On the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr, Agniveer wishes a very happy and meaningful Eid Mubarak to all Muslim brothers and sisters.

It is said that Satan remains tied up during the entire month of Ramadan when self-control and abstinence is observed. And Eid-ul-Fitr represents enlightenment received as a result of this self-control. We shall not dwell into the historical interpretations of the festival and associated concepts. We shall instead attempt to assimilate the key essence behind.

Almost all festivals celebrated across all societies have some historical significance. But what is more important is the lesson behind. Festivals symbolize certain aspects of goodness which we should always attempt to embrace from all humans and cultures. There is so much to learn from and teach each other!

So the key essence of Eid-ul-Fitr is defeat of Satan and victory of goodness. Just like Vijayadashami.

Now Satan is supposed to be have been a very capable follower of Allah. However when Allah asked him to bow to human, he arrogantly refused. This arrogance made him a villain. Satan is supposed to misguide human beings and confuse them away from path of spiritualism and goodness. Satan may come in any form and try to confuse us. Eid-ul-fitr and this story of Satan in texts is supposed to guide us on how to identify the Satan and keep him away from us.

1. The month of Ramadan represents self-control. And hence we get a message that the best way to keep Satan away is self-control. Stay away from indulgence and Satan shall stay away. Observe Brahmacharya (non-sensuality), discipline in food and routine, pure thoughts and humility and thy shall have an armor to ward off the Satan.

The Yoga Darshan derived from Vedas – the original divine texts – teach the same message of self-control leading to ultimate bliss in greater details. And Eid-ul-Fitr/ Ramadan attempts to convey a simplistic version of the same. For those who have no access to original Vedic wisdom, Eid-ul-Fitr represents a commendable way to establish the basics. 

Its a different matter that over a period, like any other social custom, even this had its set of distortions and variations. But the essence remains establishment of noble Yogic principles of self-control and benevolence.

2. As we already pointed out, Satan is one who refused to humbly bow to human. Note that Allah did not put any eligibility criteria to shortlist human for bowing. This clearly means that all humans regardless of their age, gender, belief system, religion, race etc deserve our humble bow. And those who refuse to do so are actually Satans. Those people are Satanic who say that we should bow only to selected people – who believe in certain set of beliefs or worship certain people.

The only criteria for being a true Muslim is unconditional bowing to all human beings. Those who refuse to do so are Satan – plain and simple.

So the festival helps us identify the Satans among us so that we can stay away from them.

3. Bowing down has to happen not only in words but in action. So simply saying ‘Namaste’ does not mean bowing. Bowing to human beings means:-

– caring for all human beings and considering all humans as one family

– considering that all human beings, regardless of their beliefs, will have blessings of Allah

– praying for Heaven (aka happiness) for all human beings

– refusing to accept that only selected human beings will go to Heaven and non-believers will burn in Hell forever

– refusing to treat so-called believers and non-believers differently

– refusing to mingle with other human beings simply because they do not subscribe to our belief system

– refusing to have any agenda of giving Dawah for our sweet behavior with others even if they do not share our beliefs.

So far the other person also shares the same attitude – of bowing to humans – he or she is not a Satan and hence deserves our unconditional bow. 

4. The only persons who do not deserve the bow, as per Islam and Eid-ul-Fitr, are those who put conditions on bowing. Thus all those who believe the following are Satans. Another word for them is Kafirs. The following are the Satans:

– those who believe that even noble-intentioned non-believers will go to Hell

– those who believe that one should treat believers and non-believers differently in personal, social or political matters

– those who believe that blind belief in any set of customs is necessary to achieve blessings of Allah and hence Heaven

– those who believe that those worshipping Allah in a different manner – say through idols because of their simple-heartedness – are worst of creatures

– those who believe that apostates should be punished for being honest to their own conscience simply because we disagree with them

– those who believe that we can preach our beliefs everywhere but must not allow others to propagate their beliefs in peaceful manner

– those who believe that women are inferior to men

– those who believe that one believer is equal to hundreds of non-believers

– those who believe that destruction of Jews and dominance over India are necessary to signify opening of gates of Heaven for so-called believers

– those who believe that only after recitation of Kalma can one become a Muslim

So the likes of Osama bin Laden, Kasab, Zakir Naik, Israr Ahmad etc who clearly appeal for differential treatment on basis of unverifiable belief systems are the true Satans – the real kafirs. 

