Jihadis, Liberals Forced to Light Candles Against Hindu Atrocities [Satire] –...

Poor Jihadis and their liberal supporters are being oppressed under Hindu Rashtra for advocating 'multiculturalism'. (Satire)

BEWARE Indians! National Security Can NEVER be Taken For Granted

Kejriwal is guilty of the crime of emboldening the terrorists to shout anti-India slogans in heart of capital city despite being CM of the city. The day some petty politicians made hero out of a traitor like Kanhaiya Kumar, the roadmap to Uri attack and Kashmir unrest was charted.

THIS is Why Fake-liberals of India are just plain Cowards

Tough time ahead for Dharma/Nation lovers. So let adversaries know that we are tougher. Jai Shri Ram!

Kamlesh Tiwari, Malda, Peaceful Zombies, and Liberals with Sore Throat

Lakhs of Jihadi goons ran riots in Malda to behead Kamlesh Tiwari. Hyperactive Award Wapasi gang is suddenly comatose. What is the matter? Agniveer's analysis of problem and solution.

PERFECT Answer to those Demanding Proof of Shri Ram | Agniveer

If You insult Ram, get ready to get disrobed. This is how to deal with fanatics in guise of debaters.

Aurangzeb or Kalam?

Who are you? Sword of Aurangzeb against India or Missile of APJ Kalam for India? Choose your side now.

संस्कृतशिक्षण – 22

Learn Sanskrit in simple manner.

Vijay Dashmi – No Victory without Shri Ram [Mandir, Ayodhya]

Strengthening nation against enemies - inside & out. Jai Shri Ram! Dushhera - a day of calibration & not celebration for Agniveer. Read to know why.

10 arrested in Hyderabad to have connections with ISIS

ISIS has announced its plans for massive recruitment from across the globe. And Hyderabad is visibly the target spot.

We GOT TO Accept – Terror HAS a Religion!

Everyone who says women are half-intelligent is breeding terror. Everyone who says idol-worshipper will go to Hell is breeding terror. Saying that terror has no religion will be self-defeating.

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