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In wake of recent unfortunate happenings in country, an emergency meeting is called in New Delhi on Sunday 13 January, 2013, 3:30 PM to 5 PM at:

Arya Samaj Patel Nagar (New Delhi)
(Next to Dayanand Model School, walking distance from Patel Nagar Metro Station on Blue Line (5 stations from Rajiv Chowk). You need to walk ahead of Patel Nagar Metro Station towards Shadipur Station and take a right turn at red light. Walk straight till end of the road and Arya Samaj is right there. For assistance, call +91 8800958058)


  1. Condolence and 2 min silence for the martyrs of Rajputana Rifles who were butchered by enemy in cowardly manner
  2. Demand for stern action by India again enemy nation
  3. Demand for action against Owaisi brothers and banning of MIM for anti-national activities and statements
  4. Demand for safer environment for women across India to put stop to woman abuse
  5. Enrolment of volunteers who strongly feel about these issues and want to sincerely contribute
  6. Setup of project teams to plan and conduct necessary activities in short and long term
    The last 2 agenda items would extend beyond 5 PM.  

All nationalists who are in sync with Agniveer’s stand on these issues and share the same sentiments are requested to attend.

The meet has been organized at short notice at special request of several nation-lovers who are desperate to seek constructive effective avenues to bring worthwhile changes in self and world around.

Please note that this meeting is organized exclusively for those alone who can commit time, efforts and resources for operational success and are willing to stretch to achieve the goals. We do value ideas and plans. However the need of hour is execution and implementation. 

We humbly request all who have only ideas, views and plans to share, but cannot commit time, efforts, resources or take ownership of crucial aspects of plan-implementations at this juncture, to skip this meeting. We would reach to all of them at some later stage.

For those who want to learn true Vedas, true religion, true spiritualism , this would be a hands-on workshop that surpasses best of lectures and books.

The transformation is promised if we all promise discipline, patience, vision, teamwork and resolve.

So, see you all sons and daughters of Bharat Mata on Sunday 13 January, 2013, 3:30 PM to 5 PM at Arya Samaj Patel Nagar, New Delhi.

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Disclaimer: By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. For full disclaimer, visit "Please read this" in Top and Footer Menu.

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Castism is the major the problem of Hindu society subsequently effecting our culture. We can not make any revolutionary movements in the society because of this and superstitious believes. Dear Agniveerji , is it possible to remove caste names from our all certificates (let us fill in that part No… Read more »
Salim Khan

The people do not read Quran fight with each-other. Quran clearly says Muslim should not fight with each-other. It will make Islam weak. But many times non-believers also create differences among Muslims to divide them.

मैँ भी कभी मुस्लिमो के प्रति साजिश करता था कुरान की आयतो को बीच मे से उठाकर उनका गलत अर्थ साबित करके मुस्लिमो को कुँठित करने प्रयास । इनके तर्क और सिद्धाँत सब निर्रथक । सुरह बकर को पढने बाद मुझे ग्यात हुआ कि उसमे मेरी सारी स्थितियाँ वर्णित है… Read more »
Salim Khan
@Dinesh Meena Brother, Islam is only true religion and and state like Pakistan also knows it but these Hindu completely failed to realize it. If Indian government and people declare to India Islamic country, we can have friendship with all countries including Pakistan, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. If India, Pakistan… Read more »
Are you mad? Friendship among Islamic countries. Pakistan there is endless Muslim fighting and killing between different Islamic sects. Iraq is the same mess. Iran just recently tried to kill a Saudi official. Our in Mali Sufi shrines are being demolished. Islam is a religion of perpetual war of a… Read more »

Salim, your forefathers probably converted out of force to the religion of the invaders, hoow does that make yu feel, why ydont you come back to the faith of your forefathers and please your foreparents who suffered, come back to Hinduism

Mullas suck

You have won $ 50000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am sure you will win this debate —-
No one has been able to defeat Ali Sina till date, perhaps you will do!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Salim Khan

Thanks for the compliment. Surely I will exposed to Ali Sin very soon.

प्रिय दिनेश आप इस बात की चिंता न करें की कोई भद्दे विवाद की परिस्थिती उत्पन्न हो जाएगी , आप निश्चिंतता से अपना पक्ष रखें। यहाँ बात अग्निवीर की नहीं किन्तु वेदों और कुरान की है , अग्निवीर तो मेरे अनुसार अपना पक्ष रख रहे हैं और मुझे लगता है… Read more »

उर्ध्व लिखित प्रश्न के उत्तर के बाद दूसरा प्रश्न : क्या आप सलीम खान , (जो यहाँ कमेंट कर रहे हैं ) की विचारधारा का समर्थन करतें है ?