5. And all those people who humbly bow for service of entire humanity without any discrimination are the true worshippers of Allah, the true Momins, the true Muslims. Eid ul Fitr offers us an opportunity to showcase our thankfulness to all such true Muslims since inception of civilization and resolve to be such a Muslim ourselves.

6. So Agniveer humbly bows to the great Muslims till today who worked for humanity alone without any conditions. We specially bow to legendary Muslims of the Indian subcontinent for their contribution to entire humanity and we resolve to follow their noble examples.

We bow to Muslim Rishis like Agni, Aditya, Vayu and Angira. We bow to legendary Muslims like Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar. Warrior Muslims like Ram and Krishna. Freedom fighter Muslims like Rana Pratap, Veer Shivaji, Guru Gobind Singh, Ashfaq, Bismil, Bhagat Singh, Azad, Netaji. Prophetic Muslims like Swami Dayanand. And thousands of other selfless worshippers of humanity – the followers of Allah’s order of unconditional bowing to humans.

We also bow to historical Muslims across the world whose contributions have benefited the entire humanity – Newton, Einstein, Faraday, Maxwell, Rutherford, Bohr, Landsteiner and hundreds other who shaped the modern world.

Almost all of the above mentioned people and so many others never recited any Kalma. In fact many of them were Jews! But still they were Muslims as per story of Satan and Eid-ul-Fitr. Because they selflessly served the entire humanity without any hatred, bias or arrogance. Those who refuse to regard them as the ‘best of the Muslims’ are the ones who are real Satans or Kafirs. 

7. Thus the festival teaches us that Islam is not a religion in reality. Islam means humility. Those who humbly bow to entire humanity without any preconditions are actually Muslims – regardless of they being Hindu, Christian, Jewish, Shia, Sunni, Ahmadiya, Bohra or whatever else. 

Those who put preconditions that only Shia are Muslims, or only Wahabi are Muslims, or only who believe in some set of rituals and texts blindly alone are Muslims are actually Satans as per message of Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr. We should stay away from Satan as per message of Eid.

8. Also note that Allah is formless. So He cannot come in human form to give you message. He thus communicates only through inner voice of logic, reason and pure feelings. Those who heed to this inner voice are Momins – irrespective of they being Hindu, Christian, Shia, Jewish, Sunni, Qadiyani etc. And those who refuse to do so through blind belief are Satans.

Now Allah gives us a natural message to love all. As children we never differentiate among humans. It is only later age blind belief without reason or rhyme that causes us to hate some and love others. We feel a natural urge to be friends with all. Those who deny this divine urge are Satans and those who follow the pure urge to consider entire humanity as one family are real Muslims. 

The festival gives us a message that we should never counter the inner voice because that is voice of Allah. We should never try to manipulate Allah’s inspiration as per dictates of any human being who demands blind faith and not reason. Let us not think of doing to others what we do not want to be done to us.

Eid is the festival to resolve to connect with this source of intelligence through Brahmacharya, purity and meditation as well as noble actions aimed at entire humanity and not to particular sects. This is the only way to ward off Satan.

9. Eid-ul-Fitr and story of Satan reemphasizes the Vedas. They indicate that Vedas are the original divine message. This is because it is EXACTLY the message of Vedas to bow to all humans unconditionally. 

The Vedic greeting for all human beings is Namaste – I humbly bow to you. Vedas recommend Namaste for everyone including criminals. This is because it is Vedic belief that a person, howsomuch wretched, still has some positive qualities. He is nurtured by the Supreme Lord and to honor Him we should bow in respect. Note that bowing does not mean worship. It only implies an acknowledgement of grace of Supreme and resolve to work for its well-being.

It is a daily duty of all humans, as per Vedic culture, to help and feed even the most wretched creatures. After all law of Karma can also bring us down to their levels if we become arrogant. This daily duty called Balivaishwadeva is a necessary component of Panchamahayajna – the 5 great daily resolves of Arya or noble persons. Even before eating, a Vedic person is expected to pray for nourishment of all living beings in the world.

It is interesting to note that, Namah (from which Namaste is derived) is the most frequently occurring word in Vedas. Thus humility and service of humanity form the bedrock of Vedas. It is from Namah that the word Namaz was formed which was later adopted by great Muhammad to mean worship of Supreme – the best form of Namah.

