Why liberals hate Certificate of Patriotism?

Agniveer exposes the dual standards of fake-liberals or pigerals.

Freedom vs National Character

Hollow arguments squashed. Fake liberals torn apart.

Why fanatics hate Hindus?

What Hindu really means? What fanatics mean by Jai Hind?

Why modern generation does not care about nation?

Sanjeev (IIT-IIM) confesses the crimes of his generation and reveals why he feels so guilty.

Is “Bharat Mata ki Jai” anti-Islamic? Shocking hidden facts you did...

IIT-IIMian Sanjeev reveals hidden reasons behind hatred for "Bharat Mata Ki Jai" and "Vande Mataram" slogans. He explains why APJ Abdul Kalam never had any problems with these. And how anti-nationals are using Islam as a cover to hide their true dangerous motives.

Demands from Central Government on ‪NIT Srinagar‬

Indian soil. Indian citizen. Indian institute. Indian police. Indian slogan. Result: Indian students thrashed. ‪‎NIT Srinagar‬ summarized. Shame for all of us! Demands from GoI.

Bhagat Singh – Communist or Nationalist?

Sanjeev Newar (IIT-IIM) silences likes of Shashi Tharoor who equate Kanhaiya Kumar with Bhagat Singh. Know the true character of Bhagat Singh - an ardent nationalist, fan of Veer Savarkar, and son of "Bharat Mata". Watch and circulate. Break the false propaganda of Communists and anti-nationals. Vande Mataram.

IIT-IIMian On Why Owaisi Hates ‘Bharat Mata’

Why Owaisi hates Bharat Mata ? (Owaisi ko Bharat Mata se badahajami kyon?) Know the real reasons. Please share and circulate.

IIT-IIMian asks 20 Questions for Kanhaiya lovers

20 Questions for Kanhaiya lovers. May not guarantee spring in Paradise. But can spare from regular thrashings. Please read and circulate.

IIT-IIMian on Kanhaiya Kumar’s speech hating Bharat Mata and Army (Full...

This is transcript of full version video response of IIT-IIMian (Sanjeev) cutting down Kanhaiya Kumar's hate speech to the size it deserves.

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