आपके निरुतर कर देने वाले व्याख्यान का इछुक एवं प्रतीक्षा में

प्रिय मित्र अँकुर । मैँ इस साईट का मालिक नही हुँ तो आपके प्रश्न के प्रति मेरी कोई जवाबदेहीता नही । अगर आप मुझ से सँतोषजनक उत्तर की अपेक्षा रखते है तो मैँ इन्सा अल्लाह अवश्य दुँगा जवाब । लेकिन उसके लिए आपको मेरे सम्मुख आना होगा क्योँकि कुछ विषय… Read more »
Very disturbing news. Please not this terrible turn. Their goal is to rip India apart, and take it all over. “‘Wahabi’ Islam gaining ground in the country” By Neeraj Mishra – NEW DELHI 14th January 2013 09:41 AM “The ultra-conservative brand of ‘Wahabi’ Islam has lately managed to find… Read more »
Mr. Mishra should know that Qadri is not that moderate. He is was prime person behind the creation of Pakistan’s infamous blasphemy laws. “The minister for integration and social affairs, Karen Hækkerup (Socialdemokraterne), has pulled out of a conference on religious radicalism next week after she discovered that one of… Read more »

I meant “Please NOTE…”

I see a clear international conspiracy behind this to drag india into a war and thereby bringing the Kashmir issue into world table. For anybody who wants to know who are maoists, read this blog, Makes lot of sense for me. Is china is supplying arms to maoists ?… Read more »


@Dinesh Meena :दिनेश मीना जी , जो प्रश्न आपसे मैंने कुछ समय पूर्व किया था उसका उत्तर कृप्या परिपक्व आधार के अनुरूप में दें , जैसा की प्रतीत होता है की आप एक तार्किक मनो वृति वाले मनुष्य है सो क्या आप एक कष्ट करेंगे के बता सकें की कुरान… Read more »

Dinesh, can u write in English, or r u scared to do so..

Basically a volunteer force in every city and village that can report back to intelligence services, from rickshawalla, small shops, etc

Upananda Brahmachari - HE.
The cross border enemies and their Army are fortifying the Fifth Column in India and their terrorist fronts by all possible menace of arms, finance, logistics and strategies to carry on a fanatic Jihad in India. Then, when our Army can’t drive in a Dhrama Yudh to save the prestige… Read more »

Another petition(Not relevant i know,but just saying)

@ Alhar I am from Kerala currently staying in Singapore. Regarding your concern over growth of Nexalism/ communist revolutionist mainly because of our fault. With my experience in Kerala , So called hindu organizations never voice up for tribal people (Adhivasi people). Currently in kerala there is Land right campaigns… Read more »
Agniveer Agni

We would not comment on views of other organizations and people. But for Agniveer, caste system is a foolish evil that we are vehemently against. To destroy birth-based caste system from very root is a top-agenda for us.

You have a very myopic view of Hindu Organisations. See this- The biggest part of Communist game-plan is that they will first (claim to) help the poor people by causing unrest and absolute anarchy and leftist extremism. In China when Communists came to power, they reached out to the… Read more »
@Malhar Even it is a capitalist hell Tamil (one of ancient Indian language) is National language and Deepavali is a National holiday in Singapore. None of other foreign countries give this much respect to hindus. And why I leave my native place because of unemployment (there is no industries and… Read more »
—Even it is a capitalist hell Tamil (one of ancient Indian language) is National language and Deepavali is a National holiday in Singapore. None of other foreign countries give this much respect to hindus. —- You have missed the sarcasm in what I said. I myself am a Compassionate Capitalist.… Read more »
RSS is doing really some commendable job. But they are totally dull and insipid in fighting birth based castesystem, abhorrent practices in Hindu religion, superstitions being paraded in the name of religion etc. I have always been pleading for blending RSS with Vedic ideology being expounded by Aryasamaj so that… Read more »
Nameste Agniveerji, I am sure it would be great to see all nation lovers under the same roof. I can’t to be part of tomorrow’s meeting as I live abroad. But I honestly wish you very productive meeting tomorrow. If you think I can be help in any short or… Read more »

आपने अपनी असामर्थ्यता बताकर बहुत अच्छा किया । चलो भविष्य मेँ कभी न कभी तो अग्निवीर से मिलाप भी होगा । लेकिन किसी न किसी बिन्दु पर हमारा मिलना तय है । चलो तब तक आप तैयारी करो । खुदा हाफिज । जजाकअल्लाहुखैर ।


Thank you……….. I live in the US and was wondering if there is anything I can do to help from here?

