An article titled “Urban upper-castes driving Hindutva nationalism have little representation among Pulwama’s slain jawans” ( ) attempts to analyze the castes of slain martyrs of Pulwama Terror Attack and brands some of them as coming from castes that exploit other castes.

The article brings caste angle to jawans who die for nation with only one identity – of being Indian. To a jawan, associating any other identity in such disparaging way is an insult to their immense sacrifice.

The author contacted the families at such testing times to find their caste identities. This is grossly insensitive. At a time when entire nation is mourning irrespective of caste, gender, religion – to ask these families of martyrs to think about caste and caste discrimination amounts to severe mental torture, especially at such heart-breaking moments.

The author has made public caste related information of every martyr with an article that points to caste discrimination. It even refers to some families as victims of discrimination. By doing this he has ensured these families are martyrs of caste based hatred even after this period is over. Certain families will be considered as seeking caste based benefits even during such tragic times. The article has permanently wounded the families.

Most importantly, the article is based on false allegations. As per mathematical tests on data that is available in public domain, there is absolutely no difference in categories of martyrs compared to their population proportions in India.

Let me start analyzing it. Will be cold as a data analyst should be. And explore the quality of analysis of the author.

– Why just one Muslim among 40? Why under representation of Muslims in martyrs and 100% in bombers?

– Did the author do analysis of caste composition of all 300 vehicles in convoy in. Pulwama? Anyone could have been target, right? Or the author had prior information that all patriots fit to be martyred are in one specific vehicle? Any links with JeM?

– Has the data considered injured also? Why not? Or the author has a way to know who will survive and who will die in Pulwama Attack ? Or is it that the Halala journalists have a way to INFLUENCE who and how many die for this casteist article?

Every community has contributed to sacrificing for nation as Indian without caste considerations. The article has spread caste hatred and insulted many communities by trying to show they have sacrificed less in these attacks.

– To test whether proportion of different categories in a sample are similar or different from their population proportions, a chi-square statistical test in used by data scientists. In case of India, the proportion of SC, ST, OBC, General caste as per Socio Economic and Caste Census 2011 is 22.2%, 9%, 42.8% and 26% respectively.

– As per table given by author in article, the number of martyrs in above categories are 7, 5, 19, 8. Statistically, on such small data sets, nothing significant can be claimed. But even then, if we apply Chi-Square Test on this data (command chisq.test(x=c(7,5,19,8), p=c(0.222, 0.09, 0.428,0.26)) in R – industry standard statstical analysis program), the result is p-value = 0.6323. Now anything above p-value = 0.05 means the claim of population proportions being different in two data sets is invalid. In our case the p-value is far above (0.6323 compared to maximum of 1 and minimum of 0). This shows that it is completely impossible to claim that there is any difference at all.

– In fact, if we use any statistical analysis on number of Muslims martyred, it will give compelling results that there is near 100% probability of Muslim proportion being far less than their population proportion (15% in 2011). Similar analysis done on suicide bombers and terrorists will result in almost 100% proportion of Muslims.

Thus article is based on analysis that is false. And puts only Muslims under scanner if data of slain heroes and attacking terrorists is considered from caste and religious angles.

Agniveer has also filed complaint in this matter to National Commission for Scheduled Castes.

Detailed rebuttal –

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