Q – Was Hanuman a monkey?

A – No. He was Bhagwan. 11th Rudra. Super-human in modern lingo.

Q – Then why do you call him Monkey God?

A – No. We don’t call him. Neither Valmiki nor Tulsidasji wrote in English hence did not use Monkey as his name.

Q – But you do worship him as monkey. Is it not his insult?

A – None of us saw Him the way he appeared in front of Ram ji. Hinduism does not worship Bhagwans the way they appear. Because human eyes are not designed to see super-human Bhagwans. Only saints see them through Aatmic Vision.
We worship Him in a form that best helps us uplift ourselves. A form that best represents His qualities. A form that best activates our Bhakti glands, purifies our souls, and makes us more deserving of Prabhu Kripa.

Q – But why Monkey? Why not Human?

A – Why do you hate monkeys? We Hindus respect all creations of Prabhu. Our saints found the current representation of Hanumanji to best represent His qualities and deeds. We find nothing objectionable or against moral values in it. Hence we follow it. In fact, we find that when we worship Hanuman the way Tulsidasji asked us, we get more power, more purity, more wisdom. Have you seen how Hanuman Akhadas are creating world champions?
Further, Hanumanji is not always worshipped as a so-called Monkey. Go to Salasar Balaji. He is worshipped as a human with moustache and beard. In Panchamukhi Balaji, he has five different faces – including Human, Bird, Lion, Varaah, and “Monkey”.
Panchamukhi Hanuman Sadhana gives extraordinary powers. Rana Pratap did it.

Q – But see, whole world makes joke that we worship monkey. Should we not stop it and replace Hanuman idol with a human?

A – By your logic, we should break all our idols, castrate ourselves, become Jihadis. Then whole world will call us peacefuls!
Will you leave your mother because someone called her dirty names? Will you start planning molestation of your mother? You may do so because your guru “Agnivesh” once said in TV interview that if someone is raping his mother, he will still not beat the rapist, and instead call police. And wait till police comes! He said this while condemning actions of some people who stopped MF Hussain painting show of nude Bharat Mata.
But in Agniveer’s case, we will become Hanuman and tear apart the eye that casts a dirty glance on my mother. We will rip you apart as well, if you try being a pigeral instead of loyal son.

Q – Whatever be it. I do not believe Hanuman was monkey. I will not worship in this way.

A – Who is forcing you to worship Hanuman in first place? Unlike Jihadis, we do not even allow dirty minds to enter our temples, if possible for us. We are happy if you stay 100 miles away from our temples. But don’t mess with us. Don’t abuse our faith. If you have a doubt, ask personally. If you disagree, freely practice what you want to. But don’t become Helen of Gabbar Singh and start dancing on jihadi tune of “Mahbooba Mahbooba”. Remember, your house is made of glass. You must not change clothes with lights on.

Q – Why not follow just the Vedas? Why these later day nonsenses?

A – We believe we are following Vedas. If you disagree, practice before you preach. Start talking in Vedic Sanskrit. Stop writing in Hindi or English. Or is it that you do not even know language of Vedas despite claiming to know Vedas and Vedas alone? Then how do we know what you say is Vedas?

Our Sanatan Dharma believes in bringing out the Vedas within our soul. We use different forms of Bhakti to do that. We unite our Bhakti with noble Karma. We further stretch our Bhakti and Karma with Gyana. We use the world around to uplift ourselves. We seek essence and not form. Form adapts to suit essence in an environment. Yet we do not leave our foundations. We follow wisdom of our wise sages. Our wise sages make sure we are not doing anything vulgar, immoral, disgusting, dirty like or Halala. And follow with utmost honesty. We admit we have scope to improve. We admit we are not perfect. Hence we seek forgiveness from Ishta Deva and seek His blessings to be better.

We are simple people. We assume you are also simple. Hence we respect you for what you are. We request you to respect us for what we are. If you do not, Bhaad Mein Jaa.

And yes, don’t try to fool us by confusing our priorities. Always remember : #MandirWahinBanayenge.

Dr Vashi Sharma
(Based on wisdom of Shri Sanjeev bhaiya)

Attacks on Hinduism And its defence forever

Attacks on Hinduism And its defence forever

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Non-violence is the best thing to do to those who believe in same. It is the worst thing to do to those who don’t.

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This book deals with the most common attacks made on Hinduism.

Is Hinduism in accordance with Science?

Are the stories of vulgarity in Hinduism true?

Why did Krishna have a love affair with Radha?

Why do Hindus worship male organ- Linga?

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Why Dashrath married three women?

Is polygamy part of Hinduism?

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A Hindu’s fight for Mother Cow

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