Q: Why Hindus are getting so much of beating?
A: Because we are not following true Hinduism. We are following half-Hinduism. We are like a warrior with powerful legs but hands tied tightly. Without hands, even running is difficult. I do not know who started this misinterpretation that only Dharma of Kalyug is chanting and bhajan. This is no where in any authoritative text. People handpicked an isolated verse without context and destroyed the essence of Hinduism.

Look, every Hindu deity has a weapon. But see what is happening: Even Maa Kali and Maa Durga pujaris do not invoke the power of Maa in fighting evil. They just satisfy themselves in chanting and festival organization. All Hindu avatars were warriors. Krishna is considered Yogeshwar because he motivated Arjuna to fight Mahabharat. But today, only those people are considered Yogis who wear saffron or white, and teach peace. The mindset is that if one is not wearing dress of ascetic, and if one does pushups, and is a fighter, he can be a good person, but not a Yogi or saint. The society flocks one who sings “Radhe Radhe Chale Ayenge Bihari” but not one who lives the meaning of the verse “The Supreme Lord will come for help when you march for victory”. How many even know that Radha means “victory” and not girl-friend of Krishna. We are happy with degrading the Yogeshwar to romantic songs “Radha Kaise Na Jale”.

The old cannot change. Let them dwell in their innocent devotion. That innocence is a strength. But the youth whose minds are still flexible must realize the warrior roots of Dharma. Youth must choose only those Gurus and Swamis who are warriors like Krishna. Who have guts to call spade a spade. Bravery is first virtue of Dharma. To stand for most relevant need of hour alone is bravery.

Yes, all this warriorism is also for internal demons within you. But internal and external cleaning must happen together. Those who just focus on internal cleansing are like those who clean their hearts but stench because they do not take bath. And because they stench, they invite insects that spread diseases. And when diseases cause high fever, even ability to think is lost. Without ability to think, even purifying the mind is impossible.

If these beatings offend your swabhiman, know that you are in right direction. Now revive the warrior within. Choose warrior role models. Live Gita that inspires you to act and not just sing BR Chopra’s intro song to Mahabharat. Anyone teaching this warrior Dharma must be your icon. They deserve most respect who are in path of what society needs the most.

A society that does not respect those who deserve respect is troubled by three things – Tragedy, Hunger, Fear. We have seen reality of this Dharma Vachan for last 1300 years and yet falling down further. Time to reverse the trend.
Ja Maa Kaali
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  • Meow, meow, namasteow Shr/ Shree Agniveer,

    It is absolute true what you write here ok ok, and my question is:

    What will happen to cowards, old boneless men, teethless idiots, who refuse to fight for Hindu and Vedic Dharma, till the death???
    Warning: This is a tricky question, because we know the answer of course.