So Eid-ul-Fitr teaches us humility and how the Islam of Eid-ul-Fitr is nothing but an attempt to provide a primer to Vedic wisdom.

On occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr, once again Agniveer humbly bows – offers Namaste – to all Muslims of the world – regardless of they being Hindu, Christian, Shia, Sunni, Jewish, Qadiyani and wishes them Eid Mubarak. May we all work together for entire humanity without any artificial demarcations. May we regard entire humanity as one family and be able to ward of those Satans who want to divide us in name of religion, beliefs, books or symbols. May we listen to reason – which is voice of Allah – or else we will become Satans ourselves.

O Allah! Grant us the humility to serve entire humanity, prayer to seek Heaven for all regardless of their personal beliefs, and strength to destroy the Satans who believe otherwise.

May we all human beings congratulate each other Eid Mubarak as one single family that shall remain together – in happiness, sorrow, heaven or hell!

And may we celebrate this Eid Mubarak daily through practice of Vedic wisdom of Yoga that forms its foundation!


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Disclaimer:  We believe in "Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam" (entire humanity is my own family). "Love all, hate none" is one of our slogans. Striving for world peace is one of our objectives. For us, entire humanity is one single family without any artificial discrimination on basis of caste, gender, region and religion. By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. Please read Full Disclaimer.
  • @All Islam advocate
    Q My Grand father expired as a kaffir if we take Islamic ideology. Because he never recited Mohamad name. He will be in hell as per Muslim belief. But Why if he was not aware with Mohamad & Allah’s Arbi Shahada, what was fault of him. Why not it was fault of Allah?

    • @truthseeker
      u’r grand father had chance lot time for understanding islam,god given to him brain and sense organ,he never utilise properly,.its not u’r family

      from islamic history many prophet(a) family(nohe wife& son,looth wife,ibrahim father r go to hell after the judgement day)

  • माननीय श्री श्रावक जी , आपके सुझाव का कोटिश: धन्यवाद

  • @vajra
    your thinking is quite right .last night i met a krishna bhakt fundamentalist.vedic dharam is the oldest but not even a fraction of it is available.its nobodies fault but it is due to the natural cycle of kaliyuga.

    and hinduism is a philosophy derived from the sanatan for kaliyuga.

    this was my personal thoght but i couldnot explain it to more people at large

    so i thank you and agniveer ji for it

  • namaste vajra

    thank u for answering my every question precisely .and one by one.
    i liked ur comments.

    and krishna hasnt hided anything from anybody .
    lord vishnu had taken ram bhagvan avatar and it had shown self respect ,maryaada ,satya etc to mankind .

    then lord vishnu took krishna’s avatar and showed a different characterstics like ranchod(ran away from war) ,nathgat, casanova,flirt,liar ..etc this were all leela of shri krishna . so if you write also all these things then also its ok for me , may not be ok for others on this form.

    lord vishnu has shown mankind different avatars with different character , now its on us which do we choose and secondly krishna didnt do anything like crime or sin . he shown the mankind to fight for right cause and fight for dharma .but our hindus didnt learn all this and till now they r not learning.

    anything which is done by force or forcefully or with fear then its a crime ,krishna didnt do anything lyke this …

    • Brother Tejas

      Its a wrong notion of “possessing everything” we have set for someone to be supreme or God. Truth has to be distinct from falsehood and both are mutually exclusive. Knowledge is God’s trait and He is intelligent. But for most of us its not enough. They dont get satisfaction unless they induce traits like ignorance and foolishness in Him. They think Truth and falsehood make a set complete. But it is WRONG.

      My father has great character, it is complete from his character point of view. He does not need to be a pervert to be called as complete character. We must not, for God’s sake, confuse ourselves furthermore. You are trying to convince me, do you know why? Because you have a notion of right and wrong in your mind. But if right and wrong are given equal weightage, you should not even come for discussion because the views opposite to yours also have equal importance with God’s approval. In this way there is nothing in this world with which you can disagree!

