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*Let us now analyze some of the wrong answers discussed earlier in http://agniveer.com/5095/what-is-vedic-religion/ and understand some worth-knowing aspects of Vedic religion.

How is Vedic religion different from Hinduism?

Hinduism is another term for Vedic religion. Basically Hinduism refers to the philosophy that emerged from Hindusthan or Indian sub-continent that is built on foundation of universal humanism and pursuit of inner intellect.

Name does not matter. You may call it Vedic religion, Hinduism or simply Humanism. What matters is the essence. This essence is same for every human being – be he or she belong to India, or Zambia, or Sweden or Saudi Arabia.

One would still continue to be called Vedic or Hindu or true Human even if he or she has never visited India or read any Indian text but still follows the basic tenet of rejecting falsehood and accepting truth from personal life and is respectful to same spirit in rest of the world.

In short, Vedic Religion or Hinduism refers to the spirit of universal humanism.

Can one refuse to believe in 4 Vedas and yet be follower of Vedic religion?

Yes. And several reasons for this.

– There is not one single mantra in entire Vedas that even remotely say that only those who believe in 4 Vedas are following Vedic religion. Yes, there are mantras that explain and lead us to conclude that Vedic religion and content of the 4 Vedas – both refer to same thing.

– The 4 Vedas contain codes of higher levels of truth. They are like detailed texts of Physics that contain very obvious concepts as well as more subtle concepts that can be mastered only after thorough practice and understanding. They are the foundation or first source of this Vedic religion. But just as a student of Class 6 claiming to know Physics merely because he mugged up the Einstein Paper on Theory of Relativity (that can be easily downloaded from google) would only be a subject of our laughter, in same vein, if someone claims to believe in 4 Vedas without actually knowing what Vedas mean would be equally laughable.

Most people claiming adherence to Vedic religion today actually fall in this category. And that is why despite their tall claims, they remain in miserable state in terms of their strength and impact on society.

An honest smart Vedic follower would simply assert that if we logically analyze the available information, we can conclude that Vedas are not some random creations by certain human beings and instead contain storehouse of basic to most advanced level of knowledge. And if that not be considered, then every other theory would have blatant contradictions and confusions to an extent that it would be impossible to decide what is right and what is wrong. And hence we should endeavor to explore the meaning of Vedas.

But this would come ONLY as a conclusion of a thought process and not as a blind dogma to begin with.

– There may be several reasons – previous knowledge, past experiences, thinking capacity, preferences etc – that would color the thinking process of an individual and hence it would not be as obvious for everyone to accept Vedas as divine or ultimate texts, as it may be for a few of us.

– Swami Dayanand once said that not everyone can be scholars but everyone can be Dharmic (honest) for sure. So if one is honest to his or her best intentions by denying infallibility of Vedas, he or she is STILL Vedic. In fact they are MORE Vedic than those blind herds who follow Vedas simply because they were told so. Had such blind followers would have been born in some other location, they may well have become blind followers of some other texts.

– If believing in Vedas be necessary to be follower of Vedic religion, it would mean that those who could not get access to books of 4 Vedas due to geography or poverty etc can never be followers of Vedic religion. Thus Vedic religion becomes religion of ONLY the fortunate ones. And hence, the claim of Supreme in Vedas itself that the knowledge of Vedas is for all human beings regardless of gender or profession or birth goes wrong!

– In reality, the whole concept of 4 Vedas is that the knowledge within them is already within us in same manner as spokes are attached to center of a wheel. By exercising the powers of our mind smartly, we reveal the knowledge that already lies within us! Refer Yajurveda 34.5. So the study of 4 Vedas externally is also a way to unravel the knowledge within. One can do so by mugging up 4 external Vedas or shouting Kalmas asserting one’s loyalty towards it. Or start with the most innate trait of rejecting falsehood proactively, keep gaining knowledge and performing worthwhile actions to build the basic foundation. And then guided by the inner voice, move ahead to master even the external 4 Vedas or whatever else is deemed necessary for achieving higher echelons of truth by a smarter soul.

In today’s context, this later way is much more natural and practical for most of us. Even someone like Swami Dayanand had to follow this approach to be the most renowned scholar of Vedas.

– While many mantras of Vedas have fairly intuitive meanings that are easy to be grasped by most of us, yet all mantras do contain deeper meanings that can be unraveled only with further and further mind control. There is a mantra that states that just as a loyal wife only comes close to her husband, in same manner meaning of Vedic mantras are understood only by the deserving. So no one on earth can claim to have understood the Vedas properly. Everyone is just a preliminary student. And hence, no one is competent enough in first place to put precondition of allegiance to Vedas – the ultimate benchmarks – for someone to adopt Vedic religion. This would be as foolish as refusing someone admission in primary school because he did not admit that sin^2y + cos^2y = 1!

So yes, belief in 4 Vedas as divine or benchmarks of wisdom may be a natural conclusion for many of us. But this is NOT a precondition to be admitted to school of Vedic religion.

The precondition is only ONE – Accept truth by rejecting falsehood!

Can one refuse to believe in God and still be follower of Vedic religion?

Yes, and the reasons are almost same as above. Further there is an additional reason:

– Vedic God is different from God of Bible, Quran or Purans. Most people when they refuse to believe in God are actually refusing to accept superstitions in name of God as propagated in name of religion. The anathema of West against God is only for the God of Bible. This is justifiable because God of Bible has many contradictory properties and at times acts like a mortal human being. But Vedic God is different. In fact God may not be the right word to denote the Vedic concept of Supreme.

The Vedic concept is much more intuitive and natural – that there is a source of unchangeable laws of the world that govern this world and us. Physicists may simply call it Law of Nature. Now a smart Vedic follower adds a dash of positivity into this and says that this source of unchangeable laws is acting in a manner that we can enhance our happiness through right actions. We are neither left in lurch like orphans nor allowed to escape fruits of our action. So there is a well-founded optimism that the laws of nature ensure justice and support. We believe so because we see this very obvious in world around and in our innate tendencies.

But someone intellectual who was nurtured in a society that had completely different notions of a Supreme entity – an anthropomorphic entity, or a moody emperor, or a magician etc – may find such a God hard to digest. And it would be difficult for him to dissociate word God from this meaning and give it a new meaning in perspective of Vedas. For example, Arya is a very noble word. But in Germany, people would somehow try to link it with some sort of racism because of the Hitler episode. These words trigger certain emotions due to their previous associations and hence difficult for many to appreciate any new meaning easily.

Thus atheism is a natural and rightly-directed aversion of a truth-seeker from what his mind considers as unfounded notions. So in being atheist, he or she is STILL acting as a loyal follower of Vedic religion.

In other words, a truth-seeking atheist or agnostic or even a superstitious believer in some other notion of God is STILL a Vedic person, if he or she believes in these notions honestly after whatever experience, expertise, intellect that they possess at a given moment in time.

Yes. We have already discussed some reasons above. Let us add a few more:What about Havan, Sandhya etc? Can one be Vedic without adopting these healthy practices?

– Havan and Sandhya are very healthy practices but their nature and method is geography and time bound. Havan means burning useful products to purify environment. Sandhya is a form of meditation and self-suggestion to gain stronger spiritual powers. Now Vedas do not prescribe a specific method of conducting these. Their form and methods have varied over ages. So to associate Vedic religion with any such ritualistic practice would be against the very essence of Vedas.

– But yes, Havan and Sandhya are powerful techniques for a healthy mind, body and environment being practiced since ages. Depending upon one’s intellect level and past experiences, one may take time to understand their significance and right customized method suited to one’s own level. But till that happens, only a dogmatic mind would outcast such a person from Vedic religion. On contrary, dogmatics have no place in Vedic religion.

So while one can say that Havan, Sandhya, waking early, brushing teeth, exercising, proper hygiene are hallmarks of a rational well-intentioned person, one cannot deny admission to Vedic school to anyone merely because his background did not allow him to appreciate the benefits of these practices.

– Further Vedas contain hundreds of healthy recommendations for us all. I would say that Havan and Sandhya are among the least emphasized ones. Virtues like early morning routine, having a muscular strong body through strenuous exercising, not compromising an inch in matters of principles and morality, working proactively for uplift of nation and destruction of its enemies etc are more emphasized ones. So one can then choose another set of recommendations  (like 5 mile jogging and 40 pushups daily) and start terminating Havan/ Sandhya compliant students from school of Vedic religion!

The simple point is that all these are next levels in specific subjects, but not entry-exit criteria for Vedic religion.

So you mean Arya Samaj is not necessarily follower of Vedic religion?

Arya Samaj etymologically means a society of noble persons. So from this perspective, all people who follow Vedic religion are also Arya Samaji.

Now Swami Dayanand Saraswati started Arya Samaj in late 19th century to unite intellectual people into worthy actions. Thus his criteria were not the most preliminary but a more intermediate level so that they could not only act as followers of right principles but as well be teachers of these principles. So all intermediate to advanced students of Vedic religion formed the Arya Samaj. He thus formulated a 10 point principles of Arya Samaj.

But he even attempted to attract the more basic students through a variety of means. He had in his various other ventures, even those people who did not adopt all the principles of Arya Samaj but yet were right-intentioned aka followers of Vedic religion. Thus his Paropkarini Sabha had even someone like Justice Ranade who was a noble person but not member of Arya Samaj as formulated by Swami Dayanand.

Cutting the story short, all those who sincerely understand and believe in 10 principles of Arya Samaj are undoubtedly followers of Vedic religion. They are in fact worthy lighthouse of society and they proved so by initiating various social reforms and freedom movement in India. Swami Dayanand wanted to address imminent needs of the society and Arya Samaj represents those eligible students of Vedic religion who had potential to act as torch bearers. Who possessed a minimal level of intellect, knowledge and dedication. Who could act as leaders of rest of the society.

But this does not preclude other noble souls who did not explicitly believe in 10 principles of Arya Samaj because of a variety of reasons, as discussed in previous sections, from being termed as great followers of Vedic religion. Thus all freedom fighters, social reformers, soldiers who sacrificed their lives for Mother nation are all proud examples of Vedic religion. All scientists who put their best efforts to unravel mysteries of nature through an honest thinking process were also great examples of Vedic religion.

Note that it is never that someone is either follower of Vedic religion or not a follower of Vedic religion. This is true for Christian or Muslim. One is either a Muslim or a non-Muslim. Christian or a non-Christian. But one can be Vedic in one aspect of life and non-Vedic in another. Further, the degree of adherence also varies from time to time. So Vedic religion is a light. There is hardly a place that has absolutely zero photons. But intensity of light may vary from place to place and time to time.

For sake of simplicity, we call those people as followers of Vedic religion who proactively invite this light of wisdom in their lives regardless of their existing darkness. Those who at least attempt to open their windows to sunlight regardless of how tight and jam it may be.

Coming back to Arya Samaj, in modern times, Arya Samaj has become a very confusing word. It does etymologically represent society of noble persons and there are many dedicated followers of 10 principles of Arya Samaj as laid out by Swami Dayanand Saraswati. They are indeed great examples of Vedic religion – the more advanced students! However they are individuals.

But there is also an institute or organization named Arya Samaj that runs through huge number of Arya Samaj temples and various organizational bodies etc. Who are very famous in Bollywood for supplying priests for scenes of marriage. And who earn a huge income through marriage of eloped couples. This spineless culture of Arya Samaj is nothing more than a mockery of the legacy of Swami Dayanand and anything but Vedic religion. They may do their Havans, Sandhyas and shout slogans of ‘Vedic Dharma ki Jai’, and hold public meetings attended by big-shots politicians and tycoons. But their intent is well observable from their tangible outputs. There is a fundamental Vedic principle that those who claim to have greater knowledge and capability should also deserve greatest punishment. Refer http://agniveer.com/4272/manu-smriti-and-punishment/.

Another principle states that the frauds should be respected not even by words. So this Arya Samaj – which is nothing more than a grand disorganized kitty party – deserves the lowest marks if one were to score the entire population on Vedic Dharma compatibility.

Our recommendation would be to stay away from kitty-parties if you sincerely want to transform your own life and that of society through adoption of Vedic Dharma or Vedic religion.

I do not agree to all that is written in Satyarth Prakash or in Agniveer site. I have my differences. I find another method of worship effective. Can I still be a follower of Vedic religion?

As we have said earlier, you have your right to differ or even counter not only Agniveer site or Satyarth Prakash – source of most of Agniveer concepts – but also the 4 Vedas. The ONLY criteria is that you should be doing so with genuineness and without bias. The reason to defend something should NOT be that we have been believing so for past several months or years, or because we have given a public statement in its favor, or because it forms basis of our profession, or because we may be ridiculed or punished if we change our stand. The only basis of defending something should be that we honestly believe that it is correct. And yet we should always have one door open for any change that may come tomorrow as we gather new information and process further.

This is a natural way that we all adopt to become mature. Or else, after our brains had fully grown up by age of 4, we would have remained as dumb forever! So Vedic religion is all about being in harmony with nature without bringing false ego in picture!

How is Vedic religion different from other cults or religions?

– All other cults come in package deals. You have certain core beliefs, some books, some prophets, some priests, some rituals and some prophecies. You have to either accept all or be out. Even if you in reality accept only a few components of the package, you still have to publicly announce allegiance to the entire package. So in a way, falsehood is promoted. You must announce your loyalty to what you can neither verify nor logically understand nor find reasonable or face exit.

Vedic religion is made to fit. You believe in only what you find logically sound, reasonable, intuitive and what you can understand right now. You can refuse to claim allegiance to any book, saint, belief etc and yet be Vedic so far you adhere to honesty.

– All other cults work on binary logic. Either you are one of them or an outcast. Vedic religion is not a cult. You are naturally Vedic. And as per your intents, you are less or more Vedic in various aspects of life. Its between you and the Supreme Force (whatever label you may give it – God, Ishwar, Laws of Nature etc) and no one has right to pass judgment on whether you believe in this religion or not.

– Vedic religion is inspired directly by the oldest text of the humankind – the 4 Vedas. It considers only eternal principles and leaves everything that is geography or time specific to wisdom of individual and society. Further, it does not even demand allegiance to 4 Vedas also. Ved means knowledge or enlightenment. So any approach in life that is knowledge seeking is Vedic religion.

– You cannot be a Muslim and Christian at the same time. But you can be a Vedic even though you are a Christian or a Muslim or a Hindu or a Jew or whatever.

– While all other religions mean blindly accepting certain sets of assumptions, Vedic religion means being enterprisingly honest.

So your Vedic religion has no basis, no benchmarks, no foundation. One can do whatever he or she wants and still be Vedic. Huh! It is better to be more disciplined by following a cult like Christianity or Islam.

This only reflects that we have become mental prisoners. A prisoner who has been kept in a dark cell finds the sunlight of freedom unbearable. There are true stories of convicts committing suicide because they found free life so uncomfortable. They could not even relieve themselves unless someone blew a whistle! Vedic religion is definitely not for the lovers of prisons. Its all about freeing yourself.

But Vedic religion is also not about being undisciplined. It is, on contrary, all about being RATIONALLY disciplined. So Vedic religion is not about succumbing to lust because you seem to find it most enjoyable in a particular moment and ultimate truth. It is all about applying the mind that has been bestowed to think of the consequences and perform a what-if analysis. What-if everyone in world starts becoming lustful like me. What-if someone becomes lustful for my own mother or sister. What-if the way I enjoy lust, someone else enjoys murder etc etc. And conclude that the truth is that one is the master of mind. That by mastering the mind, one can seek enjoyment in anything he or she desires. So as a smart master of mind, I shall seek far more enjoyment in whatever brings me long term strength, vitality and energy and not vice verse. I shall seek enjoyment in that in which even if all the people of world start seeking enjoyment, still the world becomes only a more beautiful and happy place.

This intellectual growth is far more disciplining than any cult-rituals.

How do I get started?

– You can adopt good rituals from any cult or society and still be Vedic. Being Vedic is no way contradicting to your being a Christian or a Muslim or an Atheist. Simply adopt the best practices and junk the rest. You already do so. Nobody in world can follow each letter of Bible or Quran. That is technically impossible. So you do already customize the books as per your own requirements. Take it a step further. Instead of performing this customization because that was inevitable, do a customization that best fits your needs.

Question everything ruthlessly and ask yourself – why do I follow this? Simply because I was born here, or I was socially adapated to believe so or there is something more? Keep eliminating whatever comes as a wrong answer. Whatever does not fit reason. And then you would have gradually come closure to truth – to a unique customized religion for yourself – specially made for you.

You can keep fine-tuning this tailor-made religion forever in life. Not only would it be a most enjoyable passion but also help you discover the true you. In process, you would have been following Vedic religion all the way.

So, you can start from whatever feels comfortable to you, and keep introspecting to have not only discipline but also elegance in whatever you do.

Yet another way could be to collect common good points of all religions and reject the cult specific traits. For example, all religions talk of truth, peace, honesty, compassion etc. Grab these points together and this becomes a good starting point to have a customized religion for yourself that is lean and effective.

– For those looking for a ready-made alternative for discipline instead of too much of customizations to begin with, Arya Samaj principles would be a great beginning. Grab a copy of Satyarth Prakash or Light of Truth or contact us!

You can thus have a very rational template of disciplined routine that not only brings discipline but also adds to your health and intelligence. So simply download Satyarth Prakash or Light of Truth. Review it carefully, especially Chapters 7 onwards. Also review all articles on Agniveer. This would provide sufficient beginning material for you to start being a master yourself. If in doubt, contact us.

(Note: this is still only a recommendation and not a compulsion. The beauty of Vedic religion is that there is no compulsion and only enlightenment! All that these articles and Satyarth Prakash do is to compile logical analysis of many a common questions that come in our mind but we are afraid to ask.)

What benefits would Vedic religion give me?

This is same as asking what benefit would water give me or air give me. Your intellectual survival depends only upon your knowledge-enhancement. And for humans, happiness derived from knowledge-enhancements surpasses other forms of enjoyments far many times. It is because of this that humans could have build a civilization and did not waste time only in food, sex and sleep like other animals.

So Vedic religion will help you unlock those levels of happiness that you could never imagine before.

Vedic religion is all about using your will to achieve your goals. A follower of Vedic religion does not leave anything to destiny. You desire and achieve. You learn how to use power of mind to achieve whatever you want. Nothing apart from Vedic religion can teach you this skill better.

Vedic religion makes you totally fearless. You know that nothing except your own intentions can harm you. And you know that your intentions are under your own control. So no one is as daring as a Vedic person. No ghost, no jinna, no omen, no curse, no sight, no threat, no dracula, no witch, no horoscope, no palm-lines can affect him. He is fearlessness incarnate.

Vedic religion ensures you are always positive and futuristic. A Vedic person is never in guilt-traps. He knows that his present is reflection of his intents till previous moment. And his future is shaped by his present intent. He thus uses his present to enforce a positive intent and ensure a bright future. He never wastes time brooding the past or giving up in guilt-traps.

Vedic religion makes you enjoy your relations. You consider everything as a gift from Supreme Force in return of your noble intents so far. You attempt to improve all relations, sincerely love them and think well of them because that is the only way to bring happiness. You do worthwhile deeds for happiness of your family, society and world. And this brings even more happiness. Your happiness thus multiplies. The world becomes a heaven for you full of love and success.

Vedic religion helps you become a complete person. Because you operate at will-power level, you can easily transfer your skills in one area into another. You become an expert all-rounder.

Vedic religion helps you develop a natural resistance against committing stupid and foolish acts. You no more have to resist yourself from lust, greed, frustration, anger, jealousy because of fear of some miraculous power or incentive of greater enjoyments in future. On contrary, Vedic religion teaches you how these stupid acts are actually spies bringing greater trouble. You instead naturally incline towards much more healthy and much more enjoyable sources of short-term and long-term gratification. You no longer have to keep saying sorry and keep doing confessions. You simply enjoy more by acting more smartly by understanding why you should avoid falling in shit.

And above all, Vedic religion gives you ultimate peace and brings you in harmony with nature. You enjoy every moment thousand times more than you ever enjoyed before. Its an enjoyment full of enthusiasm, action, health and energy. Your sleep is peaceful, your waking is enthusing, your actions are dynamic, your thoughts are pure, you health is exemplary and your zeal is infecting on everyone around you. You become definition of peace and enjoyment.

I can keep writing. But its already there for you to experience RIGHT NOW! So what are you waiting for! Start your journey to become a Powerman immediately! All you have to do is to assert your proactive loyalty to the following.

‘I promise to accept truth through a continuous process of rejecting falsehood every moment to best of my abilities in the most sincere manner.’

May you become live examples of the following verse from Rigveda by embracing this Vedic religion:

I have gained such tremendous powers that I am unstoppable by anyone on the planet. Just as powerful horses take away the chariots wherever they desire, I can achieve whatever I aspire for. I can easily destroy the mightiest of challenge that confronts me. I can change the course of history and set the greatest precedence for future. All this has happened because I have decided to follow the path of wisdom. (Rigveda 10.119)

If you are convinced that you would be a a loyal follower of Vedic religion, use the comment section to announce your assertion and inspire others. Remember the corollary that happiness multiplies by sharing!———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-

This article is also available in Urdu at http://agniveer.com/common-questions-vedic-religion-ur/

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  • An outcast appears here daily using various pseudonyms and barks all the day and night but no one pays attention to him because everyone knows that he is suffering from severe mental illness.
    We should sympathize this psychobabbler.

  • There is only one God, and God’s miracle is Yoga. This is a fact. Yoga is the true path given to humanity by God. Vedas only talk about one God. There is no such things as many gods in the Vedas. Only ONE GOD. Follow the path of Yoga, and you will follow God’s path.

  • Hinduism never creates a beautiful society. There is no unity in Hinduism. Because their festivals, rituals and gods .We can’t be united by many gods.

    How many years we are insulted by our Indian movies and other religions???
    some times I hate Hinduism.

    • Not just Hinduism, but every other religion too fails to create a perfect society. Because what we intend by perfect society is to have no bad things happening to anyone.

      But really understanding Hinduism will provide you the answer that these things exist – both good and bad – and they never cease to exist as long as this world exists.

      All our karmic impressions (samskaaras) will have to be nullified by enjoying fruits for our actions in the form of enjoyments or miseries, before we attain the state of Mukti (liberation).

      So a true Hindu shall work hard for doing his part for the society while he must have this understanding that all things are happening for a reason. And that this world is an equilibrium in dynamic mode.

      We always have our will power to chose what to do and what not to do.

  • You have written great articles on Vedas on your site, I also am a follower of this great website. You have also got some of your posts translated in to other languages.

    So may I suggest that you can cross link the english source URL also with all those other languages posts for the same topic, at the bottom of the English post.

    For some you have already done it. For this article which is also available in Telugu, you have not done it. Because I remember receiving this article in Telugu to my email. Please also do this, so that we can spread awareness about AGNIVEER in our locality to the fellow Telugu people.

    • Sampath garu Namaste!

      I have communicated the same thing to agniveer team about this article that is also available in telugu. Hopefully, they will work on it soon.


      • Dear @Sampath Kumar and @Narayan brothers,

        As a fellow Telugu person and the volunteer of Agniveer, I have already taken care of these little issues to bring to the notice of Agniveer team for incorporating the links appending at the end of each English post, if the translations are available in other languages for the same topic.

        Another good news is that we are going to publish soon, in Telugu, the important article on “What is Vedic religion?” and keep checking the site in the coming days.

        You could do us a great favor, if you could bring some like minded Telugu people for helping us in the translating job.

        Thanking you. Best regards.

  • Aum, I need to know whether life partner are destined (all previous life’s Karma) or it is based on present life Karma? To be very precise, couple are destined or it we who choose partner in life?

    • Life partner is not destined based on the actions one did in the previous lives.
      It is selected in the current life.
      The selection depends on so many factors including individual thinking and choice.
      It is, therefore, not sensible to assume that for X man, Y woman was already fixed by someone (God) – even before X & Y decided to be life partners.
      If the selection is done based on sound understanding, and knowing each other in the right way, and if the married life remains fruitful, we may say that the selection was right; otherwise it is considered as wrong selection.
      In ancient books like Vedas and Manusmriti etc, various criteria for the selection of life partner are outlined.
      God doesn’t make couples. We, the humans, choose the life partners based on out decision. Only in films hero and heroin say that they are made for each-other by God!
      Bhavesh Merja

  • I have no doubt about the authenticity, rationality and truth in the Vedas. I have only one question. I read the Ramcharitmanas by Tulsidas and ever since then the whole idea of love for God and the Bhakti cult appealed to me. As of what I know about the Vedas, they are based on pure reason. I want to know what is the standpoint of the Vedas on somthing like Bhakti/love for God? What would be their perspective on saints that had absolute love for God and God’s entitre creation and humanity? Is the impersonal God detached or there is love between God and the souls?

    • Samaveda is completely dedicated to love, emotions and Bhakti. Vedas are not about dry reason. They are about reason with Bhakti – utmost Bhakti and yet with reason. To reach highest level of Bhakti.

