhammad in a Kalma and worship. The best way to worship is as per Ashtanga Yoga elaborated in Vedas though.

        As for the way of our invitation, we do so by stating facts honestly and with greatest love and affection. Cite a single word in entire site where we have insulted Muslims or written abuses. But as rationalists, we cannot stop from being factual and logical. If we say that believing that earth is flat is foolish, that does not mean we hate and want all flat-earth lovers to be killed. We are just putting across an intellectual point.

        But all this was for only those people who are open-minded enough to not recommend terrorism and killing. And we prefer to be hated than loved by those who justify killing of everyone who does not agree to them in name of blasphemy.

        We are driven to write so many comments because it is first time that we are tackling someone who openly supports killing of non-believers. We don’t want visitors to misunderstand us or get entrapped in such hatred. We shall observe restraint in making comments in future.

      • The Earth quakes or Tsunami are nothing but Punishments of GOD

        Then mr abdullah,why are little babies die in natural diseaster?

      • @Abdullah

        Abdullah, I must say, you passed all limits of stupidity which is evident from your posts.

        As far as MF Hussain goes, I agree he is doing a wrong act by depicting nude pics of women, but he does not deserve to be killed for that. We can all just consider him a fanatic and ignore him, but when we decide to kill him then we are no less than terrorists. We should only kill people who are criminals and terrorists. These people either rape women or murder innocent people without any fear, only these type of people deserve to be executed. But if someone says anything verbally about anyone, executing him is nothing but savagery.

        As far as your logic goes of drawing fights between muslims and hindus if they depict negative pictures of role models/prophets of each others religion, today on the internet, there are more than a thousand pics of Mohammad. They portray Mohammad in cartoons, and even in graphical porn pictures. Now these pictures alone could have created violence, but many muslims are mature enough to ignore such stupidity, otherwise muslims like you would just go and kill anyone you suspect.

        You may heard of Nina Paley, who made videos defaming our role models like Shri Ram and Sita, if we were like you, she would have been dead by now, but its our humanity and maturity that we are letting her live. We can punish her by sueing her or debating her, but we cannot stoop so low of killing her.

        You can youtube or google search, burning of Quran, you will see so many people burning the Quran, now tell me, did this incident cause every single muslim in the world to hunt that person up and kill him??? No, because many muslims just ignored it and believed that Allah himself will punish this person.

        All I have to say, your sharia law is pretty stupid, because it orders you to kill people for petty minor reasons.

      • @Abdullah

        Yes Agniveer can teach Vedic dharma in public, but you people will kill him as fast as possible. This is only you know, better to say your religion teaches that. So, we do not want to lose such a gem. Even you are giving threat to a most peaceful saint Sri Sri Ravishankar.

      • Mr.Abdul i really feel sorry for you..but your logics are not going to work here..
        you say “If the Pakistan people falsely or intentionally done this, then they will be definitely questioned on the Day of Judgement”…
        just tell me one thing if allha is going to judge/question then why all this drama…let allha to decide who is right and who is wrong…you say allha knows well and he is omnipresent then let allha to decide, why these stupid people are killing innocent in the name of religion..i cant understand this…
        you say “Muslims who have been killed brutally by Hindu terrorists in Gujarat”…dear you are totally wrong here…it show your lack of knowledge…for you information hindus are also killed in gujarat just read this “”….after gujarat riots lots of muslims criticising hindus without knowing any’s wasn’t good day for hindus…it was shameful act and needs to be condemned by every one irrespective of any religion…..

      • SALMAN TASEER was not the first one to be targeted by fanatics muslims, they even did not spare a 12-year-old boy HAQIQAT RAI who was only defending his religion when Muslim classmates were making vulgar remark against Durga Mata and his muslim classmates told this to mullahs and mullah beheaded the small boy HAQIQAT RAI but he did not convert to Islam.

        Pakistani Hindus are daily facing from Pakistani Muslims what Haqiqat rai faced, Pakistani Muslim Kids make fun of Hindu Gods and they can’t say anything in retaliation due to fear of Blasphemous Law.

      • That is God desire….. who are you to ask question about that? One day you are going to dead, can you able to answer for your death?