      I am sure a loving person like you will understand it. TC

  • Great Article backed up by great Comments. These such discussions makes a person wise and happy. Great to be back Agniveer. Namaste

  • param adarniy shri vajr ji , yahi to hamko afsos hai apke is sthan me svat: hindi nahi ho pati ? aur devnagri lipi me ham likhne me asmarth hai,! ham nav bharat taims me kafi likhte hai karib 10000[das hajar] se jyada hamari tippdi hai vahan par svat: hindi me likh jaya karta hai , yah suvidha agar apke is jagah hoti to jyada achha rahata ! ham computar jyada jankar nahi hai yah hamari ek majburi hai bas kam chalau kary kar lete kabhi -kabhi ap logo se kuch batchit kar lete hai ! hamko bhi hindi bhasha hi pasand hai , lekin nvahsvat: hindi yahan par nahi ban pati hai uski vyavstha aap karva de to tab apko bhi koi shikayat nahi rahegi !

  • Raj.hyd,

    Bhai raj muslim shabd ya arbi shabd se apko problem kyun hai? Kya aap hindi bolte waqt arbi urdu shabd ka istemal nai karte? Pehle isko chodo aap.

    • param adarniy shri zalim ji ,jab apne pas usse achhe shabd ho tab arbi urdu se moh kyo kiya jaye ? kya arya se achha muslim shabd ya arth ho sakta hai ?apne arya shabd ko kyo choda jaye ? dusro ne hame indian kaha diya , ham indian par garv karne lage ? dusro ne hindu kah diya ham hindu par garv karne lage ? agar hamare pas uske mukable me koi shab n ho tab jarur dusre ka shabd ko apnaya ja sakta hai jaise redio adi sambhav hai ki uske saman shabd ya arth apne pas bhi ho, lekin vah janta me ras gaye, bas gaye hai ,isliye usko apnaya ja sakta hai !is desh me kabhi arbi farsi bhasha padhai jati thi jab ham muglo ke gulam the , ham majbur the kya ab bhi hame arbi farsi majburan padhni padegi ?jaise angreji padhne ke liye ab bhi majbur hai ! kya muslim prem ke liye in bhashao ko bhi apnaya jaye ? fir apne par garv ham sab kya karenge ? geeta tak me arya shabd ka ullekh hai hindu ka nahi! muslim to quran par bhi garv karte hai usko khudai kitab bhi mante hai kya ham bhi man le ? muslim to gaay ka gosht bhi pasand karte hai , kay ham sab bhi svikar kar le ? fir apni pahichan kya rahi ? fir aapka “muslim “shabd par prem kyo ?jara yah bhi to batlaiye ?

  • dear vajra ,i agree with you that islam came in india because of hindus inability to stop them and infighting among themselves or etc………
    but dnt call ram krishna or any hindus, as muslims .this is an insult .
    i like swami dayanand sarasrwati’s ideology and i m also thankful to the muslim who gave him shelter in his house (rahim khan ) but thats ok ,no big deal .he would have lost his faith in his relegion so he was ok with it and you also asked that (तो मुसलमान के घर में आर्य समाज खोलना आपको कैसा लगा?) ,thats a very nice thing that swamiji opened arya samaj in a muslims house and criticised islam .and yaa now it should be our mission to make indian people aware of the vedas ,but u should not propogate muslim festivals like eid and depict great people as muslims or true muslims .

    and yes hindus are doin idol worship which is totally against vedas but they dont even deny vedas ,you see there is only different perception among hindus .but they say om namnah sivay..they also learn vedas ,they also follow it 50 %.but they also do idol worship .so now u should make them understand the vedas .so you cannot differ hindu relegion from vedic relegion totally.

    • Namaste Tejas

      ———–but dnt call ram krishna or any hindus, as muslims .this is an insult .———-

      Muslim word was in practice even before Muhammad was born. So no insult. Insult of Krishna is in alleging him a Rasik who used to play with Gopis and do everything with them which I cant discuss here.

      ———u should not propogate muslim festivals like eid and depict great people as muslims or true muslims .——–

      Muslim of Agniveer’s article is different from that of Quran which is evident from the article itself.

      ——–you cannot differ hindu relegion from vedic relegion totally.——–

      I never did that. In fact I am against it. Idol worship is no sin for which one should be ridiculed or punished. It is a personal choice. However Vedic Dharma is devoid of any ritual. Those who believe in Karma more and in rituals less, they are more Vedic and vice versa.


      Who told you that Swami Dayanand was not a Hindu?






