It is common to blame Jaichand as a traitor based on questionable evidences.
It is said that he revealed details of Prithviraj Chauhan’s army to Ghori.

Hard reality is that the credit of being the first traitor of nation goes to Garib Nawaz Moiunddin Chisti instead.
As per admission of Chisti historians themselves, Garib Nawaz camped outside Ajmer, fooled people in name of miracles, and cursed Prithviraj of defeat.

He supported Ghori by being a spy and earned part of booty. That is how his sect spread.
It seems what is written about Jaichand actually applies to Garib Nawaz.

Till recently, even official site of Ajmar Sharif had these stories.
After our expose, they removed it, but still retain story of how Garib Nawaz showed miracles and married young Rajput baby at age of 58 after his followers killed her father.

Next time, instead of cursing Jaichand,
curse him for whom there are more reliable historical records of being a gaddar.

Q: And today idiot Hindus go and pray and gives loads of money to the same conman Chisthi in Ajmer. idiots.

And that money gets routed for safety of nation and its women!

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