Why Padmavati makers are Laughing over Stupidity of Indians

To hell with what Bhansali depicts in final film. The very fact that he invested so much to create the hottest Khilji makes him eligible for worst he can get.

Real ‘Love Story’ of Khilji – It is with Malik Kafur!

Khilji loved his sex-slave whom he had abducted as a young boy. His name was Malik Kafur. He grew up to become general of Khilji's army.

How Religion of Peace is Hijacked by Murderous Ruling Elites

RoP and its history are two totally different things. Those who follow spirit of RoP would not be violent. After all it's a religion of Peace. Bulk of its followers belong to this category. But these majority are NOT the ruling class of RoP.

Top 5 contributions of invaders’ rule to women empowerment in India

These 5 feminist practices started in India only after the vision of women empowerment came from western deserts.

UNFORGIVABLE! Mockery of Martyrs in name of masterstrokes

'Master-strokers' may forget them as an outdated check that cannot be cashed again. But Agniveer promises to not allow politicians to make fool of martyrs.

Cow Is Soul Of Nation. Imaginary Intolerance Can Go To Hell

Cow is soul of our nation. Don't teach us what to do when someone attacks our mother - Gomata.

3 Non-Negotiable Preconditions for Peace with Pakistan

These preconditions are a must before India can start to think of Peace with Pakistan.

THIS Spot On Message will Make Dharma WIN for Sure [If...

Invaluable message for every sect of Hinduism from Agniveer Founder Shri Sanjeev Newar to help realize true potential & power of Sanatan Dharma.

Best wishes for Navratri to us all!

Wish you all a meaningful Navarati.

Peace TV back in action. Agniveer threatened to convert to Islam

An appeal to Indian Government to rise up and take action on the anti national, pro terrorism

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