There are different methods of Sadhana for different people and situations.

Ritualistic approach focuses on accuracy of performing each ritual and reciting verses. The Sadhak chooses a specific school of rituals and attempts to follow instructions as diligently as possible. Innovation is a sin.

Other extreme is where one considers himself as God himself or driven by God. Hence no rituals, no external discipline. Sometimes rituals are there but not to be taken very seriously. This is a risky approach for everyone except Siddha Yogis.

In Bhakti approach, rituals are simplified and one performs them to best of intent, accepting scope of error for which apologies are made to God. The worship verses are also simplified and made melodious. This approach can lead to blind ignorance of need of hour, if Sadhak is not intelligent enough. Works great in good times, risky in testing times for untrained.

Yogic approach balances all these. Not very popular these days. Derived from Gita and Ishopanishad. One puts benchmark of purity of mind for all actions. Actions are made of Bhakti, Brain development, and Concrete efforts in world. You do the rituals but allow for innovations. But do not let go of discipline. One is flexible to not let Bhakti make one ignore duties. One does not escape Bhakti in name of doing duty. Self control is goal. This self control must be there in all situations. Its control and not suppression. You worship different forms of God for different focus of self development. But seek unity in all.

This has been my focus and approach and learning path. I intend to bring out more specific details of this in future for those who want to follow this approach.

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