Q: Why don’t you celebrate Diwali and Navratras (Durga Puja)?

I am very eager to celebrate Diwali.
But ever since I started understanding world,
I have never got a chance to celebrate Diwali.
The festivals of Bakr-Eid and Muharram come around the same time.

This is the time when Pakistanis and Jihadis would perform some brutal act of terrorism that can shame the most violent human ever born.

They would mutilate bodies of our soldiers, rape innocent women, kill babies, behead non-believers to book a seat to Paradise.

Not one Puja season in last 25 years has happened when this savagery has not happened.

And hence Diwali has always been a time when I would pray to God to give me strength to extract revenge.
And this Diwali has surpassed all limits.

Hook, crook, law – I don’t care.
Am doing and will do even more of whatever it takes to ensure that I can celebrate the next Diwali.
If you feel like me, join hands.

Vande Mataram
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