      • Abdulla dont seems to be in his witts. Or he dont know wht he speaks, because he speaks just opposite things in next sentense. In his first comment (first comment of this article), he asked questions by saying why did ISHWAR killed “INNOSCENT” people in natural disaster and ishwar is cruel. Now he comes with the quran answer, that allah PUNISHED those ppl by natural disaster! hahaha…This is called islam, and this is islam logic….totally messed up logic. He wants to know why god is cruel and y he punished innoscent people, and he replies that answer through kuran, by declaring them gulity who deserved punishment…lol…Thats the beauty of islam, it can convert innoscent into culprit withing a seacond! Really, kuran seems to be full of magic…It can change anything… cruel god who killed innoscent ppl into kind allah who punish guilty! So Mr abdulla, we all know ur low grade , negative way of thinking and below standard logical thinking and arguments! Amitesh has truely commented above “Pls don’t reply to this terrorist mind” …but sorry Amitesh, i felt laughing so hard on Mr Abdulla’s stupidity, that i cant stop myself frm commenting!

    • Dear brother Abdullah,

      I have a question for you now. Why do you think God will only kill those people who offends him? So according to you, then he must keep everybody he loves as immortals ?! Also on what standards are you saying something is offensive and “blasphemous”? I think the very word “Blasphemy” was invented to persecute people who did not abide by certain rules of some cultures. Also this word made no sense for the people in Indian sub-continent till Pakistan was created.

      Now back to your question, I am pretty sure, we all are matured enough to know God makes and destroys everything not only on earth but the whole universe and beyond. And you cannot blame it on “Hindu-God” – well there is no separate Hindu god and a Muslim god for that matter.

    • Dear Abdullah,

      Don’t compare terrorists with Ishwar (God). Terrorists are killing people for their own egotistic. But God or Ishwar is like energy that controls entire universe. Why he will kill his own creations?

      There are certain laws (like law of karma) on which this universe works. There are so many things in nature and we human are one among them. You are looking at only humans who die because of disasters. But you should know that many other things also end this life when disaster happens. Ishwar is not doing this because he wanted to play with us but you should know that they are happening on its own because of certain laws that controls this universe. We human are too small to understand these laws. Please stop questioning these laws and its controller. God is God either you call him Ishwar or allah or jesus or whatever. No one is above those laws. We can escape from man made laws but not from divine laws.


  • Great article! Hit the nail on the Muslim head…The only hope for Muslims is to stop following the hate speech that is Quran. The hoops that Muslims jump through in order to justify killing another human being is puke-inducing. After all this, how can Islam and peace be used in the same paragraph?

  • Dear Abdullah and other fanatic muslims

    It is a shame that killing of innocent human can be justified whether in terms of religion or politics. We have very very primitive society. We human have not evolved, otherwise why we should kill my brother or any other. We can argue, communicate, but killing can not be accepted.

    Your religion has stopped all of your spiritual development. Any true religion can not support killing of innocent because by the rule of physics, chemistry and biology we are all same. So, please try to broaden your view.

    Further, please read “conversation with god” by Neale Donald Walch. It is a very good book which could answer your queries. Here, author communicates with his own consciousness, pure consciousness, the Only God, Allah or Ishwar.

  • I advise all the readers to read the book by Arun Shourie- “The World of Fatwas” (published by rupa & co). It gives an in-depth view on the psyche of Muslim fanatics and their clerics who only propagate ignorance, stagnancy and subjugation. You will find the reasons how these rabid fanatics have sucked even the hitherto liberals amongst them into the vortex of a self-defeatist attitude. I was shocked to see the kind of Fatwas they issue. What happened in Pakistan is only a result of this and was expected.

  • Dear Agniveer ji,


    I express my sincere thanks for this article. May Lord Brahman bless you in this magnificent effort.

    Murali Mohan

  • My opinion is that, Man had created the God for his own convenience and interests. Take any religion for considerations. God is the perception of human mind either to gratify his selfishness and senses or attempt to decipher the mysteries of nature as his grace or wrath. Hence we see the Gods are acting like a human being; thinking, deciding, annoying, pleasing, jeopardize, seeking sacrifices, adjudicating, messaging, meeting to person of his choice, discriminating etc. Even though in 21st century, we the scientific generation could not found rational behind the pattern of God and religion. If there is God who created the world should have a uniform characteristics throughout all the religions.

  • बहुत ही शानदार, विचारों & तर्क से परिपूर्ण लेख लिखा है अपने. आपको इसकेलिए साधुवाद.

    • @All
      Brother, IH website is being run by some traitor of Islam. When I post there comment that Mohamad never did sex with any child or with his daughter/daughter in law. They have deleted my comment.

      • Bro TS

        Pedophilia and sex slavery etc are considered to be divine acts by many perverts who claim the references from Quran and Hadith for the same. You probably encountered one such bigot.

        May Allah give them hidayah!

