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Agniveer Vows Revenge Against Brutal Paris Attack

World forces ganging up against ISIS. Agniveer launches its onslaught. Join Agniveer, save humanity.

Sanskrit is getting its recognition at IITs: Why are we not...

Many people are asking, if Sanskrit is taught in IITs, why shouldn't Urdu or Arabic be taught alongside? After all India is a secular state and not Hindu Rashtra. Read to know why Sanskrit and why not Urdu/Arabic.

अकबर मार्ग का नाम महाराणा प्रताप मार्ग क्यों किया जाना चाहिए?

जानें किस तरह से दिल्ली में अकबर रोड होना, मुंबई में अजमल कसाब टर्मिनल होने के बराबर है।

TO HELL with Freedom of Media to KILL Innocents! [NDTV Ban]

Its time to save India from next big terror attack. [NDTV Ban] We stand vindicated with 1-day NDTV Ban. We assert that this is not sufficient.

To PROTECT Your Children from Terrorists, You MUST Solve these Problems...

Millions of lives, women, men, children & lacs of sq of territory we lost to Jihad in last 1000 years is enough price for the political correctness we are so fond of.

Going to an Islamic country? Avoid 4 things that can get...

Got a job in gulf? Remember these 5 things that you can never afford to do if you love yourself.

Here’s why Peace-with-Pakistan advocates are biggest hypocrites

Don't teach me revenge is bad. Follow it when I slap you. Agniveer's take on hypocrisy of so-called liberals on Pakistan issue.

Soldier Slaps JKLF Chief Yasin Malik 13 Times on Kashmir’s Azadi

Kashmiri Terrorist abused Kashmiri Hindus and India on TV. Then an Indian soldier arrived and everything changed. Read how the JKLF Chief Yasin Malik ran away after getting beaten black and blue.

Provide Security to Kamlesh Tiwari | Agniveer’s Appeal to Govt of...

GOI must immediately act and ensure safety of its citizens from Jihadis. With threats like "behead Tiwari", lakhs of Jihadi terrorists held rallies on roads of Indian cities brandishing swords.

Shocking state of rape-victims under Islamic law you wont believe

Why rape victims often punished by Islamic courts as adulterers? Shocking state of rape victims in Sharia governed states. You wont believe the reality!

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