12 Feb 2013

In a way, each of us already has a yogi within. So there is nothing much to discover from outside. It is never that someone is either a yogi or a non-yogi. Instead everyone is either more yogi or less yogi. The goal of life is to become more and more yogi.

From this moment I have to match Swami Dayanand in terms of character, principles, routine, purity of thoughts, feeling of security from God. A yogi like Dayanand.

Always have trust in Parmeshwar.

This article is also available in Gujarati at http://agniveer.com/meditation-busy-times-gu/

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[…] This translation in Gujarati has been contributed by Ronak and Kruti. Original post in English is available at http://agniveer.com/diary-of-a-yogi-yogi-within/ […]

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Nund Pelladoah
Agniveer Ji, You should make it a point to come to Mauritius. Organisations and individuals here would be willing to receive you if you could give us 10/15 days from your heavy schedule.
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We would be glad to visit for promotion of Vedas. Please indicate tentative time schedules and we shall mutually discuss the availability. We can discuss this further on our email id vedas @ agniveer dot com. Replace dot with . and remove spaces.