  • Agniveer,

    You are a two minded person. We know your mission is to spread hatred. You don’t care about your Hindu brothers who lost the path of Eaaswar, You tight you belt to fight against Islam. You are thinking that Your Eaaswar taking long rest and he left to us whether you follow him or reject him he won’t do any thing. But you are wrong..

    He is sending his message through his Punishments. You forgot about the Earth quakes which devasted Maharashtra, Gujarat and few years before with Tsunami killing lakhs of people, and every year thousands of Farmers are dying due to cyclones. This is happening not only in India but also through out the world. But people like you never understand this. Thinks that it is because of PRAKRUTI and Eaaswar has nothing to do with it.

    Don’t you think How cruel is your Eaaswar? Why he is killing innocent people? Instead of killing he should have given some small punishment not death. What Blasphemy did these innocent people did to him? Why he is sending his cruel minded punishments? According to you these kind of acts will do only Muslims? Then why Eaaswar doing like this?

    I think you are better people than your Eaaswar, since you are against killing any Human. But your Eaaswar is killing thousands and millions of people in one Shot. Every individual human has many dreams in their life and hoping for good life in this world, but all of sudden your Eaaswar was killing them either by earth quakes or Tsunami or by Cyclones etc. What kind of Justice is this?

    When Eaaswar created people to live happily in this world and reach him, then why he is killing innocent people? Muslims are far more better at least they are killing for reason. But your Eaaswar won’t give at least a warning, all of sudden he do mass murder of innocent people. What blasphemy did these innocent people did to him.

    Abdullah Reddy

    • Or we can think how loving he is that he does not kill us and lets us learn from our mistakes. In the past Indians weren’t so poor and the farmers were prosperous. In fact India was the richest of nation whose exports were sought after throughout the world. Stories of Columbus trying to travel around the world to find India.. We see today that Indian has the lowest production of farm products despite having land resources arable land greater then even of China second to only America. We see the quality of land in which like the Gangatic plain which is that over 1300 feet of top soil just near Agra alone. We find that unlike the past where lands were well irrigated after British rule/ Babus who emphasis railway instead of the past canal system. In fact Indians suffer due to Human ignorance and to their own doing rather then that of god who has given the best resources then of any nation. To understand this is that we committed action and due to our action or inaction we suffer. So if work to make the country a better place so it would prosper. It shameless that we still use famine to control decent as a half starved person does not make such demands and live in the days of the British famine commission who set such minimum production that made famine the norm and prosperity unseen and to those Babus who propagate such things…. . .

    • Abdullah and All those who support this killing,

      1. Allegation of ishwar being killer of innocent can be made only for those ideologies that believe in one single life and eternal hell/heaven ever afterwards. Vedas believe in rebirth again and again (incidentally Quran also believes so!) till seeds of ignorance are burnt off. So the journey never stops and whatever disasters happen are in accordance with this Law of Karma. And it is ensured that we start journey from where we stopped.

      2. Nonetheless, regardless of whether and how much you believe in Law of Karma, earthquakes and cyclones are no justifications for killing everyone who does not subscribe to your views.

      3. Our fight is not against Islam or Muslims, but that version of Islam that hails killers of non-muslims, apostates and curses non-believers to eternal hell. Please refer whose link is provided before EACH AND EVERY article on the site.

      4. The allegations on Eeshwar that you have put actually are applicable to YOUR Allah and not us. We have already analyzed them in

      5. It is a shame that an educated person like you says that “Muslims are far more better at least they are killing for reason” and justify the murder of Punjab Governor. Just look, what has fanatic version of Islam made out of you! It this is shameless hatred inside you and people like you that we are fighting against.

      Our mission is NOT to spread hatred but help innocent people identify those people who have HATRED hidden in them and help these innocents as well as people who hate, get rid of this hatred which is disgrace in name of humanity.

      We don’t care whether you adopt Vedas or remain Muslim or be atheist or whatever. That’s your choice. But we want to establish a situation where you can vocally and very clearly condemn all those who kill others in name of blasphemy and dream of all non-adherents into eternal hell. We want to ensure that you condemn those people openly who term killers of innocents as Ghazi. And in case ensuring this is impossible, we want to make sure that people are aware of intent and mindsets of people like you.

      PS: No more explanations from admins on this. You are free to discuss with fellow visitors.

      • Agniveer,

        You did not give reasons > Why Eaaswar sending Earth quakes, Tsunamis, Floods and Cyclones and killing many innocent people? And making loss to Human beings. If he is really loves us then why he is doing this?