    • Ramcharitmanas of Tulsidas treats Sri Ramchandra ji as an incarnation of God. Valmiki’s view was very different on this issue. To him he was a treat righteous person (Maryaadaa Purushottam) .
      Therefore, if one follows the theory of Tulsidas, he would mostly treat Sri Ramchandra ji as God. This mistake would be a great obstacle in the way of development of true conception of God. To consider a historical personality as Almighty God is a mighty illusion, which paralyzes the spiritual life of a person. The Vedas give a very authentic, rather a very realistic science of worship or devotion to God. Maharshi Dayananda has given glimpses of Vedic Bhakti science in his book ‘Aryaabhivinay”, in which selected verses of Rigveda and Yajurveda have been so beautifully explained. Right knowledge (Gyaan), right kind of actions (Karma) and Upaasanaa (worship, meditation, yoga practice, etc) to God makes one spiritually elevated.

    • our vedas teach to love everybody,but christanity teaches to love christians &islam teaches to love muslims only.thats y in the name of relgion christians has wiped out many civilisations,,incas,aztec,aborginals of australia,red indians by way of inquisation,muslim by the way of sword comes second but have u heard any hindu doing this in history.
      Om sarve bhavantu sukhinah, sarve santu nirã-maya-ah;
      sarve bhadrani pashyantu mã-kaschit dukha-bhak bhavet.
      Om, shãntih, shãntih, shãntih.”
      “Oh Lord, may all [entire mankind] be happy; may all be healthy; may all experience prosperity; may none (in the world) suffer. May peace, peace, peace be unto us and all the beings of the world.” Brihadãranyaka Upanishad
      Ajyesthaaso Akanisthaasa Yete
      Sam Bhraataro Vaavrudhuh Soubhagaya
      –        RigVeda, Mandala-5, Sukta-60, Mantra-5- (5000 BC)
      ‘No one is superior or inferior; all are brothers; all should strive for the interest of all and progress collectively’.

      • There is a factual error in saying that all are brothers. women don’t come under ‘brother’ category.
        Is this a mistake in vedas?

  • Hi,

    i had heard a sankrit saying when i was P U C
    i dont know in sankrit, if any one knows , please help me to get
    that sloka meaning is like this

    can anyone find sanskrit version of this
    Thank You

  • The first line of your answer, (You need not leave any religion to adopt Vedic Religion. If you resolve to following, you are follower of this religion)in a nutshell explains why we are the oldest surviving civilisation in this world.

  • wow very nice article…i really want to adopt this religion and leave islam..islam just seems very limiting and mental disease..i want to convert to vedic religion how can i go about this? somebody helpme

    • You need not leave any religion to adopt Vedic Religion. If you resolve to following, you are follower of this religion:
      1. You shall constantly seek truth and reject falsehood to best of your intent and capability.
      2. You shall love entire humanity as your own family irrespective of man made barriers like caste, region, race, color, religion.
      3. You shall respect women and not consider them less than equal.
      4. You shall practice self-control and stay away from vices of mind and body.
      5. You shall practice monogamy and treat other women as mother.
      6. You shall dedicate time and emotions to thank and think of Supreme Lord and be closer to Him.
      7. You shall love your nation and strive to work for its prosperity.
      8. You shall be compassionate and tolerant to all.
      9. To shall constantly strive to put best of your efforts for progress of self, society, world.
      10. You shall constantly seek knowledge and wisdom

      To support these, you are encouraged to study the Vedas and good books to provide a conceptual framework. Please let us know if we can help you.

  • I just finished the Satyarth Prakash. What a excellent book I have ever Read. I request every human being please study Satyarth Prakash and make your life Happy, prosperous ans Successfull.
    East or west Vedas are BEST.

  • Heavens or Earth? Which was created first? First earth and then heaven [2:29], heaven and after that earth [79:27-30].

    The earth was created first, as mentioned in the first verse of Al-Baqarah(2):29. The first verse uses the word “Khalaqa” (created). The second set of verses only say that God “Daha” (spread out and gave features) the earth after the creation of the heavens, not that he “Khalaqa” (created) it. Please verify my claims by referring to any convenient dictionary, such as “Lisan Al-Arab.” In other words, God created the earth, created the heavens, and then gave the earth its features and spread them out. This is explained in sufficient detail by the Companion of the Prophet Ibn Abbas who’s words in this regard have been recorded in Sahih Al-Bukhari. The very verses themselves even explain it for those who would like to read the very next verse. The verses say “And the earth He “daha” after that; He extracted from its water and its fodder, and the mountains He planted firmly…” Thus, it is quite clear from the verses themselves what is meant by this word. It simply means “to spread out and give features, such as streams, mountains, plants, etc.”

    • It is very possible that what is meant by “spreading out and giving features” in this verse is the well known “continental drift” theory. In the early 20 th century a German meteorologist by the name of A. L. Wegener, after studying numerous scientific indications suggested that the continents had started out as a single unified continent millions of years ago when the earth was first formed. These continents then split apart, and like a giant jigsaw puzzle they moved apart to form the continents we know today as Europe, Asia, Australia, the Americas, etc. This splitting of the continents is postulated to have begun in the Mesozoic Era and is continuing in the present era.

      • It is interesting to note that in the Qur’an God ties the “spreading out” (Daha) of the earth with the formation and “planting” of the mountains. An issue which Wegener has confirmed and considers to be an integral part of this theory as seen above. It is also interesting that this matter is only just beginning to receive wide-spread acceptance in the scientific community in this century. One wonders, if prophet Muhammad (pbuh) did not receive his message from God, then where did he get the theory that the earth was “spread out” long after its creation and that this spreading out is related to the creation of the mountains among other issues?

        Further, it is also strange that in spite of the fact that the Abdullah Yusuf Ali, the Marmaduke Pickthall, and the Hilali and Khan translations of the meanings of the Qur’an all translate the second verse as “spread out” or “extended,” still, in order to generate a “contradiction” the author of this list managed to change this word to “create” in order that it might support his allegations. A strange way to ‘prove’ one’s case.

    • hey anti agni let me tell you that islam does not fit with logic and science at all how can the earth be created first when you say the earth and heavens was there when big bang happen when science says the earth didnt exist when the big bang happen and spread out doesnt mean contintental drifts it means flat and yes i agree the quran does not say in the order mentioned in statement but even then science goes against quran in most cases the only science i can confirm is that we came from water which was nothing new at the time the quran was revealed.

      • @jay. science and logic doesn’t fit to agniveersamajis and if you have any doubt then read aryasamajis comments at agniveer.

        You are such a big hate monger that you. never shy on writing lies. where i have written first earth and heaven created then big bang happens????

      • no science and logic fits only with eastern beliefs and you said ‘The earth was created first, as mentioned in the first verse of Al-Baqarah(2):29’ i didnt say you said that and if you are correct this goes against science and the claim made by muslims about the big bang which is in reality not there

      • @Aryas
        Scientist views always get change. You cannot judge all things in Quran from current scientist point of view. The unscientific you find today in Quran may be scientific in coming days. As earlier it was believed earth is square shaped but latter on scientist claimed earth is egg shaped. But ignorant find fault in Quran due the error science. Quran is the authority to judge the truth not science. Scientist change their views always & claims differently.

  • Let us not forget that Sanatan Dharma is a pluralistic faith, ie respects other faiths.
    Tjhis website os not to discuss other faiths, but to explain Sanatan Dharma and defend against falsehoods by anti hindu muppets.
    This website should not be used to insult other faiths whatever the provocation, come without hatred re read rv 10.191

    • @dogra : Respect has to be mutual, its not a one way. We have to understand that there ARE differences in the various systems and these differences enable a thinking and pramatic mind to logically choose the best one.If we call a banana a potato just for the sake of being politically correct or respecful then its a facade which will not last for long.
      I dont know why you are equating Dharma with faith , Dharma is practice and may not be equated with faith.
      Dharma has been articulated by Manu and its transliteration is here


      Besides RV 10.191.3 says that in a nation we should have same laws for every citizen now if some FAITH says that people shoud be differentiated between on the basis of what the follow in life i.e. differentiations like dar-ur-harab and dar-ul-islam and kafir and dimmi,Does such a faith invoke respect?

  • @sanatani. Who are you to decide the topic? can you decide the topic at alisina?

    Same Quran is also saying that “woe to whom who offers Namaz ” will you also advise Muslims to abstain from Namaz offering???
    If you don’t have knowledge then ask who has knowledge.

    • @anti-agni
      Good, keep up fighting with kufrs.
      _________will you also advise Muslims to abstain from Namaz offering________
      Yes, I advise to Muslim abstain from Arb’s culture/rituals, stop going in mosque it will destroy Taliban and Arbi culture.
      _________you don’t have knowledge__________
      Quran Allah also had no knowledge
      Creation of the Heaven and Earth
      Which one was created first? As you will see in the verses , Allah at one time says that Earth was created first and another time he says that the Heaven was created first. Quran 2: 29 & Quran 79: 27 – 30

      • Egypt assembly votes for Islamic laws The Egyptian Constituent Assembly, which is mandated with writing the country’s new charter, has voted to keep Islamic principles as the main source of legislation…. ”’Islam is the state religion, and the Arabic language is its official language. The principles of Islamic sharia are the main source of legislation”‘ ”’The panel also approved a clause stating that the principles of Christian and Jewish legal traditions would guide their personal and religious affairs”’ ‘labaik ya ikhwanul muslimoon’

  • e don’t kiss the Kaba, we kiss the Black Stone because Prophet Muhammad did so,

    Sahih al Bukhari Volume 2, Book 26, Number 667: Narrated ‘Abis bin Rabia:
    ‘Umar came near the Black Stone and kissed it and said “No doubt, I know that you are a stone and can neither benefit anyone nor harm anyone. Had I not seen Allah’s Apostle kissing you I would not have kissed you.”

    We have seen from the book of Swami Sivananda that they (the idolators) believe the Idol can answer them and solve their problem, which we don’t believe and Hazrat Umar says ‘’I know that you are a stone and can neither benefit nor harm anyone’’ we don’t believe that the Black Stone has the non bestowed power to benefit or harm us otherwise IT WOULD HAVE BEEN idol worship. Is kissing an act of worship? Can Agniveer show us one verse which says kissing is an act of worship? Kissing the Black stone is not obligatory

    Muslims go to Makkah to glorify God, not to kiss a stone or worship a man or a semi-divinity. Kissing or touching the Black Stone at the Ka`bah is an optional action, not obligatory or prescribed. Those who kiss the Black Stone or touch it do not do it because they have faith in the Stone or attribute any superstitious qualities to it. Their faith is in God only. They kiss, touch or point at the Stone only as a token of respect or a symbol of love for Prophet Muhammad, who laid the Stone at the foundation of the Ka`bah when it was reconstructed. (Source)

    Now some Hindus would say Kissing the Black Stone was a pagan ritual, Do they have any authentic proof for this? Kissing is an act of respect, So kissing the Black Stone is also an act of respect because it was sent from Heaven[7], as we have seen above it is not obligatory to kiss the Black Stone, it’s optional, If Muslims worships the Black stone (as the Anti Muslims claims) then it would have been obligatory to kiss it physically as the Idolators adore their Idols physically. The Black Stone is a starting point for circumambulation.

    We circumambulate around the Kaba because the Kaba is the Qiblah (Direction) and what is the wisdom behind circumambulation is explained here

    Circumambulating the Kaaba represents the idea of oneness. Its meaning regarding the social life is not to leave unity and to try to maintain this unity. Its meaning regarding individual life contains deep truths. The sky has seven layers; man has seven souls. Each turning around the Kaaba represents a phase, a stage; man covers a phase and is elevated up to the seventh sky, above the material realm… (Source)

  • @jay. i am not here to propagate Islam, i am here because agniveersamajis abuse our prophet and Allah SWT . it increasing hatred against agniveersamajis/aryasamadhis in my heart.

    i can’t tell you how much hatred i have now against aryasamadhis. after reading samhullash 14 my peeception for dayananda changed totally . you can’t understand how much we love prophet Muhammad s.a.w. if you simply ask questions then no problem. but you abuse our prophet and make a mockery on them.

    iyou just visit satyagni and see first picture. a beard man spitting in a pandit’s mouth ??? Do you believe in that?

    I have challenged vinay that if he has guts then abuse prophet Muhammad infront of any Muslim .

    can you say anything to Sikhs ? A sikh girl has registered a case in supreme court that sikhi is not part of Hinduism. and supreme court asked attorney general about government view . do you still believe that Sikhs are following veda ?

    • @anti-agni
      ______________i am here because agniveersamajis abuse our prophet and Allah SWT_____________
      Ali Sina / faithfreedom also claim Mohammed was looter, pedophilia, mass murdered rapist, Quran is not word of God but a political agenda of Arabs and Mohammed etc. etc. why not you go there and refute them & preach Islam there. Ali Sina claims even to give you 100000 US$ if he proved to be wrong and shut down his website permanently
      Maulana Ajmal Qadri vs. Ali Sina
      ____i can’t tell you how much hatred i have now against aryasamadhis_____
      Is it More than hating to Osama Bin Laden, Ali Sina, Kasab, Afjal Guru, Pakistan etc.
      ______if he has guts then abuse prophet Muhammad infront of any Muslim____
      I know Mohammed is above the Allah in Islam. Muslim can listen criticism of Allah but not of Mohammed.

      • @sanatani/agniveersamaji, ali sina is a name and he has been thoroughly refuted by many websites. you can search http://www.answering-islam.com. he may be another aryasamaji but you peoples are a cult in India and you are spreading hatred against Indian Muslim.

        i am challenging you to debate me on the topic “sanatani is fool” and if you will win then i will give 1000000USD but condition is that I will be the judge of debate and iwill decide who is the winner….are you ready to accept the challenge? these things have no meanings.

        “I know Mohammed is above the Allah in Islam. Muslim can listen criticism of Allah but not of Mohammed.” it is showing your mental level you always twist the words according to your choice. after reading your answers i always surprise that how foolish you peples are, can’t understand simple things.

        i dont know what is your motive behind provoking muslims but it proves that you are coward can’t face any person so you satisfy yourself on internet. can you justify satyagni?

      • @sanatani. if alisin is performing his duty of abusing Allah and prophets very well then why agniveer and agnniveersamaji unnecessarily wasting their time and increasing hatred for themselves?

      • @Anti-Agni
        _______you peoples are a cult_____
        What is cult? How am I following a cult? How Islam is religion not cult?
        ______i am challenging you to debate me on the topic “sanatani is fool”___
        I accept your challenge. If you prove me I am against humanity, morality, I will change my stance.
        _____your motive behind provoking muslims____
        I am reminding them that fight is prescribed to them by Allah. But Indian Muslim has forgot this unlike Pakistani, Iraki, Afgani Muslim.
        Qur’an (9:29) – “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.”

        Maulana Ajmal Qadri vs. Ali Sina

    • okay i see but you need to understand hindus/arya samaji attacking othe peoples beliefs or kiling people in the basis of religion is something they learnt from foreigners like muslims and christians they are learning to defend their faith and unity which they didnt do in the past and you need understand the situation of swami dayanand saraswati he was going through alot and he was angrry at christians and muslim missionaries for spreading lies and trying to convert hindus through deciet and falsehood if you muslims did not spread lies and try to convert others just to dominate we can live in peace like for many years most hindus have lived in peace with other faiths and allowed other beliefs to grow we tried not to fight on basis of religion but only injustice or other personal matters as for ali sina he has challenged muslims he and other ex muslims aswell as other non muslims talking bad about islam or going against islam have done alot more than agniveer and arya samaj have world wide why dont you refute them? you cant that is why and again answering something does not mean refuting

  • Famous praises of Gita:

    For thousands of years, the Bhagavad Gita has inspired millions of readers. Here’s what some of the greats have to say in praise of this venerable scripture.
    “When I read the Bhagavad-Gita and reflect about how God created this universe everything else seems so superfluous.” ~ Albert Einstein

    “The Bhagavad-Gita has a profound influence on the spirit of mankind by its devotion to God which is manifested by actions.” ~ Dr. Albert Schweizer

    “The Bhagavad-Gita is the most systematic statement of spiritual evolution of endowing value to mankind. It is one of the most clear and comprehensive summaries of perennial philosophy ever revealed; hence its enduring value is subject not only to India but to all of humanity.” ~ Aldous Huxley

    “The Bhagavad-Gita is a true scripture of the human race a living creation rather than a book, with a new message for every age and a new meaning for every civilization.” ~ Rishi Aurobindo

    “The idea that man is like unto an inverted tree seems to have been current in by gone ages. The link with Vedic conceptions is provided by Plato in his Timaeus in which it states…” behold we are not an earthly but a heavenly plant.” ~ Carl Jung

    “In the morning I bathe my intellect in the stupendous and cosmogonal philosophy of the Bhagavad-Gita, in comparison with which our modern world and its literature seems puny and trivial.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

    “The marvel of the Bhagavad-Gita is its truly beautiful revelation of lifes wisdom which enables philosophy to blossom into religion.” ~ Herman Hesse

    “The Bhagavad-Gita calls on humanity to dedicate body, mind and soul to pure duty and not to become mental voluptuaries at the mercy of random desires and undisciplined impulses.”

    “When doubts haunt me, when disappointments stare me in the face, and I see not one ray of hope on the horizon, I turn to Bhagavad-Gita and find a verse to comfort me; and I immediately begin to smile in the midst of overwhelming sorrow. Those who meditate on the Gita will derive fresh joy and new meanings from it every day.”
    ~ Mahatma Gandhi

    “The Bhagavad-Gita deals essentially with the spiritual foundation of human existence. It is a call of action to meet the obligations and duties of life; yet keeping in view the spiritual nature and grander purpose of the universe.” ~ Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

    “I owed a magnificent day to the Bhagavad-Gita. It was the first of books; it was as if an empire spoke to us, nothing small or unworthy, but large, serene, consistent, the voice of an old intelligence which in another age and climate had pondered and thus disposed of the same questions which exercise us.”

    “The Bhagavad-Gita is an empire of thought and in its philosophical teachings Krishna has all the attributes of the full-fledged montheistic deity and at the same time the attributes of the Upanisadic absolute.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

    “In order to approach a creation as sublime as the Bhagavad-Gita with full understanding it is necessary to attune our soul to it.” ~ Rudolph Steiner

    “From a clear knowledge of the Bhagavad-Gita all the goals of human existence become fulfilled. Bhagavad-Gita is the manifest quintessence of all the teachings of the Vedic scriptures.” ~ Adi Sankara

    “The Bhagavad-Gita is not seperate from the Vaisnava philosophy and the Srimad Bhagavatam fully reveals the true import of this doctrine which is transmigation of the soul. On perusal of the first chapter of Bhagavad-Gita one may think that they are advised to engage in warfare. When the second chapter has been read it can be clearly understood that knowledge and the soul is the ultimate goal to be attained. On studying the third chapter it is apparent that acts of righteousness are also of high priority. If we continue and patiently take the time to complete the Bhagavad-Gita and try to ascertain the truth of its closing chapter we can see that the ultimate conclusion is to relinquish all the conceptualized ideas of religion which we possess and fully surrender directly unto the Supreme Lord.” ~ Swami Prabhupada

    “The secret of karma yoga which is to perform actions without any fruitive desires is taught by Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad-Gita.” ~ Vivekananda

  • It is the case Mr. sanatanai that you don’t know about your religion about your temples. how could you say there was any Krishna? the book which you use to know Krishna is telling you that he was makhanchor and due to makhan and gur he was very active in sex. But you believe something from your books and reject something. Without any basis .

    you can search Google to know about your temples. more than 95% Hindus believe in moorti puja and all those stories . agniveer says that veda can’t be translated??? so no one can understand veda because nobody know that untranslable language.

    • who told you krishna had sex with gopi? krishna was not like your prophet who feel in love with her at 6 and had sex with 9 year old and no hindu actually worship the murti most hindus see god everywhere they worship god through the idol not the idol itself we the arya samaj dont say to use idol is a sin but we say it is not needed unlike islam and what do you mean people are not allowed at brindavan gardens? millions of people every year go there and as for saifyah muhammed had sex with her between his journey between khaybar and medina after beating her tribe and making them to surrender in a war ad taking her as a slave and then his wife

    • @anti-agni
      __________you don’t know about your religion about your temples_____
      Eternal religion does not say to build up temple/mosque/church etc.. I never go in temples / mosques/ church etc. to worship God. These are just picnic spot for me.
      _____ how could you say there was any Krishna_____
      Sanatan Dharma does not force you to believe in Krishna/Rama/Nanank etc. People can say even that there was no Dayanand, Mohammed, Kabirdas, Nanak Aurangzeb etc.
      ________book which you use to know Krishna is telling you that he was makhanchor_____
      I know the Krishna through Geeta. Geeta nowhere says it.
      _____reject something. Without any basis ._____
      During the medieval period books were corrupted. Like as per Scholars there was only 10,000 Shalok originally written by sage Veda Vyas in Mahabharata but now we find more then 1,00,000 shaloka in Mahabharata. There is corruption at large scale and contradictorily things. We need to scrutinize them. There was no mechanism to stop adulteration in these scriptures/history books. Like at One place Mahabharata says “whoever will touch the soil of Kuruksthetra his/her all sin will be forgiven and will get to salvation” while another place it says there is no way to escape from Karma (deeds) you have done you must have to face result of it.
      _________more than 95% Hindus believe in moorti puja and all those stories_____
      This website in only for to bring the Hindu/Muslim people back in Sanatan Dharma/eternal religion. Many person like me are back in the ancestral religion and think there is no need to bow before kaaba stone or other stone and reciting name of human (Mohammed) while praying to God.
      _________one can understand veda_______
      It is tough task to know whole Veda (Universal Truths). In his holy book Shatpath Brahmin Granth Muni Yaskacharya has quoted that there was a Kashyap Rishi who studied Vedas deeply. Rishi had been experiencing unlimited peace and merriment while studying Vedas and going the deepest in every mantra. when he reached at the age of three hundred years knowing/studying Veda he prayed God that he (Rishi) is leaving Body and said the knowledge of the Vedas are eternal and unlimited.

      • @sanatani, why you go to picnic at those temples? to see those nude pics/idols? who are you ? are you any authority in hindu religion? why should i believe what you are believing? you havent told me what is your source that hazrat saffiyya exists even?

        you peoples pick up things according to your choice, i have read sanskrit till my class 12th as third paper of hindi so i know you mistranslate veda. sa you translate GAU to cow/charity/knowledge according to your choice. it seems that till date nobody understand or able to translate veda? why iswara has given eternal knowledge in such a horrific language?

        gita is a part of Mahabharata and you believe that gita is not corrupted and mahabharata is corrupted? how could you refute if i say that gita is corrupted and you peoples have changed the whole Gita? you agniveersamaji solar system worshipper do not represent Hindu religion.

      • anti agni you still here if you want to be a slave of allah you can be? what are you trying to prove with your nonsense? and gita is part of mahabharta they are both corrupted but gita does not say what you claim most hindus try to understand krishna through geeta as he summaries everything and is easy to understand as for saifiya you believe she existed to us it doesnt matter if she did or did not and vedas can be translated authentically but it is yet to be done many people in the past understood the true vedas and why did allah give quran is new language called arabic which belongs to the arabian pensula? sanskrit isnt for only india it belongs to all

      • @anti-agni
        _______________why you go to picnic at those temples______________
        I go to temples like lotus temple, Birla Mandir, etc. at Holiday as a pastime. Khajuraho is one of great tourist place in India. Tourist come to Khajuraho to see the great carving skill of the ancient people.
        _______________are you any authority in hindu religion_________________
        I believe in Dharma. There is nothing like religion, Hindu, Muslim, Christian etc. Whoever is follower Dharma is “Arya” and who is non-dharmic is “anarya”.
        ____________why should i believe what you are believing_________________
        A saintly person can not be terrorist, rapist, looter at the same time and vice-versa. We cannot believe contradictorily. If any terrorist, rapist, looter claims himself prophet/saint he is hypocrite and fooling the people.
        ________why iswara has given eternal knowledge in such a horrific language________
        According to Nassa, Sanskrit is such a language in which a message can be sent by the computer in the least number of words.
        ______you believe that gita is not corrupted and mahabharata is corrupted____
        Whatever against universal truth and contradictory cannot be word of God. Geeta should interpreted in the line of Veda.

  • @sanatani. what a beautiful answer you have given …you are real agniveer samaji….worshipper of solar system . you don’t know the case and start barking .

    you are liar saffiyya r.a. was not married same day. you have shown your filth.

    • @anti-agni
      _______you are liar saffiyya r.a. was not married same day____________
      Okey, Not same day. Then when? May be next day or after two, three days. You meant to say two, three days after killer of woman’s husband, father, brothers claims he did marry with the woman of anti-agni Safiyah/ Mariya/Juwahriya (Imagniary name) not rape/sex. Should a society accept the claim?

      Mariyah, the Sex Slave of the Holy Prophet

      • @sanatani. It is proved that you are liar. you deliberately lie to give perverted meanings. because you atr filty hate monger……..nothing to spread from veda so you malign islam.

        because of your hate mongering 98% Hindus have rejected you. you want to change everything as you have changed meaning of veda.

