Shri Sanjeev Newar:
“Closeness to Supreme is proportional to control of senses (Sanyam)”

This might be the Gyan Marg.
In Bakthi Marg, the Supreme can be accessed through unalloyed love and a child like innocence devoid of all prejudices. In fact the Supreme comes looking for them, is it not?

True. But nevertheless senses must be directed to Him and not worldly pleasures.

But there are so many beautiful aspects of creation in this world.
Aesthetically speaking, beauty, nature, fine arts, music…even beauty of character like courage, wisdom, clemancy, love and so on.
Should we shun everything and lead an arid life.?
Is that what creation was meant for. Sri Ramanuja went to the extent of setting notions of Maya aside and declared that this entire universe is a manifestation of the Supreme It dissolves in the divine. Then the unmanifest becomes manifest again. This goes on.
I feel almost all faiths seem to suggest that life is sinful and it us sinful to be happy .
Of course the term pleasure is misleading but a happy fulfilled life, appreciating the finer aspects of life and leading a life attuned to Dharma in the shade of the Supreme is the Hindu way of life.
Otherwise our Sanatan lineage will dwindle and totally vanish…
It has started happening already

Shunning does not mean control of senses.
Control means giving direction.

Control is not killing the sense organs.
Hinduism does not suggest life is sinful.

Hinduism does suggest that a purposeless life is sinful.
The path of Moksha does not demand you pierce your ears, get blind, and live in blankness.

It demands you to know the cause – the source – behind all you sense and do.
And surrender to that.

Ishopanishad explains this in first mantra – do Bhoga with Tyagatena tyaktena bhunjitha.
Do not enjoy for sake of enjoy.

Enjoy as gift of Supreme to serve the Supreme.
When you enjoy a tasty nutritious fruit as Prasadam of Eeshwar, it is control of senses towards Him.

But when you smoke or eat junk just for taste knowing it is killing you and those around, it is lack of control.
takes you away from Eeshwar.

When you love your children to groom them, it is control of senses.
When you pamper children to succumb to their wrong demands, it is lack of control.

I am not sure what texts you read that suggest life is sinful.
But at least Vedas, Gita, Yog Darshan have a completely opposite view.

Be master of senses, not slave.
But killing senses will mean you cannot be master anymore as slaves are already dead!

Maybe sinful was not the word to be used. But I was seeking the clarification that life is not shunned in the efforts to control the senses to reach the supreme. Of course it might be true for those who have irrevocably taken to the path of renouncement.
There is lot of confusion going around and I felt the meaning and intention spelt out clearly, knowing the good influence you have on so many young minds.
You have amply clarified. Thank you.

Yes there is confusion because we often ignore the roots as we proceed ahead.
In Gita, Arjuna wanted to adopt path of renouncement.

And Yogeshwar demanded he fight his most sincere battle, because renouncement shunning duties is sin.
Because running away from objects of senses is sin.

One must destroy the roots of attraction, and surrender all to Param Yogi.
Eventually its a personal choice.

But Agniveer will never recommend path of formal Sanyasa as prevalent today, to anyone.
In Agniveer sect, that is sin.

Concept of Brahmacharya – Clarifying Confusions

Your words are reassuring.
One more apprehension I would like to share is that sanatan population might be demographically overun in a couple of decades. Many Hindu youth of today are opting out of marriage.It is understood that misuse of sec 498 is a dampener for many.
This section introduced by UPA ostensibly to protect the interests of women can play havoc with lives of men and hence needs to be amended. On the one hand there is TT which we can’t touch and sec 498 on the other extreme.
With this I rest my views.

Completely agree.
This population problem hoax is damaging.

It is implemented on those for whom it was not meant in first place.
And where it is most needed, it is not even spoken to not appear communal.

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