  • Dear Friends,
    Forgive me but it would very helpful if english is the mode of communication.I am terrible in reading in hindi.Pls don’t mind.raj.hyd from what little i read his hinglish is quite balanced.it will take me hours to read shri vajraji’s comments and i am sure it would be quite interesting.no offence to anyone.

  • jab vyakti aagabhag akele janm leta hai , tab ishvar ki prarthana bhi akele kyo nahi ? mandir masjid adi ki jarurat kyo ? samuh me prarthna kyo ? kya samuh me prarthana me kabhi man lag sakta hai jab tak antrik ekant n ho tab tak kisi ke prati bhi dhyan bhi kaise lag sakta hai 1 apni jeb katne ka dar, chaappal adi khone ka dar jab ho tab kaise ishvar par dhyan lage ? isliye ishvar ki prarthna hamesha ekant me honi chahiye vah chahe apna kamra ho, chat ho, ya koi park adi bhi ho sakta hai lekin mandir masjid charch gurudvare adi hargij nahi hone chahiye ! inko to aspatal vidhyalay adi me badla ja sakta hai kyoki yah samuh ki bhi jarurat pad sakti hai ! id ki namaj kitni ekta karvati hai yah bhi jag jahir hai , sadiya beet jane par bhi yah gale milna shiya , sunni ,ahamdi ,bahavi , bohara , khoza, bahai ,devbandi , barelvi , koi ahale hadees hai koi ahale quran adi n jane kitne muslim samuh apne apsi matbhed bhi nahi bhula paye ek dusre ki masjid me allah ki namaz bhi kisi ke piche nahi padh pate ? yahan tak ki murda bhi ek- dusre ke kabristan me nahi dafnaya ja sakta ! jahan murde se bhi mat bhed ho ,bhedbhav ho ,vahan “jivan” me ekta kaise ho payegi ?zakir nayak ji bhi apne karyalay ke najdik dongre road mumbai me khza muslim kabristan me kisi bhi sunni muslim ko dafnane me asfal rahenge ? chahe to hamari bat ki janch bhi kar sakte hai ? ham unko khuli chunauti bhi dete hai ? gale milne se ekta nahi hoti ? jab tak vichar ek n ho tab tak ekta kaise ho sakti hai ? jab muhammad ji hi 73 firke hone ki bhavishyvani kar gaye [jo bhavishyvakta nahi the ] ab ekta bhi kaise hogi ? isliye id milan bhi matr dikhava ban kar raha jata hai !

  • param adarniy shri agniveer ji ! apne to rishiyo ko bi “muslim” ka khitab de dala ? kya” ary” [shreshth]shabd unke liye chota pd gaya ! fir unko muslim kyo kaha jaye / ramzan me lagatar ek mah tak din me bhukhe rahana kaun si parhej gari hai ? fir rat hote hi anek nagro ke muslim bidi- sigret – pan masala-sharab adi pine vale usko chod nahi pate ? fir kis bat ka roza rakhna ?yah bhi yad rakhiye isi ramzan me hajarat ali ji ki hatya namajz padhte hhuye kis muslimne hi ki thi kitna parhej hai muslimo me muhammad ji ke damad hona bhi apne jivan ki raksha karne me kam nahi a paya ! kai karod muslim to roze rakhne ke karan bimar pad jate hai rat me ji bharkar bhojan karna din bhar upvas rakhna vah bhi lagatar ek mah tak! aprkratik dhangh se rahane me jarur kuch takleef bhi hogi ! haan, pakishik ya ek mah me kisi din upvas rakhna sehat ke liye achha ho sakta hai ! jab koi bukhar se pidit ho tab vah upvaas kar le vah bhi sehat ke liye achha ho sakta hai 1 lekin ek mah tak lagatar roze se rahana kahan ki achhai hai ! yah adesh kyo nahi hota ki jivan me kisi si jhuth n bola jaye , sachhai ka jivan jiya jaye , kisi ko pareshan na kiya jaye usre ke sath vahi vyvhar karo jo apne liye bhi pasand aye ! adhiakansh[sab nahi] muslim to samay se roze rakhlenge , lekin usme se bhi kuch log samay se namaz padh lenge , sabere ki namaj me kitne log hote hai v sham ki namaj me kitne log hote hai yah antar koi bhi dekh sakta hai ! han apni patni ko kisi bhi tarah se talaq-talaq-talaq teen shabd jarur nibhate hai isme koi shak nahi hai ! baki kisi se dhan le le nge to uski chappale ghis jayengi , bdi muskil se paise vapas ho pate hai iska anubhav to hamko bhi hai v anek muslimo ko bhi hai ! yaha par juban[vachan ] ki kimat bechare muslim nahin rakh pate ! karodo muslim roze se rahate hai unme se hajaro muslim bhi bidi sigret sharab yadi pite hai to chod nahi pate fir kahe ki parhej gari ? kya id me sabhi muslimo se gale mila ja sakta hai ? samuh me namaz kyo ? kya isse bhi ekta milti hai han dusro ko darane ka avsar jarur milta hai…

