Dangers of Hijab to Muslim women and the rest of the society, hidden by the propaganda of “Hijab is my choice, not compulsion”.

Zakir Naik:

Dr. Naik quotes the Hindu scriptures to show that hijaab and cross dressing are prohibited in Hinduism too and had Raja Ram Mohan Roy known this he would not have gone against the purdah (veil, hijaab) system.

Our Response:

Instead, What we learn from Dr. Naik’s brand of Islam is a shocking account of how unjust is the practice of forcing a women to wear a veil. If Raja Ram Mohan Roy would have known this and if the home minister of India comes to know of it, then they would’ve sure banned the veil as it has been banned in France. The reason why this practice was started is pathetic and grossly unjust. No human being can condone such injustice just for the sake of literally following your religion. The societies that don’t reform and do not respect a women are bound to perish.
Having refuted the more unjust than irrational arguments of Dr. Naik above, we draw your attention to the sane voices in the Islamic world, who are not naive to follow scriptures literally. They are proud Muslims (and Muslimahs) that live in the 21st century, respect the diversity of cultures and most importantly understand the harmful effects of such retrograde practices on health and safety:

Sample this rational article by a Canadian Muslim
source: http://www.iheu.org/ban-burqa-canadian-muslim-view

This person highlights how the burqa is an ill-fit and a threat to Canadian society and the Muslim women.

a) Security: In July this year, an armed man dressed in a burka robbed the Scotiabank in Mississauga and made off with an undisclosed amount of cash.

b) Safety: In October 2007, a Calgary school bus was involved in a roadside accident in which one girl was killed. Although no news outlet was willing to report this, news clips of the driver showed she was wearing a very restrictive head covering that had almost certainly compromised her peripheral vision and could have been the reason she slammed into a truck parked on the shoulder on a clear day.

c) Health: New studies in England and Ireland have found that Muslim women who wear the burka or niqab (and their breast-fed children) tend to get rickets due to an insufficiency of vitamin D, through lack of exposure of their skin to sunlight. A study released by British National Health Service doctors said hijab and burka-wearing women were putting their health at risk because they do not get enough sunlight, an alarming number who wear the burka are suffering from bone deficiencies due to lack of vitamin D.

d) Gender equality: The MCC agrees that the state has no place in the bedrooms or wardrobes of the country. However, if the status of any woman in Canada is affected by what happens in the bedroom or wardrobe, be it spousal abuse or the forced wearing of attire meant to marginalize girls or women, then we feel the state must intervene. Society has a role to play to ensure the human rights of girls and women are not being compromised behind closed doors.

There’s another dangerous aspect to the veil. That it is now being forced on women in radicalized pockets even in our own country. To remind you of this reality, here’s a news byte

Source: http://www.deccanherald.com/content/97499/girl-defies-burqa-diktat-denim.html

Rayana R Khasi is a 23-year-old engineering graduate preparing for civil services main exams. However, she has an even tougher task than preparing for the competitive tests, for she has been facing threats from religious fundamentalists. And the two policemen posted outside her house at Vidyanagar in Kasargod show the enormity of the threat. Rayana’s “crime” was that she began wearing jeans and top instead of the burqa. “It is not that I am exposing myself. I don’t do it. But they want me to cover my entire body, including the face, with burqa as other Muslim women do it here, which I don’t want to,’’ the girl told Deccan Herald over the phone.

Imagine, this is happening to an educated girl in a so called secular democracy! What would be the fate of the Muslimahs, majority of whom are uneducated and cannot be as brave as this girl? Well, haven’t we heard of muslimahs being killed or having acid thrown on their faces for not wearing the veil? It’s barbaric, retrograde and despicable!

Women are human beings like men (its unfortunate that we have to state this explicitly). Just like men, their sexuality is only a fraction of who they are. To reduce them to the status of a sex-object from head to toe is to deny them their humanity, dignity and integrity. The veil is also an insult to men! It presumes that men are sex maniacs who can get aroused by just looking at a woman’s face! How can a normal Muslim man accept such an insult upon himself?

Modesty is to be maintained, of course, but as defined by the society and native culture and as agreeable to human health, safety, security, dignity and equality. It must not be dictated or forced through rigid and unjust religious injunctions, as in Dr. Naik’s brand of Islam, where the veil is actually a symbol of a failed strategy to ostensibly protect the victim by further victimizing her.

Wake up and wake others to stop this inhuman practice.

May Eeshvar give strength to all Muslim sisters realize the following

O woman, you do not deserve to be defeated by challenges and obstacles. On contrary, you possess the power to defeat the stiffest challenge. Defeat the enemies and their armies. You have valor of thousands of men. Realize your true potential and demonstrate your valor. Please us all through your courage. The world demands that from you! [Yajurveda 13.26]

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