Q. What is so emotional about Goraksha? Why is Agniveer behaving like fanatics on Goraksha? Why don’t you condemn violence in name of Goraksha? You can’t compare killing of an animal to a human.

Agniveer : I hope I could explain this to you. But the problem is the level of fearless hormones in body and mind and balls-size required to understand the answer is rare and is certainly out of reach of Pigerals and Vikaasvaadi Charles Darwins of India.

Muhammad Bin Qasim attacked Sindh. He razed hundreds of Hindu temples to ground. But before that, he sprinkled cow-blood on idols.

Mahmud of Ghazna sacked Somnath temple. But before that, he slaughtered cows and ‘purified’ Hindu sentiments with their blood.

Muhammad Ghori slit throats of cows before sacking Hindu temples.

Alauddin Khilji cut cows before his expeditions against Kafir armies.

Timur sprinkled cow-blood in every street of Delhi.

Babur slaughtered cows before destroying Ram Mandir.

Akbar slaughtered a thousand cows during the conquest of Chittor.

Aurangzeb slaughtered a millions cows to teach Hindu Kafirs a lesson.

Tipu Sultan razed a few hundred temples to ground in few years. Every time, cow-blood was used to be poured on idols before powdering them to establish power of Isl*m over Hindu Kafirs.

This is just a Jhaanki. Millions, thousands, hundreds are just numbers for eunuchs. But for us, it is different.

There is a pattern in cow-killing. It was a symbol of destruction of holy shrines of Hindus. It was a symbol of contempt, insult and domination towards Hindus and Hinduism by Islamists.

Whenever a cow is cut, it reminds a Gorakshak like me of all those thousands of temples that were destroyed in name of a pedophile born in Arabia. It reminds me of millions of
Hindu women who were shipped to Baghdad, Arab and Central Asia to be sold in slave markets as per unholy book of Jihadis.

In short, imagine someone abducts your mother. He rapes her every time he comes to loot your house run by your impotent father. And then you ask your Brother who tries to retaliate – ‘what is so emotional about our mother being in his captivity?’. Why are you becoming violent?

Listen eunuchs, cow is everything for us. She is mother. That is enough for us to do what it takes to save her from rapacious militias whom you all have become cheerleaders of in search of some ‘liberal’ tag you might get. But then as I said, we don’t care about tags.

When mother is at stake, every Pigeral and all those suffering from micro-balls disease will be defeated.

A Hindu’s fight for Mother Cow

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The Naked Mughals

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Indian Muslims – Children of India or Slaves of Arabs?

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Every Muslim is NOT a terrorist

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  • Sir ji, Very good eye opening article.

    But I have following questions regarding cow slaughter still going on in India.

    1) Sadly even now with having BJP government, cow slaughter is still going on in the name of Beef export. Many companies like Al-Kabeer, Safa, etc.,. are cutting not only buffalos but many a times cows also and its meat exporting to gulf muslim countries.

    This beef export should also be stopped by the government immediately. Now it looking like hypocrisy by the government and we gau rakshaks.

    2) I dont know about other Mughal kings but I have read many history articles that Aurangzeb had banned cow slaughter during his rule.

    3) Also what shall be our say when hundreds of cows are slaughtered in Kamkhaya temple in Guwahati. Shouldn’t this also be stopped.

    Your answers will be very enlightening.