1. Quran is part of Lohe Mahfooz, the book of Allah where everything is written including our fate.

2. Lohe Mahfooz is made of white pearls and is as big as distance between earth and sky and east and west.

3. An angel keeps it on right side of Allah’s throne.

4. All messengers bring Allah’s book and message.

Now if all messengers bring Allah’s message, and earlier message was available, why Allah had to send Quran?

Different scholars explain it differently.

– Some say that times have changed and hence for new times, new book is required. But if that be so, why should Quran be the final word of Allah. After all the world has changed more in last 2 centuries than ever before since inception of Quran!

– Other say that old books are not available in pure format. But same is case with Quran. If Allah indeed wanted to ensure that message should be given more securely then he should have given a print version of Quran and not waited for Muhammad’s followers to take 20 years after his death to fight among each other and decide the final quran.

– Why did Allah not guarantee security of the previous books. Does it not prove Allah to be defective?

– The oldest book, Vedas, are available till date in pure form without any changes. But since Arabs knew only about Judaism andChristianity and were completely unaware of Eastern ideology, these find no mention in Quran. Was Allah not dumb to have not mentioned a word about the dominant religions of the world in his final message.

5. Quran says that the message of Allah was downloaded in Arabic language

– Why Arabic? Is it the language of Lohe Mahfooz book?

– Is it the language of the majority of people?

– Is it the first language of humanity like Vedic Sanskrit?

Except that Quran was concocted by an Arabic to take control over Arab, there is no reason why Allah should send his message in Arabic language.

Even today, bulk of Muslims do not know Arabic and hence the very language has become one of the greatest obstacle in propagation of Quran.

In a way it is good for Mullahs. Because if Arabic were the popular language, by now Muslims would have been disenchanted and Quran’s reality would have been exposed. Currently, most muslims simply embrace Quran as blind faith and consider themselves incapable to probe further because they do not know Arabic.

Quran itself states that:
– Quran was downloaded in Arabic so that you could scare your neighbors and villages (Surate Sijda rakua 1)
– So that you could scare them (Surate Sijda 3)

6. No one knows what new message has come in Quran that was previously unavailable. Except of course sex-slavery and Jihad with non-believers.

7. Some say that as humans evolve they need more advanced lessons just as students in school. But the flaw in this argument is that Islamdoes not believe in rebirth. So people born in different times are different. Everyone is beginning from scratch. So this argument is lame. In any case, what this new or advanced lesson is, only Allah knows.

8. Surate Inam 93 says that who is worse than the person who claims that the message of Allah has been given to him when that is not true.

This refers to Ibne Isa and Abatil, two contemporary of Muhammad who also claimed that they have received Allah’s message. So there was competition between various self-proclaimed prophets in that era, and Muhammad won as per Lohe Mahfooz!

9. A curious challenge is given in Quran Surate Bakar 23 that if you doubt Quran to be false, produce even one Surat of equal quality.

This is a vague challenge fit to convince fools. Because

– this is applicable to all creations of humans. For example, I can challenge anyone to create one article of same quality as that on Satyagni site. Does it mean this is final word of Allah?

– If in Quran, all kafir usages are replaced by momins (good people), heaven with hell, and vice versa, a literature of equal competence can be easily created.

– New Quran has already been created and bulk of Muslims have failed to differentiate between new Quran and old Quran.

10. Quran was dictated to Muhammad by Gabriel, angel of Allah. Question is that in which language was it dictated? And in which language did Allah dictate to Gabriel?

Can’t Allah simply send the message in minds of Prophets. Why does he need to have an unnecessary agent or angel? Can’t Allah communicate with Prophet in same manner as he communicated to Gabriel?

11. Many Ayats of Islam are cancelled by future Ayats. So Surate Bakar Raku 13 states that Allah brings better Ayats in place of those which have been abrogated.

Why such redundancies? Why not simply send the best Ayats in one go?

12. If Quran is in Lohe Mahfooz, what about those stories of miracles and fights of historical people. Are these stories also in Lohe Mahfooz from beginning?

If yes, then its all pre-decided and there is no purpose of Quran. If not, then this Quran is false.

– It was all a hoax story to fool Arabs and dominate them. Or may be it was due to hallucinations due to Temporal Lobe Epilepsy that Muhammad suffered from.

– Ayats were revealed to Muhammad from time to time when he was in tight spot. Now when these Ayats contradicted, the previous one would be rejected or abrogated.

– Ayats were revealed in Arabic because that was the language Muhammad knew.

– Ayats contain stories and blatant loopholes because the purpose of these Ayats was to fool the superstitious illiterate Arab society.

– Till Muhammad died, the ayats were not even compiled. There was no need for Muhammad to do so. But after his death, his followers concocted a new Quran taking some original Ayats of Muhammad, some from other sources and put them as a book. Muslims still dispute if this is authentic. For example, there is a hadith that states that some ayats were eaten away by a goat!

– Then the Muslims fought with each other and all different versions of Quran were silenced.

– Till late 19th century, sword was the way Islam was spread. After that, as modernization came, that became limited in scope. So in new translations of Quran, deliberate attempts were made to show scientific facts in Quran. However none of these match with any translation prior to 20th century.

– In late 19th century, Arya Samaj attacked dogmas of Islam most strongly. This has forced several significant changes in commentaries of Quran.

– Because of so much confusion over authentic Quran and its actual meaning, there are more than 150 cults of Islam, each considering itself to be true Islam. Some are more violent and some more tolerant. As per one Hadith, only one cult is true and rest shall go to Hell.

– There being no rational substance in modern Quran, and most of the modern Quran dedicated to love among Muslims and subjugation of non-Muslims, the only way for someone to be convinced that this Quran is truth is blind belief in miracles and unverifiable claims.

– The greatest ploy for attracting uneducated people to Islam is lure of a heaven full of sex and wine with beautiful sensuous ladies and young boys, and threat of a hell full of fire and troubles, forever.

Thus modern Islam appeals to the animal instincts of a basal person and he prefers to stick with this version of Islam even though he knows it is all false.

This is like even bald people trying quack medicines in hope of dark dense hair!

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