Great Rulers of India

Great Rulers of India
Genres: Biography, History
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Publisher: Agniveer
The book that rips apart the hoax of greatness of Mughal emperors who were nothing but rapists and butchers.
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About the Book

A country can’t stand strong on the foundation of false history!

This book is for those who are confused about Indian history during Mughal era. Book dispels various myths about the bright Mughal era in India and shows true faces of most brutal terrorists ever ruled our nation. Book reveals the “greatness” of the butchers like Babur, Akbar, Aurangzeb and Tipu Sultan, who have spent their entire life raping, looting, abducting, forcefully converting people to their faith and destroying temples in the Indian subcontinent.

Please note that this book, the first of “Reviving Indian History” series is NOT based on the works of enemies of Mughals, but instead, it is based on the works of GREAT ADMIRES of Mughals in that era.

The book shows the glimpse of the most horrifying crimes committed by Mughals against humanity. After reading this book, readers can only imagine if one terrorist organization like ISIS can destroy many nations with its atrocities, how much damage one nation – INDIA – had to bear by living more than 1000 years under Mughal rulers, who have produced nothing but only generations of terrorists.

This book opens the eyes of those who have been blinded by beliefs of the bright era of Mughals in India. This book gives confidence to those who believe that Mughals were nothing but barbaric butchers but fail to provide authentic evidence to prove it. For students and true historians, the book provides enough initial research materials to carry out their research further. For those who do not hesitate to glorify Mughals and give them title “THE GREAT” for their personal, or political gains, the book raises a reasonable amount of doubts in their brainwashed minds and generates a sense of guilt and shame in their hearts.

In conjunction with this, the book also makes the readers feel the greatness of detractors of Mughals, without them we would not be living in the nation called India, which still holds the title of oldest civilization survived.

All proceeds from the book will go towards Reviving Indian History to build a bright future of our nation.

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