Organisations like RSS and Arya Samaj are literally dead now. Despite being two richest organisations in terms of strength and resources, they lack in character.

I being associated with both in childhood know both to the core. In their books, they taught me how Maharana Pratap refused to compromise with Akbar and even refused to dine with Man Singh. They taught me how Shivaji butchered cow-killers on streets. They taught me how Dayanand refused to be a king’s guest because he was not loyal to his queen.

But what I see in practice is a cruel play with my emotions with blatant contradictions between preaching and practice.

No Arya Samaj Sammelan got completed without drunkard converts like Dharmendra and Hema Malini. No RSS program is complete without Aamir Khans, Sanjay Dutts and Jinnah lovers.

In childhood, I was punished for keeping a 5 Rs Reynolds’ pen because it was ‘Videshi’. It happened in the RSS run school, the same RSS whose ex-Pracharak Mr PM now flaunts i-Phone while taking selfies with Angela Merkel.

RSS or Mr PM never said sorry to me after ruining my childhood with such sh*tty things which in their mind have no meaning now. If using i-phones is cool now, why doesn’t RSS apologise to me and millions like me who they punished for a 5 Rs pen? If they were right then, why is PM doing wrong now and going unchallenged? Why doesn’t Mohan Bhagvat Ji teach a lessons or two to PM on Swadeshi-Videshi?

One thing is clear. These organisations lack competence at top level. And the innocent dedicated ground workers are paying the price. Instead of serving Dharma, they are pushed into distributing Halwa-Puri/Khichdi in catastrophes. And this is where we are losing. While the enemies are sharpening swords, our fighters are turning Halwaais cooking Khichdi.

After ditching cow, all these organisations have lost my respect and support. The only way Dharma can be served is to strengthen Agniveer. We will grow it to fulfil what Krishna dreamt of. Paritraanaay saadhunam vinaashaay cha dushkritaam.

Q: India is a part of WTO. We need to shed this Swadeshi-Videshi concept.

RSS must apologize for wasting lots of talents, forcing them to shun their careers, and punish them to become Swadeshi. They must do Pashchataap.

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