To establish peace and end the hate which is breeding terrorism all around the globe, treating the source of radicalization is the only way. A breed of such hate-mongering so-called preachers functioning in a structured manner are providing the perfect platforms of stagnant open waters for the terrorist mosquitoes. The way citizens in a responsibly governed state are penalized for allowing mosquito breeding through carelessness, such hate-mongering so-called preachers deserve even harsher penalties, since their actions are much more deliberate and sinister. Enough of non-sense hospitality towards poisonous snakes!

Zakir Naik is one person who is one of the greatest threats to humanity today. I would put him higher than Osama Bin Laden as a terrorist because while Osama conducts terrorist acts himself, likes of Zakir Naik act as breeders of terrorism to give birth of Osama Bin Ladens of tomorrow. It is a matter of shame and foolishness that such psychopath anti-socials are allowed to propagate their hatred in India in name of Islam. Such hate-mongers are greatest enemies of Islam.

We have already exposed virtually all his arguments and ideologies in various posts in this site. We have shown his blatant double standards and shamelessness. In this article, we shall see why and how Zakir Naik is a terrorist.

Zakir Naik would never ever condemn Osama Bin Laden. He would simply say he has not met him so he doesn’t know if he is terrorist or not!

– Now why is meeting necessary to know about Osama? Are they supposed to get into some secretive/private acts to know each other better?

– How many people on whom Terrorist Naik comments freely has he actually met? He says Hitler killed largest number of people in history. While this is a wrong fact and west/central Asian invaders of India (from Qasim to Khilji to Tughlaqs to Babur to Akbar to Aurengzeb to Muslim League etc) have each killed and raped and sodomized a larger number of innocents, has Zakir actually met Hitler to comment on his terrorism? He says that all the greatest terrorism acts of last several centuries were done by non-Muslims as per some website best known to him. But has Zakir met those people to comment on them? If not then why differentiate between a Osama and Hitler? If you are quick to claim Hitler as a terrorist based on media reports, why are you reluctant in adopting same standards for Osama?

– Zakir blames it all on media and says no one knows the truth. But in that case, even all other events he comments upon are also media reported. The exaggerated claims of Gujarat Massacre in 2001 were also media reported. Why does he so easily believe in them then?

– In final defense, Zakir says that if Osama is terrorizing America – a terrorist nation – he is with Osama and appeals all Muslims to be a terrorist to scare other terrorists! Now what proof does Zakir have to conclude that America is a terrorist?

– Zakir will never even utter that if Osama conducted 911 as indicated in media, then he considers Osama to be among the worst sinners! He would simply say I don’t know.

– Zakir conveniently ignores host of interviews that Osama himself gave to proclaim his terrorist designs! But he is convinced that America is a terrorist! Does he have insiders in CIA or White House? No wonder, that may also be true. After all attacks like 911 are implausible without involvement of insiders, as Zakir himself acknowledges!

Here is a popular video on his stand on Osama. Most of you must have already watched this, but those who haven’t, check it out and google for more such videos from Terrorist Naik.

His summary is clear – If Osama is with Quran – manual of terrorism – he is with him, even if whole world is against him.

The reasons are obvious as even other Islamic scholars have presented. Unless there are spurious sources of funds, one cannot become such a lavish preacher!

Every Muslim is NOT a terrorist

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