Religion of Vedas explained in three Mantras!

Atharvaved 12.5.7-10

Oja – Bravery in following truth

Teja – Fearlessness

Saha – To follow truth regardless of happiness, sorrow, loss, gain

Bala – To continue increasing physical and mental strength through study, Brahmacharya, discipline, exercise etc

Vaak – To speak sweetly for propagation of truth

Indriya – To direct all the 5 sense organs, 5 action organs and mind towards truth and righteousness and away from sins

Shree – To put all efforts and plan for creation of a powerful country based on truth, justice and honesty and bringing down those rulers who are corrupt, impotent, devoid of self-respect and selfish

Dharma – To continuously accept truth and reject falsehood and bring benefit for all human beings and living beings through this process

Brahma – To promote scholars and noble people who would propagate knowledge

Kshatra – To promote brave people who would protect nation and people, and severely punish those who harm innocent people or attempt to denigrate the society

Visha – To promote commerce and trade and work towards propagation of global economy devoid of discrimination

Twishi – To promote and publicize noble virtues and truth alone

Yasha – To work for global fame based only on truth and noble virtues

Varcha – To establish a sound education system for all men and women

Dravinam – To explore for more and more wealth based on above traits, safeguard the existing wealth, enhance the safeguarded wealth and investing wealth to promote knowledge and noble virtues

Ayu – To put all efforts to increase one’s lifespan

Roopam – To wear good clean clothes take showcase dignity and respect

Naam – To work towards setting examples so that others are also inspired towards path of truth

Keerti – To propagate true knowledge so that we also get fame

Prana Apana – To control breathing patterns to eliminate diseases and enhance longevity

Chakshu Shrotra – To use sense organs to continuously explore truth and reject falsehood

Paya Rasa – To have drinks that enhance health and vitality – like milk, water, medicines etc

Anna Annadya – To have good food that is beneficial for health as per methods of medical sciences

Ritam – To worship only the ultimate Ishwar who is Supreme and none else

Satyam – To have absolutely no differences in what one knows, speaks and acts upon

Ishtam – To desire only total bliss through worship of one and only one Ishwar through noble acts as described above

Poortam – To plan and act for fulfillment of Ishtam as defined above

Praja – To educate masses and new generation in all true fields of knowledge and actions

Pashava – To care for animals as well.

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