It is a blatant lie that Rajputs agreed to show rapist Khilji a glimpse of Padmavati through mirror. The lie was created by Malik Muhammad Jayasi and fueled by other petty poets and two-cent worth historians like Jawaharlal Nehru.

The only truth is that Khilji put a seige on Chittor, captured the king Raja Ratan Singh by fraud in garb of having treaty discussions, and then demanded all women be handed over to him. This is typical custom of all Muslim terrorists from Ghori to Khilji to Akbar to ISIS.

Rajputs agreed to send women, but sent warriors instead. They fought till death and Gora ripped a nude Khilji’s rear while he was in his tent with a woman.

The Rajputs were outnumbered by Khilji’s army. Men died fighting Jihadis. Women committed Jauhar to save dignity.

It took Rajputs 8 years to recapture Chittor. And this was the last battle of Khilji. He could never have children after it. He was shortly killed by his male sex-slave Kafur during an intimate act.

For real story of Maharani Padmini and the glory of our brave ancestors, have Agniveer’s book – Padmavati – chapters from buried history.


Know the untold stories of the tradition of sacrifice and patriotism of which Maharani Padmavati was an epitome. Stories of the freedom movement that started from the time first invader attacked India. Stories that tighten fists in resolve.

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