1. The atrocities over the Hindus during the medieval era Muslim rule in the Indian subcontinent can be compared to no other parallel. Only the Holocaust atrocities over the Jews comes anywhere close to the barbarianism faced by the Hindus of that era.

2. On the ideological latitude too, the medieval era Muslim regime draws parallels to the NAZI regime. For example, the Nazi ideology is based on a superior race or the Aryan race which is the Master race of the Herrenvolk which should command the inferior races like the Slavs who had the status of Untermenschen. The Untermenschen were the ones whose existence could be tolerated but devoid of any prestige or power in the social milieu. Lastly, there were the Jews who had to be eliminated at all costs.

3. Now, during the Islamic rule over the subcontinent, the Muslims were the Herrenvolk or the community supposed to be the master letting the Dhimmis or the inferior ones love conditionally. Lastly, there were the Najas or the impure communities which had to be eliminated at all costs.

4. Their Muslim army invaded the lands of the disbelievers in a Blitzkrieg (a swift and violent military offensive) and carrying out killings of women, children and those who didn’t have anything to do with the war.

5. The fight had to go on till the last disbeliever was exterminated just like the Nazis who believed that they had the right to kill the last Jew on this earth. This phenomena was called Judenfrei which can be called as Heidenfrei in the case of medieval era Muslim regime.

6. The effect of this massive invasion was immigration from their own lands just like the Jews had to immigrate from Europe in search of safer avenues. This has been happening till this date in case of the Hindus who had to leave their homes in 1947, Kashmiri Pandits in 1990 and in Kairana in Uttar Pradesh.

7. There is only one supreme power in Islam or the Allah who guides all the decisions and is the supreme controller and in whose names the attacks over the Hindus were carried out just like Nazism also entailed unquestioned dedication to the leader, Fuherer Adolf Hitler.

8. However there are differences too, unlike Muslim rulers, Nazis did not kill people for their belief. Nazis killed people for their existence. When it comes to killing for belief we can compare the Islamic onslaught with that by Stalin. Only Communists kill people for their belief and spare them if the target is ready to shed its belief system. In any Islamic Invasion, the target was spared once he converted himself to Islam and became a pious man.

9. Other than that, just like communism preaches armed resistance till the power structures are changed in the favor of the Proletariats, there is the concept of armed Jehad till the time the power structures are changed in the favor of Muslims.

10. It means the Islamic invasion of Indian subcontinent in essence was a culmination of Islamic Jehad and Stalin’s communism.

11. It is really very sorry to see that our kids are denied any chance to carry out any objective assessment of our history which has been filled with blood, sword and gore.

Its high time that we take a call and propagate our real history to our coming generations through informal channels and weed out the systematic rot.

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Indian Muslims – Children of India or Slaves of Arabs?

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About the Book

A typical Indian Muslim is raised based on two theories from childhood. Either he is raised as an Arab//Central Asian/Afghan who conquered India and ruled it for a thousand years. Or as the progeny of those ‘enlightened’ souls who embraced Islam leaving behind the ‘darkness’ of idolatry- Hinduism.

However, deep within, they know the real story of the most bloodiest chapter of human history – the Islamic conquest of Indian subcontinent which killed, raped and converted their ancestors to Islam.

This book presents the story of undeniable mass killing, rapes and conversions of Hindus of Indian subcontinent whose children are now known as Indian (and Pakistani/Bangladeshi) Muslims. This book is a message of unity. Mother India is torn between its two children – Hindus and Muslims who were one once.

It is the call to brave, accept your roots. Find your lost mother. Find your lost brothers.

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