– You have to deal discreetly without making much noise because dignity of girl is at stake.

– Family suddenly turns non-cooperative. In most cases, problem was in deeper mindset of parents with which they groomed the daughter.

– Often, the reliable solution lies in crossing the boundaries of a biased but sacrosanct legal framework.

– Funding is minimal. Often, you need funds to gather resources and people, travel, create right environment to influence both victim and jihadi and apply Saam, Daan, Danda, Bhed. We Hindus expect that these things must be solved just by narrating some gyan. We do that, and have best team in world today for that. But that is not enough for someone brainwashed, and someone who has an ulterior motive, often backed by a deeper network.

– Safety of counselors is a concern. We have to maintain high level of anonymity and offer protection.

Fighting cannons with swords made of straw does not work great. We Hindus have habit to expect things to work only through lecturing and some bravado displays.

It would be important for Agniveer Love Jihad team to proactively start raising funds. Meet people, share case studies, target a corpus of at least 10 crores so that something fundamental can happen. So that many cases are solved even before they happen through awareness.

Else it will be just for self-satisfaction like we throw water around after Pooja praying whole world will quench its thirst.


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