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Q. Martial-arts : How can I learn fighting for protection?

For protection, key is will power and mental alertness. Rarely would have any martial art in world found a chance to apply his or her skills on street. Most attackers are untrained. If you have will-power and mental alertness, you can deal with them. If you have a strong body with functional fitness, a couple of punches would suffice.

body weight strength training, flexibility, agility.
Keep body fat low.
Practice jumping and balancing exercises. And strengthen mental alertness.
And you will drive away 99% attackers.

For combat mind, you need to visualize and simulate fighting situations in mind on daily basis. Break fear zones by constant mental practice. Take small risks in life. Feel what hard surface like street feels like. Feel what pain feels like. This training is the key. If you are in good in these, you will innovate appropriate technique when situation comes. Do all this for at least 100 days to make part of mental pattern.

Remember, fighting for protection is about courage. And courage is a habit that needs to be practiced.

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