        For argument sake, Muslims and Christians and others are bad people and only Hindus are good people, Then Eaaswar should not make loss to these people. But Eaaswar also killing Innocent Hindus who died in Gujarat Earthquake and Latur Earthquake and more than 1 lakh people die in Tsunami.

        Eaaswar is neither sparing Muslims nor Christians nor Buddhists nor Hindus. What kind of Creator he is? How can we justify he is the creator and Why we have to follow Vedas?

        If you quote verses from Vedas then it might have some weight, but you just write blah.. blah.. blah.. When you are taking about Vedas are universal, you Eaaswar might have sent the message about disasters he send on earth and also reasoning.. Search in Vedas and comment with authentic Vedas verses.

        Don’t worry about Pak. Governor, now he will take many births and will born in India and follow Vedas and reach Eaaswar.

        Hitler killed 6 million innocent Jews, yet according to you he will take many births and will born in India and follow Vedas and reach God. Those who died won’t get any Judgement. But as per your Vedas they take many births and finally born in India and will follow Vedas and reach GOD.

        You are spreading nothing but Hatred against Islam. I am educated but there is reasoning for my comment. Not only you the Christians and Jews spreading hatred against Muslims, Yet.. Islam is the fastest growing religion.

        Answer to questions raised from Vedas, so that other Hindu brothers also know why Eaaswar sending disasters.

        Abdullah Reddy

      • This comment gives insights into mind of a fanatic. Killing of an innocent is justified merely because we have earthquakes and cyclones!

        And beware, we never said that only Hindus are good and Muslims/ Christians are bad people. But definitely all those people who justify killing of people merely because they do not subscribe to their personal views are bad people. Those who seek answer to every problem only through killing are bad people. Those who see all their fellow beings in eternal Hell regardless of their good deeds, only because they do not believe in a specific brand of Islam are bad people.

        We pray that these fanatics get rid of this badness. And in worst case, at least the non-fanatics beware and be able to survive their attacks.

      • @ Agniveer: You have not replied directly to Abdullah’s question. You claim muslims are bad because they are killing others. Abdullah is asking you even your eashwar is killing en mass. According to your logic, you should consider your eashwar also to be a bad entity isn’t it? Don’t give silly reasons saying eashwar’s killings are due to fruits of their karma. That defies rational thinking.
        “The genesis of this murder lies in the very formation of modern Quran 20 years after death of Muhammad (many Muslims allege that he was murdered by his wives Aisha and Hafsa)”- Produce your proof for this allegation. If you don’t you will be seen as a blatant liar.

      • True Indian
        So Allah and terrorists are similar for you because both kill others!

        Arabian logic from a True Indian!

        Please help me find the place where Agniveer has written Muslims bad.

      • Islam the fastest growing religion is big lie and fraud this fact was itself showed by Muslim TV Channel AL JAZEERA according to it every year 6 million Muslims convert to Christianity in Africa alone and then due to the civil war in Afghanistan, Somalia and Iraq the male population is decreasing because Muslims males are fighting against each other. The female population in Afghanistan constitutes around 70% of the total population in Afghanistan and in Shia majority areas like Iran they are busy killing Sunni Muslims and in Sunni majority area like the Pakistan and Saudi they are killing Shias so anyone with commonsense can easily make out that millions of Muslims are either dying or converting to other religions and only few psychopaths or perverts are converting to Islam so what is really happening is the crumbling of Islam and anybody saying otherwise is living in fool’s paradise.

      • Jay,

        Anyways no one is coming to VEDIC DHARAM right. I think one day, there will be Christians and Muslims in INDIA and a small minor group will be Hindus.

        Abdullah Reddy

      • Thats because Vedic Dharma does not threaten you to burn in hell if you do not submit yourself to Jesus (Christianity) or Allah and Mohammad (Islam).

        Only Vedic Dharma proves the true nature of Ishwar.

        Especially Islam, where people like Zakir Plagiarist Terrorist Naik say that people who leave islam and propagate their new religion, should be killed.

      • Hey Abdullah,

        Ask the Arabis. They will tell you. WHere ever they visited on this earth they converted the whole country to Islam. Though they ruled in India for close to 1k years they could not convert whole India to Muslim country.

        And yes ..Please check out your great great grand fathers name.. Don’t get shocked to see the name as Lakshmana Reddy or Budhia Rao.

        🙂 Blasphemy here and yes this is India.. MIND IT.