      • @anti-agni
        I think you have nothing to discuss here. Instead of answering you are parroting everyone hate monger, hate monger. I have asked a question to you but you did not reply, Question was
        “Two, three days after killer of woman’s husband, father, brothers claims he did marry with the woman of anti-agni Safiyah/ Mariya/Juwahriya (Imagniary name) not rape/sex. Should a society accept the claim? Will your wife agree to marry with killer of her husband, father and brothers?. Please go and ask to your wife.


      • @sanatani. it is vedic site and hete only veda and vedic dharma can be discussed.

        Instead of accepting your lies you always change your question, i don’t know what do you know? You say sex to marriage ? Every Hindu believe that krishna is makhan chor.. from hindu religiousbooks but you reject from same book??

        Peoples say that government not allow peoples from entering vrindawan garden because still sex moan is coming from there. you can see how strongly they believe in sex krira with gopis . you changed everything without any authority . just go and check south Indian temples …..total nudity.

      • @anti-agni
        ________You say sex to marriage____
        What you will call if someone attacks at your house and kill the all male members. Will your wife marry with the killer of her husband, father , brothers? But killer claims he did marry with your wife not rape/sex. How should we take it as a marriage or rape/sex?
        ______krishna is makhan chor but you reject from same _____
        I am not blind believer in any book. If anything I found objectionable in any book I reject it because as per Veda also
        Yajurved 19.77
        – All humans at all times should have passion only for adoption of truth and rejection of falsehood. This should be a continuous process and one should keep detaching faith from what one discovers to be false and keep attaching faith to what one discovers to be true based on analysis, logic, facts and evidence
        ________still sex moan is coming from there______
        This just a superstitions of people. If someone really comes there why not make live recording of it. We can put camera there. There is no place for such things in Vedic society.

        Here is the truth with full authority with evidence. Please go through this article.

      • @satani. you believe according to yourself …what about south indian temples? How could yousay what is adulteration ib krishna story? you have changed veda’s translation and meanings .
        What is your source of information regarding hazrat saffiyya? You believe what you want in your books and want to make us same that we believe alisina….or selected part from our sirat books.

      • @anti-agni
        _______what about south indian temples______
        What you have to do south Indian temples? Why should I discuss about them? I do not know what are in south Indian temples. Although temples, mosques etc. not mentioned in Veda. Veda are universal teachings. There is no reference of any temple, place, person etc. in Veda.
        ______ How could yousay what is adulteration ib krishna story______
        Krishna love affairs, makhanchori does not serve any purpose for us. All these story are false. I think you have not read the article which deal with same subject.
        ________you have changed veda’s translation and meanings_____
        Veda are eternal, everlasting and universal truths. Ved Mantra can be interpreted only in that sense. Like there is Mantra “Agnimedey Purohitam Yajasya Devam” meaning we invoke (edey) the God (Agni) who (Purohitam) holds, cares, nurses the entire universe. But if you translate the mantra we worship the “Agniveer (Owner of Agniveer site)” who is/was care taker of agniveer.com. This is not Veda. Because this is not eternal and everlasting truths. This interpretation is based on history.

    • @anti-agni
      This website is anti-Indian site because it abuse 85% people of this country. Why to target only Indian Hindu people not Arabian, Pakistani, Afghanistan Muslim people. Are they above Indian Hindu people?

    • that guy and islamhinduism and working together most of their articles are nonsense and not even worth replying to they are just repeating things which have already been refuted

  • Religion is a matter of emotion !! …………..
    And all the reasons put together can not out weigh a single emotion…veda realises this fact……
    so be whatever you want to be ….. (its your emotion)
    But for GOD sake…..for Sake of ALLAH…for any Sake..Don’t hesitate to accept Right as Right…..or wrong as wrong………and Don’t be emotional about your reasons…..
    I Give you a Paradox
    Emotions are Good Reason for any thing.
    Emotions are no reason at all.
    opposite statements but true all at the same time….
    and hence every bodies realises truth in his own way……and hence we human beings are different…plural……and it is the Vedas ( Sanatan Panth) which accepts this plurality. Reasons are reasons and emotions are emotions….and hence one dogmatic framework can not fit all…….as we see in Abrahamic religions….
    Thats why the seers of the Vedas gave you the liberty to have a relgion as per you ……rather than religion as per Mohd….or as Christ…or any body else……..your religion must be as per you……and they laid only the principles( principles which we call Dharma) and not the religion per se…….
    A concept allowed only by following the teachings of the Sanatan Panth

  • @ Mr Shudra
    As a principle of sociology —- societies can be compared either they are in the same time period or the same society is compared on different time periods..for example Indian society of 2012 can be compared with U.S. society of 2012 or British or French or Chinese( to get the state of social affairs in India vis -a- vis U.S.or England or France..whatever)…or Indian society of 2012 can be compared with Indian society of 1000 AD ( to check the progress over time)…If we don’t follow this principle we get absurd results. For eg if Indian Society of 2012 is compared with U.S. society of 1912 we find they did not had mobile phones, no internet, almost no cars…not even universal adult surfurage…i mean you can easily conclude India is much developed than U.S. which is an absurd conclusion….Simillarly if Societal Standards of India during 1100 A.D. are compared with societal standards of England of 1800 or 1900 we get absurd results…..
    As per sociology if some people in the social hierarchy were considered out cast of ancient Indians…It is really interesting to note the rights which have been granted to people who were outcast of society in Islam and the then Hindu society time around ( 800 AD..to 1200 AD)….In the Hindu Society they had right to life and freedom where as Islam even denies the right to life for outcasts which they call (kafirs)….I am not sure about Christianity so no coments on it …but going on the logic as they are of the same nature…… thoughts could be found as slavery was practised in the Christian world during the time period 1500 AD to 1700 A.D.
    To conclude if you want to compare Ancient Indian Society it must be compared to societies of the same time period that is say India of 1000 A.D. vs. England of 1000 A.D. or Egypt of A.D. and I Know very well that India India scrores well over any other society….

  • GOOD job Agniveer!
    A discussion which can only be possible following the vedic rituals and of course internet!! ha..ha..ha…
    few faiths allow such disscussion?
    Infact you will find Islam and Christianity emotional about their reasons…where as they must be emotional about people and not towards their reasons…..No need to be emotional about reasons…..if they can not stand the tests one must discard them…..
    I the comments few people have prompted the problem of castesim …castesim is a social problem and is not present in the religion…..i have sufficient reasons to proove it if any body is interested…..and for social problems all parties in the society are equally responsible…….Julm karna galat hai toh julm sehena bhi galat hai…. infact thoes who left for buddihisim for equality have not left their claim for reservation so we can easily conclude the above result.
    A christian brother says GOD refers to the followes OH! My Son ! Actually as far as I know Jesus is known as SON OF GOD and not all of Christians….. Infact in the Sanatan Panth….every body has been portrayed as SON OF GOD….because evil is a thought and NOT GOD……woh unke Kaan ke mail se paida hua…and stories like that !!!
    Good job Agniveer for the effort….
    GOD Bless You !!
    GOD Bless HUMANITY !! At least they stop killing each other in the name of GOD….and start looking for HIM who stands for Annand, LOVE, Peace, Effort , Mercy and is very well within them….

  • @jabb, your argument is absolutely correct.. i was listening debate between tariq abdullah and so called pandit mahendra pal arya who claims that “Allah ordered angels to bring dust to make adam and AJAJEEL brings the dust so y he denied to prostrate in front of ALLAH????”

    in that debate tariq sahab said that veda also mention that “ved nindak ko kaat daal, cheer daal, jala de” then one aryasamaji defended that veda does not mean those four books but it is tru knowledge and right way..so every person who is against true knowledge and right way he should be punished in this way. then MP arya explained the concept of GOD according to veda ie sam, yajurved etc. i want to ask if what is right way is veda then every one believes his way as right and true way then it means every one should kaat daal, cheer daal aur jala de to a the nindak of his way?????

    if veda means knowledge then every one have knowledge and any person going against my knowledhe should i “kaat daal …him”???

    y aryasamaji replies from sam, yajurveda etc when we ask anything regarding veda if veda is right way and knowledge????

    • @Anti-Agni, it is wonderful to see that you are making analysis of that shameful defeat in that debate which taqiyayist Abdullah Tariq got from Pandit Mahendra.What you are making allegation is about AtharvaVeda 12.5.62
      This is Taqiah (cheating legitimized in name of religion) at its best.

      1. The current context of the mantra starts at least from 12.5.47 and continues till 73. So quoting selectively only shows malafide intentions.

      2. In reality, the mantra is dedicated to Brahmagavi (ब्रह्मगवी). This refers to fundamental unchangeable laws of nature.

      3. The entire chapter details how those who refuse to act as per unchangeable laws of nature due to false ego get destroyed. There is no mention whatsoever of any person or group of person trying to kill anyone.

      4. The mantras assert that those who try to silence the voice of intellect or truth get destroyed themselves. These mantras have been the foundation of all revolutionary movements that have ever happened to oppose the voice of tyranny. The chapter is an inspiration for all truth seekers. It elaborates how ultimately laws of nature destroy the greatest of power achieved through tyranny. It elaborates how wealth obtained through tyranny is actually a curse. It elaborates why the mightiest of rulers should be scared of harming a truth-seeking scholar.

      5. Mantra 12.5.58 clearly calls this Brahmagavi ‘Aghnye’. So it is in feminine gender and means ‘non-violent’. So it is clear that the mantras talk of wider laws of nature and not inciting into killing innocents because of difference in viewpoints. On contrary, the mantras clearly assert that those who think of killing innocents get destroyed as per Laws of nature.

      6. So yes, the mantra does say that Brahmagavi – or Fundamental Truths of Nature destroy the perpetrators of terror and hatred in most merciless manner.

      Again, this belief forms the foundation of peaceful living and is rightly encouraged in all civilized societies of the world that believe in tolerance and co-existence.
      ——————————————————————————————————————-Does The mantra say to kill any Buddhist or Muslim or Christians?
      But Quran does promote hatred & violence towards non muslims, Quran 9:29 fight all those who do not believe in Allah & subjugate them to rule of Islam. Muhammad the so called prophet of religion of peace himself said to have dictated that he is commanded to fight by allah till there is no religion but Islam!!!!

      The alleged ved mantra is neither descriptive nor prescriptive violence but it is the stage how a tyrant or devils lose their potential by not following ethics & values of society or Dharma. While Allah of Quran is ordering Muslims to kill non Muslims, so if you are true muslim do that or you are classified in category of Kafir.

      • @angira/truth hater…”ved nindak ko kaat daal cheer daal jala de” ka kiya matlab h?
        Bhai tm log kitne confise ho… ved kiya h????? Aise to har cheez ko defend kiya ja sakta h.

      • @Anti-Human/ Mawali (non Arab Muslim or slave & puppets of Arab Sheikhs)/ Slave(Abdul) of Pagan Moon god allah(Abdullah)/ Mohammedan(follower of pedophile)
        We Hindus are not defending something, we are just following Dharma (truthfulness of nature) & Dharmo Rakshati Rakshit: (Dharma defends defenders of Dharma themselves). This is reason why followers of child rapist, rapists as per divine order of Moon god in Quran 4:24, savages attempted at their best level & strength to convert all us & to destroy the great Hinduism in their 800 years savage rules, but could not even reach near to their desire rather found themselves demolished at every ongoing decades.So Sad!!!!!!!
        If you want to pay attention to this intellectually
        The idea of said Atharvaveda mantra 12/5/54 is that the divine Vedvanni which emanates from God is like a ‘Vajra’ (weapon) for an atheist i.e., the learned person have power to take said weapon to change the mind of atheist but the fundamental law of Vedas is that everyone has to maintain non- violence. As regards the destruction it applies to antisocial tendencies.

        The mantra 12/5/62 relates to law ‘Ved Nindak’ who insults Vedas, in this case the divine “ Ved vanni” takes its own option to destroy the said element. So it has not mentioned in mantras that any person should take law in his own hand to harm or to kill any one.
        Again mantra does not say to kill specific group of people , but is focusing on obvious event like “if you touch the fire with open hand, your skin will be burnt automatically & hence you will get sufferings”.
        But please comment on Quran 9:29, which you did not & on follwing:

        This is what the Prophet did to [old] kafirs

        Hadith Sahih Bukhari

        Volume 2, Book 19, Number 173:

        Narrated ‘Abdullah bin Masud :

        The Prophet recited Suratan-Najm (103) at Mecca and prostrated while reciting it and those who were with him did the same except an old man who took a handful of small stones or earth and lifted it to his forehead and said, “This is sufficient for me.” Later on, I saw him killed as a non-believer.

      • anti agni ji , ved nindak ko bhi jivit rahane ka adhikar hai jain v bauddh mat vale, islam panthi isai adi bhi jivit rahe hai! aur aap bhi jivit fir aise prshn kyo kar rahe hai! ved nindak bhi is desh me rahate hai !

    • @jabb
      __________If I believe Vedas is a lie and man made, can I still be a Vedic follower_________
      Veda are eternal knowledge. And no one can deny eternal knowledge. You are Vedic as far as you “accept truth through a continuous process of rejecting falsehood every moment to best of your abilities in the most sincere”. ’You are denying because you have read illogical and false translation. You should reject them. Whatever illogical and unscientific are not Veda. As per Veda Yajurved 19.77
      – All humans at all times should have passion only for adoption of truth and rejection of falsehood. This should be a continuous process and one should keep detaching faith from what one discovers to be false and keep attaching faith to what one discovers to be true based on analysis, logic, facts and evidence.

      • If Veda is about individual knowledge of the truth, then we will have contradictory truth. Everybody has a unique opinion of what is the truth. There are peoples like Adolf Hitler believe killing 6 million Jews is the final solution to human problem, would that make what he believe is the truth?

      • @jabb

        ___________If Veda is about individual knowledge of the truth_________
        Where Veda do talk about individual personality?
        ______Everybody has a unique opinion of what is the truth____
        On This Veda say
        Rigveda 10.161.3
        – Your analysis of right and wrong should be unbiased and not specific to particular set of people (Was Hitler following as Veda preaching ?)
        – You should organize together to help everyone enhance their health, knowledge and prosperity
        – Your minds should be devoid of hatred and should see progress and happiness of all as one’s own progress and happiness and you should only act for enhancement of happiness of all based on truth
        – Work together to eradicate falsehood and discover truth
        – Never ever deviate from path of truth and unity
        Rigveda 10.161.4
        – Your efforts should be full of enthusiasm and for bliss of everyone
        – Your emotions should be for one and all and love everyone the way you love yourself
        – Your desire, resolve, analysis, faith, abstinence, patience, keenness, focus, comfort etc all should be towards truth and bliss for all, and away from falsehood.
        – Keep working in synergy to increase each others’ knowledge and bliss.

      • “to best of your abilities in the most sincere”

        “You believe in only what you find logically sound, reasonable, intuitive and what you can understand right now. You can refuse to claim allegiance to any book, saint, belief etc and yet be Vedic so far you adhere to honesty”

        To me it’s meaning is individual knowledge or understanding. Unbiased is very subjective. CNN, BBC, Al-Jazeera etc. claim to be unbiased but not everyone agree.

      • @jabb : one cannot compare a news channel’s opinion to a individual understanding.The motto is that if today i have an understanding based on the knowledge i possess today , i should not get stuck there forever, but should be willing to change/enhance my understanding based on the knowledge (based on Reason,facts etc) that i gain tomorrow.

    • Bro KB

      I expect now lot of Mawalis coming here claiming this video to be fake. But those having brains and self esteem would definitely get what you meant. Great video. Thanks for the share

      • @Bro Vajra:

        Yes. The Mawali will claim the video is fake. Otherwise, he will claim that the Saudi is not a true Muslim and Allah will punish him in eternal hellfire. That is all the Mohammedan can talk of…all problems in life have a solution in the afterlife – either eternal sex romp with 72 virgins or eternal hellfire. 🙁 Poor slaves of Arabs. 🙁

        Stop performing Hajj O Mawali Mohammedans. The Arabs are milking you, taking your money and in turn spit and slap you. Allah is within you. Is he not closer to you than your jugular vein? Why do you need to go to some Middle Eastern desert land that despises you in search of Allah? Look within. There is all that you need there!

  • @hell-seeker, u have right name because u are seeking hell. u have written//Zakir naik A Muslim fanatic writing nonsense articles on Indian legend Rama, Krishna, Dayanad etc. to trash Indian people//
    can u believe that dayanada is legend????? hell seeker dayananda allowed niyog? can u allow niyog?

  • @shudra …..
    First of all, I would like to request you for your true name and not for you…. everyone please use their true name. I suppose these posts are started to have holy religious debate. And the start of holy thing should not be from false. Agreed? 🙂
    Now, coming to the point: Who says Pakistani hates Indian? Man! People from both sides are having friends and relative in both countries. I give you example (for both Indians and Paks). Can you agree that one of the countries destroy completely in next second? Answer I don’t need to know as we all know it is “NO” …strictly!!!
    Why? As we are caring our friends and relatives, and true religious will also care for innocent human beings.
    So no country can hate other country completely as we all have soft corner for our beloved. We can not blame the whole country for the acts of some of them (or …keeping you up!!! many of them). This mind set will only produce hate in our heart as well as in others. It will just mould our feeling in hate and will keep us away from God’s blessings. Now the people are being literate and can understand the hidden words in the sentences of selfish and crual politician (whoever they are) and terror agencies. Which want us to hate each other for their survival?
    If someone from other country make us fool in the name of friendship and brotherhood. This is our fault that we trapped in his cruel magic. We are not supposed to believe blindly anyone. Loving someone doesn’t a mean to believe every thought of him/her (except Him!! God!! ). Even every religious teaching says don’t believe blindly and use your mind to analyze the truth. And for country to country communication there are some rules in political science. Every attack we had with other country’s army was a result of overlooking the political and social values only. But that’s a different story anyway.
    A cruel philosophy (divide and rule) has been working inside the country. Suppose if all communities will advocate for better education and living standard then there will…

    • rest of my previous post….
      ……….Suppose if all communities will advocate for better education and living standard then there will not be any issue of unemployment. As the educated and confident persons (or community) will ask for job then these selfish politicians (and all) will have to think about investing big money in job opportunities; the money they transfer in Swiss banks or keep in some hidden and secure lockers in India itself. They just give the community reservation to us for which they don’t have to invest any thing. And just providing jobs to some of them let others be happy, illiterate and poor with a hope that they will also get some free gifts if they choose them (to selfish politician) again and again. And this way under our nose they keep looting our precious money which is an outcome of our hard work directly or indirectly. There are many other examples also to prove their cruel intension. These guys just want us to be illiterate, hating and fighting each other. And, unfortunately, they are getting success as we don’t think for each other. They Only way to live better religious and social life is to respect each other , otherwise, forever, we will meet on some blog post blaming each other.

  • For God sake!!! Please don’t categorize terrorism: Hindu terrorism, Muslim terrorism etc.
    They want only these mindsets (Caste and religion typecasting) in humans and I can see they are wining….
    Terrorists are just killers of human beings…. No community can stop terrorism except the unity of humans. There is only one place for terrorists and that is hell…. They are not supposed to be in real society nor in virtual (like blogs etc…)
    Be civilized. Please keep religion away from terror.
    Please don’t make fun of God’s teachings; it is one of the biggest sins in the world and will drag us out of God’s merci… Please… will you not like to think about the feelings of your well-wishers like me who just want to unite the world, keeping holy debates of our religious teachings?
    No God’s teaching in the world can be wrong. If you will give me the verse from any religious book (God’s teaching) which seems to be wrong for you, I will prove that it is right and worthy to accept or I’ll out of the debate saying that I am not good and literate enough to understand His complex and great idea. And I have this mindset because I just love God and admire His incomparable (and infinite obviously) justice, kindness and powers. If some ideas is called as God’s teaching our mindset should changed to perceive it.
    I believe in my religion and pray for other to have faith in theirs (If they really believe that God is Almighty, the one, incomparable, true judge, kind and having infinite powers and able to do anything which we even can not think.)

  • Mr. shudra, do u think that any muslim can write this(as written by abdullah-divide & rule) //@Shudra
    We cannot win the agniveer & Co intellectually. WE need to play Taqqiya as prophet sanctioned us. Pakistan (Muslim Country) attacked many times on India but every time they get defeated. Brother you are doing great work as agniveer trying it’s hard t//
    you do not require to give any explanation, deceiving is the old game of aryasamajis.

    • Why can’t a muslim write like this? Taqiyya and Kitman are part of your culture. You love to follow them. Taqiyya itself means deception. That’s what you played to convert poor gullible people past 9/11.

      Those who have heard of 9/11 will NOT convert to islam. Yet many converted bcoz you tried to decieve them. Decieving NON Muslims is common worship methodology for a Momeen. As a consequence, when they realized your trap – they reverted back to whatever they were.

      Bible OT says — THOU SHALL NOT KILL (Exodus 20:7)
      Bible NT says — LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR AS THYSELF (Matthew 22:39)

      This is morality of Quran and Islam. Enjoy!

      • @hahaha, please read combat kit at islamhinduism.com and see what krishna is saying…
        do u know what is niyog?
        peoples like u have been deceived by America so u know amerca attacked iraq that there are WMDS in iraq and u have blindly believed. can u show where are WMDS in iraq? how many wmds were found? but still u believe in america? today it is confirmed that 9/11 was inside job but u still believe in america after all u are hatemonger and muslim hater.. shame on u
        where is the teaching “thou shall not kill” what??? fly, frog or human???? 6million families have been affected in iraq, still u support america.. shame on u..

      • Do you know who a mawali is? It is you, Gadha Khan. You are a mawali. And by the way, America only attacked Iraq on a false pretense, but Islam is attacking the entire humanity. So, that makes Islam and its ardent followers a potential threat that needs to be countered at any costs.

  • @shudra(ब्राम्हण आतंकवाद)
    Then raise voice against them and let them sentence to death. Command man like me don’t want killers and terrorists in society, we know they have killed our beloved. Do you think Common men made them? No! Neither these killers are common man nor do they belong to human being!
    Rather hiding them safely in our society and blaming each other as if these killers are our family member, we must rise our voice against them and ask our government for justice. I know getting justice in our country is not easy but this IS our country and we have powers in democracy to get justice, so strive for justice only not for blaming each other.

    I suppose, topic of terrorists should not be in any holy religious debate. Because terrorist are not religious; these killers are physiologically transformed by those so called religious managers in the name of God and money. And these managers are so brilliant (or we are so stupid) that they forced us to keep in blaming each others after their attacks as if they are our brothers and sisters and we asked them to kill humans. How can we so cheap minded that we can not even think these killers kill one of us only? The Humans!!! Our brothers, sisters, friends, relatives and neighbors!!!
    I request you please participate in debate with a view “we agree that we are not agree with each other and just replying to others’ queries about our religious values”.

    • @ brother Tushar Sharma you are absolutely r8
      mujhe aap ka comment padhkr bahut hi achha laga. mujhe pahli bar is website koi aap jaisa mila h jo bhed bhav chhod kr ek sachhe kanoon ki bat krta h.
      Aap bilkul thik bol rahe h hume atankwadiyo ko saja dilwana chahiye chahe wo kisi bhi dharm k ho. atank wadi kisi ka dost nahi hota h. aur hum ko apne desh ko jodna chahiye aur nafrato ko dur karna chahiye. jisse hum sab ka future achha ho aur apne ma bap ki achhi seva kr sake.
      mere comments is website unlogo(brahmin atankwad aur dusre atank wad) k liye h jo humare desh me phoot dalna chahte h aur khud shashan krna chahte h
      Hum jante h ki ye log brahmin atankwad k liye kam kr rahe h aur hamare desh ko phir se phoot dalkr todna chahte h. isliye hr post pr ye log christians, muslims, sikhs aur dusre religion ko gali dete h. isse kuchh nahi hone wala h. ab public samajhdar ho gaye h uske pas itna time nahi h jo phir se bjp ya sangh ki bato me akr is desh me masumo ka khun bahaye unke gharo ko aag lagaye. ya mandir masjid k liye phir se lade.

      in logo ko ye BRAHMIN nafrat phailane ki jitni salary dete h batao mai inhe pyar batne ki usse jada salary dilwdunga.

      • @shudra
        Bhai Bharat eeak matra desh hai jaha par Hindio ki sankhya adhik hai. Aap qyo hame hamare desh me chain se rahane nahi dete hai? Aaj jitne bhi world terrorist orgnisation usme muslim kam kar hai.

