In response to Gurmehar Kaur’s (in)famous video jibe “Pakistan did not kill my father. War did”, an energy scientist from IIT Kanpur, Dr. Vashi Sharma, stand up to explain the concept of motherland in the wake of what happened in DU Campus in the name of freedom of expression.

He explains that the official narrative of Pakistan was that Hindus and Muslims can not live together so group of people need separate nation.

Dr Vashi who explains to young Indian students that the Pakistan’s basic foundation is on basic tenet to wage war against all its non muslim neighbors; as the official motto of Pakistan Army is “jihad fisabilillah” that means to wage war against non believers.

He reminds of martyr Captain Saurabh Kalia’s inhuman torture at the hands of Pakistan Army. So War and Pakistan is no different.

He explains that secular Indians should oppose Pakistan tooth and nail whose basic principle is that Hindus and Muslims can’t live together. So when someone talks of Peace with Pakistan, one actually furthers the Pakistani agenda that Hindus and Muslims can’t live together that is against the very ethics of India.

He reads out his own poem where he explains how a soldier looks upon these developments happening in recent times inside India.

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