    • नमस्ते राज जी

      १. गणित (Maths) विषय में यह आवश्यक नहीं कि आप किसी वस्तु को क्या कहते हैं, क, ख, ग या कुछ और. वास्तव में धर्म और दर्शन भी गणित से भिन्न नहीं है. अगर मुसलमान यह कहते हैं कि इस्लाम मतलब शान्ति है तो हमारा कहना है कि हम भी इस्लाम को मानते हैं और हमारे सब पूर्वज भी मुसलमान थे क्योंकि तब आर्य और मुसलमान के अर्थ एक हो जाते हैं और यह कोई विशेष बात नहीं कि हम अरबी प्रयोग करें या हिंदी. साथ ही जो भी अशांति की बात करता है वह मुसलमान नहीं रहेगा. तो इस तरह अग्निवीर के इस्लाम शब्द के अर्थ वह नहीं जिसकी व्याख्या आप कर रहे हैं.

      २. क्या आपको याद है कि स्वामी दयानंद ने लाहौर में पहला आर्य समाज कहाँ खोला था? जब किसी गैर मुसलमान ने उन्हें रुकने की जगह भी नहीं दी थी तब एक मुसलमान रहीम खान ने अपनी कोठी ऋषि के सुपुर्द कर दी थी कि आप जो चाहें जब तक चाहें यहाँ करें. ऋषि वहां इस्लाम (जिसके अर्थ अग्निवीर से उलटे हैं) का खंडन भी करते थे और जातिवाद का भी. और एक ऐतिहासिक दिन ऋषि ने उस घर में आर्य समाज खोला जिसे रहीम खान साहिब ने सहर्ष स्वीकार किया. तो मुसलमान के घर में आर्य समाज खोलना आपको कैसा लगा? क्या आप जानते हैं कि आर्य समाज को चन्दा देने वालों में बहुत से मुसलमान भी होते थे? पंडित लेखराम कृत दयानंद जीवन चरित्र पढ़ें और पता करें.

      ३. स्वामी रामदेव जी के बारे में आपके क्या विचार हैं? वो अपनी पुस्तक राष्ट्र दर्शन में मुहम्मद साहिब को नानक, विवेकानंद और परमहंस के साथ महापुरुषों की कोटि में रखते हैं. यदि मैं गलत नहीं हूँ तो उन्होंने वहां दयानंद का जिक्र नहीं करके मुहम्मद का किया है. क्या आपने उनसे विरोध जता दिया है?

    • ४. बाकी सबको भी हमारा सन्देश है कि हम यहाँ किसी की भावना दुखाने के लिए नहीं लिखते. जिसे केवल कुरआन में खोट देखने हैं और हिन्दुओं की कमजोरियों पर परदे डालने हैं वे कोई और जगह तलाश करें. इस्लाम भारत में अगर घुस सका तो उसका कारण हम हिन्दुओं की नक्कारी और दुष्टता भी थी. धर्म के नाम पर जात पात और बेकार के ढकोसले करने वाले अगर अरबों के गुलाम बने तो कोई आश्चर्य नहीं और अगर आज भी अपनी गलतियों को ढक कर केवल दूसरों को गाली ही देते रहे तो बहुत जल्दी हम इतिहास के पन्नों में होंगे.

      अंत में सन्देश और आग्रह यही है कि शब्दों के उद्गम पर इतना शोध करने के बजाए व्यक्तियों को वेद की ओर लाने की सोचिये. नीति पूर्वक कार्य करने से ही सफलता प्राप्त होती है. बिना दिशा/उद्देश्य की वीरता या बुद्धि विनाश की ओर ले जाती है और नीतिपूर्वक किये गए कार्य ही देश धर्म की नीव बनते हैं. आशा है आप विचार करेंगे.