      • First tell me how many people from Indonesia died in tsunami of 2004?? 130,736 official deaths in Indonesia. 87% of Indonesia is Muslim.

      • You living in a desert while us Hindus live on a land that is bountiful says nothing how god punishes you, or your pathetic condition of such a horrible mutilation.

      • Abdullah,

        I am pretty sure that you are educated from a Madrasa otherwise you would not have given your argument in such a way. Please refrain from commenting.. because, you are far from eligible to argue here.

      • Dear [email protected] Read this till end to find out the answer to your question.
        First of all, I find it very entertaining to know that the very base of islam is that god is one, but islam is poisoned with the ideas that other religion has different god!Thats y u keep repeating “YOUR” ishwar, jst like allah belongs to mohammad and his followers only! Islam is contradictory in its every statement! Lol…FYI, God is one, u jst need to know him, he has infinite forms, yet he is formless! Now the question which u have struck to, can never b answered by your theory of single birth and after that infite time heaven/hell theory or the theory of lucky draw (or partiality) in which god makes some soul as animal and other as humans, put some souls in good family and other in bad family etc etc! . That’s why ur so impatient and hell bent to know its reply. First of all god alone is the knower of everything, the people whom you claimed to be innocent, may b innocent as long as u know them, but remember, ur a mortal , and u can remember only ur lifetime memories, beyond that u dnt have any idea. So your claim that ishwar hurt innocent people is valid only and only whn u claims urself at par with ishwar and stand rigid to say that u have witnessed the entire journey of the souls of those innocent people! Second thing, there is something which you can not understand due to your theory of material pleasure in earth or material pleasure in heaven (72 hooris with lots of vine, honey, etc etc). You see the greatest happiness and aim of soul lies in the material pleasure, lots of slaves, money, woman etc etc. And after u leave this earth, you are ready for more material pleasure in heaven! (Don’t worry, now days all religion ppl consider this the aim of life and are busy in getting involved these things, the only difference is that they are not interested in heaven and hoori philosophy after leaving earth). So wht u dnt understand is that the pleasure/happiness/anand/bliss is for the soul, and not the body! A soul dnt need any hoori or wine or honey etc etc, you better enjoy them on earth else u will feel urself fooled on reaching heaven! The advancement/ happiness of a soul is not always determined by the body. The death of a person does not mean that god was angry with him, if this was true, then god has been angry with all creatures born till date, because everyone dies….lolzz…Evn the god’s right hand (as per islam), Mr Mohammad, has to pass away! So I was saying that a person may pass away, due to many other reasons, for example, he has earned enough good actions to advance his soul to next higher stage, to travel to higher spiritual planets (heaven can be one of them). SO if god send them to better place, do u think god killed them? Are u still struck to temprory happiness of body?? U want that god should disappear them by some magic?? Lolzzz!! Or may be the person whom you have ISO certified as innocent, they had some bad karmas accumulated in previous birth! I know if u believe in theory of heaven and hoori, its hard to find the answer, but if u understand the truth, its very easy to understand! God is not killing them,God kills no one.. because every one in this world is leaving this body as per god’s will, otherwise if u think ishwar killed your ISO certified innocent people, u may also claim that god killed his right hand, Mr Mohammad! Leaving this body does not always means you are destroyed, only foolish ppl think it. It’s the soul which is the main thing, and soul transfers frm one place to other, one body to other! Morever, u think all ppl who reborn, they will be reborn in india only? Lolzz…we are talking abt soul, and all creatures have soul, whrever they reside. May b they are born in other part of the earth, or other part of universe! Now plz dnt ISO certify that life exists only on earth in the entire universe, because u evn dnt know that there may be infinite universe also… 😛

    • Mr Abdullah,
      You are confusing Blasphemy with the Law of Karma. If you have courage then please read what Lord Krishna said in Gita: “I do not punish or reward any living being, there is a mechanism for that and I do not interfere in that.” “But my beloveds do have a special place in my heart.” Even great saints (Sikh Gurus for example) had to face a lot of torture at the hands of Muslims, does that mean that their god punished them??
      Ever heard about Banda Singh Bahadur- who was forced to swallow the flesh of his own son!! His eyes were popped out, arms severed. But the brave kept calm. When he was asked by his tormentors as to why his God was not helping him, You know how he answered: “When the tyrants oppress their subjects to the limit, then God sends men like me on this earth to mete out punishment to them. But being human, we sometimes overstep the laws of justice, and for that we are made to pay whilst we are still here. God is not being unjust to me in any way.”
      Don’t worry for those who have died in natural disasters- They shall be back.