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Rohith Vemula committed suicide and suddenly ‘liberals’ are back in business. They had taken an emergency medical leave when jihadis were holding rallies of lakhs across India announcing their support for ISIS. This tragic incident, though, has given them another opportunity to bash Hindus. They are as euphoric as the addict who smelled LSD after days. And jumping wildly under utter paralysis of coherent brain functioning.

Bandwagon of Liberals and Award Wapasi gang that went underground while Malda has again resurfaced. Couple of awards have been returned again. According to them, Dadri proved that Muslims are not safe in India. Malda proved that Hindus are not safe in India riots by the rally of 2 Lakh Muslims had nothing to do with Muslims and blaming Muslims of riots is stereotyping. Hyderabad’s Rohith Vemula case again proves that India is not safe for Dalits.

Most newspapers have headlines reading- “Dalit Scholar commits suicide”. Previously we saw similar headlines- “Muslim techie killed by mob”. But interestingly you will never see the news like- “8 Hindus killed in Pathankot” or “Pune Hindu boy killed because of being Hindu”. Are you getting what the section of media achieves out of this? Two things- a. Dividing Hindus on caste lines b. Projecting so called upper class Hindus as aggressive fanatics that hate lower caste and minorities. Shockingly these are the same points that anti-Indian Pakistani zombies keep ranting on Arnab Goswami’s debate shows over and over.

What the fake liberals achieve out of it is known to them. Now lets analyse the incident and its aftermath a bit.

1. Rohith Vemula nowhere mentioned that he is committing suicide because of discriminations he faced as a Dalit. His suicide note is critical of Ambedkar Students Association (ASA) – the so-called Dalit loving group to which he belonged.

2. I don’t know how this incident was connected with Rohith being Dalit. Some say it was his identity and is hence inseparable from this incident. If this be the case then why not correlate his suicide with his name Rohith or skin color or curly hair or favourite food which all are his identities?

3. If a Dalit rapes, do you ever see- “Dalit Rapist rapes in Delhi”? Haven’t any Brahmans or Baniyas or Rajputs or STs committed suicide ever? Did we ever hear- Brahman boy committed suicide? What is special in this incident that the mention of caste was a must?

4. It is not even clear if he was so-called Dalit or not. As per available information, his father was OBC, his mother an SC and he himself took admission as a General student. There is no reference anywhere of him being discriminated due to his caste.

5. He was radicalized by ASA that was critical of Hindus and supported terrorists like Yakub Memon. It is obvious that any patriotic Indian would oppose activities of such terrorist-sympathizing groups. This led to clashes due to which Rohith faced disciplinary action that was endorsed by court. It is clear that real culprits are those forces that encourage students to waste time in college politics of hate against India to further their own selfish gains. The cause of entire clash was support of Jihadis and nothing about Dalit or non-Dalit.

6. So the true depiction of the unfortunate incident should be:“Bright scholar commits suicide after being exploited by radical Jihadi sympathizers.”

7. Why this abrupt fatwa by liberals that this is a case of Dalit exploitation by upper castes? Those faculty who were taking action against him were also Dalit.

8. Repetitively referring him as ‘Dalit Scholar’ and then alleging the State/Government of India of being anti Dalit is oxymoronic attempt anyways. On one hand, the charge is that Dalits have no rights of higher education and social status in India and then on the other, you acknowledge that Rohith was pursuing the HIGHEST EDUCATIONAL DEGREE possible in the world- PhD and was getting a decent scholarship of Rs 25,000 per month. The same State of India accepted Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar as father of Indian constitution. How can someone even accuse the State of being anti Dalit?

9. If these liberals indeed love Dalits so much, why do they use the word Dalit in first place? Dalit has no legal validity. Law recognizes Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes. Why use a non-essential insulting terminology for certain people? Just for TRP? Dalit means trampled. Why all pro-Dalit groups find no shame in using this term so liberally? Simply because if they stop using this term, their entire caste-based politics will come to an end.

10. To brand Hinduism as anti-Dalit is as ridiculous as calling Einstein an idiot. Hinduism is the only religion in world that openly and clearly refuses any discrimination on basis of birth, gender, geography or religion. Refer . A Muslim believes non-Muslim will go to Hell. A Christian believes that only Christians will become lambs of Jesus in Heaven. A Hindu believes that God judges on basis of individual karma and not personal beliefs or birth.

11. It is true that caste-based discrimination is prevalent in some sections of society. But this is not restricted to Hindus. It is a generic phenomenon across South Asia – including Christians and Muslims. It is wrong and not sanctioned by Vedas. Hinduism is liberal enough to give rise to several anti-caste reformers. And Hindus consider all of them heroes – Ambedkar, Dayanand, Jyotiba Phule, Kabir etc etc. In Islamic world, one would dare not open his mouth against Sharia. Else be dead.

