Pakistan is in serious mess. We may see Raheel Sharif kicking out Nawaz Sharif soon. See what is happening..

1. Raheel Sharif’s term as COAS is ending soon. He wants to become Field Marshal (dont laugh) of Pakistan. He is not sure whether Nawaz Sharif will do it.

2. After India’s surgical strikes, there is panic in Pak Army. They don’t know how to face Civilians and the government. Till now, their lies about strikes have saved them. But it is just a matter of time. The truth will be out in Paki public soon.

3. To save themselves from the wrath of 18 crore Jihadi population, they would need a distracter powerful enough to engage Pakistanis in something more interesting/eventful.

4. Army’s puppy Imran Khan’s PTI has already boycotted the parliament today. He has announced to do Gheraao in Islamabad after Muharram. So the strings are being pulled.

5. Most probably, his men will attack police/offices/parliament during Gheraao which will lead to confrontation and bloodshed.

6. And then, Raheel Sharif will be ‘forced’ to step in and take matters into his hands in national interest (Mulki Salaamati as they say)!

The only option they can avoid above is by attacking India (not full scale but through proxies or skirmishes or ambush on LOC) to save their face. And that is why we need to be vigilant.

Dear forces, I know you know that they are coming. Something big is waiting. Prepare well and beat the shit out of them.

Vande Mataram! Bharat Mata ki Jai!

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  • Lot of people might have read this letter but I read it today. If you have not read it, please do read this and think about our indian soldiers.
    Our boys have just about returned from across the Line of Control after a very successful surgical strike. The entire nation is delirious with joy; the entire nation, except a few.
    Today, I was part of a panel discussion in JNU, interestingly called “Intellectual Terrorism”. The term is self-explanatory, though wide ranging.

  • Following the Uri attacks, a ban on Pakistani artists like Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan, Mowra Hocane among others was demanded by many Indians. This lead to a huge debate and many people, especially in Bollywood got divided over this issue.

    Now an open letter written by Major Gaurav Arya on this issue of banning Pakistani artists has gone viral and the pointers mentioned in it are spot on. Read the letter below and tell us your thoughts about it .