Me: Namaste.

Q: What is your career goal?

A: To promote Gita.

Q: Why do you need MBA from IIM then? Why not become a Baba?

A: I will still have same intellect and concepts. But an IIM stamp will make many people take me seriously. Moreover I don’t expect to learn much from classes and teachers. But because you choose the sharpest people, I will have opportunity to spend next 2 years with brightest minds and hone myself even further.

Q: Gita says, even if you steal with full dedication, that is Yoga. So do you want to promote stealing by promoting Gita?

A: This is exactly why Gita should be foundation of management education. I don’t blame you but I see every other intellectual talking his own heart and blaming it on Gita. Can you give reference for this. I have a Gita transcript on a sheet in my purse. Let me give you.

Q: No No, I don’t know Sanskrit. I just read somewhere.

A: Think of it. How much false rumors would have spread about Gita over so many years when brilliant minds like you are also victims and party to this scam. This is why I want to promote real Gita.

Q: What are your strengths and weaknesses?

A: I don’t believe in strength or weakness. What is strength may be considered weakness in some other situation. I have certain traits I want to preserve and nurture. Some that I want to get rid of………

Q: What has been greatest achievement of your life?

A: Gita says all actions are performed by modes of nature. Man deluded by ego thinks he is the doer. Its only when you rise above modes of nature that you actually do something. Yes, I have got praises and certificates but I don’t consider them as achievements. My greatest achievement is that I am still persisting to rise above bounds of nature and do something driven by soul. I hope I achieve that soon.

Q: Why did you not shave properly?

A: You would not have asked this if I was a Sardar or Muslim. What has it to do with who I am?

Q: What if we don’t shortlist you?

A: I will achieve whatever I have decided. if you don’t shortlist me, you lose the opportunity to mention me as your alumnus. Its your loss or gain. So you should answer that, not me.

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