      • param adarniy , shri vajr ji , ham muslim ko manvta ke adhar par usko samman dete hai , n ki islami anutaayi hone ke karan ? agar islam ka arth muslim shanti ka lete hai yah to to unka bahakana hua ! kya quran shanti ka pura sandesh deti hai ? kya quran ko ishvar ka kalam mana ja sakta hai ? kya kabhi swami dayand ji ne id ki mubarakvad bhi kabhi di ? agar dayand ji ne di bi hogi tab ham unke “andhanuyai “nahi banna chahenge !yah saty hai ki swami dayand ji ke anek muslim bhi vicharvimarsh karne ate the vah bhi masjido me jakar islam ka khandan bhi karte the !sr sayyad ahamad ji bhi unke mitr the agar unhone lahaur me kisi muslim ke ghar me arya samaj ki sthapna ki ,to kya kabhi kisi arya samaj me namaz padhne ki chut di ja sakti hai ! yah bat saty hai ki agar bhartiy sabhyta me kamjo n hoti to yah desh muglo ka v angrejo ka gulam kyo hota , anek pidhiya gulam kyo rahati ? yahan ke nivasi muslim kyo bante ! kyo desh ka vibhajan hoti yah multa” bhartiy samaj ki kamjori thi v hai ! isme jativad ke dosh ko bhi andekha nahi kiya ja sakta ! isliye hamne hosh sambhalne ke bad se hi jati suchak chinh ka parityag kar diya hai ! hame muslimo se dosti me bhi koi etraj nahi hai likin islami siddhanto ko kaise bardasht kiya ja sakta hai id unka islami tyohar hai usko manyta hargij nahi di ja sakti ! ap unko mubarakvad dekar kaun sa unka dil jit lenge ? unke prati manvta ka vyvhar kare isme koi etraj nahi kiya ja sakta unke dukh sukh me kam aye unko dhan se , tan se man se , unki har tarah se sahayta kare unki kanyao ke vivah me sahyog de , isme bhi hame koi takleef nahi ! hamne svayam anek muslimo ko bagair byaj ke thoda sa dhan diya , vah dhan bhi vade ke anusar vapas nahi hua fir bhi anek bar diya ! manviy kamjori kisi me bhi ho sakti hai 1 lekin islami tyohar ko manyta kabhi nahi di ja sakti ! ham pauranik tyoharon ko bhi koi manyta nahi dete ! jaise aj se arambh ganesh utsav ! kya ganesh ji ka kabhi janm hua ? tab usko manyta kyo ? jab ved v satyarth prakash ka jyada vyapakta se prachar kiya jayega tabhi unka…

      • rahi bat bhavna dukhane ki , jiski bhi manytao ka khandan kiya jayega uski to bhavna dukhegi hi 1 isko aap kaise rok sakte hai 1 jo vyakti jitne sal ka hai, i uski bhavna bhi apne majahab ke prati bhi utne hi sal ki hai yah to samanyt: patrak riti jaisa bana hua hai jis parivar me jo ishvar ki aradhna hoti hai vahi uske bachhe bhi dharan kar lete hai ham yah nahi kahate ki quran adi ka kathorta se khandan ki niti banai jaye , alochna me madhurta ka bhi samavesh kiya ja sakta hai , isme koi burai nahi hai ! hamne svayan satyarth prkash ka ek sal me anek pradesh me ghum karke karib 45 -50 hajar ke bich me bikri ki hai , bad me vah rasta any kary milne ke karan jarur chod diya ! satyarth prakash bhi kisi ko andhanuyai nahi banata , isliye ham bhi satyarth prakash ke aur swami dayannd ji ke andhe anuyayi hargij nahi hai! unki bhi alochna avsar ane par avshy kiya karte hai ! fir bhi swami dayanad ji ko kul milakar ek bahut achha vyakti avshy mankar unka samman karte hai ! lekin alochna se pare vah bh nahi hai 1 ham apne mata -pita ji ko bhi apni alochna ka shikar bhi banaya karte hai , ham unke bhi “andhe anuyayi” nahi banna chahte !lekin unka samman karna kabhi nahi chodte ! apko hamare vicharo se kuch takleef huyi , uske liye ham aapse asankhybar kshama chahenge , fir bhi apne vichar nirbhikta se avshy rakhna chahenge ! apka kotish: dhanyvad

      • नमस्ते राज जी

        आप कृपा करके यदि देवनागरी लिपि में लिखेंगे तो मुझे बहुत सुविधा होगी. अंग्रेजी लिपि में हिंदी पढना दुष्कर है. जब आप लिप्यांतर कर देंगे तो मैं अवश्य आपका उत्तर दूंगा.