12. Ninety percent Hindus of general category don’t even know what Dalit means. They just hear the word on TV. They don’t care about caste in their day to day lives. Those who marry within their castes do so out of community choices. It is not that upper caste Hindu will marry only upper caste. They would instead marry in their own sub-sub caste irrespective of other sub-sub castes being at same level. The same happens within SC, ST and OBC communities as well. Every community considers itself special. And many Hindus are increasingly breaking even these norms. Apart from few backward areas, no body cares about caste unless hyped by fake pro-Dalit groups.

13. Liberals need to answer what makes them react on such isolated incidents with weeks-long propaganda calling it anti-Dalit and why they go in coma on incidents like Malda? Why they never raise voice for 100 Million Muslim women in India that live lives worse than hell under the constitutionally approved Sharia compliant barbaric laws where a woman’s husband can bring 3 more women to home as wives and can divorce her by simply saying Talaq 3 times or a prostitution-like experience in name of Halala to undo divorce? Why no voice for uniform civil code? A fake liberal’s priorities are also fake.

Solution lies in rationality. Follow Agniveer. Refuse caste system in totality. Be human. Love your country. Defend your country against real threats.

Read book for further details on caste problem and solution in India 

– Sanjeev Newar


Sanjeev Newar is a data scientist by profession. His risk management products have been named in top 20 of world for 2014 and 2015. He is the only Indian (and Asian) to have ever made to this list. He has been behind several inclusive and encompassing innovations. He is a mentor to several eminent young scientists of country. Sanjeev is an alumnus of IIT Guwahati and IIM Calcutta.

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  • It is shocking for any one to know that Rohit’s mother wants justice and that there are people who instead of supporting a mother who has lost her son, are finding arguments and logic that Rohit was not a Dalit, why try the accused under SC ST Act. Ratjer, there are more intelligent people who believe his mother is wrong in saying her son as Dalit. Funny, now that her son’s caste will be decided by intellectuals and not by her. This is conclusion one can draw from viral messages against Rohit’s caste identity. Does it really matter whether he was Dalit or not? Who decides caste of Rohit, the website intellectuals or his family? If his mother alleges some one, justice should be given to her. A mother should get justice irrespective of caste of her son.

  • @Shabeer

    Muslims also do not allow criticism of prophet Muhammad for marrying with a child girl and keeping as s a x slave women of non-muslims by prophet (33.50) . If any body oppose it death penalty certain for him in Shariat.
    I nowhere find any Casteism in Old Tradition of Ancient Indians. Calling to some scholars (Brahmans), some braves (Chhatriya), someone businessmen (Vaishya), some are illiterates and labours (Shudra) is not cast ism. These four class exist in every society even in your Saudi Arabia otherwise no society can exist.
    All people can not be scholar. All people can not be braves. All people can not be have business mind. All people can not be illiterate.
    Your Saudi Arbia soceity also have these four class. You can go and confirm there.

  • Dear admin of this site
    deleting Muslim post not part of moral religious criticm ,that indicte agniveer and team failed their arguments ,escaping from truth and reality . Cast system part of Hinduism,half of Hindu script based on cast system ,u cannot escapes from it….

    • Dear Shabeer,

      Yes hinduism has four varnas (four castes) and four ashramas and dharmas associated with them. Anyway now there may be some 1000+ Hindu castes which dont have scriptural support.

      But God has created the four varnas for the society’s order and serving purpose of life. God does not hate anyone . He treats all castes equally. A Shudra doing his duty correctly is superior to a Brahmin who does not do in the eyes of God.

      But you see Allah hates idol worshippers. When i prostrate before idols Allah is very angry on me and want to sent me till eternity to HELL. Allah is angry when muslims sing Vande mataram ?

      But, wait a minute. This is some thing from Pickthall’s translation of Quran. Sura al – baqara.2:34

      002.034 And when We said unto the angels: Prostrate yourselves before Adam, they fell prostrate, all save Iblis. He demurred through pride, and so became a disbeliever.

      Iblis(Satan) did’nt prostrate before Adam and thus became disbeliever? He was avoiding shirk!!!! Here We is Allah

      Many muslim apologists defend this by saying Iblis is made of fire and his prostartion is not like humans do. This story happened in another realm , it should not be compared to earthly life etc. Here prostration means just show respect. I am sure you wil join them.

      I asked you few questions in another post and you did’nt answer.