      • आतंकवाद – दोषी कौन?
        1- मालेगाँव का बम विस्फोट किन लोगो का षड्यंत्र था
        2- अजमेर दरगाह का बम विस्फोट किन लोगो का षड्यंत्र था
        3- मक्का मस्जिद का बम विस्फोट किन लोगो का षड्यंत्र था
        4- समझौता एक्सप्रेस का बम विस्फोट किन लोगो का षड्यंत्र था
        5- नांदेड में संघ कार्यकर्ता राजकोंडवार के घर में बम बनाते हुए विस्फोट, जिसमें दो बजरंग दल के कार्यकर्ता मारे गए थे और पुलिस ने वहा से नकली दाड़ी और शेरवानी , कुरता , पायजामा भी बरामद किया था
        6- गोरखपुर का सिलसिलेवार बम विस्फोट किन लोगो का षड्यंत्र था
        7- मुंबई ट्रेन बम विस्फोट किन लोगो का षड्यंत्र था
        8- घाटकोपर में बेस्ट की बस में हुए बम विस्फोट किन लोगो का षड्यंत्र था
        9- वाराणसी बम विस्फोट किन लोगो का षड्यंत्र था
        10- कानपुर बम विस्फोट किन लोगो का षड्यंत्र था
        1- मालेगाँव का बम विस्फोट
        लेफ़्टिनेंट कर्नल श्रीकांत, साध्वी प्रज्ञा सिंह ठाकुर,
        2- अजमेर दरगाह का बम विस्फोट
        स्वामी असीमानंद , इंद्रेश कुमार (आरएसएस के वरिष्ठ नेता), देवेंद्र गुप्ता, साध्वी प्रज्ञा सिंह, सुनील जोशी, संदीप डांगे, रामचंद्र कलसांगरा उर्फ रामजी, शिवम धाक़ड, लोकेश शर्मा, समंदर , योगी आदित्यनाथ
        3- मक्का मस्जिद का बम विस्फोट
        स्वामी असीमानंद एन्ड कंपनी
        4- समझौता एक्सप्रेस का बम विस्फोट
        स्वामी असीमानंद एन्ड कंपनी
        5- नांदेड बम विस्फोट
        संघ कार्यकर्ता राजकोंडवार
        6- गोरखपुर का सिलसिलेवार बम विस्फोट
        पुलिस ने कलकत्ता के एक आफ़ताब आलम अन्सारी है, को गिरिफतार किया था बाद मे कोर्ट से बा ईज्जत रिहा हुये
        7- मुंबई ट्रेन बम विस्फोट किन लोगो का षड्यंत्र था
        आज तक सच सामने नही आया
        7- घाटकोपर में बेस्ट की बस में हुए बम विस्फोट
        आज तक सच सामने नही आया
        8- घाटकोपर में बेस्ट की बस में हुए बम विस्फोट
        आज तक सच सामने नही आया
        9- वाराणसी बम विस्फोट किन लोगो का षड्यंत्र था
        आज तक सच सामने नही आया
        10- कानपुर बम विस्फोट
        बजरंग दल कार्यकर्ता , भूपेन्द्र सिंह छावड़ा और राजीव मिश्रा
        atankwad hr ek desh k liye ek abhishap h. lekin dusre desho ko dekhne se pahle humko apne desh se atankwad mitana chahiye. chahe wo kisi bhi dharm se juda ho. in atankwadiyo ko aisi saja di jaye jise dekh kr koi bhi atank wadi gatividhiya chalane ka soch bhi na sake. agniveer jaise organisation isko support krne ki bhi na soch sake

      • डॉ राजीव दीक्षित के अनुसार देश का जो पैसा विदेशो में गया है वह वापस ले आए। उन्होने पूरी योजना बनाई थी। लेकिन उसका कोई लाभ नही हुआ। उल्टा उन्हे मरवा दिया गया। उन्होने एक चलचित्र में बताया था कि कैसे यह किया जाए और जितना पैसा गया है, यदि वह वापस भारत में आया तो उससे सबकी गरीबी सदा के लिए मिट जाएगी – इतना पैसा है वह।

        आपको एक बात कहना चाहुँगा कि भारत का असली आतंकवाद कोई ब्राह्मण या मुसलमान या ईसाई नही है। वह है नक्षली और माओवादी। दुर्भाग्यवश हमारी मीडिया को किसी भ्रष्ट नेता ने खरीद लिया है। अन्यथा हमे इसके बारे में सम्पूर्ण जानकारी होती। हमे पता नही चल पाता कि नक्षली / माओवादी कितने मारते है। ब्राह्मण / मुसलमान / ईसाई उस तुलना में कुछ भी नही है।

        कुछ लोगो ने इसपर अनुसन्धान किया था। उन्होने पाया कि इसका 80% कारण है उनकी दरिद्रता। अब ऐसे धन विदेशो में जाता रहेगा तो हम तो दरिद्र ही रहेंगे। मेरे विचार से आतंकवाद से निपटने के लिए पहले उसकी आवश्यकता है। नक्षली और माओवादी के आतंकवाद देश के आतंकवाद के 70% है। अब 80% कारण उनकी गरीबी है तो यदि हम गरीबी का निवारण करे तो

        80% * 70% = 56% आतंकवाद मिट सकता है।

        पहले यह सोचना है कि जो पैसा विदेशो में है वह यहा वापस कैसे लाए। उसके आगे नयी रणनीती बनानी पड़ेगी। आप क्या कहते है?

        कृपया बिना समझे कुछ मत कहिएगा। और किसी को अपशब्द न कहे बल्कि समस्या का समाधान सोचे। डॉ राजीव दीक्षित वाला चलचित्र देखना है तो यह रहा ( जो देशभक्त हो उसे यह चलचित्र दे ताकि कुछ लाभ हो सके।)

      • @Shudra
        We cannot win the agniveer & Co intellectually. WE need to play Taqqiya as prophet sanctioned us. Pakistan (Muslim Country) attacked many times on India but every time they get defeated. Brother you are doing great work as agniveer trying it’s hard to eradicate cast-system but we need to keep it alive as it will be greatest arm for Muslim to win India and Insa Allah we will complete the prediction of Gazwa-e-Hindi.

      • @Agniveer
        You do not pay much attention to this Kufr “Shudra” I know you are doing great work for eradication of cast-system. This Kufr is abusing Hindu but they (Muslim) themselves do not allow us to enter in Kaba as they believe we are worst creatures and Quran sanctioned them kill the Shudra aka non-believer wherever they found us.

      • @ ABDULLAH
        I hate pakistan it is worst country in the world. I hate pakistani people bcz they hate Indians.
        I love my INDIA. I will sacrifice for my country. I hate those Indians who are spreading hate msges in India. once again These coward people like agniveer and brahmin want to divide our country. we must love each other and please dont spread hate masges for any religion.

      • @shudra
        Brother Agniveer is against the Muslim terrorist as you know Muslim keep on their attack on Jammu-& Kashmir. 26/11 Terrorist attack was done by Muslims to terror Hindu. 9/11 Attack on world trade center was done by Muslim terrorist to terror the Kufrs/non-believer. Hafiz Sayed A Muslim terrorist want to destroy India with help of Pakistan. I.S.I a Muslim secret agency working to destroy India. Zakir naik A Muslim fanatic writing nonsense articles on Indian legend Rama, Krishna, Dayanad etc. to trash Indian people. Zakir Naik want all people of India should follow pedophilia, rapist, child abuser Mohammed of Arab who killed the all tribes of arabs of non-believers.

      • @hell-seeker, y u always prophet muhammad? can u tell our respected visitors that how many peoples have been killed from both sides in islamic revolution in 23 years of prophet muhammad s.a.w. you always come and regurgitate ur poison over here? can u tell me the numbers of peoples killed in MAkkah victory. u are only hate monger u have not facts, also tell me how many peoples have been killed in gujrat 2002 riots? if 26/11 is true then can u tell me how 6 peoples can carry such a huge amount explosives and hand grenades in taj hotel which is 5 star hotel and has high security system including cctv camera? have u ever seen footage of those 6 peoples carrying such a big amount of explosives ? our security has defused explosives which was about 1/4th room and they have thrown hand grenades for about 72 hours? can u believe it? hemant karkare’s wife rejected 2lakh rupees from narendra modi y?can u read to the last bullet written by salaskar’s wife. salaskars wife is liar for u, sm mushrif who has written “who killed karkare” is liar? karkare’s wife is liar because she has asked many questions in rti? a lady from orissa has eyewitnessed those peoples coming out from boat, question is y america kidnapped her and investigated after carrying her to america even she was illiterate? what was the interest of america? i have many questions if u can answer on 26/11.

      • @Gadha-Khan
        So, why is then the Indian government pushing for the extradition of Hafiz Saaed? Is the Indian government run the UPA coalition also pursuing the RSS/BJP/VHP agenda? Maybe, the intelligence agencies should recruit you for the incisive details that you have brought to light. Just a few corrections: There were 10 people, 9 killed, 1 captured. They carried big backpacks which could hold up a lot of ammo. Of course, there were local collaborators. They did throw hand grenades for 72 hours but intermittently. Karkare’s wife refused the money because the saffron brigade had alleged him of foul play in arresting some of their cadres in the Malegaon/Samjhauta blast cases. And yes a lady did see these terrorists but she was from the local Koli community.

      • bhai to jagao sab hindu o ko mebhi sath me hu apni jagah se
        fatu o ki thok sakte he agar sab hindu ek hojaye

  • India has hitherto withstood the missionary assault because of the devotion of the ordinary citizen, especially the denizens of villages and tribal belts, to their ancestral faith as represented by the grama devatas, kula devatas and sthana devatas who form a protective shield around their devotees and save them from harm. Then, there are the great gods in the larger temples and peeths and pilgrimages which gird the whole country in a protective grid, along with the spiritual strength and leadership of the traditional acharyas, gurus, mathams and so on.
    -Sandhya Jain

  • सभी जानते हैं कि भारत में मतांतरण के लिए चर्च को अमेरिका से करोड़ों रुपये प्राप्त होते हैं। और हाल ही में विकीलिक्स में ऐसे भी खुलासे किये हैं कि प्रधानमंत्री अपने मंत्रियों तक की नियुक्ति अमेरिका के इशारे पर कर रहे हैं। कहीं ऐसा तो नहीं है ओडिशा में ईसाइयों पर काल्पनिक अत्याचारों पर चिंता व्यक्त कर के प्रधानमंत्री अमेरिका के चर्च संबंधी हितों की रक्षा कर रहे हैं। दुर्भाग्य से ओडिशा में स्वामी लक्ष्मणानंद की हत्या के समय से ही चर्च की भूमिका संदिग्ध हो रही थी।

    क्या चर्च ओडिशा में कोई और भयानक खेल खेलना चाहता है? जनवादी व तथाकथित मानवाधिकार संगठनों को इसकी भी जांच करवानी चाहिए।

    • bhai jab pura bharat jaghe ga tab ye mumkin he baato se nahi sudhre ga bharat ke pahele sab hindu ek hojaye to hi to dikha sakte he HINDU DHARM kya shakti he

  • चर्च द्वारा धर्मांतरण के कार्यो को लगातार बढ़ावा देने के कारण कर्नाटक,उड़ीशा,आंध्र प्रदेश, मध्य प्रदेश, छतीसगढ़, राजस्थान, महाराष्ट्र आदि राज्यों में उसका टकराव धर्मांतरण विरोधी ताकतों के साथ लगातार बढ़ है। इन टकरावो के चलते ईसाई समुदाय के चर्च पदाधिकारियों के सामने उठाये जाने वाले महत्वपूर्ण मुद्दे दबते चले आ रहे है।
    पूरी तरह व्यपारिक हो चुके चर्च के लिए यह बड़ी सुहावनी स्थिति है।

    किसी कान्वेंट स्कूल में किसी प्रशासनिक धांधली को लेकर स्कूल प्रशासन और अभिभाविकों के बीच कोई टकराव हो जाये तो उसे आज के समय में मीडिया के सहयोग से ‘ईसाइयत पर हमला’ बनाने में चर्च नेतृत्व को एक पल भी नही लगता।

    मुठ्ठीभर पादरियों की यह टीम ईसाई समुदाय के साथ साथ सरकार को भी अपनी स्वार्थपूर्ति हेतू नचा रही है। अपने विशेष अधिकारों की आड़ में अकूत संपत्ति और संसाधनों पर कब्जा जमाये यह लोग धर्मांतरण के नाम पर देश में अस्थिरता पैदा करने में भी पीछे नही है।
    अच्छी खबर यह है कि ईसाई समुदाय धीरे-धीरे चर्च की कूटनीति को समझने लगा है और अब ईसाइयों के अंदर से अपने अधिकारों की अवाज उठनी लगी है।

  • धर्मांतरण के जरिये भारत की जनसांख्यिकी को अपने अनुकूल बनाने के बाद चर्च का अगला लक्ष्य सत्ता पे कब्जा करना होगा. और इसका जीता जागता उदाहरण देश के सुदूर उत्तरी-पूर्व हिस्सों में, नागालैंड, केरल, उड़ीसा, छत्तीसगढ़ और महानगर मुम्बई के कई इलाको में देखा जा सकता है. यहाँ चर्च की दया पर ही कई कोंग्रेसी (चर्च भक्त) उम्मीदवार जीतते हैं. यह सिलसिला आगे बढ़ाते हुए दिल्ली तक पहुंचेगा और राहुल गांधी व रॉबर्ट वाड्रा की कई निकम्मी पीढ़ियों के लिए देश पे राज करने का मार्ग सुगम हो जाएगा.
    तब हिन्दू दमन का जो सिलसिला शुरू होगा उसकी सुध ना तो मानवाधिकारवादी लेंगे और ना ही सेकुलर भांड.
    फिलहाल हिन्दू प्रजा तो सेकुलारी अफीम खाकर सोया है. और उसे जगाने का इंजेक्शन सिर्फ संघ जैसे संगठनो के पास ही है.

  • Today this brand religious ‘scholarship’ has been taken to abysmal depths by missionaries in India who now claim that the original Dravidians were Christians and the invading Aryans created the Vedas by borrowing ideas from the Bible! The authors of Breaking India cite several such examples by these missionary ‘scholars’. Here is a gem from one Deivanayagam (and his daughter Devakala) who claim that Sanskrit was brought to India (by Aryans naturally) after Jesus and prior to that India was Dravidian Christian, which is the source of the Veda. According to this theory Brahmins (Aryans) stole ideas from Dravidian Christianity and created Hindu scriptures including the Vedas. Sanskrit came into existence only 150 years after Christianity.

    • Some groups based in America and Europe are actively engaged in weakening Indian society by dividing its people into mutually hostile camps on the basis of tribe, cast and religion. It is part of an ideology and academic exercise promoted by evangelical Christian and so-called ‘human rights’ organizations in an effort to spread their influence and gain converts. Many human rights organizations are little more than secular fronts of various churches that have made inroads into the media and are now trying to gain control of sections of the government

    • @shudra(वेद का धोकेबाज़ ईश्वर)
      Except Vedas, you are giving the reference of those books which (for a scholar) must be read in the light of Vedas itself.
      1. I would just like to reply for Vedas only, and other books you just analyze them in the light of Vedas and if a statement is contradictory to Vedas’ ideas and values it must be rejected forcefully.
      2. As your post name is emphasizing Shudra, I suppose you are misguided in Varna System. So, Again, I would like to filter my reply for Shudra Varna only.
      Now, some of the Vedic verses are given on this website only. Please follow following links:
      For English translation follow below link:

      There was no caste system in ancient time. Did you find anywhere the Sir Name of ancient scholars (Ram, Sita, Krishna, Valmiki etc)? Is this simple logic not good enough to prove that these ideas started in middle age?
      Selfish People converted Varna system to Caste system and cooked new Ideas…
      I suppose reading the verses in given link you have understood that Varna System is not the Caste System at all.
      Varna system is “what you choose for yourself”. In simplest words, it means:
      reading Vedic books and spread knowledge(Brahmin), interest to protect people from bad elements (Kshatriya), to involve in economy of community/country and improve businesses and make community prosperous(Vashy), and just do rest of the works … whatever … (Shudra).
      It means most of all, who just do job to earn leaving, are just Shudra; our part in the betterment of society (providing true knowledge, providing securities to their values and making the society prosperous) is very less.
      We are just doing better for us and our families, but this is also a good and worthy karma so there is no bed to be Shudra. But as per Vedas, one should not be satisfy at Shudra state and try to enlighten himself/herself to get better states like Vashy, Khsartiya and the best one Brahmin (As providing true…

    • — rest part of previous post
      @shudra(वेद का धोकेबाज़ ईश्वर)
      ……..As providing true knowledge is the best of all. After all knowledge is the root of our lifecycle).
      There are many other verses also. But for that you need to explore Vedas (if you really want to know truth).
      Whatever the explanation of Vedas’ verses you wrote in your post is completely wrong and an outcome of misinterpreted grammar:
      There are only two ways to perceive Vedas correctly.
      1. First and the best: learn Sanskrit and then explore Vedas yourself.
      2. Read Vedas, translated by renowned Sanskrit scholar like Dayanand Sarawati,
      In any language, by misinterpreting a single word only, there may be a horrible change in sentence. And Sanskrit is considered as one of the complicated languages of the world.

  • Dear All
    My advise to all of you is to discuss these things in Discussion forum as stated by Shri Agniveerji.This topic is bout Vedic religion and you are talking about Muhammad.Start new topics in the discussion forum.It is waiting for you.Do know,what the length of the page has become??

  • @Mohan,

    Thank you very much for your responses, if I translate the words from Sanskrit to another language for example in Tamil, then reciting them wouldn’t be effective, am I correct? If this is the scenario then what is the difference between Arabic recitation in Islam and or Sanskrit recitation in Vedas? They both demand the same, do it in these languages otherwise not valued (correct me if I am wrong).

    If I am not wrong, translating sharanam is not correct but I can write it in Tamil to read sharanam, it sounds like learn Sanskrit by writing the words in Tamil? I think I made my point clear here?! why our vedic god expect sanskrit (any particular language) instead other languages? though the meaning would be the same?

    Agniveer gi could you enlighten me here please?

    Direct question to all, with out the influence of sanskrit, can I be a vedic follower? if yes, then could any one of you give me the copy of vedas in Tamil? if no, then translation is allowed or not?

    • @tamilscafe,
      well, what i meant by giving the example of sharanam is that one need to check the pronounciation correctly with the original source before using the same in the native language. otherwise, there is no harm if you read the vedas or any other mantras written down in the native language.

      • @Mohan

        ——–what i meant by giving the example of sharanam is that one need to check the pronounciation correctly with the original source before using the same in the native language——

        Where the pronounciation play a part here? when you translate a language there is no place for pronounciation, isn’t it? For example, Namaskaram can be said as Vanakkam in Tamil, do you get my point?

        ——–otherwise, there is no harm if you read the vedas or any other mantras written down in the native language——

        My question is simple, can we translate the mantras in to native language or not? I can see that you don’t want to answer the question directly but I don’t know why?

      • @tamilscafe,

        there is no harm in translating the vedas. But such translation will not have the power while being used for various rituals as per agamas. I have already mentioned this point in my earlier reply to you.
        The vedas need to be recited with a set of rules which will not be effective if you try to recite the translated slokas. As such, a translation can only be used for understanding the “tatparya” of the sloka and cannot be itself be a sloka.
        Regarding my example of “sharanam” and “charanam”, this problem arises if whatever we recite in sanskrit is written down in tamil. in other words, the same words of sanskrit put down in tamil script. It does not include the actual change of word into native language.

        Hope you get my point on both the issues wherein there is “translation” and “transliteration” issues.

      • @Tamilscafe,

        Brother, i request you to have a look at this site which i found while googling for something. http://www.hindujagruti.org/hinduism/knowledge/article/correct-way-of-chanting-vedic-mantras.html
        This site has some good information regarding chanting of vedas.
        Please dont take it to understand that you cannot translate the vedas. Only understand that the translation can only be used as a “tatparya” or conveying the meaning of the sloka and nothing more.

      • @Mohan

        ————To answer directly, the answer is ‘yes’. You can translate Vedas———— But such translation will not have the power while being used for various rituals as per agamas————– Hope you get my point——-?????

        Did you read my questions that I have raised earlier??

        Have you choose by choice not to answer my other questions?? Ok I simplify them for your convenience,

        1.If I translate the words from Sanskrit to another language for example in Tamil, then reciting them wouldn’t be effective (AS PER AGAMAS), am I correct? If this is the scenario then what is the difference between Arabic recitation in Islam and or Sanskrit recitation in Vedas? They both demand the same, do it in these languages otherwise not valued (correct me if I am wrong).

        2.With out the influence of Sanskrit, can I be a Vedic follower? If Tamil translated mantra’s will not have power while being used for various rituals as per agamas, then I can’t be a Vedic follower because I don’t want any pressure on me to learn Sanskrit OR as exactly as how Agniveer feel about Arabic RECITATION (correct me if I am wrong)?

      • @Tamilscafe,
        \1.If I translate the words from Sanskrit to another language for example in Tamil, then reciting them wouldn’t be effective (AS PER AGAMAS), am I correct? If this is the scenario then what is the difference between Arabic recitation in Islam and or Sanskrit recitation in Vedas? They both demand the same, do it in these languages otherwise not valued (correct me if I am wrong).\
        Brother, the answer is very clear. I dont know why you are not understanding it. Ok, Let me put it in this way. Vedas and Mantras contain the power of sound and vibration. In fact, each and every letter contains the power of vibration in it. This is quite an extensive topic which i request you to make a search as i cannot explain everything on the topic here. Or may be we can request agniveer to put up an article on the same. Now, to make the things clear, these letters are arranged in such a way the power of vibration is effected through it. I dont know why koran should be recited in arabic only, but am sure that vedas should be recited in sanskrot only due to inherent power of sound and vibration associated with each and every word properly organized. There are many bijakshars that you cannot simply translate which may be hidden in the verses. For instance, the bijakshar called the “om”. This is my explanation and the same is agreed upon by many scholars.
        Basing on the above fact of the power of vibration in vedic reciting, i can say that whatever you translate will not be as powerful as the original source.
        \2.With out the influence of Sanskrit, can I be a Vedic follower? If Tamil translated mantra’s will not have power while being used for various rituals as per agamas, then I can’t be a Vedic follower because I don’t want any pressure on me to learn Sanskrit OR as exactly as how Agniveer feel about Arabic RECITATION (correct me if I am wrong)?\
        To be a vedic follower, you need not know vedas or sanskrit. It is more than enough if you understand their essence through works of great people like…

      • the above comment seems to have a size limit. let me complete the second point here.
        To be a vedic follower, you need not know vedas or sanskrit. It is more than enough if you understand their essence through works of great people like adi shankaracharya, vedavyas, valmiki etc. Their works have been translated into various languages. For instance, bhagavat gita is a beautiful source to understand the essence of vedas. Viveka chudamani by shankaracharya is another one. There are works by many tamil scholars as well.

