Q: How do you balance your work for yourself (bread earning), relaxation, work towards Nation? How would you suggest professionals and students to go about?

I don’t have to balance. I know I am here on a
short project that I need to fulfill via Karma Yoga.
I consider everything else as a tool for that.
I believe in leaving fruits of actions to Him.

To optimize time

I practiced a few skills:
– increasing reading speed,
– work for long hours,
– multi-tasking.
I keep learning some new skill to keep brain fit.

To maintain health,

I workout and drink lots of water as a religion.
I avoid any food that is not easy to digest or disrupts mental calm.
I avoid spices, onion, garlic, non-veg, alcohol, junk food.

I also avoid
watching TV, films, news etc,
unless for a purpose.
This is because
exposing brain to uncontrolled sensory inputs reduces its capacity.

To relax,

I don’t need much. I just engage in a different kind of activity or meditate.

I suggest

students avoid social media as way of expression
and learn to
spend time with themselves.
Use social media, mobile etc only for specific purpose.
This will train brain to
be able to work on long term projects without distractions.
Will bring emotional stability
nurture courage to stand by yourself.

Have a healthy routine, avoid TV, cricket match etc as waste of time.
If you love cricket, just play.
Watching and clapping makes you analyst who talk but do little.
Avoid being spectator in life. Get into real action.

Live like a Brahmachari and generate strength.
[This] Will stand with you forever in life.

Learn to

make issue-based friends.
Avoid sharing personal things and future plans just for sake of sharing.
Share with those who can help.
Seek help only when you have put your best.
Make yourself self-reliant.

Read Gita, Read Agniveer articles.
Will demystify many things.
Keep in mind that you create your destiny every moment.

Dont be selfish.
Life is about doing Yajna – actions that benefit all.
Those who eat for themselves are demons.
Remember this message of Gita.

Be a warrior.
Win yourself. Win the world.
Best wishes.

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