      But yes dear Admin, you must’nt have deleted Shabeer’s post unless it was abusive or full of bad words etc. I personally dont think Shabeer is that kind of person.

  • क्या दोनो किताब (1) No caste System in Hinduism (2) No Beef in Hinduism: Everything you need to silence beef-lovers हिंदी में भी उपलब्द है…

  • @Shabeer

    Indian Politician are voice of India in the world, Indian defense base of safety of India, Indian Business personnel are base of economic growth of India, Indian Servicemen are base of all these three sectors. This is not discrimination but importance of all four sector in country. But India exist in all four sectors.

  • So wonderfully and boldly stated! The entire Dalit poverty-story is becoming boring and sadly people in the West have also taken it up – despite the numerous Brahmins cleaning toilets in Delhi and elsewhere! Dalits are often better off and so typically, we see them as being victims.

    Such liberals are uneducated to anything in true Hinduism – it is like reviving the Aryan-Invasion Theory etc. They also portray Brahmins as the rich in India – yet it was the kshatriyas (often from various birth-jati backgrounds) that held the wealth – Brahmins have always been poor acharyas, pujaris etc. and only a few ever became Rajas, which was short-lived.

    Kudos on your exposé!

  • great sir the biggest enemy of bharat is this band of liberals seculars progressive modern dravidian prodalit stooges who want to divide the vedic population and ultimately kill bharat

  • Rohit is not a dalit. He belongs to Vaddera community which falls under OBCs. But he procured a false SC-Mala certificate it seems and we don’t know on what basis it was sanctioned. His father had come on TV and categorically told that they belong to Vaddera caste and he doesn’t know how this SC-Mala certificate was procured. Watch: Mother admits that she was Vaddera by adoption (!) since the age of 5 years, married to Vaddera man and delivered three children in that marriage. But when the third (girl) child was born or still to be born, she got divorced to her husband and so she reverted to SC-Mala community which gave us shelter and invited and accepted her to the community. So from that time onward her children grew up as SC-Malas. However, by then Rohit should have been 10 years old? There are records showing that as late as in March 2014 or so she (Rohit’s mother) gave affidavits to procure some certificates in which she mentioned her caste as Vaddera. At one juncture when she was seriously questioned about their caste, she remarked by querying do you ask or have you asked the caste of Nirbhaya? But that is a foolish question – no caste issue cropped up in Nirbhaya case. It was gory rape cum murder simple. Nor Nirbhaya’s parents were divorced nor any of them changed caste etc. Seeing on TV I felt Rohit’s mother was not that truthful and honest. When this has become widely publicized they say what if Rohit is not a dalit; he is a bahujan! But you see the entire campaign is orchestrated on the issue of discrimination against dalits and Rohit the main person to be discriminated and out of that suffering and despair he committed suicide! I can only say these fellows are perverts and would lift any stone to throw at anybody if it serves their nefarious ends.

    • rohit ki mata ji dalit thi unhone ek OBC se vivah kiya tha jo baad me tut gaya suprime cort 2012 ki ek nazeer ke anusaar agar pati patni m ekoi ekm bhi dalit hoga to uski santane apne ko dalit kah skati hai aaj ke samay me rohit ki mata ji mala samuday jo dalit hai unhike bich me rahati hai

  • Dear Mr. Sanjgeev,

    Please share a link for all your articles which are always deep and penetrating, so that we can share it on different social networks.

    Appreciating the wonderful work that you are doing.


  • Liberals are only lions when it comes to ranting against hindu communalism but run away like dogs with tails between their legs when it comes to confronting muslim fundamentalists.

  • Wonderful article!

    Just curious to know who are these pseudo intellectual liberals. Looks like it is also another caste. How these liberals are born and what are their main objectives?

    Seems to me, these liberals are sort of herds, who have no clue on Indian culture and feel privilege to belittle indian culture, language and hinduism. They feel insecure and that’s the reason they are always ganged up. Though, they call themselves secular and tolerant but they are very quick to attack any hindu fundamentalist (who is against beef) in the name of secularism but will never think to do any attack on islamic fundamentalist even if they openly declare fatwa to kill any hindus. These liberals claim that they are modern and fair but do they ever speak against any islamic violence or gender discrimination or uniform civil code.

    I am curious to know why? I do not think any liberal has any serious interest or love for the country. Do they offer any solution for any problems? They are just a class that also wants to exploit mass ignorance and play politics and enjoy privileges. They are just like indian babas who fools ignorant public in the name of religion and make money.

    • These people are on payrolls of foreign countries. Ultimately it is a cosy club which is also cosy with foreign funding of their NGOs. That is why they are after Mr Modi who is investigating funding of their NGOs