  • uoont ki savari pasand karte the , kya aaj ke muslim bhi uoont ki savari karte hai ? kya janvar ki savari chod karke saikil, skutar, motar ,rail, jahaj adi ki yatra nahi karte hai ? yah” dohara pan ” kyo ? muhammad ji ne apne jivan me kuran ki kitab nahi banvai thi bad me unke marne ke kareeb 30 sal bad hajarat usman ji ne kuran ki kitab ki shakal de di , aaj kai karod muslim kuran ki kitab ko apni ankho se lagate hai , us kitab ko chumte bhi hai ?kya yah ek tarah ki “butparasti “nahi hai ? khuda ji ne param adarniy shri iblees ji ko adam ji ke samne “sijda ” karne ko kaha tha ! jo unhone nahi kiya ? yah “nafarmani” karke kya khuda ji ki tauheen nahi hui khya khuda ji yah bat pahale se nahi jan paye ? fiir adesh kyo diya ? kya manniy iblees ji bhi farishte the ? kyaunko “jinn ” me se hai, yah kaha nahi jata ? jab vah farishte hi nahi the tab khuda ji ka adesh unpar lagu bhi kaise hua ? fir khuda ji iblees se shikayat kyo karte hai ki tumko sijda karne se kisne roka ?kya khuda ji ka adesh me “shirk” ki mahak nah ati jab khuda ji samne ho fir farishto ko adam ji ke liye sijda karvana kya isko shirk nahi kaha jayega ? agar khuda ji shirk sikhlaye to theek ? yah paraspar virodhi islami vichar dhara ko padhe likhe muslim kyo mane ? aap kyo nahi “turant ” islam ko chodne ki pahal karte ? hamara udeshy apko ya kisi ko takleef dena nah hai fir bhi apni bat rakhna jarur hai ! agar apko hamari kisi bat se takleef hui ho to ham aap se “asankhybar ” shish jhukakar mafi chahenge ! asha hai ki ap hamko in “sabhi ” bato ka, hamare sandeho ka javab denge , uttar ki asha me ….! kotish: dhanyvad

  • param adarniy shri akhatar ji , hamari bat yahan par puri nahi aa payi isliye ham age bhi kuch likhna chahate hai ! kya vah sari kaaynaat bana sakta hai? kya khuda ji ka yah jhutha dava nahi hai ? dono bat ek sath kaise sahi kahi ja sakti hai ? jiske “do hath” ho vaha sari kaynat kaise banayega ? aor jo sarvshakitman ho , uske “dono hath” kaise ho sakte hai vah 8 farishto ko uthaye huye sinhasan par kaise baith sakta hai , usse milne ke liye muhammad ji ko “miraj ” kaise ho sakti hai ? ham to dekhte hai ki hath ka nirman kisi ” mata ji ke garbhashay ” me hota hai , fir allah ki mata ji kaun thi? iska jikar quran me nahi mil saka . kya aap batlayenge ?kya yah quran ki paraspar virodhi ayate nahi hai ? kya muhammad ji ko chod kar khuda ji ko manne me kya taklif ho jayegi ? kya akela khuda “nakafi ” hai ? akhir kisi ko mana “hi” kyo jaye ? sabse pahale” jankar” kyo n bana jaye ? “jiyo aur jine do ” ke siddhant me kya burai hai ? “dusro ke sath vahi vyavhar karo , jo apne liye bhi pasand ho” is vichar par jivan kyo nahi jiya ja sakta ? khuda ji ki “gulami “kyo ki jaye ? aj ke jamne me jab koi apne paida karne vale mata -pita v shiksha dene vale shikshak ki “puri bat” nahi manta ! jisko manushyo ne dekha hai samjha hai ! fir us “vivadit ” khuda ji , muhammad ji ki “gulami ” kyo ki jaye ? kya aap apne dilo-dimag se yah kaha sakte hai ki aapne apne mata -pita ki koi bat manne” chook” nahi ki ? fir khuda ji ki v muhammad ji ke prati andh vishvas kyo ? hamto yah bhi dave ke sath kahate hai ki “keval ek pratishat “muslim bhi khuda ji v muhammad ji ki bat par amal nahi kar sakte ? kya “ashikane rasool” hone ka dava karne vale apna “pahala” nikah mata saman 40 varshiy vidhava se karte hai ? kya 50 sal ki umr me pahunch kar koi muslim kisi 6-7 sal ki poti saman kisi kanya se nkahkar sakta hai ya koi muslim apni 6-7 sal ki beti ka nikah kisi bhi 50 sal ke budhe muslim se karna pasand karega ? kya aap karenge ? muahammad ji arab me ghode hone ke bavjud “uoont” ki savari karna pasand karte…

  • param adarnia shri akhtar ji ! kya “badle ka badla ” nahi ho sakta ? kya yah ant heen silsila khuda ji ne kyo chalu kiya ? kisi manushy ke “viprit” disha se hath pair katne ka kya matlab hai ? aurat ke badle aurat iska kya matlaba hai kya agara koi kisi bahan ya ya uski patni se koi rep kare to kya pidit paksh vale ko yah adhikar diya ja sajkta hai vahbhi badle me jakar uski patni ya bahan ya beti se jakar rep kare !ek samany muslim ko kisi bhi muslim ya gair muslim ko dand dene ka adhikar quran ne kyo diya ? kaha jata hai ki muhammad ji ke janm ke aspas ek bar koi badashah kaba ki or usko nasht karne ke liye nikla khuda ji ne chidiyo ki fauj ke madhyam se kankad -pathar mar kar us badshah ki fauj ko bhagva diya tha ! isi tarah ke dand khuda ji ab kyo nahi dete ? kisi manushy ki hatya ke badle us hatyare ko ek pal me hi “svans ” se vanchit karke jan se mar kyo nahi dete ? kya manush marte nahi hai ? fir “badle ” me us hatyare ko kyo nahi ek pal me mar dete ? usse kam se kam samaj me to “badle” ki bhavna to nahi badhegi ? quran ki in ayto se to yahi lagta hai ki yah” kabilo “[giroh] ko aur pusht karne ke liye yah ayte ayi thi v age bhi aise kabeele chalte rahe aisa khuda ji ki mansha rahi hogi ? khuda ji ne gulam ke badle gulam ka bhi jikar kiya hai ab gulam ki prajati “lupt-si” ho gai hai, fir is quran ki “antim” adesh ka kya hoga ? ab is ayat ki bat ko kahan par lagu kiya jayega kya yah ab naukro par lagu kiya ja sakta hai ? aap to padhe likhe se lagte hai, kya aap batlayenge ki quran me kaha gaya hai ki khuda ji svay kahate hai ki hamne adam ji ko “dono hatho ” se banaya [dekhiye quran38/75] kya khuda ji ke do hath hai ? jiske “simit” hath ho, to uski shakti bhi to “simit ” hi rahegi ? jo khuda ji 8 farishe jis sinhasan ko uthaye huye ho , us “simit ” farishto ke uthaye huye simit sinhasan me baithne vala allah jo “simit “satve aasman me virjta hai us allah ko kyo mana jaye / kya simit allah ki shakt simit nahi rahegi ? kya simit shaktivala allah sarvshaktiman ho sakta hai kya vah…

  • Now the trouble is that if you were to believe me that there is no verse which is against humanity or to kill a person who leaves Islam, you would have no stick to beat me with ,this whole website is depicting Islam in totally false way and one of thousands sprung up to defame , humiliate the Muslims ,who happens to the worlds second biggest faith group. I am agreeing with you that the Muslims largely treat Christians and other minaroties badly and unfairly, which toatally unislamic, now i am very hopeful that things will improve godwilling, then again i can say the same thing about the treetment of Muslims in the non Muslim countries is also very harsh . So we need to put things right by talking the truth.I have repeated many times and again there is no such verse which tell a Muslim to Kill,
    Qur`an 5:32-33, 45, 2:178

    In 5:32, after relating the story of the murder of Habil by his brother Qabil, God says:

    On that account We ordained for the Children of Israel that if any one slew a person – unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land – it would be as if he slew the whole humanity: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the whole humanity. Then although there came to them Our Messengers with clear (guidance), yet, even after that, many of them continued to commit excesses in the land. (5:32)

    In the context of an emphasis on preserving the life of each and every individual the above verse mentions only two crimes for which a person can be killed:

    1) Murdering another human being;

    2) Spreading mischief (fasad) in the land.

    Nowhere else the Qur`an mentions any other crime for which the death penalty is considered. There are, of course, verses that mention killing during a war in the way of God. But that is different from killing as a penalty for a crime. Moreover, in the Qur`anic understanding the objective of even killing in a war is to stop or punish crimes similar to the two mentioned in the above verse — violence and mischief…

  • sorry what did you say? Christians are living peacefully in Pakistan? i know one such peacefully living Christian converted to Islam, Mohammad Yousuf! and if you check the facts and data and figures , my dear friend you will know Christian population in Pakistan is hardly 2% of the total population! i do not even know you and so i do not have any enmity with you but the truth is there are many converts who have been killed as there is death penalty for the apostate! no other religion asks the followers to kill the apostate! also Muslims encourage others to convert to Islam but on the other hand they do not want any Muslim to leave Islam. is Allah so weak that he needs billions of followers? how can you be so sure about Mohammad was the last prophet? what if one more arrives ? i am sure you will simply deny him !apart from that ours is not an Abrahamic religion and there is no concept of any prophet. ours is not meant for Hindus or Christians or Jews or Sikhs . . Vedas were for mankind! much more vast and definitive but you would not know because you have read only some lines quoted by self appointed Pandit Zakir Naik! interestingly he quotes from Geeta, but he can not see those lines where Krishna said “I am the supreme Godhead personality!”if he has so much faith in Geeta that some Muslims keep on quoting from it that there is only one God why do not they also accept Krishna is the supreme Godhead personality? please never quote from Geeta or Ramayana! i do not follow those texts . the basic texts are Vedas and check the quotes from it! and yes can you prove it to me killing of an apostate is forbidden in Islam? is it wise and considerate?

  • Let me correct you Mr Vipul ,there are more than six million Pakistani Christians living in Pakistan ,although regrettably mistreated but a living proof that these 6 millions ex Muslims ,Hindus are not killed for leaving Islam, and to remind you again there is no Islamic law which gives anyone the right to take scared human life.
    Yes Muslims do not consider Ahamadiyas as Muslims as they do not believe in the last prophet, so they are not Muslims whether any one likes it or not, no one should be killed or prosecuted for their beliefs ,end of story.Islam is the true faith as i as Muslim believe that my after life will be glorious , you as my fellow human being, it is my dearest wish that you may also have glorious hereafter,surly you must also think your faith is the best truthful there is ,unless you dought it ,then you should leave it.

  • Mister Akhter! so many Muslims converted to Christianity and are still alive! so does that mean Muslims do not kill the apostate? NO! why they are alive because they are not living in an Islamic nation but in the west! and those who were from Islamic nation , they have moved to west to live actually! Iran, Pakistan and other Islamic nations have strict rules of killing the apostates! not only by law, even the barbaric people kill those who convert so please i would be grateful if you do not explain how open minded Muslims actually are. coming to racism, Muslims do not identify Ahamadiyas as Muslims in every Islamic nation. Ahamadiyas are free to call themselves as Muslims in India . every Islamic nation has strict laws for Ahamadiyas that stops them from identifying themselves as Muslims and are not allowed in the same mosques and worship places. apart from that there have been a few cases of Shia and Sunni conflicts also. is that not racism? Islam is true religion only? is this not racism? on one hand you go on explaining how much you respect other religions while on other you condemn religious practices of other religions completely and always shouting slogans of Islam will dominate the world? is not that racism again?

  • There is not a single verse which says ,to go and kill ,unless in self defense, so what i do or what anyone does in Pakistan ,has nothing to do with Islam, where as Hinduism discriminates and is a racist faith, or a cult should i say.

    • @akhter:

      so what i do or what anyone does in Pakistan ,has nothing to do with Islam

      Nice escape route. Do you intend to answer questions asked of you before or should we consider you incapable of answering them?

    • those hate verses for unbelivers are in no way self defence..its an attack on kafirs..it should be against enemies.criminals etc..then i can say its for self defence but quran is biased for humanity..:(
      if its for injustice or self defence then from where unbelivers came….i have read quran..from starting second chapter its starts talking about unbelivers…So is quite obvious that it will create hate in heart of muslims for unbelivers..:(
      if its for injustice or self defence then mention of criminals/looter/demons should be mentioned as enemy not unbelievers…….:)

    • @akhter,
      When the existing followers i.e pakistanis, shias-sunnis-ahmedias…..cannot follow the religion (not to kill an innocent and unarmed) why are you asking us to follow akther?
      You say hinduism is racist while you yourself hate hindus and call us idol worshippers, kafirs. What shall we call you then? a bigot? The racism which has crept in has already been addressed and work is still in progress. If you want proofs see the link
      Can you now give me some proof that ahmediyas are given protection and a fatwa is issued stating that they should be protected and whoever kills an ahmadi can be labeled as person fit to be killed?

    • @akhter
      Hit and run akheter, caste system is racism and hindus have long started fighting against it. The religions of budhism,jainism,lingayatism are born out to eradicate caste system in india, and it will take one more generation to go. But instead of reflecting on the caste system of islam why are you looking fro scaste system in india.

      Are not ahmediyas,qadayanis shudras of pakistan in present age? Are shias marrying sunnis? Are not ismailis driven out of iran? Though caste sytem is racism and hinduism has degenerated into birth based caste system, they never did a genocide. Has not islam destroyed the culture of iran, where are the religions zorastrianism and bhaism, Which country has given protection to parsis and jews when they are persecuted in there own homelands?

  • @ Kalbhairav Being more momin than the arab masters is what Stockholm syndrome is all about. In the history of this nation, there were many Sultans born to enslaved Hindu Mothers that ruled a few limited territories. For example Sultan Sikandar Lodi’s Mother was a Hindu that was forcefully taken by the senior Lodi. But the son was one of the worse bigots that was as merciless on Hindus as any other Islamic invader. And in Kashmir, an enslaved convert was the one that was ably assisting the operation break temples of Sikandar Butshikan.Zakir Naik has turned a whole bunch of normal Muslims into bigots. While he walks away with the money, these guys are being consumed by apathy to infidels.

  • @Neer:

    Well For your info I am Writer And Associate Researcher On IHI

    LOL. Researcher on what? Adam and Eve theory? Mo flying on horse theory? Mo splitting moon theory? Mo calling himself prophet theory?

      • @KalBhairav, I think Neer should research
        How a man would sex with 72 virgins at one time, Research Why Allah stopped showing mercy on humans by stopping prophets’s sending for human welfare , Research of Why Allah created Jinh & Saitan, Why Allah made to Mohamad illiterate, Why there is no mercy in Allah kingdom but eternal hell, Why Allah make soul to wait of millions of year to get his judgment, What suddenly happened to Allah, he got the idea of creation, Why Allah waited so much to send his revelation, Why Allah cancelled his previous revelation, Why Allah sits on 7th sky not on 6th, Why Allah made Allah made some people poor, handicapped, dumb from the birth. It is matter of shame Neer researched nothing in above but called himself researcher.

      • @Kalbhairav Neer is the waterboy for the boss of that site. Neer runs around like a headless chicken here and there. Neer in his capacity as the associate researcher has to first of all figure out why should the ankle be exposed when muslims wear a pyjama and if it is required to go to heaven.

      • @Parasuram:

        Indeed! I am surprised someone calls oneself “Associate Researcher” proudly enough to put it up on Agniveer. This raises multiple questions:

        (a)What does Neer research?
        (b)Was he an “Assistant Researcher” before he became “Associate Researcher”?
        (c)What great research did he do to earn the promotion in (b)?
        (d)When does he hope to become full Professor, I mean full “Researcher”?
        (e)Was this position advertised for? Where?
        (f)What is his epistemology?
        (g)Can he prove Adam/Eve existed? If not, his entire research foundation crumbles.
        (h)Is his research peer-reviewed? It fails miserably based on some of our debunking on IH itself 😉

        Actually Mushafiq, Neer and ZN are waterboys for their Arab masters. The Arabs are laughing at these Indian Momins being more Momin than the Arabs themselves!

      • And also research why Islamic Republic of Pakistan and Bangladesh is persecuting its minority peaceful hindus……..

      • @Neer

        Before debunking Agniveer, how about refuting Ali Sina(an apostate) and his claims?

        How about cleaning your own house first?

      • @Neer

        Shall we assume now that your work is generally based on proving that Islam contains least number of errors from all the other religions of the world?

  • Akhtar ji Namaskar,

    Padkar bahut dukh hua ki 13 million muslims are converted to Christianity. They must have suffered a lot in their lives, otherwise who believe in Mr Muhammad and strictly follow Namaz/Rozas, what prompted them to leave islam.

    Please read your lines and give some scientific facts. You are now the victim of Taqiya of your own. No non-muslims aka kafirs have the authority to dissaprove your Taqiya-Kalaam. Islam has the authority of implementing Sharia laws of Arabs-who are still not civilized now. Arabs you had been living in the in-fertile land and led a life in caravans with filthy nights have got everything changed now. However, they can never can get onething improved- that is their civilization. Reason is simple – they have no civilization but a tribal life.

    – A Tribal Life vs Civilized life of Indians
    – A Hungry Stomach vs Golden Spicy food
    – A thirsty mouth full of urine vs hundreds of rivers
    – A Lizard-eater vs Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam
    – A Woman-Exploiter vs Nariyastu Pujyante theme
    – God is great vs Guardian is similar to God( be a mother or father or a guru)

    Inshallah you would come and join better path, irrespective of any country, religion or community.

  • @akhter:

    Again i say to go and have a look at the mother of all the Books

    Quran is a very ordinary book. There is nothing mind-blowingly amazing in it. The “morals” within it are quite abominable.

    and you will see not a single verse against humaniy,as long as you do not misquote ,or take it out of context!

    Please explain to me the context under which one can beat one’s wife and one can kill an apostate. We get multiple people like you from time to time. See here for an old discussion between some of us and someone who wanted to justify death penalty for apostasy. If you have something more to say in addition to AHMAD on the other thread, say so. If you are going to simply rehash his arguments, dont bother. I have better things to do than argue the same thing over and over again!

    • If quran is an ordinary book then there is a four line sura which gives you the definition of monotheism in it ,
      Say He is Allah,
      The One and Only;
      Allah,the Eternal,Absoluter;
      He begets not,
      Nor is He begotten;
      And there is none
      Like unto Him
      Now seeing you consider yourself extraordinary ,then give us the better alternative of oneness of a creator.

      • @akhter

        I gave you a link previously that you ignored because your mind is not ready to even think that monotheism can be found in Vedas. Visit http://satyagni.com/4270/islam-tauheed/ and compare Vedas and Islam.

        I give here a portion of it that will help you getting something that you would have never imagined!

        स पर्यगात् शुक्रं अकायं अव्रणम् असनाविरं शुद्धमपापविद्धम. कविर्मनीषी परिभूः स्वयंभूः याथातथ्यतो अर्थान् व्यदधात शाश्वतीभ्यः समाभ्यः. [यजुर्वेद ४०/८] This is from Yajurved 40:8.

        Meaning- That Supreme Being IS omnipresent, All-powerful, He IS NEVER EMBODIED, IS NEVER BORN, IS never liable to division and IS free from nervous or arterial systems, never commits a sin, is never subject to pain, grief and ignorance and the like, Pure, Perfect, Omniscient, Inward Controller of all, Ruler of All, ETERNAL and SELF EXISTENT. He has from all eternity been teaching uncreated immortal human souls, the true knowledge of things through the revelation of the Veda – His eternal knowledge.

        Words in bold in this Mantra depict the ENTIRE Surah Ikhlas. And many more properties of God are given that author of Quran could not incorporate in Ikhlas. Enjoy..

      • @akhter
        _______Allah,the Absoluter_______
        Absoluter=unchangeable, but Allah was alone till the billion of years before universe inception, suddenly he changed his HIS MIND & rejected the thinking of living alone and got the idea of creation. Here he had changed his very nature. Allah kept on sending prophets till the million of years but now he has changed his mood & not sent any prophet since 1400 years & there is permanent ban on prophet sending for human welfare. Here Allah has changed his mood again.
        But I expect a change again in Allah mood by removing ban of prophet sending.
        So, What absoluter Allah is?

    • Bro KB

      Enjoy the mother of all books that is surprisingly younger than its kids (Torah, Bible etc) 🙂

      Or in other words, mother (Quran) was born after her children retired 😉 This should be called as Jihadi intellectual bomb that every Jihadi nowadays carries and detonates at forums like ours and claims his win.

      • @Vajra Bro:

        Good observation! The sad part is that Momins think everything that has to be said has been said in the Quran 🙁

    • Now this point needs a detailed explanation, and just as you are either mislead or misconceived what the ayah that speaks about discipling the wife really means. This information posted will give you a clear understanding of how this should be understood Inshallah. No way brutally beating your wife acceptable or causing her harm.
      In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

      All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger.

      The verse you mentioned has been greatly misconceived by many people who focus merely on its surface meaning, taking it to allow wife beating. When the setting is not taken into account, it isolates the words in a way that distorts or falsifies the original meaning. Before dealing with the issue of wife-battering in the perspective of Islam, we should keep in mind that the original Arabic wording of the Holy Quran is the only authentic source of meaning. If one relies on the translation alone, one is likely to misunderstand it.

      Commenting on this issue, Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqi, former President of the Islamic Society of North America, states:

      “According to Quran the relationship between the husband and wife should be based on mutual love and kindness. Allah says: “And among His Signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that ye may dwell in tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts): verily in that are Signs for those who reflect.” (Quran: Ar-Rum 21) The Holy Quran urges husbands to treat their wives with kindness. (In the event of a family dispute, Quran exhorts the husband to treat his wife kindly and not to overlook her positive aspects). Allah Almighty says: “Live with them on a footing of kindness and equity. If ye take a dislike to them it may be that ye dislike a thing, and Allah brings about through it a great deal of good.” (Quran: An-Nisaa 19)
      It is important that a wife recognizes the authority of her husband in the house. He is the head of the household, and she…

      • @akhter
        Can i replace Allah with shiva and still be a muslim. The foreign name of god is not my culture. I will rename allah to shiva and do prayer five times a day. Do i become muslim then?

      • On a lighter note, the relationship between the husband and his wives (and sex slaves) should be based on mutual love and kindness, methinks.

    • Now there are two families ,numbering 13 people in our village who have converted to Christianity ,and are still alive , in fact there are about 2 million ex Muslims now Christians
      still alive ,one can argue regarding equal rights ,which i am whole hartedly for , but they are there as a fact, and there is no verse in Quran which orders killing of an apostate. so i am sorry you are wrong again ,and do not tell me what to read or which site to go to ,if you find it hard to answer then go home and do some gardening or else.

      • @akhter:

        You will not read any link I provide but you expect me to watch a video you link to…

        In any case, good that you are coming out against death for apostasy. Now the question becomes, why is Pakistan officially an Islamic country? If people are free to convert and deconvert between multiple ideologies, why even call such a country Islamic? So, here is the question again – why is Pakistan Islamic? What happens if 51% of the country converts into Buddhism? What happens then?

      • @akhter

        hey jackass, ever heard of term SECULAR? Perhaps not, fanatics like you remain deaf and dumb. prick.

      • @akhter:

        Then it will be a Buddhist country, you idiot!

        So, in principle, you are FOR free conversion of people from one religion to another without death penalty. If 51% of the “Islamic Republic of Pakistan” became Buddhist, in principle, you will support renaming it the “Buddhist Republic of Pakistan”. And if 50 years later people renounce Buddhism and embrace Hinduism, you will support renaming your country the “Hindu Republic of Pakistan”? Is this an accurate representation of your position?

      • quran is copy cat book of vedas because muslims themselves quote from vedas..lolzz…and after copying they corrupted it by dividing humanity in muslims/non-muslims and luring them with sex slaves.virgins,heaven,polygamy(4 wives),miracles etc..

      • Bangladeshi Hindus Beg To The Prime Minister to Save their Temple from Islamic Jehadies


        Hindu community people have sought intervention of the prime minister to save an over 50-year old temple at Sutrapur in the city from grabbers.

        They sought the prime minister’s hand for saving the Sri Sri Ram Sita Temple at a press conference at Dhaka Reporters Unity on Monday.

        Ganesh Chandra Ghosh, president of the temple management committee, alleged that Shamim Ahmed was trying to grab the temple land, once owned by zemindar [landlord] Ramesh Chandra Singha of Durgapur in Mymensingh, claiming that he had bought the land.

        He said the land on Joy Kali Mandir road is identified as ‘temple’ in cadastral survey [CS] and ongoing Dhaka city survey.

        He alleged that Shamim took a loan from Motijheel branch of Rupali Bank showing fake document of ownership of the temple land.

        Shamim was sent to jail following a case filed by the temple committee.

        “After coming out of jail on bail, he is again claiming the land and trying to sell it to others. We, the Hindu community people, cannot go to the temple to worship in fear,” Ghosh added.

        General secretary of Sutrapur Puja Celebration Committee Bhaskar Chowdhury and joint general secretary of the temple management committee Arun Sarker Rana were also present at the press conference.

      • The answer to such conversions is in your comment itself. The reason they are alive still is because they converted, moron.

    • @vinay, maine kisi police ya daud ki baat nahi ki mein keh raha hun ki agar eik baap ki aulad h to kisi musalman k saamne huzoor s.a.w ko gali bak k dikha. tum ullu k paththe shadi ko sex likhte ho. tune jis line mein mere liye likhatha ki tootha hoota english..ulluh k paththe…jo ki mere yahan gaali hi h aur mein tujhe lota raha hun .

      ram g ko maine gaali nahi di ache andaz se question kiya ja sakta h..par tu ulluh ka patha aryasamaji shadi ko sex likhte ho isiliye mein ne aryon ka card likha.

      India tere baap ki country nahi h.. tum log to kha rahe ho corruption kar karke. arya khud invaders hain jinhone yahan k logon ko shudra banaya.

      islam satya dharm h aur kisi country ka nahi h aur usne diya h jisne yeh country aur sansar banaya h. par tu Allah aur rasool ko galiyan deta h to tere kuch samajh na ayega.

      Tu legally bhi India mein Allah aur rasool ko gali nahi de saktan agar is website par aisi h galiyan di jati rahin to hum legal action lenge agniveer group k khilaf. gali dedekar tum provoke karte ho kiyunki tumse kuch aata h nahi.

      answer dena zaroori nahi..yeh vedic site h isliye Quran aur Islam ka jaeab nahi diya jayega.

      waise tu simple se arguments nahi samajh sakta to answer kiya samjhega. kitne din baad tune anarya deshon par tune kitne din baad answer diya woh bhi agniveer se different .

      • @anti-agni
        _________ki agar eik baap ki aulad h to kisi musalman k saamne huzoor_____
        I daily meet several Mulslim & ask them about Mohammed. But they do not know much about Mohammed and say he was a saintly person like Kabirdas, Nanank, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teressa etc.. When I ask them he did sex with 9 years old girl, they says this is wrong and false. Such things are falsely written in the books to trash the good people.
        ———-slam satya dharm h______________
        Islam is not Dharma but religion. Do you know characteristic of Dharma. What is difference between religion and Dharma. Dharma is eternal and everlasting have no beginning date while religion is made / a political agenda.

      • @sanatani. Koi question poochta h to mujhe bhi bahut khushi hoti h par shadi kari aisa poocho then you are welcome lekin sex kara? Kiya yeh question hota h? Mein yeh poochun ki sanatani aapke parents ne shadi kab ki thi aur yeh poochun ki tere ma Baap ne pehla sex kab kiya? kiya koi difference nahi?

        Islam is way of life.. innad dina indal lahil islam .

        dharma varma hum tum logon ko samjhane k liye kehte hn warna islam mein zindagi k har shobe k liye guidance h..