तो क्या आपको मैरे राष्ट्र प्रेम को लेकर कोई सन्देह है । अगर ऐसा लगता है तो मै बता देना चाहता हुँ कि मेरी आस्था मेरे राष्ट्र प्रेम को कभी प्रभावित नही करती । और मैँ अपनी राष्ट्रीता को लेकर कोई समझोता नही करता और ये राष्ट्रीयता इतनी कटु भी… Read more »
Agniveer Agni
हम इस स्थिति में नहीं है की आपके राष्ट्र प्रेम पर संदेह करें या विश्वास करें। यह हमारा काम नहीं है, यह आपके और राष्ट्र के बीच की बात है। किन्तु आपको हमारे विचार और कार्य शैली से आपत्ति है इसलिए निकट भविष्य में आप और अग्निवीर मिल कर सार्थक… Read more »

We shall strengthen our nation from within and no outside power will be able to harm us. Pakistan or Bangladesh is not a threat, threat is from illegal immigrants of these filthy countries.

@ agniveer I am engaged this weekend in my work for RSS, and sadly I will not be able to come. Still sir, Ghasty Murder of two Jawans by Pakistanis is nothing as compared to the 10 CRPF Jawans killed by Naxals in Latehar. Pakistan is the gutter of this… Read more »
Dear Agniveer brothers, Thanks for organizing this emergency meeting. It is really good step. I would like to join this meeting remotely as I am not in India. I live in USA but would like to contribute my time, efforts and resources. May be next time, we can also arrange… Read more »
Agniveer Agni

Dear Sister,

Webinars would come as next step. We will make sure that we unite all humane forces across the globe in very near term.

Shailesh Sharma

Jai Shreekrishna,

I read your updated on Facebook and I can frankly say you people are doing best job, I really appreciate your efforts.


Our PM is PRO PAKISTANI who has an ISI agent in his cabinet Mulayalam Singh. Mulayam was exposed as an ISI agent by IB joint secretary MK Dhar so what type of justice our jawans will get is well known.


अस्तो मा सद्गमय । तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय । मा कश्चिद दुःख भाग भवेत । आउज बिल्लाह मिनशैत्वान निर्रजिम। अल्लहमदुलिल्लाह रब्बिल आलमिन ।

संजीव जी , क्या मेँ भी आपकी आपात्कालीन बैठक मेँ भाग ले सकता हुँ । जो पटेल नगर मे हो रही है । कुछ साफ सुथरा विमर्श भी करना है । मैँने औवेसी का विडीयो आज ही देखा था । वो काफी घ्रणीत है । लेकिन आपकी प्रतिक्रिया जेठमलानी पर… Read more »
Agniveer Agni
दिनेशजी, यह बैठक गंभीर मुद्दों पर कार्य करने के लिए है। इसमें उन्ही का आना अभीष्ट है जो हमारी विचारधारा से मेल रखते हों। जैसा की हमने लेख में लिखा है, इस बैठक में योजनाओं को क्रियान्वित करने पर चर्चा होगी, अन्य किसी विषय पर नहीं। चूँकि आपको अग्निवीर पर… Read more »
Vashi One more things,when I asked what about Army head and Air chief head warings to PAK etc. He mentioned this is all joke,they cannot do anything until it comes from PM and PM will never say that,for people like me they keep making sound.He was upset that still we… Read more »
Vashi This is what Air force head says.. “Asked about his message to NCC cadets who may later on join the armed forces, he said: “If you join the armed forces, you hold certain values, you hold certain ethos, certain traditions of the country, which we have to uphold and… Read more »

Bros before also Ilaysi Kashmiri beheaded an Indian Army soldier and TOOK THE BRAVE INDIAN SOLDIER HEAD AS TROPHY and showed it to musharaf who rewarded him and some pakistani media praised both musharaf and ilyas kashmiri for this.