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Hauz Khas, DelhiKnow More & Join NOW (Starting from 1st March, 2019)
Preet Vihar, DelhiKnow More & Join NOW (Starting from 1st March, 2019)
Shastri Nagar, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh – (Starting from 1st April, 2019)

What is Combat Training?
Combat Training is the practice and discipline of training interested participants – mentally, physically & emotionally, to successfully combat any threat to well-being of self and society. It involves preparing the mind-body-spirit, to be able to face and overcome any adverse situation, and protect self and society against miscreants. It includes practice of martials-arts drills, body-conditioning, self-defense tactics against armed and unarmed assailants, maintaining awareness of surroundings, with goal of pre-empting, preventing, resolving, neutralizing any and every kind of threats.

Why Combat Training?

Sincere pursuit of Combat Training allows you to not only learn to defend against external aggression, but also how to channelise own aggression in a fruitful manner. In today’s world full of increasing crime and criminals preying on vulnerable, it is most crucial that you have a solid foundation of a good Combat Training experience.

This is best way to ensure that you are a positive support for law keeping and security agencies of nation. This is essential to deter against elements that nurture terrorism and hate in society. This is the only way to ensure we can effectively act as mitigants against lawlessnes.

Agniveer Combat Training

Agniveer Combat Training will allow you to pursue utmost fitness, longevity, energy, activity for society through training and self-discipline. Agniveer Combat Training specializes in training women and men to protect themselves and society from miscreants in adverse situations. You will be encouraged and taught to breach limits on human potentials of strength, agility, skills through ancient and state-of-the-art methods of mind and body control.

Our training programs aim to promote a culture of self-defense and strength training imbibed in self-control and constructive proactive social activism. Focus is on practicality of methods in real life situations. Agniveer Combat Training approach involves training in ancient and state-of-the-art methods of martial arts, self-defense, fitness. It provides a 24*7 training approach to make Dhanurved a constant way of life. And is driven by best-in-class trainers of world and nation.

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