      • @anti-agni
        Bro, when a 50, 60 or 80 years old man did marry with 6 years old girl What will you call it? Brother, in a civilized society can such things be accepted? Only, savage people can have no problem with such things.
        _____Mein yeh poochun ki sanatani aapke parents ne shadi kab ki thi _____
        At the time of marriage my mother was 19 years old, well educated, cultured and understanding what is meant of marriage. And my father was 25 years old, stood on his feet, observed strict celibacy (Brahamcharya till the 25). For a civilized/cultured person sex is just for getting child not enjoyment.
        _______islam mein zindagi k har shobe k liye guidance h____
        Can I know how does belief and non-belief in Mohammed affects the life of a person? How non-belief in angles, GAbriel, jinns can not be a way of life.

      • @sanatani, we have many time answered you and you yourself know the answer so i don’t want to repeat and i don’t want your acceptance. you are free to reject but you can’t say a marriage to sex.

        after menses a girl is mature enough to marry. You can’t say or call her child. there is difference of time also. that is fourteen hundreds year old case and specially a hot region . there is difference in old and present time peoples physique and also hot region peoples physique is difference from cold region .
        you can’t understand until you imagine a 1400years old desert.

      • @anti-agni
        Brother, Suppose your wife name is Safiya and someone attacks at your house and kill the all male members of house. Will your wife do marry with that person on the same night who killed her husband, father, brother etc. But attacker claim he did marry with Safiya (Your wife) not rape/sex. But how society should take it?

        Did Muhammad rape Safiyah?

        And you did not answer
        _______islam mein zindagi k har shobe k liye guidance h____
        Can I know how does belief and non-belief in Mohammed affects the life of a person? How non-belief in angles, GAbriel, jinns can not be a way of life.

      • @sanatani, do you have faith in alisina? tell me was saffiyyah r.a mrried at battle of nazar or she was virgin?

        was she married same day or later?

        May be alissina cheating u and taking advantage of your hatred and foolishness? may be he is leading u to hell fire.

      • @anti-agni
        __________ do you have faith in alisina_____
        I think Ali Sina is like saintly person. Whenever someone curses him he prays for him also. He is not like Mohammed who cursed the non-believer in him and abused them. According to Ali Sina he can not live in heaven peacefully if his critics and in hell just for criticizing and non-believing in him. He prays to God for enlightenment of his critics. He believes in Golden rule.
        Ali Sina is fan of Jesus because
        Jesus asked for forgiveness for those who crucified him, Muhammad had so much hatred in his heart for those who rejected him that he often cursed them.

        Mubahila: The Islamic Cursing Tournament

  • Adam and Eve had twin children. For instance boy and girl in one pregnancy and then again the twins.

    When Prophet Adam (A.S) children grew old to get married, the boy of one twin got married to the girl of another twin.

    It was prohibited for them to get married with the girl/boy with whom he/she got birth.

    The twins could not marry each other but with another twins.

    Allah SWT made it lawful for them for increasing the humanity. But when the humanity grew in number then it became unlawful to marry the person having same parents and blood. The list of such people is given in Quran.
    Is there any explaination regarding teh creation of human and how he devolped??

    • Namaste akhter

      ———When Prophet Adam (A.S) children grew old to get married, the boy of one twin got married to the girl of another twin.———–

      So what? Aren’t children from same parents born during different pregnancies brothers and sisters mutually?

      ———–Is there any explaination regarding teh creation of human and how he devolped??———

      Yes. If you start with multiple couples be it evolution or creation 🙂

      Many Adams and many Eves will work 😉 Why could not Allah think of this which needs no incest whatsoever even at the inception?

      • @akhter

        Do you first accept the fallacy in your previous comment in which you tried to run away saying Adam’s twins did not marry but couples from different twins got married?

        Now before continuing this discussion further, let me know what you will do if we provide you creation as per Vedas? What is your motivation behind this discussion? Is it to enlighten us with the TRUTH of Islam alone or you have scope of getting yourself convinced with Vedic philosophy if it is proven better than Islam?

        If it is latter then please continue with this. If it is former then bye bye..

      • The reason i delayed the answer to your question ,is quite apparent ,as you had already made your mind up ,which you could not wait any longer , the if bushiness dosen,t make any sense the whole quran was revealed 1435 years ago , and is to stay till the end of times , now i say to you again no superstition in islam every day is wonderful as it belongs to God and if God has made some days more blessed than the others then be it .Again i say to go and have a look at the mother of all the Books ,and you will see not a single verse against humaniy,as long as you do not misquote ,or take it out of context!

      • If the fact of creation from Islam is not making sense to you or you are not satisfied , then you must have a view different to the one in Islam which you think makes sense,so lets have it ! whether it will enlighten us or shove us back in the hole will depend on your version.

      • Mother of all the books that only came to existence 1435 years ago much later than all the other books, in contrast to the far more ancient faiths of Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and Christianity had scriptures centuries to thousands of years before Islam.

      • Adam and Eve are from the Jewish faith. It is the Jewish faith’s creation story. Islam is an Arab pagan’s rip off and distortion of Judaism. Mohammed had an inferiority complex to the Jews and thought their faith was superior to those of his Arab polytheists ancestors and people. He wanted to be the last prophet of the Jewish faiths of Judaism and Christianity, not of his own people’s Arab religion. And you Indian Muslims follow this Arabized distorted version of Judaism of an Arab pagan Mohammed who felt ashamed of his own people’s faith and admired another’s. Thanks to Mohammed and his own inferiority complex. NOT ONE Arab religion exists today. His distorted version of Judaism destroyed his own Arab people’s own native religions. And now Islam demands that all other religions go the way of the Arab religions and only the inferiority complexed Mohammed’s distorted version of Judaism be the one faith of the world.

        Mohammed is NOT better at being Jewish than the Jews. Indian Muslims are not better at being Jewish than the Jews. Arab pagan Islam is not the correct version of Middle Eastern Judaism.

      • @jay. moolshankar was a copy cat, he has copied one ishwara concept from Islam. he was infected by inferiority complex disease by seeing pure monotheism in Muslims and worship of crores gods in Hindus .

        to misguide peoples like you he has constructed one ishwara concept based on veda. he mistranslated veda to misguide hindus otherwise he knows that Islam is only true religion .

        aryasamaj is nothing but a filthy work to misguide Hindus and to stop hindus from accepting islam and to continue the supermacy of certain castes on religion .

        have you got the answer?


      • @vinay, tujhse kaha h ki galiyan dena band kar. kiyun tu nafrat paida kar raha h. aryasamaji kiya galiyon k bina nahi reh sakta?

      • one god concept is nothing new sikhism,judaism,zorastrianism also talk about one god in that case i can say islam copied judaism and zorastrianism with the acceptence of jesus the vedas only speaks of one god hindus dont worship many gods weather your aryas samaj or any other hindu they all agree god is one but other hindus see god in different forms it doesnt matter which form you worship some shiva,some vishnu,some saraswati etc and islam and arya samaj have so many differences the closes thing to arya samaj is sikhism which swami dayanand saraswati saw and understood after his visit to punjab he got great respect for sikhism after seeing some of the similarties.

      • @anti-agni
        Again I do not know what your weird obsession with Aryasamaj is. It is so ridiculous to see you paint everyone as either Aryasamaj or getting their information from Aryasamaj. That does not make your argument stronger but sillier. Like I have told you before, I don’t have anything to do with this Aryasamaj. I do not know their works. I am not going to make assumptions about the quality of their works. What I have learned is that Aryasamaj really bug you to the point you are like a broken record using them as an epithet. So boring.

        You cannot refute that Islam is but a poor Arab derivative of the Middle Eastern faith Judaism. Adam and Eve religious story are from the Jewish faith, from the ethnic group of Middle Eastern Jews. You guys try to pass that off their stories as yours. Adam and Eve and other religious stories are not originally from Mohammed’s Arabized and paganized version of Judaism, Islam, but from the real Jewish faith of Middle Eastern Jews, Judaism. You go off on a tangent talking about someone named Moolshankar and Aryasamaj again.

        You know what, Islam itself did NOT originate the idea of the oneness of God that you so sadly claim this moolshankar copied it from. Islam copied it from Judaism. You know Mohammed’s Arab people were polytheists. Even that Mohammed copied from Judaism – the oneness of God, Jewish religious stories etc… Mohammed felt his own Arab people’s faith was inferior to the Jewish faith – just like how you feel your ancestral faith is inferior to this Arabized paganized faith of Judaism, Islam. Sorry but we Hindus do not share your inferiority complex to Judaism or Mohmmed’s sad version of Judaism, Islam.

        If I were to convert it would be to the real faith of Judaism by the Middle Eastern Jews where the religious stories such as Adam and Eve come from that you pass off as Islamic, where the oneness of God originally came from – not Islam. I would not convert to some hack derivative of Judaism, Islam, created by an inferiority complexed Arab pagan, Mohammed, who pathetically wanted to be the last prophet not of this own people’s faith but of the Jews. The Jews are the best most knowledgeable people Judaism, not an Arab ignorant Mohammed. Their faith Judaism is the most correct version of Judaism, not Mohammed’s Arabized and paganized version of Judaism Islam. Nice thing about the real Jews is that they do not need converts.

        You Muslims will never be better at being Jewish than the REAL Jews. Islam is not a better version of Judaism that the REAL faith of Judaism. You have nothing to offer but a sad inaccurate derivative of Judaism.

      • @anti-agni
        tu acchi juban ke layak bhi hai.
        bhagavan ram par tumne kaisi tippani kari.
        dayanand ko tumne kkya kaha.
        mujhe bhi to tumne galiya bhi di.
        kintu maine tumhe kaunsi gali di?kya tum dikha bhi sakate ho.
        tumne manghadant aryasamaj ke vivah invitation card k bare me kaha.
        pahle tu khud ko to dekh.
        aur tu mujhe kahana kya chahata hai.yahi na ki ham muslim tumhe mar denge.
        yadi himmat hai to puri police ke sath tere doud ke sath ana mere ghar pe dekh loonga mai.
        tum yaha kahana chahate ho ki mai muhammad ko bura kisi muslaman ke bbare me nahi kaha sakata,ja re ja gangoo teli.tere jaise bahut dekhe hai duniya me.duniya tere jaise murkho si bhari hui hai.aur tum unme se hai.
        aur kan khol ke sun le mullo aur anti agni
        dayanand is rasthr ka yug purodha hai.usne is rasthra ko vo diya jo koi na de saka.jaise mahatma gandhi par koi gandi tippani nahi kar sakata vaise hi maharshi dayanand ke baare me bura bolna mana hai.tumhra paigambar is desh ko kya de gaya.siway maar kaat aur loot paat.kya diya tumhare mullao ke siway ladai jhagado ke.
        aur yadi mai muhammad ko gali bhi de do tere kya laga.yah desh bharat vasiyo ka hai na ki musalamano ka.yadi musalman is desh me rahana chahe to is desh ke vasiyo ke sath tamiz se baat kare.kintu yadi unhe kuran ka itna hi hath abhiman hai to ve jakar pakistan aur taliban me bas jay anyatha theek na rahega.
        kasab jo ki pakka musalman hai mumbai me dhamake karata hai usko fansi dekane par musalaman yaha kahata hai ki hama hamala karege.ek to hamare bhaiyo ko itni badi sankhya me mare aur dandniya ko saja dene par tum ham par badbadate ho.
        ayah mulk hamara(aryo) ka tha,hai aur rahega.tum jaise gali bakane waale mlecho ka nahi.is desh me sada se arya raja jaise ram,krishn,arjun,shiv,vishnu,dashrath,ashvapati raj kiya karate the aur ab arya samaj ke sangathan ke baad dubara vaha yug aayega.dekhte raho musalmano.
        ek to musalmano ne is desh me itni gaye kati,itne logo ka katla kiya aur ham dekhte raha jaay.wah ji wah!mai deshdrohi nahi apitu deshbhakt hu.aur deshbhakt se pareshani kewala aur kewal deshdrohi ko ho sakati hai.
        mai nafrat paida kar raha hu???akhir tumne aisa kaise kaha diya?mai to pure vishwa ko arya banane ko kahata hu jisase sabki parampara ek ho aur tum mujhe nafrat paida karane waala kahate ho!jhooth bolna tum kab chodoge.are tumne to ram krishna dayanand par khub lanchan uchale aur kahate ho ki mai nafrat paida kar raha hu.yah anya hai.tum anyaykari ho musalman.maine tumhe jaan liya hai.nikal jaao mere desh se varana thik na rahega!!!
        yada yada hi dharmasya glanirbhavati bharataha abhyutthaanam adharmasya tadaatmaanam srijamyaham.
        jaba jab bharat dssh par akraman hue tab tab koi ishwar putra paida hota hai aur desh ko maut ke muh se bachata hai.kabhi ram hue kabhi krishna hue,kabhi arjun hue,kabhi laxman hue kabhi nanak kabhi dev dayanand kabhi bhagat kabhi subhash to kabhi rajguru.yaha desh veer javano ka haipakistan jaise kamjor aur musalmano ka nahi hai.kuran me koi yoddha paida hua suna kisi ne.ahahahahaha
        isliye he murkh anti-agni!tu apana kumarg chodkar sumarg apana le to tere jivan ka kalyan hoga.ANYATHA JAISA RAM NE RAVAN KA KRISHNA NE KANSA KIYA VAISA HI HAAL TERA HOGA.mai koi kamjor kayar vyakti nahi hu ki jo chup baith jaayega aur aatankiyo ke gunagan karane lagega.mai papiyo ko kuchalane ka astya ko harana ka satya ko jitane ka hardam prayas karunga aur vah ab aur bhi dridhata aur purusharth ke saath.

  • Rushmore ,there is something about your name ,which may be connected with sort of person you are! Rush , Rushh Ruushhh Moooooorh

  • Mr Akhter: Now my other name is Demahum. I have started a new violent cult called Malsi. A meteorite is housed inside Abaak. Those that do not show their rear end to Abaak while praying and those that do not think ME to be the last messenger and who do not worship me and Halla together will go to hell. They will be sodomized there repeatedly. If they loose their “wares” the “wares” will be given to them once again and they will be sodomized repeatedly. Will you join my cult?

  • @akhter:

    You are avoiding the question. Let me ask again. Be courteous enough to answer without avoiding it.

    What if your “holy book” had decreed that Thursday is the day of Satan? Anyone born on Thursday ought to immediately be put to death. That is what Allah wishes. What would you do?

    I will give you options to make it easier for you:

    (a)The holy book is not holy at all. It is a piece of crap.
    (b)Allah commands so. Quran is word of Allah. So, lets slaughter babies born on Thursday.
    (c)None of the above.

    If it is (c) then please explain what you would do. Avoid ducking the bouncer this time. Be a man and face up to it.

    • How about talking about the things which are in the Book,there are at least 1600 pages of it . So come lets have it!

      • @akhter

        Keep waiting until KB comes. Its not some live chat you are doing. He will reply when comes in case he wishes to.

      • @akhter:

        Well, if one cannot answer a simple question it is impertinent to expect the other party to continue the conversation. Yet, let me lay out my argument in the hope that you can absorb some of it. You see, most Muslims [including you] are like a full cup of hot tea filled to the brim. Any new addition only causes overflowing. You cannot move the cup as that too will cause spilling. So, I doubt if any of what follows will lead to any value addition to you.

        Most people will say that if a book exhorts Momins to kill children born on Thursday it is a book of hatred and cannot be the word of a loving God. Now, this may be difficult for you to comprehend because you find yourself within Islam, but for many of us on the outside many of the Quranic passages are equally despicable. For instance, how best to beat your wife, how to treat Kaffirs, how to deal with apostasy, etc [I dont have time to quote exact passages here, but go look it up yourself. It may help if you clarify if you are a Quran+Hadith Muslim or if you are a Quran-only Muslim because you find the Hadiths paint old Mo is pretty bad light.] That is enough to make us not to touch Islam with a 10-foot pole. The more people that leave Islam, the better it is for humanity because of the hatred inherent within Islam.

        If this is difficult for you to comprehend, I will ask you to do this thought experiment. Think of all the things you would like to have in a holy book – God is benevolent, God is omni present, details of spiritual practices, etc. At the other end of the continuum lay down things you would never hope to see in a holy book – kill children born on Thursday, etc. Try and think of other things that may lie along this continuum.

        At a particular point along this continuum, if you are intellectually honest, you will probably place a marker or a threshold above which the stuff mentioned is so hateful that it cannot be the work of God. Quran falls above this threshold in the hate factor. So, it is more likely that it is the work of greedy…

      • So, it is more likely that it is the work of greedy Arab warlords wanting to slit each others’ throats. Enjoy your religion of hate.

      • Islam’s version of a loving benevolent God: Worship me only else I will torture you for eternity in hell!

    • @akhter
      I got the message never bow head before stone, I will never bow head before stone Kaba. Do not include human in God prayer, I will never recite Mohamad name in God prayer, believe in God is omnipresent, I will never go to Kaba or 7th sky like fool Mohamad. Respect to woman, I will never make any woman sex salves in spite I will treat with them as a sister. Do not marry with a child, I will never marry with the girl less than 18 years old not six year as Mohamad did.I will Consider God just who whose punishment to one is finite for finite bad deed not infinite or finite deeds.I will consider God all-powerful, never require of prophets he himself can fill the heart of one with knowledge.

    • @akhter
      When statistics speak why to do taqiya here my friend?
      Why is there a drop in population of hindus in pakistan and bangladesh?
      Your hatred for kafirs aka hindus and jews is evident in quranic verses. I am a hindu and i will worship the god manifest in rat,cat, snake…….what not even a muslim like you(who is filled with hatred against kafirs).

      Can you tell me why god hates idols so much? A god who is filled with hatred for idols, is he a real god? A god who punishes without giving second chances is he a real god?

      Please come to real god the vedic god who loves every one alike!!

      • There are more Hindus in Pakistan now than when it was created, so you wrong, please let me tell you as a person who ever in faith you may be i love you and adore you as a person, you want to carry on worshiping rats and cats please carry on, this is the very reason God hates when one worships his creation rather than the creator, your very own Vadic God tells you not to grave any images , to worship.

      • @akhter:

        Lets see if you can answer this hypothetical. What if your “holy book” had decreed that Thursday is the day of Satan? Anyone born on Thursday ought to immediately be put to death. That is what Allah wishes. What would you do?

      • @akhter
        ___What if ,does,nt have any legs to stand on____
        Fault of cruel Allah, he discriminated, he announced the judgment to hell without doing fault by one.

      • @akhter,
        >> There are more Hindus in Pakistan now than when it was created, so you wrong
        See wikipedia for this. Making statements without any proofs is your passport to hell.
        >> please let me tell you as a person who ever in faith you may be i love you and adore you as a person,
        When actions speak otherwise, who will believe your statements? Your love is evident by the action of your brothers in destroying the statues of budha in afghanistan.

        >> you want to carry on worshiping rats and cats please carry on, this is the very reason God hates when one worships his creation rather than the creator, your very own Vadic God tells you not to grave any images , to worship.
        Why is Allah so worried when i worship cats and rats?. I like cats and rats and i worship them. If Allah hates it , let him come and tell me that he hates,you better not be the judge and punish me, give that chance to allah please.
        Anyway I dont believe in your god allah, My god is Adi varaha (The mighty pig god) who recieves my prayers even if done infront of a pig or a statue of pig.
        I dont care about vedas, but can you prove that vedic god puts some one in eternal hell for worshipping a statue of pig, rat, cat?

  • There is no truth in you saying about what we are thought about Hindus ,we are told they belong to the human race which descended from from Adam who are all equal whether they are Indians ,Pakistanis or Arabs, the only person who is better is the one strong in his /her deeds, there is always those who put blame on this and that and you will find it in all faiths and communality it is a human nature,
    The first man created by God was a Muslim,and every child born into this world is also Muslim,The massage of one God was delivered to every nation and tribe ,how they took it depends on their commitment, there were over 124000 prophets and messengers were sent to all the people, now it is possible that Ram and Chrishna were the prophets of God and it also could be truth that the Vadas may contain some true word of God,but it is clear they are mostly corrupted and are full of myths, superstition and fairytale,now as a human i love you adore you and wish you all the best, you may say you believe in one God ,but you do bow to self created idols, it is that which is not right,as every prophet was the way to God and so the last prophet came to fulfill the mission for mankind with the massage which supersedes the one before and will remain till the day of judgment,so i say to you to have look and then have another look!!

      • Look for the meaning of Muslim ,you will have the answer there.

        Child submits to the physical laws which Allah has put in nature, his soul also submits naturally to the fact that Allah is his Lord and Creator. But, his parents try to make him follow their own way and the child is not strong enough in the early stages of his life to resist or oppose the will of his parents. The religion which the child follows at this stage is one of custom and upbringing and Allah does not hold him to account or punish him for this religion.

      • @akhter Meaning of Muslim
        Muslim=Who bows head before stone Kaba.
        Muslim= Who believe in sex with his mother/sister/daughter.
        Muslim= Who include human name in God prayer.
        Muslim=Who believe God requires help of human(Mohammad) to maintain his creation.
        Muslim= Who believe in rituals/superstitions.
        Muslim= Who support in keeping sex slaves.
        Muslim= Who believe Allah has form & sit on 7th sky.
        Muslim=Who think Allah is not omnipresent that is why Mohamad searching to Allah on 7th sky.
        Muslim=Who think God is worship desirous.
        Muslim=Who believe God force for incest.
        Muslim= Who believe God is not kind/just, Punishment is infinite for finite deed like eternal hell.
        Muslim=Who believe Allah judge the person not by deed but his worship made by one.
        Muslim= Who believe rapist, criminal, terrorist are allowed to enter in Kaba but God person like Gandhi Ji, Sukrat, Ainstine, Newton, Budha not allowed to enter in Kaba.
        Muslim= Who support marriage between 6year old child and 50 year old man.
        Muslim=Consider woman object of sex, dream of sex with 72 hoor of janat.

      • slap 1 on your face Muslims never bow to Stone Kaba ,infact the life of a human has more dignity than Kabba! Unlike you who create idols yourself and then bow to them.

        slap 2 on your face To have sex with out marrige is punishable to death and a man can not marry his ,mother , sister, aunts.

        slap3 on your face Muslim include human names in prayer for God to send his blessings on them which includes your parents ,and not what you are saying.
        slap4 on your face as me and you are incapable god sent his messengers to pass his massage to us so we could have an ever lasting life in heaven ,Mohammad was his mouth piece God depends on nothing while i you and even mohammad do.
        Slap 5 on your face ,there is a master verse in the Glorious Quran , There is non like him,the moment we say God is like this ,he is no longer God , no shape not siting anywhere, that idea is from the Christians who say he looks like man sitting on his throne with Jesus on his right hand side, Mulims say there is non like him.
        slap6 on your face ,seven sky may be Mohammad did see Allah and he is the only human or a prophet to see him he went beyond the seven sky.
        slap no 7 on your face,i will leave it there not even worth answering.
        slap 7 God forces incest ,i have answered it clearly where you lied to device people.
        slap8 on your face , every time a Muslim does anything which applies to good only starts by saying first , bismilla harukhmanirakheem, begin with Allah most gracious most merciful, want him to be merciful ,then recite Shahadaat and will forgive all your sins as if you were newly born , and inshallah you will enter heaven.
        slap no9 on your face ,all persons are his creation and he loves all despite knowing that you still not believe in him and his last prophet then you deserve ,that so why take the risk change now before it is too late.
        slap no 10 on your face every nation has its rules i am to enter India i need a passport and say also obey all its rules while i am there, now the rule to enter Kabba is to say la ila…

      • @ akhter
        And I say they natural religion of mankind is Vedic religion, why you deny this?

      • @akhter
        ________ To have sex with out marrige is punishable to death and a man can not marry his ,mother , sister, aunts____
        If you think Aadam had sex with his daughter Eve then there should be no problem if your father do sex with your sister & You believe Aadam Son & daughter had sex with each other then there is no problem if you sex with your sister.This is logically right if we believe in Aadam & Eve ideology. But I am Veda follower, Allah creates thousands of man & woman pair at time of universe, so question of incest does not arise. Your logical analysis skill is very poor. For rest of all read article of Agniveer & links given by shravak.

    • @akther:

      we are told they belong to the human race which descended from from Adam

      You were lied to. There was no Adam and no Eve. Get over it.

      • @akther:
        Brother Why do u think your ancestors used to have sex with their mother, sister & daughter? If you think so, I am sure even you would never be hesitate to have sex with you mother & daughter & sister.Because Kuran permits.

      • For your information the Arabs account for only 16% of the worlds 1.9 billion Muslims ,and if you or any other Muslims other than the Arabs themselves think their ancestors are Arabs then they need their brain testing.If the Arabs were having sex with their mothers and sisters and burying their daughters alive to escape from the shame ,as it is most common in India present where MILLIONS girls fetus are aborted for that reason, however the Arabs were liberated and brought out of darkness through the blessed prophet. regarding sex ,it is haram ,unless you are married,where it is blessed.


        Islam places certain restrictions as far as the choice of your spouse is concerned. These restrictions are based on blood relationships and religious affiliations of the person.

