God never created us, He also never destroys us. Creation and destruction of soul is NOT the scope of work of God.

Thus, just as God is beginningless and endless, so are we. We have existed along with God always and shall continue to do so.

Q1: If God did not create us, what does He do?

A: God does what He is doing today. God is managing us.

Q2: Then why He made this world and universe?

A: God did not create the root cause of the world and universe. The root cause – called Nature (Prakriti) – was always present and shall remain forever.

Q3: This is confusing – God does not create world and He did not create us. Then what does he do?

A: He is managing us. To explain in detail, God brings the root cause of inanimate nature (Prakriti) and modifies it to make the universe/world in same manner as a potter uses water and clay to create pots. He then integrates this universe with souls.

Q4: But why does He do all this?

A: He does all this because unless he does so, souls cannot perform actions so as to maximize their happiness. Thus, He integrates souls with the universe in a manner that Law of Karma holds perfectly at all times. Now soul can, as per its deed, choose to increase of decrease its happiness.

Q5: But why He needs to do all this drama to give us happiness? Can’t He give us directly?

A: God does not do anything which is not his property. For example, He will never kill Himself and create a new God. Now soul has certain properties: it is conscious, exists but devoid of happiness. It can do nothing on its own. It is like a microprocessor which can function only when hooked to a power source and motherboard. Thus God creates this computer system aka universe so that the microprocessor aka soul can function and exhibit its powers to achieve happiness.

When we say that God is creator, we mean that he brings souls and nature together to give them this non-random well-planned shape. He then maintains the universe to help the souls. Finally, He destroys the universe and then again starts the process of creation. All this – creation, maintenance and destruction – continues to happen just like night and day continue to follow each other. There was never a time when this process did not exist nor shall there be a time when this process will cease. That is why He is called Brahma (Creator), Vishnu (Maintainer) and Pralaykarta (Destructor).

So God never created us from nothingness. He, however, developed such a marvelous world for us to help us. And we can help fulfill our destiny and purpose of this creation through truth-seeking. This is the core message of Vedas and sole essence of life.

We love God, don’t we.

Questions only Hinduism can Answer

Questions only Hinduism can Answer

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