Hoax of Islamic Superiority

Hoax of Islamic Superiority

A book which is busting the Hoax of Islamic Superiority with the references from the most worshiped Islamic texts.

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During my IIT days, I had an encounter with a Muslim student (my own hostel-mate) who argued with me on Zakir Naik. He supported latter’s stand on killing apostates and Quran’s commandments of making non-Muslim women as sex-slaves. He was shamelessly defending sex-slavery in front of 6 Hindu boys sitting in IIT’s hostel-room exploiting spineless state’s hospitality. His clueless and gullible Hindu friends did not have guts to confront him. In the end, Hindu boys as per the glorious tradition of Gandhian secularism asked me to leave his room to ensure peace and harmony in the hostel…

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Series: Islam Probed, Book 3
Genre: Islam
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