        (A) Restrictions based on Relationship

        There are certain blood relations which are considered haram for you as far as marriage is concerned. (As a general rule, anyone who is your mahram is forbidden to you for marriage. Mahram means a blood-relative in whose presence hijab is not required.) The list of such relatives is given in the Qur’an as follows:
        For Man mother daughter paternal aunt maternal aunt niece foster-mother foster-sister mother-in-law step-daughter daughter-in-law all married women sister-in-law (as a 2nd wife) (See the Qur’an, ch. 4, verse 23-24)

        For Woman father son paternal uncle maternal uncle nephew foster-mother’s husband foster-brother father-in-law step-son son-in-law

        It worth noting that cousins have not been included in this list which means that: firstly, cousins are not mahram to each other, so hijab has to be observed between them; secondly, cousins can marry each other.

      • @akhter
        What restriction, you believe Eve got birth from Aadam body and Aadam sexed with his daughter Eve & children born from Aadam &Eve who were brother & sister then they had sex with each other. What a poor thinking, and you talk of restriction if Aadam & Allah santioned sex between brother-sister, father-daughter, so what restriction I think you also want to sex with your mother & sister and later will claim you have got divine sanction from Allah of doing this.
        Apply your mind do not believe blindly.Veda clearly instruct do not marry within clan, god creates thousand of man & woman pair never forces for incest. Please do not put blame on God.

      • and you are told we descended from monkeys and apes,which perhaps gives you comfort in believing in Monkey God, see if you can prove that.

      • @akhter
        ________and you are told we descended from monkeys and apes,which perhaps gives you comfort in believing in Monkey God, see if you can prove that.______
        Who told you this nonsense, As per Veda Allah creates thousand of man & woman pair on earth at time of inception of universe & instruct through Veda not marry within clan. Allah never force anybody for doing incest. you are fool who are blaming to God for incest.

  • Brother akhter

    I know in Pakistan people’s hearts are filled with hatred against Hindu India from their childhood. They are taught that how badly Hindu majority behaved with Muslim minority in pre partition era and thus Jinnah had to demand for Pakistan. However you are never allowed to think that how Islam came to India? What Arabs were doing here in India? Why Bin Qasim invaded Sindh? Did he come on the call of a Islamic woman? No these are all fiction nothing real. He invaded India twice before he is said to have responded the call of a woman.

    Watch this to know from your own countrymen that how you glorified the rapists and looters of your own ancestors and motherland


    Did you ever think who were your ancestors, Arabs/Turks or Hindus?

    • @akhter

      I am surprised that confirmation came earlier and the confirmed came later 🙂

      Why dont you think it other way round? Why not assuming Vedas as source of monotheism and Quran its confirmation? I know your problem! Your monotheism/Tauheed is incomplete without believing in agent Muhammad with Allah in your faith. So monotheism of Vedas (belief in One God is sufficient) is different from monotheism of Islam (Allah+Muhammad duo is collectively called as One). So there is difference.

      BTW I asked for the proofs of rat/idol worshipping form Vedas and not Monotheism. I know Vedas promote One God and I believe in it.

    • @hit and run akhter
      Why dont you go to taliban and ask them not to destroy budhas idols, afterall idols havent done any wrong they are just an art. The present caste system in india will slowly go, but you better go to iran or iraq and ask them to forget the differences between shia/sunni rather than indian caste system. Also ask your paki brothers not to kill ahmediyas and make them one more sect of untouchables.

      • Well at least he is your brother in humanity ,and boasts to be from your country.If he supports killing of apostates, why are there thousands of ex Muslims calling themselves Christians still alive in India? , stop lying!!See if a Hindu converts to Islam in Gujrat openly ,by God he would be burned alive the next moment,so shut it!

      • @akhter

        ————-Well at least he is your brother in humanity ,and boasts to be from your country.————-

        He does not believe in humanity so he is not my brother in humanity. And by this logic, even you are my brother. So why dont you accept my views? Why dont you stop worshipping Kaba idol and stop doing Shirk by reciting Muhammad’s name in your prayers five times a day? Why not believe in One God like me which is described in Vedas?

        ———–If he supports killing of apostates, why are there thousands of ex Muslims calling themselves Christians still alive in India?———-

        He cant do whatever he likes. Whatever he talks is based on Shariyat, the ideal ISlamic regulations and India is yet to be Islamic state 🙂

        ————-See if a Hindu converts to Islam in Gujrat openly ,by God he would be burned alive the next moment,———–

        Nothing like that. On contrary the Ustaad of Zakir Naik , Ahmed Deedat was from Gujrat. Another Mullah in Zakir’s team is a convert from Gujrat. IRF itself claims that it has converted some millions of Hindus in year 2010 in India. So what you say is impossible. Actually now you are in win win situation! Now you will say that look look, Millions of Hindus came into Islam, so Islam is fastest growing religion and thus it is great 🙂 So again clarifying, nothing like that too.

        In India Muslims get more leverage in every field. Compare them with Pakistan (I think you are from there). Can Pakistan ever have a Hindu/Qadiyani president? No. But India had.

    • @akhter

      Any proof from Vedas? In Hinduism anyone without worshipping idols can get bliss. In Islam no one can get bliss unless he bows down to Kaba idol five times a day and kisses and circumambulates it atleast once in his lifetime. So you see stones (be it Kaba or odd no of stones of Muhammad :)) are means of Islamic enlightenment not of Hindu.

      Yes of course why dont you introduce caste system in Talibans? It is still better than the racist Islamic tradition where you (non Arab Muslims) can never become Caliph of Muslim Ummah, where you are just a Mawali a born slave to Arabs 🙁

  • Now lets deal with Sharovak , It is your dear and sweet wish that because you bow down to Idols which you carve out yourself and we the Muslims go round the Kabba when praying,let me tell you the dignity of a human being is more important than the Kabba , it is the first house of God built on earth ,we the Muslims face towards it as a direction so when praying we are orderly, never ever we pray or bow down to it,so get it out of your tiny head and do not lie.

    • @akhter

      For me idol worship includes bowing, kissing and circumambulating a stone. For me choosing a particular direction to worship omnipresent God is idiotic. So Muslims are idol worshippers and ignorant. Prove me wrong…

  • Adlof, so you admit bowing down to rats and cow dung and snakes is part of your belief, where as i am totally condemning and telling you that Taliban is not Islam , neither am i Taliban may claim to be Muslims but what they do is theirs .No Muslim is ever allowed to Kill any other son or daughter of Adam[aadamy] other than in self defense.
    There are at present nearly 900 million more women than men in the world, now how do sort this problem ,they need a partner to live their lives,what is the solution given by your books or faith to solve this problem? your answer is to burn them when their husbands die , or make them wear a white saree and lock them in a room.Islam gives you an answer by marrying these surplus women and giving them honor and justice if one has the means to do it.
    God indeed is proof when you have a look at yourself and all the other creations around you ,a clear sign that it is all from a creator ,snakes and rats are indeed his creation ,and any one who is wise would bow down to the creator and not to his creation!
    Now regarding God being in seventh heaven and judging people from there ,which Muslmaan you,ve been talking to or shall i say which anti Muslim websites you been visiting, The glorious Quran is clear regarding the definition of God , in four line it gives you the description of almighty , it is challenge for all to see if you can produce a better definition!

    al-Ikhlâs – The Purity

    In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

    Say: He is Allah, the One and Only!
    Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;
    He begetteth not nor is He begotten.
    And there is none like unto Him.

    • @akhter

      Though I doubt your mind filled with dung/urine/shit stones stories will ever catch it but let me try

      See the better definition at the starting of article from Vedas.


      BTW if you think Talibans and Mullahs blowing each other in sectarian violence are wrong, first teach them the lessons of peace. And when you are done with them, then go to polytheists to teach Tauheed.

    • @akhter:
      bowing down to rats, snakes….isnt it better than killing people , the taliban way? It is so much better than having 4 wives and maintianing 10 more right hand posessions, what do you say? Afterall the existance of god cannot be proved, but the existance of rats, snakes requires no proof and believing them is rational when compared to belief of a god in 7th heaven sitting on his throne and judging souls.

    • @akhter

      No. Tradition of preserving stones (odd in numbers 🙂 ) used for cleaning prophet’s shit belongs to Jihadis! [Refer Bukhari] You have landed at wrong place. Buzz off..

    • what about mohammed instructed his followers to drink camel urine?

      “Narrated Abu Qilaba:

      Anas said, “Some people of ‘Ukl or ‘Uraina tribe came to Medina and its climate did not suit them. So the Prophet ordered them to go to the herd of (Milch) camels and to drink their milk and “urine” (as a medicine). So they went as directed and after they became healthy, they killed the shepherd of the Prophet and drove away all the camels. The news reached the Prophet early in the morning and he sent (men) in their pursuit and they were captured and brought at noon. He then ordered to cut their hands and feet (and it was done), and their eyes were branded with heated pieces of iron, They were put in ‘Al-Harra’ and when they asked for water, no water was given to them.” Abu Qilaba said, “Those people committed theft and murder, became infidels after embracing Islam and fought against Allah and His Apostle .”

      Moreover, get us one verse from vedas which instructs us to worship cow dung.


    1. Hindus believe in the divinity of the Vedas, the world’s most ancient scripture, and venerate the Agamas as equally revealed. These primordial hymns are God’s word and the bedrock of Sanatana Dharma, the eternal religion which has neither beginning nor end.

    2. Hindus believe in a one, all-pervasive Supreme Being who is both immanent and transcendent, both Creator and Unmanifest Reality.

    3. Hindus believe that the universe undergoes endless cycles of creation, preservation and dissolution.

    4. Hindus believe in karma, the law of cause and effect by which each individual creates his own destiny by his thoughts, words and deeds.

    5. Hindus believe that the soul reincarnates, evolving through many births until all karmas have been resolved, and moksha, spiritual knowledge and liberation from the cycle of rebirth, is attained. Not a single soul will be eternally deprived of this destiny.

    6. Hindus believe that divine beings exist in unseen worlds and that temple worship, rituals and sacraments as well as personal devotionals create a communion with these devas and Gods.

    7. Hindus believe that a spiritually awakened master, or satguru, is essential to know the Transcendent Absolute, as are personal discipline, good conduct, purification, pilgrimage, self-inquiry and meditation.

    8. Hindus believe that all life is sacred, to be loved and revered, and therefore practice ahimsa, “noninjury.”

    9. Hindus believe that no particular religion teaches the only way to salvation above all others, but that all genuine religious paths are facets of God’s Pure Love and Light, deserving tolerance and understanding.

  • @krishna

    God has made universe and blessed us human body to do pious deeds only. He has not made any heaven or hell. All have to face the result of their deeds, good or bad here only, by taking rebirth. (Rigveda mantra 10/135/1,2)

    God has not only made universe but has also given knowledge of four Vedas where answers to your and everyone’s questions have been given. There are four Vedas:
    1. Rig Veda – gives knowledge of science, matter of the universe like sun, moon, air body etc., etc.

    2. Yajurveda – gives knowledge of all the deeds and duties to be performed by men or women, students, leaders, king, agriculturist etc., etc., etc.

    3 Samveda – gives knowledge how to worship God who gives peace and long happy life etc. In this way, details of Yoga philosophy, qualities, supreme deeds and nature of the God are also given.

    4 Atharvaveda – gives details of God, medical science and details of medicine etc.

  • one thing i want to know that what VEDAS have opinion on hell and heaven??..As we are soul which cannot be burn,dried,cut,etc and so if hell and heaven is there,then how come we will suffer there???………But i guess ,hell and heaven is here itself on earth…when you greatly suffer,then you are in hell and when you experience happiness, you are in heavenly state………………..But i want to know what VEDAS have opinion on this???..Is there separate hell and heaven region???

  • Dear Raj

    This is not the right section to post such comments and have such discussions. A more appropriate place would be the Discussion Forum. But since several comments have been exchanged, we provide our own brief view. Further discussions can continue at Discussion Forum.

    1. Caste system as prevalent today is a slur and completely unscientific. As per Vedic culture, following are important:
    – Match of habits, actions and approach in life
    – Marriage in close families should be avoided. Endogamy leads to weaker children.
    – The family in which marriage happens should not have any serious genetic disorder that is likely to carry to next generation.

    Rest of the things – valor, bravery – are imbibed. By eating good food, having proper exercising etc, anyone can become strong. Genes do help but not as much as grooming in matters of strength as well.

    In any case, if it comes to protecting the nation, we need more of intellectual warriors than wrestlers. And intellectual strength can be obtained by any healthy child through proper nurture.

    – To claim that purity of race has helped Rajputs save the nation is foolish. Please show the track-record and if that had been so, what made us slaves for centuries and even today keeps us in such dismal state? Yes there have been legends like Pratap but then Man Singhs also abounded. Let us not attempt to generalize individual efforts to entire community. And what would your views be on Shivaji?

    – Parashuram is claimed to have destroyed all Kshatriyas several times. Then where does the question of ‘racial purity’ comes. This itself implies that Kshatriya was a profession and not a race. From where did Agnikula Rajputs come from? They are supposed to have sprung up from Fire. Do you really believe so. At least a Vedic person will not consider all these as anything apart from fiction. It is simply that from time to time, people from other births also took over duties of rajputs even when the birth-based caste system was prevailing.

    Racial superiority is a delusion of mind to please oneself in imaginary grandeur. It has neither support of Vedas nor any available facts of history. India is India today because of contribution of all people from all castes and births. All have similar share of goodness and badness we possess today. And if indeed Rajput race is supposed to be superior, then on contrary, Rajputs should share the blame for being the most incompetent race. Because they were supposed to defend us and yet they could not effectively counter the barbarians. WHy did we remain slaves of invaders under Rajput rule then?

    BTW, author of this post is himself a Rajput if you go by the racial vocabulary which we refuse to believe in.

    Vedas talk of logic. Let anyone provide reasonably more sound and provable arguments to defend racism and then Vedas suggest we accept them. Further, as per Vedas, the brother has no business in deciding whom sister decides to marry – unless of course he is a criminal. As per Vedas, none other than the bride and groom have any rights to pass judgment on their life partners. And that is why Krishna married Rukmini despite resistance from Rukmi.

    So for sure, if anyone is supporting racism, he is anything but Vedic scholar. If there are other reasons behind his denial that is something we cannot comment upon. But Vedas are clear – girl can choose any eligible, healthy, suitable, non-criminal match for herself after attaining maturity and education. Refer articles on Women in Vedas. Swayamvar (Choosing one’s own groom) is the best way as per Vedas.

    PS: Any further discussions should happen on DIscussion Board.

  • Sorr Brother I am not here to refute or fight.Baniya for us is another race only who trade and whom you call viashyas.Even Rajputs are called Baniya sand many of them do business.Even I am Baniya during day time when I do business.

    Anyway please continue your discussion on religion and I will wait for agniveer Ji reply if he can help.

  • of other races and result wa snot good.Moreover the offsprings which we can see are not same.even I have started belieivng in this myself my two brother married and they have kids which do not have same agression like jats and they look more like baniyas.Something is worng.I cannot discuss more.Thanks for all your feedback.I think we should wait and convince him.


    • Brother Raj

      I think it is you who needs to make up the mind more than her brother. You yourself believe in racism. You too wrote Baniyas as if all of them are cowards. Perhaps you have forgotten that the time when mighty well built RAJPUTS of today’s Pakistan and India were converting to Islam to save their lives and were sending their women to Harems of bastard invaders, Brahmins and Baniyas at the same time retaliated and kept their Dharma alive. They died but did not give up the faith. For me those Baniyas are more brave than Rajputs. I am not Rajput but I know many and I dont think any of them can ever overpower me in strength and stamina. In which world you are living?

      Did not you read my previous reply? What is wrong in that? Refute the claims or accept those.

  • Vajra Ji


    He gives very simple example.Whole western nation is living in such condition where women is not respected and if you see India also those who do not follow traidition such girls and boys get seperated after some time.Fact is three Rajput boys in there family married girls

  • It is very very tough now.

    The best action from my point of view is that the concerned ady and you should wait for some-time to convince him. Prove your metal in all-aspects and never retaliate. keep your cool and let the time decide the result.

  • Satyendra Ji

    Thanks a lot to you,I don’t mid even if osmeone says bad but your views are good.

    I am in dilemma I know that we Jats are also warrior race but her Brother is Rajput and gives some good reasoning.

    Jats are more hot minded and lack control during anger.On the contrary raj puts are well balanced even in aggression.I have not sure what should I do.I can also fight and I am strong economically,I can say 100 times stronger then them.Still he is not budging down.

    Her sister is very well educated working,I am also owning big business.We all agree,her parents like me,my parents agree.But he is hurdle.Not sure what to do.Anyway I think I will leave everything on GOD or Agniveer Ji.If he can help me.


    • Namaste Brother Raj

      Her brother is trying to defend racism in the name of Vedas and Dharma. This is foolishness. There are only Varnas (merit based four classifications) as per Vedas not races. Any well built, wise, intellectual, vegetarian male or female born in any so called Shudra family is a match for any Brahman/Kshatriya/Vaishya counterpart who is equally good in intellect, food habits and body. Concept of pure blood from time immemorial is idiotic. In her family case too, they claim to be descendants of Arjun. Now today nobody knows about Arjuna’s father! Arjun was not biological son of Pandu. Even Pandu was not the son of Kshatriyans biologically. He was son of Vyas. And Vyas himself was a son of a fisherman’s daughter. So you see believing in Arjun’s ancestry and then claiming “purity” of blood is moronic.

      I can write more but I dont think it is needed after this 🙂

      all the best..

      • Ajyesthaaso Akanisthaasa Yete
        Sam Bhraataro Vaavrudhuh Soubhagaya
        –        RigVeda, Mandala-5, Sukta-60, Mantra-5- (5000 BC)
        ‘No one is superior or inferior; all are brothers; all should strive for the interest of all and progress collectively’.
        MANU SMRITI:
        Janmanaa Jaayate Shudrah Sanskaraat Dwija Ucchate
        Vedapaathi Bhavet Viprah  Brahma janaati Brahmanah

        “By birth all are Shudras only.  By actions men become Dwija (twice-born). By reading the Vedas one becomes Vipra and becomes Brahman by gaining the knowledge of God.”

        “He in whom the qualities of truth, munificence, forgiveness, gentleness, abstinence from cruel deeds, contemplation, and benevolence are observed, is called a Brahmin in the Smriti. A man is not a Sudra (low Caste) by being a Sudra nor a Brahmin by being a Brahmin”.– Vanparva Mahabharata

        Na Visheshosti Varnanaam Sarvam Braahmyamidam Jagat
        Brahmanaa poorva Sristhim hi Karmabhih Varnataam Gatam

        “There are no distinctions of castes. Divine consciousness is omnipresent in the world. It was Brahmanic entirely at first. The Varnas have emerged in consequence of men’s actions.” -Shantiparva Mahabharata

  • Dear Raj ji

    I also salute the feelings of the Rajputs and particularly the concerned person. Before answering questions, people should look into the activities in the past. Jats also are Desh-bhakt and a gem in India’s Struggle to retain its “Asmita”. Thanks to Vedic beliefs that I can bow down to Rajputs and Jats for their roles.

    Even Jats follow gotra and genetic lineages (most of these beliefs are good and few of them are irrational).

    Jats were diluted by many wars like Kurukshetra as a best example. Rajputs were somehow able to retain their identity. This does not mean that Jats are second to anyone.

    If he believes in veda then he should consider human-rights first. If the sister has the same warrior feeling then also it is upto her to take the decision. However, I feel that whatever he/she things, I have very high level of respect for them.

    I’m sure that Agniveer Ji have the solution, but keeping his engagements and committments, I feel that your questiin is too personal. This does not mean that it has no value. Infact, you have raised a good and healthy question.

    My apologies for any mis-intrepreted words. Hats off once again to every true Indian. Vande Mataram

  • Satyendra Ji

    I am thankfull to you and appreciate your advice.

    How to counter this.

    “As per him, “Rajputs should marry in Rajputs only and not even in those Rajputs who have become rangad i.e. followed ISLAM.He says to protect our nation and Dharma we must save our blood and lineage.He says those Rajputs who have succumbed to ISLAM does not have same blood in their veisn whcih was at one time.They have become impure now and are afraid.If these warriors survive than at the time of need future genrations will come up and fight.her brother himself does lot of things which no one is aware but I am sure good for nation and Dharma”


  • One more thing which is irrational. Arjun’s decendents should be in few thousands if we consider biologically. War, epidemics and mutilation by other communities may have always kept a check on their numbers.

    Similarly, manu himself cannot be father of all the indians. So, people clamining that they are descendents of such and such person, are wrong.

    If I go by wikipedia(though not authentic) then these rajputs have almost same affinity to jats.

    If the concerned brother is still against wills of two people, then you should passify the families. Before taking any decision, think about justifying the cause of your marriage. There are many responsibilities, changes in view and life, and objectives come in your ways.

    For example, some people feel at the later stage that it was a mere active and direct attraction of the opposite personality. There could be others who might have passive and indirect attraction (hidden or moral but not physical), but could have been much better for the person who is regretting.

    I met a couple who had an arrange marriage and they are down to earth people. The husband is in IT field and wife hails from a village though educated but not convent or english medium. Best part is that they know what there objectives are and how to get there morally. That is why, they never faced any issues. Infact they are determined to face these issues if they come in near future.

    Do not be adamant for something which can be there elsewhere. Last but not the least, my apologies, if my message is not upto your expectation settings.

    Definetely Agniveer have the resolution, but please help him in utilizing his time for putting their (Agniveer) collective efforts for the humankind.

  • Yes you are right Vedas do not have any caste or race,but how to convince girls brother.His reasoning is totally different.I thought agniveer Ji can help me.

  • Satyendra

    Very good point I studied Rajputs and even colonel Todd has written complete book on them.They never consider themself as caste.

    We have two kind of Rajputs Chndravanshi and SOmvanshi.One from solar dynasty and other from Moon Dynasty.Ram was from Solar and Krishna from Somvansh.
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Somvanshi_Kshatriya and smae way suryavanshi .

    All the rajput tribe fall in these two parts.What you have mentioned also fall in these two like tomar are from Arjun.Height does not matter,when you talk to them they are really very agressive and hot minded.

    So we have only two main categories and Tomar were not included fe whundred years back they are there since long back.

    Anyway that is not my point of discussion.

    Now I believe that as they have lot of pride on themself they want to keep their blood pure and always teach kids that Bharat is motherland and we must fight for it.

    Agniveer Ji please guide what reaosn I should give.They do not belive in caste.

  • It is correct that rajputs are physcally built very stronger and taller. They followed strict royal linkage, which helped them to get good warriors(mendels’s experiment f1 f2 f3) as per their genes on their chromosomes. But this does not mean that they are the best. However, these rajputs still have no mention in vedas or upnishads and not even were as a concept till 1000 AD. Rajputs were selective in choosing soulmates. If you would go topunjab and haryana, then also you would find most of jats are physically similar to rajputs. DNA CAN ONLY PROVE HOW CLOSER THEY COULD BE. There is no basis of making them best just by so called birth based caste system. When Mohammad bin kasim invaded north-west india, there were no rajputs.

    If rajputs claim themselves to be sons of arjun, then there would be people, saying descendents of Krishna and Ram(raghuvanshis). Does this mean that they are better than rajputs?

    Bundellas, tomars and parmars were included as rajputs, in 1200 to 1600. why were they considered as rajputs, when their average height is not more than 5.5 inches?

    if we go by mahabharat then even arjuns hereditery is crossed linked with krishnas.

    And about akbar’s slaves, please read akbarnama and then you would realize the true face of akbar.

    in a nutshell, even the size of nose is determined by genes.

  • @Raj – friend, i am confused. Because of two reasons. 1. I dnt find any race called rajput or jats in vedas nor in manu smriti.. So cant say in reference to veda.

    Manu smriti says a person should marry daughter of a person who is following similar profesion. But this is never followed.

  • Dear Friend

    If you see Rana Pratap,Prithvi Raj Chaouchan,Guru Tegh Bhadur,Guru Nanak,Most of the sikhs who claim themself to be Rajputs and if you go to Rajisthan or meet any true Rajput .You will find them very agressive and good build.I am not talking about catse but yes one can feel meeting with them that they are different from other tribes.

    Please do not dilute my discussion.This question is to agniveer ji.Is her brother right in saying that she should marry in rajputs only.They claim decendancy from Arjun family.All are more than 6ft tall and strong build.Is her brother right in saying that purity of lineage does not get manitained by marrying in some other race.He says if he can find some strong soul,heart perosn in other race he will agree.

    Please advise is it true that same race of rajputs generally result into brave sons and daughter.Although Man singh was also rajput but he betrayed.Still her brother say that Man singh was bravest general of Akbar though a Traitor.
    TOI will not help,please advice agniveer Ji.


  • Dear,

    Jats are basically yaduvanshi which got diluted by other people from west. Jat is neither a race nor caste. It is a community. Jats had gurjars, gadariyas, and even brahmans.

    Rajputs never imply that they are true kshtrariya. Kshatriya is by karma and not birth. Krishna was yaduvanshi and thus jat. In due course of time, some sections separated themselves as a new race like brahmin, rajput, jat, gurjar etc by birth.

