Thousands of girls are missing. Not in legal books but in books of a brother. Purpose is to rescue those who have been trapped. Purpose is to preempt future cases by making others aware.


Why this? What is Love Jihad? 

Neetu turns 18. She enters college. This is the age of love. Love sees no boundaries. Love is blind. Love sees no barriers. Love sees no caste or creed. Neetu falls for an Aslam, a handsome hunk. Aslam is not like other men of his community. Aslam is progressive. Aslam gives Neetu full freedom. They both go to temple together. Aslam waits outside while Neetu offers prayers. Neetu is happy that she has got a different man. I am so lucky.

Now that love demands trust and what can be better way to express trust than love-making? Aslam convinces Neetu for intimate relationship. Though hesitant, Neetu agrees because Aslam wants proof of commitment. We are going to marry anyways. So what big deal? Moment comes. Only Aslam and Neetu in the room. Aslam embraces Neetu tightly in his arms while adjusting his mobile camera for better view. Neetu shocks. “This is for moments when you are not with me, my love“, Aslam whispers in her ears. I am all alone when you are not with me. Neetu’s happiness know no bounds. Awww, he loves me so much! He wants me so much! I am so lucky.

Neetu surrenders to Aslam completely. Aslam plays with her body while the camera records everything. Aslam caresses, pinches and bites her. She is in pain but doesn’t show because she doesn’t want to disappoint Aslam who is in love with her so passionately.

Neetu felt like she has got everything in life. She asks Aslam while playng with his hair, when are we marrying? Very soon, sweetheart. Only thing is my family is a bit conservative. They would want my wife to be from our religion. Will you be able to do it? Neetu gets the shock of her life. Why didn’t he tell this before? He continues, look, our society is bit conservative. But we will manage. See, we will go to temple like before. Just that you would need to change your name and faith in papers for family’s happiness. Can you do it for me? Our love?

Neetu knows that God is beyond religions and faiths. God lives in heart not in temples or mosques. So what is the big deal? Aslam again tells, and see, in our religion, God is one. No confusion of many gods (laughs). Neetu joins him too. But I don’t know how to be a good follower of your religion, Neetu says. Oh, don’t worry. We don’t have to do anything. Our priests will do it before our marriage. And don’t worry. We will always live like this. Full freedom, full happiness.

3 Years Later

Neetu is admitted to hospital. She is screaming in pain. She is bleeding. Scars and bruises all over her face. Her 2 years old kid is looking at her helplessly. Neighbours accompanied her to hospital. She was carrying second baby of Aslam in her womb. What happened to her, Doctor asked?

Her husband beats her like animals. Today, she beat her for half an hour and then kicked her in abdomen. She was pregnant for 7 months. The neighbour narrated. So this is what happened to Neetu since that day

Project Video

Agni-Kiran Sankalp - Agniveer Telangana

-- लव-जिहाद के विरुद्ध 'अग्नि-किरण' अभियान --

Love Jihad - A Reality.

Love Jihad - A Reality

Love Jihad - A Reality. Watch this video and share.Read - When Aamir met Anushka. Promote, send your reviews.Join Agniveer. Strengthen Agniveer. Defeat this terror within, before it destroys you.|| Vande Mataram ||Join - - Chopra recounts what happened When Aamir met Anushka. Novel Based on true events.:

Posted by When Aamir met Anushka on Wednesday, 24 January 2018

When Aamir met Anushka - A Love story that was NOT... by Alisha Chopra

When Aamir met Anushka - A Love story that was NOT... by Alisha Chopra

When Aamir met Anushka - A Love story that was NOT... by Alisha ChopraAlisha Chopra faced everything. She was lucky to survive. And she wrote the first novel on LJ. Based on true events. Not for weak hearts.Get your copy here - Amazon bestseller.Read, promote, share reviews. || Vande Mataram ||

Posted by When Aamir met Anushka on Thursday, 25 January 2018

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We need you

As you all know, we Indians are yet to recognise this threat because it hurts secular fabric of many Man Singhs. It is not politically correct to even discuss that problems like this exist. But Agniveer is all about doing politically incorrect dirty jobs which no one else wants to do. Our dedicated full time members and volunteers are in ground to save our girls. We need your support. We can’t pay such bravehearts what they deserve but we can at least pay them what doesn’t make them regret for choosing this path later.

A case may consume Rs 10,000 to 50,000 or even more depending upon complexity. So decide how many girls you want to save.


Another Akram ruins another Shweta’s life. There are countless other stories. If this doesn’t make your blood boil, know that its not the blood that is flowing in your veins.

Girls, never marry any Rizwan or Abdul or any person with Arabic sounding name. There are significant chances he is on agenda of ruining your life as punishment to be born as ‘Kafir’. If indeed love is blind, make him change his religion. Don’t you ever change your religion for him. Rise above selfies and pouts. Don’t ever let anyone touch you who believes you belong to inferior faith.

Your love should not be so cheap that it can be wasted on anyone. Know who you are dating. Find out his religion. Find out if he can laugh at a joke on prophet after laughing his a$$ off seeing PK. If he can’t, know that he can be a potential terrorist.

Jai Bhavani!


Volunteers are welcome to apply for joining Agniveer Combat Love Jihad Team.
You can send your applications on [email protected]

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Note: On sending Love Jihad cases to Agniveer CLJ Team

All those who send us cases are requested to give proper social media links (screenshots not enough) and contact details of a real person very close to girl – preferably from her family (close friend if not family) who we can keep in loop while counselling the girl. Cases with just random screenshots without proper references are impossible to handle. There are technical and legal difficulties if you don’t provide us proper links and a contact.

For sending us cases, contact us on [email protected]

Team CLJ – Agniveer

When Aamir met Anushka

When Aamir met Anushka

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