The goon of media – Rajdeep Sardesai doesn’t want to live in peace it seems. After getting beaten black and blue by Agniveer multiple times for mocking Hindu martyr Prashanth Poojary and Kairana Hindus, Sardesai has asked for it again. This time, he compares the case of slain Jihadi terrorist- Burhan Wani- who has been dispatched to 72 virgin goats by defense forces in Kashmir with that of Shaheed Bhagat Singh. Here is Agniveer’s response to Sardesai.

Sardesai : When Bhagat Singh was hanged, how did the British newspapers describe him : as a ‘poster boy’? #BurhanWani

Agniveer :

1. If you compare Burhan Wani to Bhagat Singh, you are a dog.

2. If you meant something else, you are an idiot who was in hurry to give example of Bhagat Singh in a matter related to a terrorist dog.

3. British were occupation force in India. Bhagat Singh was fighting for India. Burhan Wani and his Jihadi terrorists were occupation forces in Kashmir. They forced half a million native Kashmiri Hindus to leave the valley. All those who attended his funeral, prayed for him and pelted stones for him are occupation forces in Kashmir that need to be eliminated at any cost. Got the difference?

4. Or you are going to suggest next is since Bhagat Singh fought and died in Lahore, which is now Pakistan’s part, he actually was a Pakistani hero? And anybody who considers him an Indian is a right wing extremist who believes in ‘stupid’ Akhand Bharat theory?

Sardesai : During the 1983 Falklands war, a member of the Margaret Thatcher government angrily described the BBC as the ‘Stateless People’s Broadcasting Corporation’ because it referred to the forces as ‘British’ and ‘Argentinian’ forces instead of ‘our’ and ‘enemy’ forces. When an Argentinian ship was sunk, an incensed Thatcher responded, ‘only the BBC would ask a British prime minister why she took action against an enemy ship that was a danger to our boys’. That is when the BBC director general John Birt is said to have reminded the British prime minister that the journalistic organisation was not an ‘extension of the political authority’; its first commitment was to the truth, not to the nation state.

Agniveer :

1. During 2011 in US, US Navy Seals killed Osama Bin Laden – US’ most wanted. And the US newspapers did this


2. Unless you prove that your bogus BBC storyteller is smarter than this US newspaper editor, try something better.

3. So now your idols are exposed. Now we understand why you were so desperate in airing every move of 26/11 terrorists which helped the pigs slaughter hundreds for hours without any problem. It was your thirst for ‘truth’ that kept them going.

4. Why is that your ‘truths’ are always damaging for the defense forces like in 26/11 and now in Burhan Wani case and are never against the enemies of state?

5. If you are on mission of showing ‘truth’ be it at the cost of innocent lives and Jawans, why do you hide the truths of your bedroom? Install a CCTV camera there and put its display on street. What? I am getting personal? Wait! Those slain CRPF Jawans whom this pig Burhan killed were my family members. It was all personal to me. You invade my personal space, I destroy yours.

Sardesai : The newly minted I and B minister has already warned that he expects ‘responsible’ coverage from the media; army information teams have red flagged any attempt to send out any ‘negative’ news; the social media army of ‘proud Indians’ on Twitter has abusively accused journalists (including this writer) of being ‘terrorist sympathisers’, ‘anti national’ and questioned ones parentage.

Agniveer :

1. So here we have a man, who

won’t listen to I&B minister who knows the sensitivities involved in the case

– won’t listen to army who receives headless bodies of Jawans beheaded by the likes of Burhan Wani

– won’t listen to proud Indians

and who will spew venom on ministry for asking him to do responsible coverage, on army for stopping him from spreading vicious propaganda and on proud Indians for asking questions to him. If that is not an anarchist, who is? Do we need terrorists anymore to destroy India?

2. So according to you, you belong to a group that is liked neither by political establishment nor by defense establishment nor by patriots. I don’t know even after realizing this, how can someone still choose to live instead of committing suicide in shame!

Sardesai : Who is to tell my outraged friends in the Twitter world that journalism in its purest form doesn’t wear the tricolour on its sleeve.

Agniveer :

1. Twitter world? Didn’t you quit twitter after allegedly calling mothers of right wing trolls as Randi (prostitute)? Oh wait! You rejoined twitter. Who would be better person to explain how the spit of own tastes!

2. Right, journalism in its purest form wears green color not tricolor. Calling Gujarat riots as massacre, talks on Post-Godhra but not on Godhra etc are purest examples of pure Journalism.

Sardesai : Yes, I am a very proud Indian.

Agniveer : Your wife loves beef. So she is a cow lover.

Sardesai : My journalism demands that I tell the story of Kashmir, not as a soldier in army fatigues but as a mike pusher who reports different realities in a complex situation.

Agniveer : Story of Kashmir? Barking too much on story of Kashmir. Listen the facts

– Kashmir was founded by Rishi Kashyap.

– Kashmir was developed, nurtured and worshipped by Hindus for more than 4,000 years.

– Kashmir was centre of Shaivism- a major sect of Hinduism.

– Kashmir was the centre of Hindu holy places.

– Then Kashmir was invaded by Jihadis from Central Asia.

– Temples were desecrated in thousands. Pillars of many of them that could not be completely destroyed still shows the horror of that time.

– One of the Jihadis was Sikander. Who earned the title of Butshikan (iconoclast) just because he used to destroy temples, powder idols and make staircase in mosques to insult and humiliate Hindus.

– Men were killed, forcibly converted to Islam. Deceit was also used for conversion.

– Women were raped and abducted. Were sold in markets.

– Killing, rape and conversion of millions happened.