    Rajput means raja ke putra but never states that they are warrior class. Even brahmin, gadariyas, vaishya can be a raja and his son should be called rajputs.

    Ask them from where rajputs evolved in vedic or even mahabharat times.

    krishna was yadav and khsatriya by karma.

  • Freinds

    I am not impostor ,I am asking for real time scenario.Please do not consider me negative.I used to worship idols but now after reading agniveer I have stopped.I want to counter Girls brother with some very logical argument as he is really genious and follower of vedas.He is not against caste marriage but he says there are different races and tribes which should not inter marry as they have duty on shoulders i.e.e to protect nation and dharma.

    Only such offsprings who are capable of having strong heart and soul can do big things in life.


    • Wanna know what First Corinthians 7.36 says in the Old Testament?

      but if any man thinks that he behaveth himself uncomely towards his virgin ,if she pass the flower of her age,& need so require,let him do what he will,he sinneth not ,let them marry-1 cornthians7.36(kjv)
      New American Standard Bible
      But if any man thinks that he is acting unbecomingly toward his virgin daughter, if she is past her youth, and if it must be so, let him do what he wishes, he does not sin; let her marry.
      Holman Christian Standard Bible
      But if any man thinks he is acting improperly toward his virgin, if she is past marriageable age, and so it must be, he can do what he wants. He is not sinning; they can get married.
      Aramaic Bible in Plain English
      But if a man thinks he is disgraced by his virgin who is past her time and he has not given her to a man, and it is fitting to give her as he chooses to do, he does not sin; she may be married.
      King James 2000 Bible
      But if any man think that he behaves himself improperly toward his virgin, if she pass the prime of her age, and need so require, let him do what he desires, he sins not: let them marry.
      English Revised Version
      But if any man thinketh that he behaveth himself unseemly toward his virgin daughter, if she be past the flower of her age, and if need so requireth, let him do what he will; he sinneth not; let them marry.

  • @Kalbhairav
    Your sarcasm actually gave a wrong interpretaion. I agree that even I beleive that Raj was imposter with wrong intents to divert people from thinking in rational manner.

    I was dissappointed by the slip of tongue where you wanted to imply something else and the meaning took a wrong turn.

    We should be thankful for this Agniveer.com’s platform for enlightening us. Please be cautious in choosing indirect sarcastic statements. Rather, you should choose direct statements.

  • Mr. Kalbhairav

    I am sorry to say that you have little faith towards the liberty. It is correct that emphasis is towards bonding minds through parental aggreements and consciences. However, the individuals are free to choose their way of living their life. In vedas, ecpectations are set and not forced upon individuals or the society.

    If my son or daughter choses the wrong person involved in anti-social or anti-human activities, then I would definetely reject her completely as my child. If heshe choses the correct person (irrespective of castes or religions), I would accept herhim, as they are free to choose the correct life partner.

    • @Satyendra

      Maybe I will from here on enclose some of my comments explicitly by opening appropriate html tags. In this case the tags would have been ….

      • @Kalbhairav
        Brother your way of writing or saying the things like Gagar mein sagar (filling whole sea in one pitcher) & require much attention & intellect to understand your comments.

      • @truth seeker:

        Brother. I had a feeling the original poster, Raj, was an impostor…hence the message. It would take an Abrahamic mindset to search for scriptural sanction to mostly commonsensical answers. Of late there arent any good Momin posters here…So, I guess I was a bit frustrated 😉

  • @Raj:

    Problem is Girls brother is follower of Vedas,I am not sure if he will agree.Can you please let me know if Love marriage is ok in Vedas.Will appreciate your help.

    No…love marriage is not allowed. Neither are brushing the teeth with the left hand, picking nose even in the privacy of the bathroom, bowing down to false gods, adding water to milk or going out in the rain without umbrella.

  • Namaste Agniveer Ji

    Need help.

    Is love marriage allowed in Vedas.If my mother and father know that I love a Gril and we love since 12ts standard.Now I am owner of School and college and my business still Girl like me her family likes me.We have not done anything worng and want to marry.

    Problem is Girls brother is follower of Vedas,I am not sure if he will agree.Can you please let me know if Love marriage is ok in Vedas.Will appreciate your help.


    • I don’t know what you imply by ‘Love’ Marriage. But Class 12 is too premature to have conjugal feelings. Vedas suggest that one should solely focus on building one’s foundation of knowledge, health and wisdom till he or she reaches full maturity and then plan about conjugal life.

      However Vedas also state that once matured, a person has complete right to choose the life partner as per his or her own compatibility. Family and relatives can at best perform a supportive role in this process of choice, but ultimately it would the decision of the girl or boy.

      So assuming that you and the girl are now fully mature, as per Vedas, you have complete freedom to choose your future life partner. Refer the marriage of Krishna with Rukmini.


      • Agniveer Ji

        Thanks a lot,myself I am Businessmen now and Girl is also MBA and working as Lecturer.Her family is ok and so do I.Problem is we are Hindu but caste is different.

        Girl is from Rajput family and I am from Jat family.Will Rajputs marry Jats.They say Rajputs are warrior class and if they marry with other race offsprings will not be of same genes.Girls brother informs this in family.He says when fusion occurs it is the gentic mutation whcih takes place and thus all attributes of ancestors come in body.IF Body formation i.e. heart which is formed first is strong than GOD will put strong soul in fetus and finally strong kid will take birth who will serve humanity and nation.

        I am not sure how can I counter him or give him some logical reasoning.I will be really thankfull if you can give some logical answer to this.He is not against inter caste marriage as he does not believe in caste being vedic follower but he gives strong reasoning behind race marriage.


      • @Raj:

        /begin{no sarcasm}
        Please take help from personals column in newspapers. I believe TOI has a column where Pooja Bedi answers such questions.
        /end{no sarcasm}

      • @ Raj, I hate to state this. I am kind of forced to question the honesty behind your question. To me this is the kind of discussion that Zakir Naik encourages and relishes in his t.v show. Bring in a bunch of gullible men and women in their 20s and yawn them with what’s halal and what’s shirk in Islamic marriages, Muslims to Muslim, Muslim marrying a “revert (whatever that stupid word means to ZN),” a Muslim marrying a Xtian etc etc.. Agniveer, to me, does not run a counseling clinic for issues like these.

      • Dear Raj,

        Scientifically, genetic material transfer takes place, by which characterstics of parents are expressed in child. Marriage in close relations should not be performed, though, marriage between unrelated ( blood) will lead to stronger traits, this has been elaborated well in Manusmriti.

      • if you follow vedas then forget caste vedas speak of varnas and does not state of ones superiority over the other. if your parents refuse tell them that they are against the vedas
        bhagvad gita chapter 15 verse 20
        one who understands the scriptures only his life’s mission is fulfilled”

      • Sorry agniveerji , i don’t know where to ask doubts to you,so I am asking it here. One christian guy asked me the following questions. I don’t know the answers,can you please help me.
        1. They have many wives and girlfriends (krishna, venkat, ganesh…etc.) Why does god need a wife or flirting girls? Does that mean hindu gods have sexual desires?

        2. Why don’t hindus prefer not to look at the moon on ganesh birthday? If hindu god is true god then the rest of the people in the world, other than hindus should be struck with multiple curses. Either hindu gods aren’t real or the hindu gods don’t keep their word.

        3. God is supposed be truthful and righteous. However Vishnu tricked the demons into sharing the amruth. Which is very ungodly and makes the gods no different from the demons. Does that mean that hindu gods are decieving and not truthful?

        3. How come shiva, did not recognise his child, ganesh and beheaded his own son? And after his son died, why couldn’t he give the son his own head back instead of an animal head? Does that mean that hindu gods are not all-knowing and all-powerful (healing)?

        4. When shiva has granted his devotee a blessing of ‘turning into ashes by placing his hand on someone’s head’ (basmam). After granting him that wish, shiva ran away for his life from his devotee? Does that mean that hindu gods aren’t immortal?

        5. rama didn’t know where to find sita for many years and finally needed the help of monkeys for a happy ending. So again he is not all-knowing and almighty.

        6. Why do you need to submerge ganesh in the water? Just because he needs more puja attention than the other gods so people prefer not have in him in the house. So he minds if you don’t do puja to him but he doesn’t mind if you throw him into the water. LOL!!

        7. venkatesh cheated his wife by having an extra-marital affair. And decieved both wives and turned into stone because he couldn’t handle them. What a great god. What a great example of faithfulness. LOL!!

        8. prahaladha prayed and vishnu appeared from the pillar in the form of a half lion & human. Why did he have to come in the form of an animal? Why did he have to kill the boy’s dad so gruesomely in front of that kid? There are other peaceful ways that god can show that he is powerful and mighty. So hindu gods aren’t peaceful and loving?

        9. Why does brahma need four heads? Poor thing, his lies costed his fifth head, he must have learnt his lesson, his only left with four heads now. A god loses his head…does that sound like an almighty god to you???

        10. You pray to snakes, pigs, cows, mouse, wart-hog, trees, books, money,fire, water, rocks, sun, moon, wind, dust.
        Oops, disregard the dust, I was going with the flow… LOL!!

        I answered the 1st question with the help of my friend from ISCON as follows
        Actually Krsna’s position is as a Supreme Enjoyer. Krsna can enjoy with his girlfriends etc because they are His own internal energy. So Krsna is basically playing with his own energy. It might be kind hard to understand at beginning. Krsna doesn’t have any sex desire. He is simply fulfilling the desires of His devotees. Regarding the Demigods they also have sex desires like humans. In material world sex desire is very gross but in higher planets sex desire is also present but not as gross. Generally demigods use their sex desire to bring in “Krsna Conscious” children. The Law of the material world is that if you want to beget children you need to have a wife. This applies to mostly all the living entities in material world. But one of them can beget children without a wife that is different story. That is why a wife is required even the Demigods.So the basic concept is all the deities we have are from the same source of energy(BRAHMAN) , actually mythology in Sanatana Dharma was given by Brahman to ease the understanding the concepts in veda.ie. Brahman as a formless god cannot be worshiped as a god himself by normal beings like you and me. So these mythology act as an medium to understand the concepts of god…
        And all the Hindu gods are part of the Brahman.

        he further flooded me with the following questions.
        1. His internal energy is part of him, so if his internal energy has those desires, so does he. Don’t you agree?
        Also, since he is a man, he made his internal energy a woman, so that he can quench his sexual desire. Do you think he is a HOLY god???

        Jesus is completely HOLY and entirely pure and has no such desires. He is above such things.

        2. If krishna is not having those sexual desires and he is only fulfilling the desires of his devotees. Does that mean his devotees have sexual desires towards their god? Do you know any girls around you who have sexual desires for krishna?

        Only in Christianity, we call God as ‘my Father’ and He calls us ‘My child’. The deep loving relationship between God and His people is that of a Father and a child.

        3. If krishna really wanted to fulfill the sexual desires for his devotees he would bless them with a wonderful partner. Unless he is jealous that his devotees will like their partners more than him. LOL!!

        4. What the heck is a demi-god?? Don’t tell me that they or human changed to god or god and human had offsprings called demi-gods.
        In other words they are humans with super powers. In the western world, humans with super powers are called super-heros like superman, spiderman, ironman, batman..etc. You do not worship them, you watch their movies for entertainment and forget about them because they are mythical & imaginary, good for kids bed-time stories. You don’t expect them to worship and pass on their kids.

        5. The higher plantes (heaven) is supposed to be holy, but it doesn’t seem to be any different from here.

        For Christians, heaven is the throne of God. It is so holy, almost as much as He is. There is no impurity, sexual imorality or unclean desires.
        It is so HOLY and SACRED because of His presence and filled with His glory and power.

        6. So a demi-god is not a complete god, that means they do not deserve complete glory and worship as a god. And the main god brahman cannot be worshiped.
        Do you know what worship means? It means a feeling of reverence, adoration, deep respect, profound love, thanks-giving and praise to God.
        What happens if you do worship brahman? Will he tell shiva to open his third eye because he is angry that puny humans are worshipping him?

        7. Why does brahman need all these other hindu gods as his delegates? Can’t he handle it all by himself?
        isn’t he almighty and all-powrerful?
        THANK YOU

      • then u should ask these 17 questions first and there are lot more still..
        http ://agniveer.com/465/god-crazy
        rest what u told about ganesh,shiva,brahma etc are from puran and not vedic view..U should actually spend more time on reading articles to know vedic concept
        Understanding concept of GOD in Vedas
        http ://agniveer.com/2708/vedic-god/

    • Dear Raj
      Please do not become angry.I have a bad news for you.You are loving that girl from class 12.It means that you had broken your vrat of brahmacharya.In Satyarth Prakash it has been said that only those stri and purush are marrigeable who had kept akhand brahmcharya.So,I think,you should not marry.And you should repent for doing sin by remaining unmarriaged for the complete life.If you marry your children are not going to be healthy.If you had not broken your brahmcharya then you could have married with her.If I were on the seat of president I would have made a law,according to which,persons like you should have been discarded from the school and country.Please do not become angry.If you feel bad then I am sorry.But it is the bitter truth.

  • The 21st century then, will be the era of the East; this is where the sun is going to rise again, after centuries of decadence and submission to Western colonialism; this is where the focus of the world is going to shift. And as when India used to shine and send forth Her Dharma all over the Orient: to Japan, Thailand, China, Burma, or Cambodia and influence their civilisations and religions for centuries to come, once more She will emit Her light and radiate, Queen among nations: “India of the ages is not dead nor has She spoken Her last creative word; She lives and has still something to do for Herself and the human peoples. And that which She must seek now to awake, is not an anglicised oriental people, docile pupil of the West and doomed to repeat the cycle of the Occident’s success and failure, but still the ancient immemorial Shakti recovering Her deepest self, lifting Her head higher towards the supreme source of light and strength and turning to discover the complete meaning and vaster form of Her Dharma”.

    Francois Gautier, born in Paris in 1950, is a French journalist and writer

  • Islam a cult??

    The first thing that one should know and clearly understand about Islam is what the word “Islam” itself means. The religion of Islam is not named after a person as in the case of Christianity which was named after Jesus Christ, Buddhism after Gotama Buddha, Confucianism after Confucius, and Marxism after Karl Marx. Nor was it named after a tribe like Judaism after the tribe of Judah and Hinduism after the Hindus. Islam is the true religion of “Allah” and as such, its name represents the central principle of Allah’s “God’s” religion; the total submission to the will of Allah “God”. The Arabic word “Islam” means the submission or surrender of one’s will to the only true god worthy of worship “Allah” and anyone who does so is termed a “Muslim”, The word also implies “peace” which is the natural consequence of total submission to the will of Allah. Hence, it was not a new religion brought by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) I in Arabia in the seventh century, but only the true religion of Allah re-expressed in its final form.

    Islam is the religion which was given to Adam, the first man and the first prophet of Allah, and it was the religion of all the prophets sent by Allah to mankind. The name of God’s religion lslam was not decided upon by later generations of man. It was chosen by Allah Himself and clearly mentioned in His final revelation to man. In the final book of divine revelation, the Qur’aan, Allah states the following:

    “This day have I perfected your religion for you, completed My favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion”. (Soorah Al-Maa’idah 5:3)

    “If anyone desires a religion other than Islam (submission to Allah (God) never will It be accepted of Him” (Soorah Aal’imraan 3:85)

    “Abraham was not a Jew nor Christian; but an upright Muslim.” (Soorah Aal’imraan 3:67)


  • This spineless culture of Arya Samaj is nothing more than a mockery of the legacy of Swami Dayanand and anything but Vedic religion. They may do their Havans, Sandhyas and shout slogans of ‘Vedic Dharma ki Jai’, and hold public meetings attended by big-shots politicians and tycoons. But their intent is well observable from their tangible outputs. There is a fundamental Vedic principle that those who claim to have greater knowledge and capability should also deserve greatest punishment. Refer http://agniveer.com/4272/manu-smriti-and-punishment/.

    I really liked this and I agree with you 100%.

    • @ Akhila Padhi

      Where the crime comes from? I am asking a straight question answer can be yes, no or don’t know!! as simple as that. Now, how authentic your words in terms of Vedic substantiation? Have you got any Vedic scripture describing this fact or it’s entirely your opinion? Any Vedic scholar deny his fact, I expect guidance from Agniveer in this regard if possible!!

      Odisha, I never been there, not much of north India. I am looking forward to visit NI in future.

      As I remember, Tamils celebrate dipaavali or deepaavali in October or early November time, a day before diwali starts in NI (I guess), there are many different believes across India for the reason of this celebration. So I don’t know which festival you have seen there??!!

      —“Regarding the rituals, rituals important for social point of view, and one thing is clear that the festivals and rituals of Tamilnadu are not different from other parts of India”—

      Above is your statement.

      There are similarities between some of our festivals and rituals, but if you go to villages then you will be able to see the real differences in between. Many of rituals are not changed at villages but they are disappearing too. For example, when we were kids, we used to fry full coconut with mixture of sweet fillings by fixing it to a long stick. As a group of locals with full of fun and happiness on 1st day of Aadi (a month of Tamil calendar) evening we have this festival to welcome that month, it includes pooja and a game using those sticks later on the same day. But now days, those celebrations are getting disappeared slowly.

      Do you have any festival similar to this (correct me if I am wrong) ?? what is your agenda here?? I have mentioned about the festivals because I don’t want to misguide people, they should also know the fact that there are many different festivals were disappeared and disappearing in SI which are not belongs to Vedic.

      I hope you get my point!!

      • @ Tamilscafe – Yes, you can recite Vedic slokas in Tamil. It is the straight answer that you want to listen. In entire 4 vedas, there is not a single verse, that says Vedas can be read only in Sanskrit, so it is authenticated by Vedas, other wise Veda would have been contained any reference in this regard.

        Read my comment, I have said ” I never said all festivals are same. i am from southern part of Odisha, the festivals that we celebrate at our home are much different from the festivals of North Odisha. The languages of my district are very different from the language of Coastal districts of Odisha.”

        I never say all festivals or rituals are same, there are differences, but the differences are not because of difference of religions, but because of different geographic location.

        Most of our festivals are directly related to the seasons and harvest times. These are different from region to region, hence we have different kinds of festivals, but the color of the festivals are same.

        You gave an example of a festival, and I said similarities of some other festivals.

        Now lets see the differences of food style. In most of NI, bread is main food, but In Odisha the main food is rice, we eat rice in a very unique style. We pour water onto it, we name it “Pokhalo”. No where you can find this style of eating. this is a difference. But There are many similarities of Odia food habits that with Tamil

        For example, you say a dish “Idly”, we say “Endry” (read d as d of God”), there is a small difference in preparation. we prepare with the leaf of turmeric.

        You say a dish “Dosa”, we say it “Chakuli”, you say a dish “uttapam” we say “Pitha” (read like பிடா).. Names are different, there is difference in style of preparation, but not so much.

      • There are a number of festivals celebrated in Odisha, that are much different from other parts of India. For example, in the month of Margoshir (month in winter season), on every Thursday, the ladies draw different drawings with the paste made of rice, put cow dung on the center of it, put a flower on it, and some cooked food. I guess, the “Pongal” festival is not much different from this.

      • My point is clear, the differences of food habits, or festivals are nothing to do with vedas. Nor they are any where linked with any kind of invasion. These are because of the differences of geographical region

    • @ roger says:

      I agree with you that agniveer covered very well the ‘what if’ scenario!! Do I have to learn sanskrit to recite the mandras mentioned in Veda (please correct me, if I am wrong) ?.

      If not, then anyone of you can give me a link to understand and practice vedic scriptures etc in TAMIL?

      • @Tamilscafe – Brother, it is said in Vedas, and repeated by Bhagaban Krishna that, only by reciting the veda mantras one can not get the bliss. The second mantra of Ishaponishad claims the same too. What is required is understanding the vedic principles and following them. Vedic principle is very clear, “remove all falsehood and accept the truth”. If you have this principle, you are vedic, or you are not.
        Regarding the rituals, rituals important for social point of view, and one thing is clear that the festivals and rituals of Tamilnadu are not different from other parts of India.

        I have been to Chennai many a times, and I stayed there for one full year, in that year, I witnessed the festivals, and they are nt different, although these are celebrated at different time.

        My point is, if you cant recite the sanskrit mantras, no worry, you can get the summary of them easily.

      • @Akhila Padhi

        Brother, I understand your point, but I think you have missed mine which is after understanding the vedic principles and following them etc, I want to use tamil to recite vedic mandras, if at all I like to recite? Can I do that?

        In regards to chennai festivals, which festival do you highlighting here, anything specific? Do you know that, in my village, cooked rice mixed with sacrificed lamp’s blood will be throughed towards sky as small hand moulded balls (and the never returns, its their belief any way, I never witnessed such stuff because its too SCARY, I know I am not brave enough lol ) ?? and there are many in the same manner, I would like to discuss such festivals in due course if you wish!! Have you ever witnessed these kind of festivals?

      • @Tamilscafe – There is nothing wrong in reciting the veda mantras in any language. in many forums we do in English, its not a crime under Vedas.

        There are many festivals that are similar to festivals of North India.

        I am giving you a very small experience of my life in Chennai.

        I reached Chennai on 7th June 2003. After two or three months I saw a festival similar to Diwali being observed there. Although this was not the diwali time in north India, yet the color of the festival was the same.

        Some months later, there was a festival at the kapaliswar Temple, similar to the Rath yatra of Lingaraj Temple of Bhubaneswar.

        I never said all festivals are same. i am from southern part of Odisha, the festivals that we celebrate at our home are much different from the festivals of North Odisha. The languages of my district are very different from the language of Coastal districts of Odisha.

        In this scenario, differences of festivals among different states of India is not a big deal

      • Reciting mantras by reading from any language will not make any difference as long as the pronounciation matches with the original mantra written in sanskrit. If in doubt regarding pronounciation, you will have to refer to original mantra in sanskrit. For instance, if i write the words “sharanam” and “charanam” in tamil, they are identical without any difference, but one need to pronounce based on the situation. I belong to chennai and have noticed several people using the wrong words in “venkateshwara suprabhatam”. However, once a proper verification has been done in terms of pronounciation with the original sansrit text, reading the same in other languages should not pose a problem. Hope, you get my point.

      • @Tamilscafe. If i am not not wrong, you wanted to know if you can recite the mantras using tamil grammar and tamil words. Is that correct? This suggestion of having mantras chanted in tamil (no sanskrit mantras involved here) while performing archanas and other poojas in Tamil Nadu which was started by DMK (if i m not wrong…i m not sure who exactly started this) does not go well with many of those who are well versed with Agamas as they say that it is against the agamas. It is just like having a different constitution for each and every individual. However, as far as i can say, one should only transliterate a mantra into any other language and not substitute it with the equivalent words of that language. However, varied opinions are entertained here…

      • Ajyesthaaso Akanisthaasa Yete
        Sam Bhraataro Vaavrudhuh Soubhagaya
        –        RigVeda, Mandala-5, Sukta-60, Mantra-5- (5000 BC)
        ‘No one is superior or inferior; all are brothers; all should strive for the interest of all and progress collectively’.
        MANU SMRITI:
        Janmanaa Jaayate Shudrah Sanskaraat Dwija Ucchate
        Vedapaathi Bhavet Viprah  Brahma janaati Brahmanah

        “By birth all are Shudras only.  By actions men become Dwija (twice-born). By reading the Vedas one becomes Vipra and becomes Brahman by gaining the knowledge of God.”
        “He in whom the qualities of truth, munificence, forgiveness, gentleness, abstinence from cruel deeds, contemplation, and benevolence are observed, is called a Brahmin in the Smriti. A man is not a Sudra (low Caste) by being a Sudra nor a Brahmin by being a Brahmin”.– Vanparva Mahabharata

    • he mere bandhuo bhaiyon mughe koi ye batao ki agniveer ke log kahte hain ishwar nirakar hai par maine rigved me 65 va slok padha hai jisme ye charcha hai ki indradev ne virtrasur ko mara hai jinhe yagya me awahan kia gaya hai jab ishwar nirakar hai aur wo sakar nahi ho sakte to phir indra dev ne virtrasur ko kaise mar dia jabki pure vishwa ka sabse purana granth rigved hai to aap hi log batao kya rigved ghutha hai ya phir agniveer aur yadi ved hi sach hai to indradev pap ko rokne ke lie kyon nahi aate aur yadi agniveer sahi hai to vitrasur kaise kaise mara gaya

      • Bhai Sudhanshu ji, Namaste!
        Rigved ko mandalo mein baata gayaa hai. kounse mandal me kounsa manthra hai aap hame yahaa prastut karne ki kasht karenge? Mere hisaab se aap koi galat anuvaad ko padhe ho ya sune ho. Vedon mein saaf hai ki eeashwar ka koi roop nahi hai, Na Tasya Pratima Asti. Ved ke manthr ek doosre se vibhed nahi kar sakte hai.

        Aap se binati hai ki aap jo bhee manthra ka ullekh kar rahe ho, usko yahaa prastut karein taaki, agniveer team ya aur koi gyaani is group par aap ki sankaaye door kar sakte hai.