Essence of Vedas – first book of world

Essence of Vedas – first book of world
Series: Religion of Humanity, Book 2
Genre: Religion
Publisher: Agniveer

Must know startling facts about the Vedas – The Foundation of Hinduism! And first book of world.

About the Book

“Essence of Vedas,” the second book under “Religion of Humanity” series, presents some of the core facts about Vedas, which make them unique.

Each fact has been supported by the brief explanation which makes readers even more curious and prompts them to discover further the true essence of “Vedas” – the scientific and spiritual wonder of the world.

The book contains the facts about the origin, eternity, and divinity of Vedas.

The book gives the overview of the knowledge that Vedas hold and the method of its preservation.

The book highlights Vedic views on the animal rights and preservation of nature.
It also covers the Vedic facts about variety of subjects like humanity, universal brotherhood, equality, tolerance, social status of women, and much more……

The only purposeful way of living passes through “Vedas” – The foundation of Hinduism. So, read this book and feel proud of the oldest and the greatest heritage of humanity and get inspired to discover the mechanism which makes our individual, social and global life more blissful.

There is no other way!

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