(For those who want to join path of ‘Holy’ War against non-believers)

Jihadi belief #2 :

If I kill non-believers or rape their women or enslave their children or wage any kind of war on them or pray for their loss or pray hell for them, I will get 72 virgins in Jannat.

Reality :
1. If God is a spiritual entity, He/She must be like father/mother to the devotees. He/she must not exhibit the properties of a pimp who supplies girls to the customers.

2. Will your mother go to Jannat? If no, stop believing in such God. Simply because if you are really a legitimate son of your mother, you must keep her in front in every good and behind in every bad. What kind of son are you who leaves his mother behind for 72 call-girls?

3. If your mother goes to Jannat, what will she get there? 72 kids?

4. If you are a human, you must refuse everything that you get in return for bloodshed, violence and rape.

5. Think what will happen if others do same to your mother and father in name of their religion. Will you be able to survive? You are just 1/000th of world’s population.

6. Ever thought of rights of those 72 girls in Jannat? Apart from being your sex-slaves, what they get in return? They never conceive.

7. You never become father in Jannat. Strangely you have never asked your trainers why this impotency is worth killing for!

8. You never become son in Jannat. You never become brother in Jannat. You never become husband in Jannat. You only become customer of 72 call-girls. Is this Jannat worth killing/dying for?

9. If your faith describes just one relationship between a male and female in afterlife, is it worth following?

10. You believe Jannat lies in mother’s feet. And then Jannat has 72 virgins. Strangely even a worst womaniser does these acts when mother is not around! But you?

So logically, there is no ground to believe that you must kill or die for Jannat. You must leave Jihad and join your brothers in humanity. But if you still want to hate and fight your country and countrymen, we are ready. Save your a$$. Because if you join any terrorists to harm nation, we will hunt you down. And there will be hell instead of virgins for you everywhere.

Vande Mataram!

PS : This post and all future posts in this series are only meant for those who are inspired by Jihadis. Not for everyone. So if you are a patriotic humanity lover, ignore this post. This is not for you. You must share this to help others.

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