Yes, definitely. The hype given to facebooks of world is not coming from someone who knows technology. Having google deploy wi-fi in railway stations is a silly step. Our IITs are quite capable of it. Google is known for search engine, not wi-fi exertise. CISCO probably is a better choice. We need to be able to understand difference in hype technology and core technology that means something.

India needs advisers who propel India for valued innovations, and not silly retail commerce in name of entrepreneurship, facebook and twitter in name of connecting people, and google for wi-fis. I know of at least 20 path-breaking home-bred technologies that Indian government is not looking into seriously, and has capability of being global game-changer. Think of stuff like increasing food productivity by 40% without impact on soil or DNA or anything, at virtually zero price.

Yes, we need more pragmatic technology advisors.

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