Modern Quran is supposed to be a perfect book, devoid of any errors. We have already analyzed in detail why this supposition is a great joke. In this brief article, we shall survey certain points where Quran contradicts itself.

The reasons for the contradictions are obvious:
a. Quran was not supposed to be downloaded in the brain of Muhammad in one go. On contrary, as per the needs of the situations, Gabriel would come and Muhammad would have an epileptic fit, and Ayats would be revealed.

b. In any case, entire Quran is hearsay compiled by Muhammad’s followers much after his death. Now these followers were killing each other and even murdered the first compiler of Quran.

c. Most Ayats were revealed in the bed of Aisha. And Aisha was enemy of most beloved follower of Muhammad – Ali.

When fanatics like Zakir Nayak are caught with such contradictions, they run away saying, “Allah knows the best!”.

The current article is for the more rational ones though! You will see how Muslim fanatics would quote one stand to showcase Islam as noble, kind and gentle, and conveniently ignore the contradictions.

1. Good and Evil deeds

Good and evil deeds are not equal. Reply to bad deeds done on you with good deeds. (Surah Hamim 34)


Take revenge of death for death – kill a free man in revenge of free, slave in revenge or slave and woman in revenge of woman! (Surah Bakar 178)

Allah is enemy of those who are enemy of Rasul and angels (Surah Raku 98)

I have created enmity and jealousy among them till doomsday (Surah Mayda 64)

Allah does not advise Kafirs (Bakar 264)

Be as hard with them as they were with you (Nahal 126)

Muslims, Fight the Kafirs around you so that they understand what hardness is (Tauba 123)

2. Allah knows everything


He is beginning and He is end. He is evident and He is hidden. He knows everything. (Hadid 3)

Whatever is there is skies and earth is known by Allah (Mayda 13)


That day Allah will ask Hell if she has been filled and she shall answer that there is still some space left! (Kaaf 29)

He asked Earth and Sky whether they came with happiness or out of compulsion. Both said that they came with happiness. (Sajdah 11)

Why does Allah need to ask questions when he already knows the correct answer as well as the answer that the examinees would give? Or does he enjoy drama and nautanki? But then why is drama Haram in Islam then? Or may be He cannot tolerate anyone else doing drama except he himself!

3. Relations in Paradise


When doomsday shall come, there shall remain no more relations and they shall not talk to each other.


In Paradise, they shall go along with their wives and good children. (Raad 23)

Obviously it means that relations shall continue in Paradise. Hence Quran contradicts itself.

4. Master of destiny


Allah is all-forgiving. If He wanted, He could have immediately punished them. But no one can move even a bit from His decision. (Kahf 48)

All promises of Allah are already written (Raad 38)


Whosoever wants rewards now, I give him immediately. Whosoever wants on doomsday, I give him then. And those who doubt, I shall take revenge from them soon. (Imran 145)

So people have a choice on when they want the rewards. This contradicts the original stand that Allah has already decided.

5. Allah and Mischief


Allah does not want mischief (Bakar 205)


Allah said that He created big criminals in each habitation so that they keep doing mischief. (Anaam 123)

6. Allah’s consistency


I never change my stand and I never do injustice (kaaf 28)


I can send an Ayat and then send a better or equivalent one (Bakar 106)

When I change an Ayat and send a new one to replace it, only I know the revelation (Nahl 101)

7. Per-capita power of a Muslim


Incite Muslims to fight, because if you stick to fighting, 20 of you will be more powerful than 200 kafirs and 100 will be more powerful than 1000 kafirs. (Anfal 65)


If you stick to fighting, 100 of you will be more powerful than 200 kafirs and 1000 will be more powerful than 2000 kafirs. (Anfal 66)

As per first Ayat, one Muslim was more powerful than 10 kafirs, but in next one, he is more powerful than only 2 kafirs. Allah forgot his maths perhaps!

8.  Self-control


Keep your gaze low and control your private organs from wrong deeds. (Nur 30)

Those who are not married should control themselves. (Nur 33)


Your slave girls are Halal (justified) for you and so are other women that you marry. (Nisa 24)

There is no sin in having sex with wives and slave-girls (Momunoon 6)

Obviously, concept of Brahmacharya and considering all women except one single wife as mother/sister in unheard in Islam. That is why even the hoax of self-control is contradicted by Quran itself!

9. Help from Angels


Allah listened to your prayers and sent 1000 angels to help Muslims and kill the kafirs. (Anakal 12)


People of Mecca challenged Muhammad that if you are indeed true, why don’t you call angels in front of us. But Allah does not send angels! (Hij 6-8)

10. Test of authenticity of Quran


If you doubt that this book is not authentic, then bring one Surah (verse) like it. (Bakar 23)


If you doubt that this book is not authentic, then bring ten Surahs (verses) like it. (Had 13)

11. Earth and Sky


I made sky with my own hands. (Zariyat 47)

Allah made sky and earth in 6 days and then sat on his throne. (Araf 54)


He asked Earth and Sky whether they came with happiness or out of compulsion. Both said that they came with happiness. (Sajdah 11)

Obviously this Ayat implies that Earth and Sky were already present but came from somewhere. But as per previous Ayats, they were created by Allah and not present before that!

12. Rebirth


Those who refuse to believe in past life and Allah are full of ego and deny the truth. (Nahl 22)


Allah gave you birth first time and shall again raise you after doomsday. (Anukvoot 20)

First Ayat clearly refers to previous birth before existing one, but second Ayat denies it!

13. Process of Creation


When Allah wants something to be created, he simply says, “Kun” and it gets created. (Nahl 40)


Allah created earth and sky in 6 days. (Hud 7)

Allah created earth and sky in 8 days. (Hamim 9-12)

Many Islamic experts would try to justify discrepancy in last 2 ayats through crazy arguments. Since none of them were present during creation, they are not the right authority to comment in first place! After all entire Islam is based on stories that one only hears but humanity has never and can never verify in this life.

Further what about one verse stating things happen by saying “Kun” and others saying they take up to 6-8 days? This is a blatant contradiction.

14. Worship of Allah


Do not bow down to anyone except Allah. (Hud 2)


Allah asked angels to bow down to Adam. Everyone did but Satan refused. Hence he was punished. (Taha 116)

So Satan faced the punishment for obeying Allah!

All open-minded people can clearly see that Quran is nothing but a hotch-potch of verses written by several people over several years and has nothing to do with the Supreme or Spirituality.

All wise people should discard false texts which are full of contradictions, promote intolerance, unscientific, full of petty stories and imaginations and come to path of Vedas.

Because Vedas alone are free from contradictions, contain no history, depict scientific principles and call for compassion for all living beings.

May the truth prevail!

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