– Muslims became in majority in valley through kill and. The native Hindus became minorities in their own land.

– The Jihadi rampage continued until Maharaja Ranjit Singh and Hari Singh Nalwa kicked the Jihadi a$$es hard.

– Muslim majority Kashmir was again under Hindu-Sikh rule.

– In 1947, Kashmir became India.

– In 1989, Kashmiri Hindus were again killed, raped and threatened. All (4-5 Lakh) Kashmiri Hindus fled valley. Islamization of Kashmir valley was accomplished. Pakistan planned, funded and executed the whole exodus.

– Srinagar, Anantnag and Kausarnag became Islamabad and Mustafabad.

– After kicking Hindus out of valley, Jihadis now wanted Indian army to be out too.

– Army was attacked. Almost every week, an attack.

– People like Yasin Malik, Burhan Wani and Geelani openly support Pakistan.

– The land of Kashyap and Shiva is filled with Jihadi pigs. Amarnath Yatra is stopped. The entire Hindu race has been wiped out. Same Hindus that built Kashmir.

This is the story of Kashmir. Have guts? Publish it. We are waiting.

Sardesai : Burhan Wani is a terrorist who has been ‘neutralised’ in the eyes of majority of Indians; he is a victim who has been ‘martyred’ for the thousands of Kashmiris who lined up for his funeral.

Agniveer : A dog named Sardesia is a dog in the eyes of Army; he is a pig in the eyes of civilian patriots. Diverse views.

Sardesai : A propagandist would only broadcast the narrative that suits the agenda of one side but a journalist must necessarily explore both stories: that of Wani the Hizbul terrorist who took to the gun and used social media as a weapon AND Wani as the posterboy for a localised militancy which feeds on tales of alleged oppression and injustice.

Agniveer : You are so balanced in terrorist Wani’s case. But we have see you abuse mothers of right wing people on twitter allegedly when they asked you some questions regarding your Mumbai flat. (Image courtesy- Opindia)


Why? Why don’t you try to find the other reality too? Which is this govt, army and crores of people hate you. Why do you lose your cool over right wing trolls when you are asking others to be calm on Burhan Wani?

Sardesai : A journalist must speak to the army which is trying to quell the protests on the street, but must also listen to the youth who have chosen to their vent their anger with stones.

Agniveer : No. A journalist, who enjoys protection of army without which, he can’t travel an inch among Jihadis, should not speak to army. He should bow before army and offer full support to the men dying for him instead of becoming a classic eunuch who is happy to be equidistant from saviors and terrorists in name of neutrality.

Sardesai : In Kashmir too, we need to tell truth to power: the truth of disaffected youth with limited opportunities for growth, of failed, corrupted politics, of an unshaken ‘azaadi’ sentiment, of army excesses, of a neighboring country which sponsors terror, of a nostalgic notion of Kashmiriyat which was eroded when Pandits were driven out of their homes, of radicalized youth seeking to romanticize violence, of an unacceptable distinction between terrorists and freedom fighters.

Agniveer : Good. Blame everything possible on this earth except for one. Talk everything except this

1. Why is every youth with limited opportunities for growth starts shouting Allahu Akbar and pelting stones at Amarnath pilgrims? Why doesn’t that limited opportunity growth youth pelt stones at people celebrating Eid or offering Namaz on Friday? Or is there any law of physics that pelting stones at Hindu pilgrims and places bring growth opportunities?

2. Why does the ‘unshaken azaadi sentiment’ start with Allahu Akbar and end with ‘we will make Kashmir Pakistan with Hindu women’?

3. How are the notions of Kashmiriyat and Azadi related to each other? Are those real Kashmiri natives- Hindus who consider Kashmir to be integral part of India less Kashmiris?

4. Unacceptable distinction b/w terrorists and freedom fighters? This is the truth you want to circulate? So is this why you compared Burhan Wani with Bhagat Singh?

5. Even a rabid dog has a truth. Which is saliva infected with rabies. So shall we allow him to spread his truth? Or you yours for that matter?

Sardesai : Too many of the stakeholders in Kashmir, Delhi and beyond have lived in denial for too long.

Agniveer : Read carefully readers! ‘Stakeholders in Kashmir, Delhi and beyond’

1. So Kashmir and Delhi are different.

2. Beyond- There is another stakeholder apart from Delhi and Kashmir. Say it openly, it is your master Pakistan.

What else can Pakistan, Jihadis and Burhan Wani expect? A snake born in India biting India as trained. These are exactly ditto words Pakistani ex-diplomats with fake-US accent utter on Indian TV channels on Kashmir.

Sardesai : Many years ago, while reporting a story on Kashmir, I described those who had targeted a bus as terrorists. That evening, a local colleague in Srinagar suggested that I might be better off calling the perpetrators as ‘militants’. I asked him why. “Sir, they maybe terrorists, but here it is safer to use the word ‘militant’.” When even simple wordplay can get tangled in the minefield of Kashmir’s bloody politics, you realise the complicated nature of the journalistic challenge.

Agniveer : Nah, that only tells how a coward pussycat’s pants get wet when there is just a mention of an imaginary case involving terrorists. And then this pussycat gives lectures to army on how they should treat those (whose mere mention caused him diarrhea) who are decapitating our Jawans in broad daylight.

Be careful. We do not forgive Jihadis and their rape army. Nor do we forgive rapist sympathizers.

Disclaimer: By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. For full disclaimer, visit site.

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  • Dogs are better than Sardesai. They are loyal to their owner, the person who feeds them, give shelter to them. Sardesai is not loyal to his own country. The country that gives him everything. Wani was terrorist and any person who has sympathy to terrorists are traitors.