Hanuman showing Rama in His heart

Charvaka brand atheism is a myth created in British era. It is not a school of philosophy like Buddhism, Jainism, Sankhya etc. It is at best few satires of Zaid Hamid Best Comedian page.

There is no text available on Charvaka philosophy except some silly quotes. No significant group ever followed it. Actually it is impossible to follow because it asks you to keep drinking until you faint down in your own vomit. And then take loan to eat butter. If you do that you will not live long enough and fit enough to write a philosophy.

There are actually no atheist philosophies in Bharat that absolve you from your duties. Every philosophy has, on contrary, fought against this irresponsibility.

Please refrain from the modern hype that everything is Hindu. Anything that does not ask you to rise above self is not Hindu. The word for such nonsense in Gita is Asur. And whatever fights Asur alone is Hindu.

Don’t try to paint Hinduism so liberal that tomorrow Jihad and Lal Chaddis also become part of your Hinduism.

Q: Bhaiya is there any textual refutation ? It is internationally established fact that Charvaka Siddhant (Theory) was there.
How can we refute it ?
Need researched facts need your help

Simply ask them to give you the book on Charvaka Siddhant and see what they give.
If Charvaka is philosophy, so is Zaid Hamid Best Comedian. There are more posts and more followers and more philosophy

Q: Nastika mean Atheism right ?
Budhist philosophies also considering as Nastika vadam.

Actually, Buddhism is not Nastika. It has a different model altogether. But based on Karma and Sanskars.

Q: Can you please explain this slokha to me?
आहारशुद्धौ सत्वशुद्धि सत्वशुद्धौ ध्रुवाः स्मृतीः | स्मृतिलम्भे सर्वग्रन्थिनां विप्रमोक्षः |

Pure food leads to pure intellect. Pure intellect leads to strong memory. Strong memory implies you know every moment what is trash, what is not. Hence wise gets freedom from all trash. This is Moksha

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Why I am not an Atheist

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