      • @Raj Ji
        मैं यहाँ पर एक लिंक पोस्ट कर रहा हूँ, उस लिंक पर जाकर आप अपने कमेंट्स का लिप्यांतर कर सकते है|

  • Great article! My best wishes of eid-Mubarak to true Momin brothers. I always knew something was wrong about the message of the Quran. There are so many verses there that incite Momins [human beings who respect each other without condemning others to eternal hellfire for simple thought crimes] to slaughter and not bow down to fellow human beings who do not believe in the polytheistic trinity of Allah, Mohammed and the Quran.

    This article clears it up. Mohammed Nabi was indeed the perfect human being…but it was all arch-angel Jebril’s fault for having murmured the Satanic verses into his ears as he was resting in the desert caves to escape the heat of the Arabian desert. So, it appears that Jebril himself is an incarnation of Satan.

    May the misguided “Momins” become TRUE Momins as Allah wished by following the Vedas – the original and eternal message of God Almight that STILL resonates in each of our individual hearts. The Quran/Bible, etc. are distortions wrecked by Satan.

    • Bro KB

      ———but it was all arch-angel Jebril’s fault for having murmured the Satanic verses into his ears as he was resting in the desert caves to escape the heat of the Arabian desert.——-

      Looks logical. Misguided Momins should come forward and explore this aspect that will certainly help them check their constantly growing fanaticism.

      Happy Eid to every True Momin!

  • yah id mubarak kis bat ki ? kal ko aap bakreed vali id mubark bhi denge ! kya agniveer ji id ke tyohar ko bhi manyta dene lage jo nahi deni chahiye thi ! jab quran hi galat hai muhammad ji hi khrab star ke hai tab unke tyohar bhi kaise achhe ho sakte hai ? kya ramzan me roze hone chahiye ? hargij nahi ! rat me bhojna karna v din bhara lagatar ek mah tak din me bhojan nahi karna kaun si achhi bat hai ! kitne muslim majdur thik se majduri nahi kar pate hai mehanatkash muslim kaise roze rakhe ? svami dayanand ji ne bhi satyarth prkash ke 12 adhyay me jain mat ki samiksha me ratri me bhojan n karne ki tareef ki hai ! jab islam hi koi majahab nahi hai matr giroh hai quran bhi unko anek jagah giroh kahakar sambodhan karta hai ! tab kisi bhi islami tyohar ko manyta kyo di jaye ? fir usme mubarakvad dena hamko to pasand nahi aya ! hamne t5o aaj tak kisi bhi muslim ko kabhi mubarakvad nahi di jab ki hamare aneko muslim mitr bhi hai ! ham unse manvtaka ka sambandh rakhte hai n ki unke islami manytao ke karan ? is vishay par ham manniy agniveer ji se virodh jatana chahte hai ! hamko unka yah acharan hargij pasand nahi aya ! kya agniveer ji ko kabhi bharat me chunav ladna hai ? yah to matr rajnaitiki chal jarur lagti hai ! kya kabhi kisi muslim giroh ne dipavali adi tyohar ko manyta di ? koi vyaktigat roop se [apvad ke taur par ]muslim kuch kar raha ho, to ham uski bat nahi karte hai ! kya kabhi kisi muslim sanstha ne nav ratri me kuch log upvas karte hai tab unke samman me kabhi unka svagat adi kiya kya kisi muslim giroh ya kisi sanghthan ne rath yatra adi me lakho ki sankhya me nikalne vale juloos ko pani sharbat adi ki vyavstha ki ? bhai hamne to kabhi nahi suna ? ha dange jarur huye yah bat to anek bar suni ? kis masjid se baja bajte huye nikle tab updrav hone sambhavna jarur rahi ! khair hamne to agni veer ji ko apna virodh darj karaya hai ! loktantr me sabhi ko apni tarah jine v vichar karne ki bhi azadi hi !