A Hindu’s fight for Mother Cow

A Hindu’s fight for Mother Cow
Series: Discover Hinduism, Book 1
Genre: Religion
Publisher: Agniveer
First ever book dispelling myths about beef and animal sacrifice in Hinduism! First book ever giving 94 ways to rip beef-lover apart. From Discover Hinduism series.
About the Book

One fed me in childhood; she was called Mother. The other fed me whole life; she was stabbed in the neck!

People killed her. Morality laughed at her. Religions failed her. Mother of mothers lies helpless on the floor in a slaughterhouse. With skin peeled off and blood gushing out of the cut-throat, the tears in the eyes fade, and so does the consciousness. The source of life, nutrition, food and love is dead. Is the world alive?



This article is really an eye-opener for those self-proclaimed vedic people who define a set of constraints for others to become vedic. I can say for sure that a vedic person will become more vedic after reading this article. Thanks a lot to Agniveer team for its great work

It was wonderful reading your articles in this regard, also it would be helpful if you could upload any CV for reference purpose.

You make it so lucid, interesting, logical and enlightening ..can’t wait to read the next one in the series.

This book is a fight of a human for his mother. Mother cow. It destroys the lies of butchers and violent core of cow-eaters. It destroys the myths of 'healthy' meat eating. It destroys the myths of beef-eating in ancient Hindus with hundreds of scriptural evidence and infallible logic.

This book is not an appeal for giving up beef. It is rather a challenge for beef-lovers if they can continue eating cow after completion of this book.

  • It is the voice of helpless animals that never comes out of the thick walls of slaughterhouses.
  • It is the soul-stirrer for soul-searchers.
  • It is the toolkit for animal-lovers.
  • It is the resolve of cow lovers.

After reading this book, you will know what you have to do to live longer and healthier and how to make your children and loved ones live longer. You will know why it is not a good idea to carry over the baggage of blood and screams to your next life or afterlife. You will learn how to make humanity win over butchery. With conviction. With authority.

I thank Agniveer for making people aware about Hinduism

Hitesh Kumar Arora

I thank the Agniveer team for helping me to (re)discover of the truth.


I am scientist by profession and found your point of view about various things quite intriguing and wish to be the part of this campaign.

Sudhish Sharma

I am indeed touched to see selflessness of Agniveer. They are doing wonderful work.

Mahesh Giri

- A cow lover with an iron hand and bleeding heart...

Note: Those who have already purchased our book "No Beef in Hinduism" need not purchase this book as most of the content remains same. This is the latest edition of the same book with different title.

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